Man for Man

Wrestling with my buddy


It was my senior year of high school. I had just turned 18 and it was the beginning of the wrestling season. I had added a couple of pounds over the summer so I had to wrestle a heavier class.


One afternoon during practice, my best friend, Tyler, and I were sparring. We were really going at it. I had my arm between Tyler's legs, trying to flip him over. I was really going at it and so was he. My arm kept rubbing his crotch and all of a sudden I felt a firm bulge appearing between his legs.

I got this weird look on my face when this happened. Tyler started to grin. He whispered into my ear, "What's the matter, you never felt a boner before?"

"Fuck yeah," I whispered back,"but just my own, dick breath." With that I flipped him over and pinned him. His hardon was pushing against my stomach, causing a stirring in my own groin area.

"What's the matter, Jer, do I turn you on?" whispers Tyler with a laugh.

"Fuck you," I replied. Tyler just started to laugh.

Tyler may have been laughing, but I was hot and horny thinking about how he did turn me on. After practice, we had to run laps around the gym. Tyler and I always run together. We've been friends every since first grade and have always done everything together.

The coach made us run some extra laps because we were "goofing off" as he put (if he only knew). When we got down to the lockerroom everyone else was clearing out. "I'm going to head out," said the coach, "when you two get finished, make sure the lights are turned off, the doors are locked and then go out the back door. Got it?"

"Yeah, coach we got it," I replied. Tyler had already stripped and was in the shower. Luckily my erection had subsided by then. It would have really been embarassing to have to strip in front of all the guys and the coach popping a woody.

Everyone was gone. I stripped myself of my sweats (trying to lose those few extra pounds). As I stood there in my jockstrap, I began to think about what had happened on the practice mats. Inadver- tently, I began to pull on my cock through the jockstrap material. I pulled myself into a hardon.

Tyler poked his head out of the showers, "Are you going......." He stopped in midsentence when he seen me pulling on my cock. "Enjoy- ing yourself there, Jer?"

I shook my head as if I were in a daze and I quickly let go of my dick.

Tyler had brought me back to reality with his statement. "That's okay, Jer, bring that cock of yours in here. I've got one of my own I'm taking care of." I embarassedly entered the showers. He was right. He was soaping up his massive meat. I couldn't help but stare.

"It's okay, Jer, it's just you and me and we've done everything together, every since 1st grade. Right?"

"Yeah, Ty, you're right man."

"So why shouldn't we share this moment together, too?"

"What are you talking about, Ty?"

"Fuck man, you know just as well as I do. We both had hardons out there on the mats."


"So! Man, don't so me. I know you were turned on out there touching and grabbing each other like we were."

"That was adrenaline."

"Adrenaline, my ass, man. That was hormones."

With that he dropped to his knees and inhaled my hot cock into his mouth. He proceeded to suck of it and I let out a moan."

"Adrenaline?" he said sarcasticly."

"Adrenaliiiiinnnnne!," I replied with a moan. I had never had any one do this to me before. Man if felt so fucking good. He slurped on my schlong drinking every bit of my pre-cum as he suck on me.

My balls started to tighten up. Tyler sensed this and stopped. He stood to his feet and planted a big kiss right on my mouth.

"Ty....," I couldn't finish even saying his name. His mouth covered my mouth. He took my hand and guided it to his cock. When my hand touched his manhood, I pulled back. He grabbed my hand again and put it back on his cock and held it there.

This time we both let out a moan as I grabbed his hardness and began to stroke it. He went from my mouth to my neck and nibbled there for a little while. Then he went back to my mouth. I, now wanting this to go farther, followed suit. I went from his mouth to his neck. Tyler smiled because he now knew that I wanted this just as much as he did. He turned off the water and he pulled me out to the bench area of the lockerroom.


He laid on one of the benches and told me to lay down on top of him with my head facing his cock. As I did he took my cock into his mouth. There I was with my cock in Tyler's mouth and Tyler's cock directed towards my mouth. It was a beautiful looking thing. 6 inches uncut. Actually, we are both uncut. Maybe that's why we "hung" around together all these years.

Tyler was busy taking in my mass of meat. I laid there taking in the sight of Tyler's manhood. "What the fuck you going to do, Jer, admire the damn thing all evening? Suck on it!"

