Man for Man

Weekend Liberty in San Diego


San Diego was and still is a service oriented city. There is enough sex of every sort to go around and to suit your own desires. My orientation was sex with men; not gay men, but horny, straight men. And that is what this article is all about.


I was an enlisted man in the US Navy, stationed aboard a ship home-ported at San Diego. We had been at sea for several weeks and I had built up a huge load in my crotch. There had been no way to get any sexual relief at sea; my ship was a small one and privacy was nonexistent. So it was with a stepped up heart beat and a half-hard cock that I left the ship and started up Broadway to get myself a room at the Army and Navy Y for the weekend. I paid for my room and went up to enjoy the activities which I had heard about.

The wing in which my room was situated had about twenty rooms. Ten on one side of the wing and ten on the other side. The doors to the rooms were located opposite each other so, if the door was open, you could see into the other guy's room. I went into my room leaving the door open, undressed down to my skivvies and laid down on the bed with a paperback to wait for something to happen. It was about a half-hour later that the guy went into the room across from me. There was no doubt in my mind that he was a Marine. His hair cut, his bearing were my clues. He looked over at me, smirked a bit and closed his door.

A few minutes later, he opened his door and went back to lie on his bed. He was down to his green GI shorts. He was reading a skin flick magazine and from time to time would reach into his shorts and adjust the goodies. I guess what he was reading really turned him on as it was apparent that his cock was getting hard. He got off the bed and walked to the door, his rising meat showing thru the opening in his underwear. Once again, he smirked at me and closed the door. I guessed he was going to beat off.

Anyway, I got up, grabbed my towel, closed my door and went to the head to see what was going on there. I was really horny by this time and just thinking about sex, made my cock ooze a little pre-cum. The shower room was empty but it was early afternoon so no surprise. In the head area, I could see feet under the closed door of one stall. I went into the adjoining one and sat town. The bulkheads of my stall had a lot of hot notes; a lot of them had been scrubbed off but there were enough of new ones to make reading them worthwhile. The guy in the next stall was quiet; I could see part of his shadow under the diving wall and it was apparent that he was working his cock. I moved my foot closer to his side but there was no response. I guess the guy was just dropping a load and enjoying it solo. It wasn't long before I heard him start breathing heavy and soon he got up and left his stall. Mission accomplished. I waited a while but there was no action so I went back to my room to take a short nap.

It was early evening by then and as I started to close my door, the Marine opened his and came out dressed in civvies. He closed his door, smirked some more and left for a night on the town.

I woke from my nap a few hours later. It was dark by then, probably about 2100. I grabbed my towel and started for the head. As soon as I opened the outer door, I could hear that the shower room was no empty. I was so horny, I had to stop until my boner went down. Wouldn't do to go in there with a big, hard cock. The shower room is about 8 feet by 15 feet with five shower heads equally spaced. The second from the end was being used by a blond guy with a slim, but muscular build. He acknowledged my entry as I took the shower head two away from him. Soon the ritual began. We soaped out bodies, soon working on our private parts, eyeing each other's action. Bit by bit, each cock as it was being soaped elongated until both were rock hard. At this point, he turned his back on me and bent over to wash his feet. Now it was do or die; either he wanted to get fucked or he was unaware of the venue he was presenting to me So to find out, I 'accidentally' brushed my hand against his ass; no reaction. I did it again only harder; just a slight push backwards by him on my hand. OK, this was it. The first fuck of the day. I ran my soapy hand up and down the crack of his ass, fingering his hairy hole. I got close behind him and started to feed my cock into his hot, tight ass. Pleasure shocks ran through me as I pushed myself into this man's body. The place, the action was adding to the excitement of two men bonding their lust together toward the same goal: the act of cumming. He groaned, I groaned and I started burying my prick up to the hilt, then pulling it our til just the head was in. That drove him wild and he was beating his meat while I was fucking his brains out. It wasn't long before he yelled and started shooting jizz all over the shower floor. That did it for me and I shoved my meat all the way in and emptied it. I must have cum about 1 cup; several week's worth of man juice.

I finished my shower, toweled off and went back to my room to recharge my nuts. I lay down on the narrow bed and soon fell asleep. It was after midnight when I woke up. Woke up with a roaring hard prick, wanting some more action. Back to the showers I went. I could hear the shower water running in as I entered the area. There was some steam in the showers but I could see that the same man was there, ready for another fucking. This time there was no little "courting" ritual to go thru. He looked right at me and told me he was glad I was back as he was hoping he could get another hot fuck from me. I asked him how much action he had had since I last saw him. He said about four guys had dumped their loads into him. That really turned me on as I love the slick feeling of cum in a tight fuck hole. He bent over and I fingered his hole and found it to be lubed already. I put the head of my cock up against his tight hole and started plowing away. We were really getting into some hot action when we heard the outside door open. We hastily pulled apart and went to opposite ends of the shower room, pointing and hiding our erections to the wall.

The door to the shower room opened and who should walk in, towel clad, but the Marine from the room across from mine. From the look on his face, it was soon apparent that he had been drinking a lot. The Marine took his towel off and hung it up on a hook. That was the first time I got a look at his whang. It was of a good size and uncut. So now what was going to happen?

He got in front of the shower head between the guy I was fucking and me. So the ritual began again, only this time with a little more caution as what a half-drunk Marine might do was the unknown. By the time the three of us got down to soaping and washing our crotches, the caution was starting to go away. The Marine did a good wash job, skinning back the skin covering and working on the head of his prick. All three of us were getting a little turned on by his actions. Then the guy who wanted to get fucked turned his back on the Jarhead and bent over to wash his legs. The Marine looked at the ass pointing in his direction, stared at it for a second and then turned to look at me. My cock was hard by this time and I was stroking it. I gave him the nod and he worked his own cock up to full tilt and turned back to the fuck-ready body. He stepped up to the bent over man and pulled his foreskin back, soaped his prick a bit and stuffed it into the waiting hole. There was no doubt in my mind that this Marine knew full well about man to man sex.

He was really fucking that ass, hard thrusts and grunting. I was getting so hot just watching them that I almost shot my load without touching my prick. I didn't want to cum just then; I wanted to fuck that hot ass filled with that Marine's cum. Just the thought of the feeling I would experience as I pushed into the well-fucked ass had my cock oozing pre-cum.

It only took about three minutes before it was evident that some cumming was going to happen. Wild grunting, writhing bodies and the smell of male animals in rut. With a shout and a final plunge of his fat cock, the Marine shot his load into the waiting hole. As soon as he pulled out, I stepped over and put my iron rod into that hairy, slick ass hole. Man, the sensation was terrific. I could feel all that hot cum in there and also almost feel the sensation the Marine and the other guys felt as they busted their nuts into that man's fuck hole. Finally, I popped off and shot the biggest wad of my life. The three of us were exhausted but well satisfied with what we had done. We washed ourselves, dried off and headed for our rooms to recover and sleep a little. After all, tomorrow was another day for sex with hot horny service men.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.