Man for Man

Wouldn't Miss It for the World!


Anybody who has wrestled enough guys in real time will know what I'm talking about when I tell you about this guy Seb. Every now and then you come across a guy that, even when you just think about fighting him, you get totally pumped.... Your muscles flex, your heart pumps, you get a sheen of sweat across your forehead, and you can feel the blood rushing to your dick and balls. When Seb and I fight, we turn into fucking animals tearing each other apart. I fight him harder, longer, and dirtier than anybody before.


And that's why I'm standing here on the edge of this lake in a white jock strap with my big bulge casting it's shadow down on the water. My name is Michael, and with my looks, body and attitude, I figure that I can fight just about anybody that I want. I'm 6', 155 pounds, 23 years old; my body is fuckin lean and tough. My smooth chest shows off my cut pecs and my wide, dark colored nipples. My tan skin stretches tightly over my slim washboard stomach.

"If I weren't such a good sport, I'd come up there and cram my dick up in ya right now, Michael."

"Fuck you Seb.... I was starting to wonder if you'd show up after the humiliation that you got last month, pussy."

I turn around and see him tossing his clothes aside. He's wearing his white jock too and some hiking boots that he's taking off. Fuck.... Every month I forget how gorgeous his body is... I stare at him in lust as he stretches his tight muscles. In attitude we're like twins: both fuckin cocky, young, tough, bad boys. But, in build we are opposites. He's about 5' 9" and weighs 165 pounds. His body is compact and hard; his muscles well rounded and defined. "Wouldn't miss it for the world" he says with that damn cocky grin.

We circle each other taking in each other's bodies and our surroundings since neither of us has ever been here. It's about 5:00 in the afternoon in mid-summer in Tennessee. In other words, it's damn hot and humid. Just being outside covers our bodies with a fresh sheen of sweat from head to bare feet. We're at an old abandoned campsite in a clearing in the woods on the edge of a small lake. I watch Seb and see his hungry eyes travel up from my feet all the way up my body to meet my eyes. "Want a closer look, fag?" I say and clench his head between my forearms and pull his face into my chest. I know he likes it cause I can feel his tongue stick out between his lips and lick my moist chest. I hold him there and knee him in the kidney twice before he shoves me off him. I back off laughing at him and get off a light slap across his face just to keep him in place.

We circle again and I put up my hands and motion with my fingers, "Come on, cocksucker.... You're gonna give me a better fight than this, ain't ya?"

I grin as his face flushes red and he puts up his fists and says, "I guess I'm gonna have to stuff that cocky mouth of your to get you to shut the fuck up, huh?"

UGH! He slams his fist into the side of my ribs. "You think you got the balls?" I pound my fist against his thick pec.

"I got the balls and the dick, mother fucker!" he says. We charge each other and lay our fists into the other. Fists flying... we stumble around the campsite connecting blows to cheeks, necks, chests, and stomachs. He throws a punch at my face and I duck under his arm and go behind him. I reach my arm around in front of his face and lock it around his head with his face right in my sweaty fuckin armpit. Damn, his body looks hot like this... his chest expanded, his abs stretched out. Then I feel the queer stick out his tongue and start to lick my pit... I can see his dick getting harder in his jock... yeah I know he likes this one. I lean down, bending him back further, and run my other hand down his back and over his ass crack down between his legs. I stick my fingers in under the pouch of his moist jock and grab his semi-hard shaft. I yank his hard cock back between his legs and smash his own balls with it. Yeah pussy.... I can feel his hot breath in my pit as he screams from the pain. I yank his dick back and forth really working his nuts under it. It fuckin fills my hand it's so damn thick.... His cock is his thickest muscle. I let go of his dick and knee him in the ass and he stumbles forward into a tree. I stand back and watch the whimp nursing his beat nuts while his dick is still hanging out the back of his jock. I reach down and rub my throbbing tool through my jock. "Yeah, your ass is gonna feel real good tonight, sissy."

I can tell Seb is furious now and suddenly he charges at me. UGH... COUGH... he rams me and lifts me off my feet with his shoulder in my gut and slams me back against a tree. Then he puts his hand up around my windpipe and holds me against the tree and fires right after right after right into my abs until they start to give. Then he grabs my head and throws me down in the dirt, lies on my back and gets a full nelson slapped on me. He's grinding my face into the dirt and pulling my arms back with the nelson and he leans up to my ear and whispers, "I like lookin at your biceps like this boy. Now I'm gonna get your fuckin pretty face dirty and fuck you like the pig you are." I struggle under his body and try to work out of the nelson... this short fucker is FAST! He rolls us over so that I'm on top of him in the nelson with my stubbly chin digging into my smooth chest. I can feel his hard prick against my lower back. Then the fucker wraps his thick muscled legs around my slim gut with his heels in my crotch. First I think that he's rubbing my cock with his Achilles, but then he gets his feet to the dirt and he bridges up bending me in half backwards!! FUCK!! I scream and it echoes over the lake. I'm racked up kicking my legs trying to get a footing, but I can't. He pushes it a little further and says "You ready to give, sissy?" "Fuck you" I scream and he lowers back down to the dirt. "Fine then" and he kicks both of his bare heels back into my exposed nuts. AHHHH!! Then he shoves me off him back into the dirt.


