Man for Man

Wet in the wild


I waded across the stream, ignoring the water sloshing through my sneakers. The water was swift and chilly, but I knew when I reached the pool the sun would be bright and warm. It was over a mile's hike up the ravine to get there, but it would be worth it. I had stumbled on this place over two years ago, and apparently no one else knew about it. And that's why I kept coming back: I would have the place to myself, and I could swim and sunbathe naked without any hassles.


I struggled up the last ledge, then sat and rested a bit. I was hot and sweaty from the climb and really looking forward to that first plunge into the fresh, clear water. But as I sat there, I thought I could hear loud splashing up ahead. BUMMER! It sounded like someone else was there ahead of me.

I carefully crept up the side of the streambed to a small clump of laurel bushes and peeked around them to see the pool. Shit! Someone was already there.

I crouched there watching for several minutes. I could see a blond head diving and playing in the water. The hair was fairly short so it was probably a guy. Finally, after several more minutes, he swam to a large flat ledge at one side of the pool and pulled himself up out of the water. He was buck naked, with long, smooth legs. He shook the water from his hair and then turned towards me and sat down. God, what a body! He was slim but solidly built, his wet muscles gleaming in the noonday sun. And I could see that he was a real blond.

He looked vaguely familiar; but then something clicked -- it was Damon, who was on the gymnastics team at college. Except he wasn't just on the team -- he was State Champion on the parallel bars. My heart began to beat faster.

He sat there just gazing at the moving water, unaware that I was watching him. Then he leaned back on his hands and stretched backwards, extending his legs and tightening his abdomen. I knew him only slightly from a class we had taken together, but I had lusted after his body since the first time I saw him practicing his routines in the gym.

He lay back on the rock and spread his legs, and his hand moved down and began caressing his balls and his cock. My mouth went dry with excitement as I watched. His other hand massaged lightly across his stomach and chest, while his prick responded to his caresses. I knew exactly how he felt since I had done the same thing up here myself, many times. But this time I wished I had brought a camera with me.

As I watched, I pondered what I should do. The easiest thing would be to just walk away and leave him to his fantasies. But I hated to do that, especially after the long hike up here.

I waited awhile longer, till his dick was nice and hard, and he was stroking it smoothly. I really didn't want to lose an opportunity like this, so I moved back a little way and deliberately kicked a couple rocks so he could hear me. Then I boldly walked around the bush towards the pool, pretending I didn't know he was there.

When I was sure he had seen me, I looked up. He had jumped up and was standing there staring at me, trying to cover his rigid dick with his hands.

He dove quickly into the water, hoping I wouldn't see his hard meat. By the time I reached the edge of the water he was halfway across. I stood there waiting for him, and saw his clothes nearby where he had dropped them.

When he reached shallow water, he stood up but carefully did not let his crotch show, and then he looked up at me and said a sheepish, "Hello."

"Hi," I replied. "You're Damon, right?"

"Yeah. How did you know?"

"I've seen you on the gymnastics team -- and we had a physics class together last year."

"Oh," he muttered, his embarrassment deepening. He was caught bare-assed by someone who knew his name.

"My name's Dave," I said.

"Oh, yeah -- I remember now."

There was an awkward silence as we stood there looking at each other. I watched the water drip from his smoothly muscled, hairless chest, and it was plain that he was kind of nervous. But his body was as fantastic as I remembered. He had broad shoulders, tapering down to the slim waist typical of a first-class gymnast. His pecs were crisp and solid, but not bulky, and the ridges on his abdomen were highlighted by the sun.

Finally I spoke. "I didn't think anyone else knew about this place."

He half-smiled. "Neither did I."

I went on, "I found it a couple years ago, and I come up here a lot. It's a great place for skinny-dipping."

He looked relieved. "It sure is."

I didn't want to scare him away if I could help it, so I asked, "Mind if I join you?"


He hesitated, but finally said, "No, not at all. Come on in."

He shoved back into the water while I stripped my clothes off. My cock was half-hard from watching him but I didn't bother to cover it up -- I was hoping he would see it and show some interest.

