Man for Man

What Happens In Vegas


My senior year in college a couple buddies and me decided to go to Vegas for Spring Break.

Teddy, my best friend since freshman year and my constant roommate through all the dorms and apartments I'd lived in, had thought of the idea, and it sounded great to me.


We decided to ask our friend Gary McConnell to come along. He was twenty-six, a few years older than us, and he'd been our weed dealer for a couple years. He lived on campus, though he'd dropped out of school a few years ago, and it became a regular habit for Teddy and I to go hang out at his apartment.

McConnell was a worldly, wise type of guy, the consummate stoner/universal traveler. He said he'd always wanted to go to Vegas. About a month before classes were over we bought the plane tickets and started saving money in preparation.

When Spring Break finally came, on one of the coldest weeks we'd had all winter, we were all stoked to go. Teddy and I were burnt out from school, and all of us were looking forward to the warm desert climate, where we might be able to cut loose and unleash some of the pent-up energy we'd been storing inside all winter.

We had a whole weekend to cut loose. We spent the first two nights scoping out the best casinos in town, wasting a lot of money and getting plenty wasted ourselves, in the process. By Saturday night we knew which casino we wanted to spend the evening in-it had a great vibe-a young crowd and the strongest drinks.

Teddy and I spent most of our time either at the slots or roulette, but a couple of times we joined McConnell at the blackjack table. That night, he was completely tearing it up. There was a whole crowd around him, urging him on, he was up one hundred and fifty dollars.

Teddy and I were both up, as well, so we decided to just watch McConnell and not risk losing it. Soon he had two hundred and seventy five dollars more in his pocket than he had when he'd came. McConnell was no idiot-he knew to quit when he was ahead, and though there were many people urging him to keep playing-including one striking brunette who'd been on his shoulder all evening-he called it a night. We had a couple more drinks and decided to end it all on a high note.

On the way back to the hotel, McConnell said that only one thing would make the perfect evening more perfect-some pussy. Teddy and I concurred, but when McConnell said he wanted to get a whore, I tried to let it drop. I didn't have much of an interest in getting a whore, I didn't really know what to expect. Teddy didn't seem much interested either, so we kind of brushed it off and McConnell soon forgot.

So we headed back to our hotel but we picked up a couple six packs on the way. We went back to our room, cracked open our beers and counted our money. After a couple of beers, McConnell picked up the remote and started flipping through the stations. Soon he found a couple "restricted" channels.

"Well, if we ain't getting a whore, I could at least spend some money on a porno movie." Teddy and I both agreed, and McConnell made the call down to the front desk. Soon some very hot porno action was going on the TV, we watched it, drinking our beers, joking and laughing.

Soon the first movie was over, and Teddy suggested we order another.

"That's great," McConnell said, "but I hate getting so turned on with no chicks around."

"Maybe you should take a little trip to the bathroom and relieve yourself," Teddy joked.

"Fuck that," McConnell said, "I'll just whip it out right here." Before Teddy and I could react, McConnell set his beer on the table and started unzipping his pants.

"We're all guys here, right? We all got the same equipment, I ain't embarrassed for you guys to see it..." Teddy and I just sat on the couch, laughing, as McConnell pulled out a huge, nine-inch dick, rock hard and thick as a baby's arm. Then he hefted out his egg-sized balls. He looked at us.

"Pretty fuckin' big, in' it?" McConnell said, holding it out for us to see. Teddy leaned forward.

"Jesus Christ," he said, "it's fucking huge."

"We gonna order that movie, or what?" I picked up the phone and called down, ordered us another movie. Soon it came on, and McConnell started taking off his pants.

"Might as well get comfortable," he said, getting totally naked. I figured what the hell, we were all guys here, and I was drunk as hell. I started taking off my clothes, and Teddy followed suit. Soon the three of us were bare-ass naked on the couch, all sporting rock hard erections.


The action on the video was pretty hot, and we were all stroking our throbbers lightly, in between sips of beer. I noticed Teddy kept checking out McConnell's horse cock. I was too, it was an amazing piece of meat. McConnell caught us both looking and gave his thick meat a shake.