With that, I imitated every move that Tyler made. He deep throated me and I made every attempt to deep throat him, but I began to gag. "Slow down, Turbo, you've got to remember that this is your first time out of the gate."

"First time out of the gate," I thought to myself, "how often does this boy do this sort of stuff?"

We slurped on each other for about 15 minutes and I knew that I was about to cum. Again, Tyler sensed this and again, he stopped. "What the fuck is this guy's problem?" I thought to myself, again, "He won't even let me shot a load off."

"I don't want you to cum that way, Jer."

"How the fuck am I supposed to cum, then, man?"

Tyler opened his locker and pulled out some KY. He spread some on my softening cock. As he spread the KY on my cock it didn't take long for it to spring to life, again.

He then laid back down on the bench and said, "Now, spread some of that shit in my asshole." I looked at him strangely, but did as he asked me to do.

"Now, what?" I said with another puzzled look on my face.

"Fuck me!"

"Fuck you?"

"Yeah, fuck me. You know, stick that cock of yours up into my hole and pump the hell out of me."

Again, I gave him a strange look, but did exactly what he told me to do. I pulled back the skin of my cock and slid my cock's head into the opening before me. Then I applied pressure and my cock disap- peared into the depths of Tyler's hot ass.

I laid there for a few moments. "Fuck me, damnit," demanded Tyler.

I began to pumped my hips. My cock slid in and out of Tyler's manhole. I pumped him slowly at first. He moaned in pleasure, as did I. This is the first time that I had ever fucked anyone and it had to be my best friend in the whole world. Life is great.

I began to speed up, slapping my balls against Tyler's ass cheeks. As I fucked him, I leaned over and sucked on his nipples (it seemed like the natural thing to do). I kissed his neck and his mouth as I pumped my cock in and out of his smooth ass. We exchanged each other's tongues. We looked into each other's eyes and we knew right then and there why all these years we hand spent so much time to- gether, we were in love.

Why didn't we realize it sooner? I don't know. Maybe it was because of this very moment in time, I didn't understand it then and I really don't understand it now. We just realized at that point in time we loved each other.

I began to pump with all that was in me. Tyler began to whimper with the ass pounding that he was taking. Soon, I felt pressure building up within my balls again (for the 3rd time that afternoon). I wasn't going to let anything stop me from releasing my load this time. I churned harder and harded. Tyler was almost in tear, not from pain, but rather from pleasure. He bit his lip as I made my final plunge. Deep within Tyler's mancunt, I delivered my sweet, hot juicy load. 7 or 8 long, hard squirts filled Tyler's hole. I col- lapsed onto Tyler's stomach.

Once I had softened up, my cock slid out of Tyler's hole. Without saying a word, or without being coached. I grawled between Tyler's legs and touch his softened cock into my mouth, coaxing it back to life.

I sucked on it for all I was worth. Almost choking on it as I buried it deep into my throat. Tyler grabbed the back of my head and began to force fuck my face with his cock. It didn't take long before he filled my mouth with his load and I swallowed every last delicious drop of it, too.

After he had spent himself in my mouth, I laid almost motionless between Tyler's legs. My head was in his lap with his cock at my nose. I still had my hand wrapped around it. Tyler petted my head over and over again.


"We need to get out of here, Jer. Let's hit the showers, get dressed and call it a night." Well we did two out of the 3 anyway.

We went back into the showers and lathered up. We washed each other down. That felt great. We even stroked each other a couple of times.

While we were in the showers I couldn't help but think about what had transpired out in the bench area of the lockerroom. I thought to myself about how Tyler seems such an expert at things at hand.


"Yeah, Jer?" we said to each other as we were shampooing our heads.

"You seemed to know what you were doing out there. Have you done this before?"


"Who, when and where?"

"My older brother, the past few years and at home in our bedroom."


"Yeah, Jeremy." and that's all that was ever said about that.

Tyler reached over and gently kissed my on the lips. "Let's get out of here, okay?"

We rinsed ourselves off, towelled down and dressed. We made sure that the lights were shut off and everything was locked up. We left through the back door like we were told to do.

We then went to Tyler's house and called my mom and asked her if it would be alright for me to spend the night with Tyler. She had no problem with it.

We ate supper, grabbed a whole bunch of junk food and ran upstairs to Tyler's room. After we dropped all the junk food on Tyler's bed Tyler left the room. I thought to myself, "What the fuck?" He returned with a couple of videos.