We swam and played in the water for thirty minutes or so, cannon-balling each other and horsing around. I deliberately bumped into him several times, so I could feel his tight flesh, and once playfully grabbed his cock and balls -- but he didn't reciprocate.

Eventually, we both climbed up onto the flat rock where I had first seen him, and just lay there in the sun. We talked about various things, but I was trying to figure a way to get him thinking about sex.

Eventually, he stopped talking and rolled over on his stomach to get the sun. I just stared at his gorgeous ass, so tight and nicely rounded, with no hair, and with an incredibly sexy tan line. He was resting his head on his folded arms so the muscles in his arms and shoulders were taut and rippling. I had to resist the temptation to reach out and caress them.

By now my prick was pretty hard from looking at his body, so I rolled over on my stomach, too, so he wouldn't see it. I lay in the sun for a while next to him, but I wanted to get him turned on if I could.

Finally I rolled over again onto my back. I closed my eyes and pictured his beautiful ass, and began to work my dick with my hand. I was just going to let him see that I was feeling horny, and find out how he reacted.

My prick quickly got nice and hard, and I stroked it easily for several minutes. Finally he must have heard me moving, because he sat up and spoke, "Hey, man, what're you doin'?"

I looked up at him. "Sorry, guy, but I always get horny when I'm up here." I kept stroking my meat and he just stared at it.

He licked his lips and said, "Wow, that's a pretty big dick."

I'm almost nine inches hard, and I'm proud of it, but I just replied, "Well, what you got is what you got, I guess." He didn't say anything, so I asked him, "Don't you ever jerk off when you're up here?"

He actually blushed a little, and said, "Nah. I wouldn't do that."

I knew better, of course, but I didn't want to tell him that. So I said, "Aw, come on. You must do it once in awhile. Every guy does it, and being up here alone is the perfect place for it."

He kind of smiled at that. "Well, maybe once in a while."

I chuckled, "Of course you do. How could you resist it?" Again he didn't reply, so I stroked myself some more and he continued to stare. I thought his prick was getting a little longer so I suggested, "Go ahead, Damon, it's OK. I'm not gonna tell anyone."

He licked his lips again, and finally reached down and pulled his lengthening meat a few times. "I don't know," he said, "I've never done it before with anyone else around."

"Forget about that. It works fine, whether someone else watches or not." I figured he was hooked now, so I lay back down, closed my eyes and continued stroking my hard dick. I spread my legs some and used my other hand to play with my balls, and then to caress my nipples and stomach just like he'd been doing when I first saw him.

After a couple of minutes, I sat up again and looked at him. He had leaned back on one hand and was massaging his hard dick with the other hand -- and he continued to stare at my crotch.

I squeezed my prick hard and held it upright as I watched him play with his tool. He saw me looking at his cock and said, "Mine's not as big as yours." He pushed it away from his abdomen so it stood up straight. It looked to be about seven inches, and the circumcised head glistened in the sun. I could also see a pronounced curve in the shaft to one side.

Recognizing this as an opportunity, I quickly reached over and grasped the head of his prick in my fingers and bent down to peer closely at it. He jumped a little at the contact, but I ignored that and said, "Hey, that's neat -- it curves to one side." I held mine up to compare it with and went on, "Mine doesn't do that."


I could see he was nervous about me touching his dick, but he finally stuttered a little and said, "Well, like you said -- what you got is what you got."

I let go of his dick and it slapped back against his abdomen, and we both laughed. We stroked ourselves some more, and then he said, "I really wish mine was bigger."

"Yeah, but as the saying goes: It's not how big it is, it's what you do with it."

He smiled at that. "You got that right."

But I went on, "Besides, all you really need is a good handful." And with that I reached over and wrapped my whole hand around his hot prick and stroked it a few times. I could see his body jump a little at that, so I asked him, "Does that bother you, having me stroke it like this?"

He half-smiled and replied, "Well, to be honest, I've never had a guy touch it before."

"Oh. Now I understand." But he didn't tell me to stop so I kept on stroking him -- I wanted him to get into it. "My experience is that it feels great to have someone else playin' with it, male or female. It feels a lot better than doin' it myself."