"Man, do I wish I had someone to suck on this piece right now," he said, looking from Teddy to me. "You boys wouldn't be interested in going down on my dick, would you?" he said, letting it up with a chuckle. I laughed, too, but the thought was planted in my head, and it started to turn me on. McConnell kept stroking his cock, teasing the head lightly and keeping his eyes trained on the TV. Teddy and I were unabashedly watching him make love to his meat, and he started giving us a show. He started teasing his balls and letting his dick heave in the air, lightly brushing his fingers up its length until it was visibly throbbing.

McConnell turned to me.

"You like watching me play with it, don't you?"

"It's pretty awesome," I said.

"Why don't you come play with it?" he said, motioning me over. I knew that I wanted to. I wanted to feel it in my hand, feel its weight. I was curious, drunk, and turned on as all hell, and here was the huge cock like I'd never seen before and the guy was urging me to play with it. I really wanted to, but I wasn't sure what Teddy would think.

"C'mon, just give it a try. No one's gonna judge you, it's just us here, no one's around," he said, looking in my eyes. "This goes no further than this room. Let's have some fun, what do you say?" I let out my breath and chuckled.

"Alright, man, I'm fucking wasted, why not?" McConnell grinned as I got up from the couch and kneeled in front of him. I wrapped my hand around his magnificent prick. It was amazing, the heat of it. It was rock hard, but I flipped it around a little bit, feeling it's amazing weight. McConnell was gasping and moaning.

"Yeah, bud...oh fuck that feels good. Stroke it for me a little." I ran my fist up and down the length of his thick cock, and I reached down to cup his balls. I kept stroking his cock, slowly, making him feel good. I was enraptured with the size of his dick.

McConnell turned to Teddy, who was watching me incredulously, his own throbbing cock leaking against his stomach.

"You want to give it a feel, man?" Teddy nodded and got up to kneel down beside me. "Yeah, Lee, let your buddy try it out," McConnell said to me. I sat back and stroked myself some while Teddy explored McConnell's cock. He stroked it, wrapped his hand around it. We were all turned on as hell. I had to keep my hand away from my cock to keep from popping.

Teddy kept stroking his dick, bringing his face closer and closer to McConnell's cock, like he was examining it intensely. It brushed against his face a couple times, and then he put it against his lips and took the head into his mouth.

"Awww, fuck yeah," McConnell moaned, as Teddy began sucking his cock. I was glad Teddy had taken the initiative this time, because I'd been really contemplating sucking his dick. I got my face up close to McConnell dick and Teddy moved aside to let me work on it. I took it between my lips and started smoking on his bone. It was fucking exhilarating. McConnell was moaning as I took as much as a I could down my throat. I was just loving sucking his dick.

Teddy and I started passing it off to each other-he would take it down his throat for a good number of strokes and then pass it off to me. I started tonguing his balls while Teddy sucked his meat, and then we'd switch off that way. Soon we really had McConnell on the brink. To our surprise, he pushed our faces away from his prick and stood up.

"Let's go to the bed, I wanna make this shit last," he said, and I wasn't complaining. I felt like I could worship that cock all night, and from the look in Teddy's eyes, he felt much the same way.

McConnell laid back on the bed and Teddy and I got between his legs. He led our heads back toward his prick and we resumed our cocksucking. Teddy and I were laying right beside each other, and when Teddy reached down and took a hold of my cock I followed suit and started stroking his. It was too hot for words. We started sucking McConnell's dick together, putting our lips on either side of his prick and running our mouths up and down the length.


McConnell was gasping and moaning his appreciation at our efforts. Teddy and I started pressing our bodies against each other. We put our arms around each other's waists and started pressing our cocks and hot bodies together. It felt amazing.

