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During the Christmas shutdown period of 1995, I became much more active in our local gym. I'm built pretty sturdy to begin with (5'10" brown hair, brown eyes, muscular at 185,and 8.5cut), but wanted to work on packing on some more muscle. My midwest farmboy looks and build always gets me plenty of dick as it is, but I like lifting and decided to hit it pretty hard during my vacation period.


A couple of days after Christmas, I hit the local gym and started doing my upper body routine. I noticed a very handsome young man there, about 18 or 19 years old. He was evidently of Amer-Asian descent. I liked the oriental look of his face, but the rest of the body said American meat. Talk about smooth, built, and cute. I kept my eye on him the whole time I was working out.

I noticed as I was doing the bicep curls that this little oriental boy was staring at me. I was still not sure whether or not the boy was gay. He might have been looking at me just because he wanted to compare muscle sizes. I figured that I had nothing to lose, so I made sure and looked back while he was looking. The young man did not look away. In fact, when I smiled and winked, he smiled as well.

I decided to pour it on a little bit. I grabbed a larger dumbbell and sat at the precher curl machine and hecided to work each bicep nice and slowly. If the kid wanted a show, who was I not to give him one. When I finished that, I felt my big dick starting to get hard in my shorts. My black spandex shorts were beginning to get pretty tight and you could see the whole outline of my cock. I laid down to do a set of bench presses and by then, I had a good six inches of cock stretching down my leg. The young man came over, as if to spot me. As I looked up, he licked his lips and whispered. "Want to suck. Want to suck cock".

That comment didn't help matters any. By the time I was done with that set, I had to carry my small workout towel in front of my crotch as I headed to the front of the gym. I grabbed one of the bigger towels (the ones used for showering) and walked back into the weight area. I approached the cute young man and thought I'd strike up a conversation.

"It's kind of dead in here".

"Yes." He gave me that kind of nod like "I don't know what the fuck you just said, but if I smile and agree maybe you will think I understood". I figured that the kid did not speak English very well.

"I'm going to hit the sauna now, Take care".

"Yes". Boy, I thought to myself, this could be a one-sided conversation.

I took my towel and walked back into the lockerroom. Pausing to lose the spandex, I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist to cover my half hard cock and entered the sauna. There was one really fat old greasy man in there and he looked like he would pass out at any minute. I took up a seat, but kept my towel over my dick.

In very short order, the man left, taking his dripping, wrinkly ass with him.

Now that he was gone, I figured I'd start working on getting that boner back.

I gave my faithful dick a few tugs and that familiar shiver came over me and the blood started pumping. Closing my eyes for a second, I envisioned that young man sucking me off and my dick really coming to life. It was then that I heard the door of the sauna creaking. I quickly covered up my raging boner and I was surprised to see the little oriental kid enter. He took up a seat right next to me on the wooden bench.

"Hi! What's your name?"

"Yes" This kid is worse than the rainman, I thought to myself.

"No kid your NAME. I am Brad." And with that, I pointed to myself.

"Uhhh. Kwon. Kwon"....The kid looked nervous. I smiled.

"Okay, Kwon. Nice to meet you." I leaned back against the wall of the sauna and pulled up my towel. My eight and a half inches sprang up and slapped me in the gut... I was rock hard.

"Ohhhhh....Want to suck! Want to suck". I nodded and Kwon fell to his knees. He dropped his towel and I got a quick view of a little uncircumsized penis. His body was very pretty and smooth. It almost looked like it was carved from ivory.

Kwon sucked my dick into his mouth. I immediately felt his tongue attacking the underside of my cock. It felt incredibly good. His little tongue was darting all around the most sensitive spots. At this rate, I knew that I wouldn't last very long.

His head was bobbing up and down rapidly. I kept my eye on the window in the door of the sauna. Between the heat and the fantastic blowjob, I was feeling pretty damn weak. I knew though, that I could never let this little oriental cum vacuum go without finishing me off!

Up and down, his head flew. It twisted and turned and then there was more tongue action. I could not have done any better with my hand. As I squirmed on the bench, I spread my legs a little. Kwon's hand started fondling my balls and then, I felt a probing. One of his slender digits found the hole of my ass. He slowed down his sucking until he had his digit shoved into my asshole.

This kid was an expert in sucking. I could feel wave after wave of precum surging in my balls. As he tongue hit the sensitive spot just under the head of my dick, I could feel a delicious paralysis set in. My legs stretched to their fullest, the calves straining. My breathing quickened and became shallow.

Every last nerve was stimulated and I knew that I was reaching that point of no return. The finger in my ass was torturing my prostate and my ass came off the seat. I grabbed Kwon's head and forced as much of my dick into his mouth as I let fly with a huge wad of cum. He choked for second and I shot another big volley of jism. Quickly swallowing, he swished my third eruption of spoo all around his mouth and, with good suction, coaxed a fourth spurt.

When he finished cleaning my dick with his mouth, Kwon sat on next to me. I bent over to suck his dick and he said "No." Puzzled, I looked up at him. He started playing with his dick and then leaned over to kiss me. I kissed him and held him as he jerked off. It didn't take long, and when he came, he jumped off of the bench and shot his load on the rocks of the sauna. He bent down, took my cock into his mouth for a few more strokes and then stopped. We both grabbed our towels and headed off to the shower.

I never saw Kwon again after that. I presume that he was on a break from school and had to go back. Even though he could not speak English very well, there were was one subject that this little stud could teach a college course on!

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