"Where'd you get those?"

"From Jeremy's old room. He's a teacher now and told me that I could use them anytime I wanted to, so we're going to use them tonight." Jeremy locked the door of his room. Turned on the TV and the VCR. He popped in the first video and turned down the volume to where we couldn't hear anything. I soon understood why.

Shit, there on the screen was a group of guys in a circle sucking each other off.

"Is Jeremy gay?" I asked.

"Fuck, yeah," answered Tyler, remember how Jeremy, a friend and one of his teachers all moved in together just outside of Cloverdale?"

"Yeah?.....Fuck....they're all gay?"


"No, shit?"

"No, shit!"

With that, Tyler began to settle in. His eyes were glued on the TV and his hand was glued to his crotch, rubbing his hardon through the material of his pants.

I wasn't interested in the video. I was more interested in what was going on right there in that bedroom. It didn't take look to make Tyler lose interest in the video. I was biting on his ear, sticking my tongue into his ear. Tyler grabbed the remote and turned off the video. We slid down onto the bed and quickly undressed each other.

Each of us grabbed a handful of manhood, moaning and groaning as we grabbed. Tyler flipped me over onto the bed and he rolled on top of me. Versatility, that's what I like in a wrestler, sometimes on the top, sometimes on the bottom. Damn, I was going to like this.

As Tyler kissed me, he made his way down my body, kissing and licking almost every inch of me. He almost had me in tears as he continued his journey southward.

Momentarily, he stopped at my navel, licking every corner of it. Then he trailed his tongue down my barely visible hairline, down to my bush. He chewed on my pubes then swirled his tongue around my harden- ed cock. My balls began to churn. This time he didn't stop. He continued to "torture" me with his mouth and tongue. Soon I blasted my second load of the night (but it wouldn't be the last of the night). I filled his mouth with my warm, white, creamy cum. He, too swallowed every drop of my man juices.

Tyler went to he bookbag and pulled out the KY that he had put in his bookbag. He came back over to the bed and throw my legs over his shoulders. My eyes grew as big as saucers.

"What the fuck are you going, Tyler?" I whispered.

"Trust me, Jer, please."

"You're not going to fuck me, are you?"

"Jer, trust me. It's going to hurt at first. I'm not going to lie to you. But the pain with turn to pleasure. Trust me, okay."


He lubed up my ass and then his cock. He applied pressure to my tender rosebud with the head of his cock. I jumped. He waited. I settled down and he proceed to push. I grabbed a pillow and held it over my mouth to muffle the screams. After much painful agony, Tyler slid the entire length of his cock into my, now sore ass.

He stopped and waited for a moment or two. Then he slowly pulled his cock almost all the way out and slammed it into me again. Again, I cried out into the pillow. I finally loosened up and Tyler, reli- zing this began to slam into my butt. The pain did turn into pleasure and I took the pillow out of my mouth.

Silent cries turned into silent moans as Tyler continued to bust my ass with his cock. His balls were slamming against me. This was beginning to feel mighty good. I could tell that Tyler was getting close. I could see it in his face. Soon he blow his load into my awaiting hole. With his tensed body relaxing, Tyler and I romanti- cally kissed, our mouth entanged with one another.

We carried on like that for most of the night. I sure am glad that Tyler had a water bed and not a matteress and springs. I'm sure we would have kept the whole neighborhood awake that night.

Tyler and I were determined to make it to state that year. It was a good thing that I had put on that few pounds as Tyler and I use to wrestle the same weight class the year before. Now we had our own weight class to defend.

We made it to state. Tyler won the championship round in his weight class and I placed second. Hey, second in the state ain't that damn bad.

We celebrated with the rest of the team, but after lights out at the hotel that we had stayed in that night, Tyler and I celebrated in our own little way (little ain't the word for it, lol).

School was now over and Tyler and I graduated. We spent most of the summer working (and of course fucking and sucking) and we even went over to Jeremy's old teacher's house and partook of all the fine luxuries over there from time to time.

Then it was off to college. Tyler and I, like always were together again. We went to the same college, even wrestled together. (State championships don't mean a thing at college, we had to start all over from the bottom again) and of course we roomed together in the dorm. Of course I don't think that I need to explain any further than that.

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