We were fighting over McConnell's dick, our heads pressed tightly together. And then we were making out, rubbing our cocks together and fucking making out like boyfriend and girlfriend. It was unbelievable. We kept up on McConnell's cock, sucking and kissing, our tongues and mouths intermingling with McConnell's prick. Soon Teddy started getting down on McConnell's prick hard core, and as I tugged on his balls he started cumming into Teddy's mouth. Teddy let off his cock and gave it to me, and I drank down the rest of his cum, sucking it out of his meat. McConnell was gasping, cupping our heads in his hands. He pressed our heads together and we started making out again, sharing his cum between us. Teddy was humping his cock against my stomach frantically and I was humping him right back. Soon I felt him start to get slick, and he shot his load all over my belly. I was so turned on, we were devouring each other's mouths and I just had to let loose, too. I came all over Teddy's hard, smooth stomach.

When we all started to come down from our orgasms, McConnell let out a laugh.

"Look at you two, covered in jizz. Better get yourselves cleaned up." We started laughing to, it was all so unbelievable, but it didn't feel guilty or strange, it just felt natural, accepted. Teddy and I went into the bathroom together, and stumbled around, toweling the cum off of each other. When we got out of the bathroom, McConnell was already snoring, still bare assed on top of the covers. Teddy and I got into our bed and passed out quickly.

I woke up with one fuck of a headache. I looked around the room-saw Teddy still sleeping soundly, then McConnell still passed out on top of the covers, his plump bare ass sticking out. It all came back to me, and I didn't know what the fuck to think.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, then I splashed some water on my face and tried to get some perspective. My best friend and I had willingly sucked our good buddy's cock and drank down his cum, we even made out and came all over each other. It was too much to handle, especially this early.

I was thinking about taking a shower to get the last of the dried cum off my belly when Ted walked in. I started to try to explain to him how I was feeling.

"Shut up," he said, and he pulled his head to mine and started kissing me. All my confusion was forgotten-it just felt so right. Sober, I could appreciate what a good kisser Ted was-soft lips, just the right amount of tongue. Soon both of our cocks were pointing to the ceiling.

"Let's take a shower together," Teddy said. I got the water running and we both got in. First Teddy washed my chest, then he soaped up my cock and balls. I soaped him up, enjoying the feel of his smooth, muscular flesh. His cock was hard as a rock, I got it nice and clean, then I knelt down to blow him.

"Oh fuck yeah," Teddy moaned as I went down on him. His cock was perfect-rigid and smooth, it fit perfectly down my throat. I sucked him good and tight, rolling his balls around and running my hands up his belly. Teddy helped me up and then went down on me. There was something about the look of him sucking my cock that really turned me on. His pink lips wrapped around my tool, his jaw-rough with stubble-opening wide to take me into his mouth and make me feel good. Why don't all good buddies do this for each other? I had to wonder.

Teddy wanted to make me cum, I could tell, but I wasn't ready so I tapped him and told him to stop. We made out some more under the running water, feeling up each other's bodies. I let my hand explore some of Teddy's ass, which I'd always admired. He had a nice ass-plump and firm. He moaned into my mouth as my fingers explored his crack. I felt towards his hole-it was hairless, slippery and sensitive. Teddy gasped as I moved my fingers across his hole, and he kind of got weak in the knees and fell into me. We kept kissing, rubbing our boners against each other's slippery bodies, as I got more bold in my explorations of his ass. I got an idea.


"Turn around," I said.

"No way, dude, you can't put your dick in my ass," Teddy said, a little concerned.

"I'm not gonna do that, man, just let me play with it some..." I said, and I pressed a finger to his rosebud. Teddy got weak again. "Doesn't it feel good?" Teddy didn't answer. I turned him around and knelt down to look at his butt. It was beautiful. I pulled his cheeks apart and looked at his hole. It was pink, slick and clean. I ran my fingertips across it, the tentatively put my tongue to his hole. Teddy jerked forward.

"Oh my God," he said, breathlessly. I dove my face into his ass, enthusiastically eating him out. Ted struggled to catch his breath as I tongued his hole, getting as far into it as I could. I reached in front of him, and found his rock-hard prick. I stroked it lightly as I ate out his ass, but he was on the verge of cumming and I made sure that didn't happen yet.

The more I licked his ass the more it relaxed. I put my finger back up to his rosebud and pushed the tip in. It slipped inside and tightened around my finger tip. Teddy was groaning.