Fuck... I get up and try to shake it off. I slap my baseball-sized biceps to get circulation back into them. My face has streaks of mud on it from my sweaty head being smeared around in the dirt. Seb and I walk straight toward each other breathing hard and staring until our dirty, sweaty chests collide. I feel one of his nipples slide across mine in our sweat and hear our snorts as we try to force the other one back.... I can smell our fuckin sweat mixed together. I grab his face on both sides with my palms and pull it toward mine. Our lips touch and our tongues meet between them. I ravage his mouth with my tongue and work two fingers into the sides of his cheeks and poke around his tongue and teeth. I hear him moan as I rape his dirty mouth and suck the air out of his lungs. I grab him by the neck and pull his head back and spit in his face and then force him to bend over and crash the point of my knee into the center of his chest three times and then sling him forward across a small tree that is knocked down and propped up on it's side. Yeah... I like seeing him like this... his muscle ass propped up in the air ready for a taking. He's laid out over the tree coughing. I strut over to where he is and grip my fingers under his strap and rip it down his legs and off. I get down on my knees and reach under the small tree and take his strap and put the waist of it around the back of his head and hold onto the straps. I pull on them and his face is smashed into the tree bark. I can smell his hungry ass-hole right in front of my face. I spit on it and cram three fingers up in his tight muscle ass and hear him scream into the tree bark. Seb's balls are pushed back between his hairy, sweaty thighs right in front of my face and I can't resist. I lean forward and suck them both into my mouth. I suck them so hard that I hear his muffled screams again. I hold him there helpless stretched over the tree with his face scraping the bark, his bull balls getting sucked off, and his tough guy ass getting finger fucked long enough to show him who is the stud in control. Then I spit his balls out, get him up and sling him back in the dirt in the center of the campsite. I rip off my strap and tug on my long, smooth, bad boy dick then strut over in front of his face. "You're finished whimp... suck my fuckin dick!"

Hell yeah... I look down at my dick overshadowing this muscle stud's tight dirty body. My dick throbs right in the fucker's face and I slap him with it a few times and laugh at him.

SHIT!!!! AHHHHH!!! The fuckin bastard uppercuts me straight in the nuts! I can feel his knuckles digging into my pelvis. FUCK! I bend over and he jumps up shouldering me in the face. I stumble back and he's right after me with his fists. Left, right, left, right fired straight into my muscled gut till I'm backed up against a dead tree. He puts his head on my chest to hold me there and he pummels my body. He starts with pounding his fists into my abdomen catching my hard dick with every punch. He works up my body to my belly button and slams it till it gives and his punches sink into my gut. Then he starts throwing uppercuts to the top of my abs really digging them in under my ribs and taking my breath away. I can't fuckin breath or fight back. He backs off me and I fall before him on my hands and knees my face hitting his cock on my way down. The fucker bends over and wraps his thick arms around my gut. He wrenches me up a little and then SLAMS me down face first into the dirt. A full-body bull dog! FUCK!! His face in my ass... his abs on my shoulders... and his hard cock on the back of my head. I feel him grinding his meat into the back of my head, smearing my face in the dirt again. He raises his hips and then SLAMS them back down again smashing my face to the ground and dominating me with his man-cock. Seb gets up and pulls my arms up and back in a merciless surfboard standing with his feet straddling my head. AHHH... he plants his dirty foot right on the side of my face. I can smell the sweat on it. I feel him grasping both my thumbs with one of his hands and out of the corner of my eye, I see him wrap his other fist around his thick dick.


"Thought you were pretty fuckin tough, huh arrogant ass-hole?" Seb says. He mashes down on my face harder with his foot and then I feel a warm splash on my cheek. I look up to see a thick stream of hot, yellow piss coming straight at me. The fuckin pig works his big toe in between my teeth and holds my mouth open like that and aims his piss straight at it. His fuckin piss is soaking my hair and face and now flooding my mouth. I spit it out making more mud and he pisses on my muscular back... pools of it between my muscles.

Dirty and humiliated, I lay in the dirt and mud. Seb takes my wrists in both hands again and lifts me up by them. He drags me by my arms in the surfboard across the dirt to the edge of the lake. Dirt sticks to my sweaty chest as it slides across the ground. "Clean your fuckin face, pig", Seb says and kicks me in the side till I roll off the edge of the lake and splash down in the water on my ass. He jumps in the knee-high water behind me and wraps his hands under my chin. He pulls my head back between his hairy thighs. When my head gets between his legs, he keeps pushing it back till my neck is bent all the way and my chin is lined up with the bottom of his crack and my face looking out behind him. I try to scream but I find my mouth full of this man's smooth muscle ass. He bends over and locks his hands behind my back and muscles me up and out of the water till me feet are up in the air and my dick is poking him in the neck. He falls back flat on his ass under the water with my face planted in the mud on the bottom. He sits there and holds me perpendicular... my feet kick in the air.. I can feel his hard dick rubbing on my chest and his hot breath on my thighs and he grinds his ass around sinking my face further into the mud. My head starts to spin from the shock and lack of air. He punk then stands up still holding me and walks me back over to the campsite and throws me down. The hot dry dirt sticks to my soaking wet skin making me even filthier. I wallow in it unable to move.