He didn't comment right away, but just leaned back on his hands and watched as I played with us both. I squeezed him harder and stroked slower, all the way up and all the way down.

Finally he admitted, "You're right, that does feel great."

That was the reaction I was looking for, so I suggested, "What do you think? Want to feel mine some?"

He hesitated. "Nah. I'm not into that."

But I didn't let it go. "How do you know? Have you ever tried it?"

I could see him swallow. "No."

"Go ahead. There's no one here except us."

He looked around, and then he stared at my hard prick some more. I was sure he was thinking about it, so I sat up and got up onto my knees, and moved over to his right. "Here, I'll make it easy for us both." And I resumed caressing his hard meat with my right hand, while my dick was standing out from my torso right above his waist. He licked his lips and stared at it, and I was sure he would take the bait.

He mumbled a little, "I don't know ...." But his hand reached tentatively towards me. His hand came closer and I thrust my hips towards him to encourage him. Two fingers touched my shaft, and slowly moved down to the hair at the base and then back up. Then his thumb and finger felt the head, caressing it briefly and then sliding down its length.

But he was just toying with it. So I reached down with my left hand and wrapped my fist around his, so that he had my cock firmly in his grasp. And then I stroked it a couple times and said, "See, it's just skin, just like yours."

I could hear his breathing coming heavier, and when I took my hand away from his he continued to stroke me. "Yeah," I said, "just like that ... that feels great."

I left him alone for a bit and concentrated on his cock. I made my hand tight as I worked his manmeat, and with my other hand I caressed his balls -- between his thighs and across his tight abdomen and into his pubic hair. I stroked him, up and down, up and down. Then I put some saliva on my hand and swirled it around his prick, and squeezed it and massaged it.

He reacted by lifting his hips towards me. "Oooh! That's great!"

He was sweating now, both from the sun and the excitement, and his skin glowed in the bright light. I watched his muscles tighten and quiver, and thought about how long I had wanted to see him like that. He kept stroking me, and I could feel the heat starting to build in my guts.

"God, Damon -- you do that great!"

He smiled up at me. "Well, I've had a little practice, too." I chuckled at that. But he went on, "Have you ever had a guy play with you before?"

I wasn't ready to admit to him that I was gay, so I replied, "Yeah, a couple times. I was down in the park one time in town when a gay guy propositioned me, and since I was feeling horny I took him home and let him give me a blowjob."

"No shit? What was that like?"

I continued to caress his flesh as I spoke, "It was great. He really knew how to give head." Damon didn't say anything; he just stared at my cock while he worked it and played with it. So I asked him, "Didn't you ever have someone give you a blowjob?"


"Nah. One girl I was seein' put her mouth on it a couple times, but that was all."

"You don't know what you're missing, my friend. I think a good blowjob is lots better than a good fuck."

He looked up at me, "Are you serious?"

"Dead serious. The orgasm will blow your socks off."

He smiled. "That's hard to believe."

"Trust me -- I know. You should try it sometime."

He hesitated, and stroked my cock a few times, and then said, "Well, I just have to find someone to do it for me."

I stopped playing with him and looked right at him for several moments. Finally, I spoke, "Tell you what, Damon. If you promise never to tell anyone, I'll show you what it feels like."

He thought about that for a few moments, and then said, "You got a deal, man."

I stroked his meat a bit as I thought about how I should do this. I could play it dumb to make him think I had never sucked a dick before, or I could really go after him and risk the chance he might figure out I was really gay. But then I realized that I might never get another chance at his body so I'd better make the most of this opportunity.

With that in mind, I moved a little closer towards his head and, still on my knees, I swung around to face his crotch. Then I bent forward and began to work on his prick. I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock so his balls were pulled up against the shaft. Then I gradually worked my whole fist around it, so his dick was hard and throbbing in my hand and his two balls were stretched within the skin, and standing out like two walnuts against his shaft. He squirmed and moaned a little, but I just kept going.