"Oh, don't do that, dude, oh fuck, don't..." I put more pressure on until my whole finger was up his butt. I couldn't believe how hot and tight it felt. I knew I had to get in there. Teddy was protesting my explorations, but his cock was still rock hard and he was braced against the shower wall. I jerked his dick some more and ventured another finger in. It slid in with no problem, and I started fingering him like I would a pussy, pushing my two fingers in and sliding them out. Teddy was flipping out, gasping for breath

"Oh, man, I can't believe you're doing that..." I kept my fingers in his butt and stood up. My cock was hard as a piston, and poised right at his butthole. I took out my fingers and moved forward. The head of my cock brushed against his asshole.

"Oh no, dude," Teddy said, backing his ass away. "There's no way you're gonna stick your dick in my ass. I'll suck you off, dude, whatever, but it's way to big, it'll never fit."

"Chill, man, I just want to rub it against your ass, okay?" I pressed my body into Teddy's back and wrapped my arms around him. I fit my cock between his fleshy butt cheeks, and ground my erection against his slick ass. We humped like this for a while, me jerking Teddy off while I ground my cock into his crack.

"Dude, you gotta let me put it in."

"No way, I can't."

"Can I just try to put the tip in? Just the tip, and we can both cum like that. It'll be so fucking hot dude, we gotta just try it."

"Fuck, man...alright, just the tip." I lined the head of my cock up with his rosebud and pushed inside. Soon the head of my cock was gobbled up by that heavenly gate. Teddy grunted.

"Oh, fuck man, that got to take it out, fuck, shit..." I kept steady while Teddy caught his breath. The head of my cock was loving his hot hole, I had to really control myself not to push it all inside. Then I felt Teddy's butt start to relax around my cock. I jerked him off some more, with my dick still in his butt, and as we got into a rhythm of my hand stroking him off, more and more of my cock started to disappear inside his ass, until I was up inside my best friend's butt to the hilt.

"Oh, Teddy, fuck cock's all the way inside you, dude." Teddy was nearly ready to pop, I had to quit jerking him off for a second. He contracted his ass around my dick, milking my cock. I gasped. I didn't realize that a butt would be this tight and hot.

"Does it hurt, man? Are you alright?"

"Fuck, man...fuck. It feels good man." I slid back some, then pushed my way back in. Teddy groaned. "Oh, man...fuck me. Fuck me." I did fuck him, slowly at first, feeling the exquisite tightness of his hole. When I was confident he could take it, I grabbed onto his fleshy hips and started pounding into him. Teddy dished it right back to me, pushing his ass into my cock. We got into a rhythm-I lost my mind for a minute, and I'm sure Teddy did, too. We fucked like animals-our wet bodies just slamming into each other.

I grabbed hold of Teddy's prick and started jacking him off in earnest. I would pull my cock out of his ass until just the head was inside-it was amazing the way his butt gripped my cock, and then it would just suck back inside until I would pound my whole tool in to the hilt, as far inside of him as I could get. I realized I couldn't hold off anymore. Two more thrusts, and I ground into Ted's butt as hard as I could and started shooting my load.

It must have been the feel of my hot load shooting deep inside of Teddy that made him lose it. Ropes of cum started flying out of his prick, splattering against the shower wall. We kind of fell into each other and caught our breath as the last of our orgasms played out. I let my cock go down a little then withdrew from Ted's butt. He stood up and turned toward me. We made out some more, then cleaned up and dried off.

When we got out of the bathroom we saw McConnell wide awake, sitting up in bed, his cock rock hard and at attention.

"You boys havin' some fun in there?" he said, nodding at us. "I'd be much obliged for you to help me get this load off before we catch our plane." As washed out as I thought I was from the shower, one look at that massive slab of meat, and the playful gleam in McConnell's eye, and I knew I wanted to suck it again. I looked over at Teddy, and saw his cock already starting to swell.

"Yeah, guys," McConnell said as we made our way over to the bed. "We're going to keep this between friends, alright? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas; isn't that what they say?"

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