My face is fuckin covered with mud... I wipe it off of my eyes and look down at my muscle body. I can't believe I'm so fuckin nasty. Seb walks over to my naked body stroking his big cock. "Now.... What was that you said about sucking dick, boy?" He waves his cock in front of me and laughs. Seb sits down with his knees digging right into my still pumped biceps and slaps my filthy face with his tool. Then he reaches back and grabs my ankles and pulls my feet up over my chest. He plants my heels under his sweaty pits and uses one hand to grab my hair and pull my head up and the other to guide his penis to my lips. He pushes it against my mouth... I feel a drip of pre-cum drip down my chin. I look up his hot fuckin body and open up. His shaft disappears into me. His abs flex as he slides it down my mouth and I see drops of sweat drip from his under-arms down his sides. He head of his thick schlong fills my mouth and slides back further invading my throat... I choke on it a little and cough around his dick and Seb slaps me for it. I moan around his dick and start to work his tool with my tongue. Ummm.... His cock tastes like a fuckin man.... His knees dig into my biceps and he uses both his hands to force my weak head all the way down his damn dick. He starts to moan as I deep -throat the bitch. He lets go of my feet, not thinking about them. I can feel his warm pre-cum coating the back of my throat and my mouth and I know that he is really fuckin getting off watching my dirty face swallow his cock.

I suck like a damn Hoover on his thick tool and my nose is filled with the manly smell of his pubes. He twists his upper body around to look at my long dick while I suck him. I kick my thighs up and catch his head in between them. Yeah, I squeeze his head hard and suck his dick in my mouth hard to hold him there.... I jar his knees off my biceps and reach up around one side of him and twist his arm up behind his back. Fuck - He looks so fuckin hot like this too.... His knees on both sides of my face; his cock stuffed in my mouth; his arm twisted up behind him making his muscle flex; his torso twisted around with his abs pumped; and his face locked between my long muscular thighs forcing him to stare straight at my throbbing cock. I clench the fist of my other hand and slam it into his exposed side. Then start to fuck his dick even harder with my mouth. I slide my head up and down... up and down... sucking, slurping, slobbering. PUNCH...Punch.. into his side and I feel him start to quiver. I know what this means... this pussy is about to cum. I suck even harder and faster.... Punch! And feel a hot jet go straight down my throat. I slide my mouth up his shaft so I can get some on my tongue and taste it. Punch... he moans as his body jumps and shakes. Jet after jet of his hot jizz in my mouth.... I suck him till he's completely dry and punch him in the side one more time. Then I spit his cock out of my mouth and grab the back of his head between my thighs and slam my throbbing cock in his face head-butting him with it. I slam my cock up into his face three times and then push him off me into the dirt.

Seb's limp body falls to the dirt face-first. I jump on him fast and pull his waist up and cram my long penis in between his muscle ass cheeks and into his tight ass-hole. FUCK - I yell as he screams into the dirt... his ass feel so fuckin good on my cock. I lay down on his back and pull his head back in a headlock. I pump my crotch in and out of his ass as my bad boy bicep flexes right on his windpipe. The fucker's face is starting to turn red, so I fuck the punk's ass even harder, ramming it all the way in his chute and I flex my bicep to it's peak cutting off his air completely. FUCK... my dick is throbbing inside of him... he clenches his anus around my dick and I see him mouth the words that I want to hear... I give. I let off the pressure on his neck some. "Say it out loud, fag."

"I GIVE!!!!!" He screams like a bitch and my fuckin cock explodes in his ass! Ohhh... yeah..... I pump it all in him. I can feel it making his ass slippery inside. I lay there on top of his muscle bod for a while panting, sweating, and filthy. "Told you your ass was gonna feel good tonight" I say in his ear and then let go of his head. I get up standing over him.... my legs trembling. I prod him with my nasty foot to get him to turn over onto his back. Holding my still semi-hard dick in one hand, I flex my other bicep by my face.... I see him once again looking up my body.... my long, lean, striated muscles. "That's right Seb. Take a look at a real man, boy!" I kiss my pumped bicep and let go a stream of piss that I had been holding the entire match. I watch it splash on his abs, up his chest, across his nipples. Then I aim it up to his neck and finally splashing down on his dirty face. I explore his body with my bare foot then put it on his dirty, pissy face. "Kiss it, pussy!"

I feel Seb stick out his tongue and lick my entire foot, cleaning it off with his spit. Than I help the fucker up and we walk to the lake to clean up. I know that next time he's going to be really pissed off when he thinks back on what happened here today and I know that he'll want his revenge... and I wouldn't miss it for the world!

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