Then I dropped my head and began to lick at it -- across the head a few times, and then down the shaft. I licked all around his tight balls, and then up and down his meat. I probed at the slit, and then laved around and around the head with my tongue. His hand came up and ran gently through my hair, and I could see his tight stomach quivering from the sensations. I knew this was teasing him and driving him wild, but that was the whole idea! Finally I wrapped my lips around the pink head, and I just held my mouth there and tongued his slit some more. He groaned and tried to push up into my mouth, but I pushed him back down with my other hand. I tightened my lips around the head and let it slip in and out of my mouth several times. Again he moaned loudly and tried to push my head downwards onto his shaft, but I resisted him. I pulled off briefly and whispered, "Don't push it, man. Let me do it."

So he slid his hand down onto my back and just lay there, and I slid my mouth back onto him and teased him some more.

But I wanted it! So after a few more moments I held his dick still and then dove down onto it, sliding my lips quickly all the way to the bottom, so my mouth was buried in his coarse hair and my nose was flattened against his tight balls.

He groaned again, and thrust upwards with his hips and I just rode with him. Then I released my grip on his cock and began to suck on it slowly and evenly.

I could hear a low growl in his throat, and he said, "Oh, yeah! .... Do that!"

I ignored him and just kept sucking his hot meat. After a bit I pushed my mouth all the way down onto him again and just held it there, feeling the head of his prick pushing against the back of my throat and swirling my tongue around the shaft.

I reached back with one hand and grasped his wrist, pulling it beneath my stomach and pushing it against my dick. I wanted him to get into it, too.

He took the hint and began to stroke my hard prick, so I resumed sucking him. At the same time I started caressing his balls, and he spread his legs to make it easier for me. I kept sucking and playing with his flesh, and shortly I could hear him breathing heavily, and could see his leg muscles stretching and tightening.

I kept at him, but when his hips started pushing his prick up into my mouth on every stroke I figured he was getting close. And I didn't want him cumming in my mouth -- at least, not this time -- so I reluctantly let him slip out of my mouth and sat up.


He looked up at me, so I said, "How're you doin', man?"

He got a big grin on his face. "That's wild shit, man. But why'd you quit?"

"It looked to me like you were gettin' ready to cum."

"Yeah, I guess I was."

"Well, was I right? Isn't that better than fucking?"

He thought about that for a minute and finally replied, "Yeah, I guess it is. The thing that did it was that you were in control, and you kept it going so slow. I wanted to cum so bad, but you kept it back, and it just got hotter and hotter. It was wild!"

I laughed easily. "I know. That's what it's all about."

He continued stroking my big dick easily, and then asked, "But how can you do that? Take a cock in your mouth, I mean."

"Hey, it's just skin, man. Did you ever eat a girl's pussy?"

"Sure, all the time. I love it."

"It's the same thing. It's just skin." It looked like the perfect opportunity so I went on, "Here, let me show you."

So I took one finger and quickly slid it into his mouth, before he had a chance to object. "Feel that?"

He looked surprised at what I had done, but then he closed his mouth on my finger and let his tongue wipe over it briefly.

I pulled it back out. "It's pretty much like that." And I put two fingers together and quickly slid them in and out between his lips a few times, and then pulled them out, and made a show of looking around. "See, there's no one around but us two."

But then I pushed my hips towards his face, so my hard cock was right in front of his lips. "Now try this just for a minute."

But he closed his lips and just stared at it. So I urged him again, "C'mon, Damon, just taste it. I did it for you." Again he hesitated, but then I saw the tension relax in his jaw so I leaned forward on my hands and pushed my dick against his lips. After a moment, he opened his mouth a little and the head slipped inside. I stroked into him a few times, not very far, and then pulled it back out. "See?"

He looked up at me. "I see what you mean."

Not wanting to give up on this, I quickly lay down on my back. "Now come on down here and do me some."

He sat up and looked at me, "Nah. I couldn't do that."

I took his prick in my hand and caressed it some more. "Sure you can." I stroked him a little faster while he stared at my big dick.

And finally his hand slowly reached out and grasped my cock, and he said, "Well, I suppose I could -- but just a little."

I lay there and watched as he leaned forward and let his tongue flick across the head of my cock. I didn't say anything more, but just let my hand play with his prick. Then he pushed his mouth down onto me. At last! He held it briefly to get the feel of it, and then began to slowly suck on it -- up and down, up and down.

"Yeah, Damon. Do it." He kept going, and when he didn't pull off right away I knew he was hooked. So I slid my body towards his head a little, telling him, "Don't stop." His head moved with me, and then I could lean over and get his prick back into my mouth, too. He moaned in his throat as I dove down on his manmeat but he kept on sucking, and we 69'ed.

I put a hand on his ass cheek and pulled his dick into my mouth as far as it would go; and I sucked him and at the same time played with his ass, caressing and squeezing the cheeks, and sliding my fingers through the crack. He kept stroking and sucking me, and I could tell he was getting down farther onto it. I felt the heat begin rising in my guts. But finally he pulled off and sat up; so I pulled away from him, too. I could see the sweat running down the taut muscles in his chest and abdomen. He smiled down at me. "Wild shit, man!"

I just sat up and smiled back. "Yeah!"

I was disappointed that he had stopped -- but then, I sure never expected he would go this far.

I reached over and wrapped my fist around his dick and said, "I don't know about you, but I've had enough playin' around. I'm ready to get off."

"Yeah. Sounds good to me."

"How about if I get you off?"

"Sure. Go ahead."

I was hoping he would offer to do me at the same time, but he didn't. So I got up on my knees and told him, "Lay back."


He eased himself back down onto the flat rock, and I began to stroke his dick while I let my eyes wander over his beautiful body: firm pecs, washboard stomach, and long, solid legs. I knew I would be fantasizing about this scene for the next few weeks.

I caressed his chest and stomach while I worked his tool, and then asked, "You wanna do me at the same time?"

He hesitated, but finally said, "Nah, I don't think so."

"That's cool. I can do us both." So I used one hand on him and used the other to stroke myself. I tightened my hand around his cock and worked it good. I wasn't worried about myself. I knew that just watching his gorgeous body stretch and quiver would bring me there.

I kept stroking him and encouraging him. "Close your eyes, guy. Just think about how good it feels." He did, and I could see him spread his legs even more. His hands clutched at the rocks beneath him and there was a low moan in his throat, so I knew he was getting there. I beat him faster, and saw his hips pushing up to meet my strokes. The sweat was running down my sides but I loved it. I quickly pulled my hand off of him so I could get some saliva on it, and went back to stroking him.

His stomach tensed and his legs stretched and he groaned, "Yeah... yeah ... DON'T STOP!"

My wrist was tiring but I kept at him, working myself faster with my other hand. His head flopped from side to side.

Then his hips lifted up in the air as he strained, and then he yelled out, "OH, GOD, ... DO IT!"

I squeezed him tighter and stroked him as fast as I could! I saw his abs tighten and quiver! And with a loud groan his cock fired! The first glob flew out and hit his chin! I kept stroking, and he came and he came and he came.

The sight of his writhing flesh was all it took, and my cum blasted out onto his chest and stomach. He let out a long, quiet moan and just flopped back on the ground. So I milked him a few more times and let go, at the same time squeezing the last few drops from my own prick.

We sat there for several moments, just relaxing.

I rested my hand on his thigh. "How you doin', man?"

He looked up at me. "Outrageous, man. That's all I can say -- that was outfuckingrageous!"

I chuckled. "Better than doin' it yourself?"

"You got that right." Then he looked down at his stomach and chest. "But I'm a mess."

"Well, we can solve that easy enough." I stood up and turned to the pool of cool water, and he jumped up to join me. With a quick step we both dove in. I thought we might hang out for a while, but he just swam around a little and rinsed the cum from his skin, then headed for the far bank.

He quickly dried himself off and began to dress, so I asked, "You gotta leave?"

"Yeah, I have to get back."

I figured it was the letdown after cumming, and since it was the first time he ever did it with a guy he was probably feeling embarrassed about the whole scene. I didn't want to push him too hard, so I just stayed in the water.

When he was ready to leave, I asked, "You think you'll be up here next weekend?"

"I don't know." He took a few steps away, but then turned back. "Maybe." And he walked off down the trail.

I knew where I'd be the following weekend, and I began fantasizing about what I could teach him next.

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