Man for Man

Waiting With Daddy


When I was just 18 years old I worked on a farm helping with basic horse training. I was not paid very well, however I was given full run of the guest house. The guest house was located quite a ways from the main house and on the property line of the farm. I liked living in the quarters; it was the first time that I had lived alone and I enjoyed the privacy. During the first summer that I worked/lived there I was witness to a great sight. The vision in which I speak would occur every day around three o'clock in the afternoon.


Not far from my guest house there was another home. The house was not part of a farm. Actually the farm I worked at was the only farm around. The house near to mine was huge. It was a very elegant abode. From my back windows I looked directly into there back yard. The yard was a large, well landscaped paradise with fountains and of course a pool. The pool, as you might suspect, was enormous as well. Everyday around three o'clock the owner of the home returned from work and took a dip in his pool. The owner's name was Jack Wilcox. He was average in height at about 5'7", yet quite a bit more than average in weight at about 220 pounds. His hair was thick and mostly gray. His shoulders were broad and proud. The hair on his chest was thick and dark with gray highlights, especially in the middle of his chest. I guessed that Jack was around 60 years of age. Anyway, I always made sure that I was finished with my work and back home by three to see Jack swim. Everyday I would watch him as he would splash around and relax from his hectic day. He wore a tight speedo swimsuit which left nothing to the imagination. The bulge was quite large and quite nice. Often I would jack off watching him as he would dry his body before he'd re-enter his home. I fantasized about "getting him."

One day when I got home I thought I would just die because as I reached the rear window to my house I saw Jack walking towards me. He was dressed in an expensive suit and shiny shoes. For the life of me I couldn't think of what in the world he could be coming over to my place for. Just before he reached my door I caught a glance of myself in the mirror. I was just hideous! After working in a barn with horses all day I was in no condition to meet the man of my dreams. In a quick move I removed my shirt and pants and pretended as though I was getting ready to shower. When the doorbell rang I answered it wearing only my boxer shorts. "Hi neighbor" I warmly said to him. "Hi, can I use your phone? I lost my house key and I need to call a locksmith." I said "sure come on in." I showed him to the phone and he made his call. As he talked I stared at him constantly. I was awestruck by his beauty. Just when I was undressing him with my eyes I heard him yell "SEVEN O'CLOCK!" After that he said "fine I'll be waiting for you." After he hung up the phone he informed me that it would be four hours before he could get back into his house. I offered to let him hang around my simple place, but he said he'd just go get some sun by his pool. He thanked me for the use of the phone and walked to the door. As he exited he turned around and invited me to come over for a dip. I was at a complete loss for words and in my confusion I said I probably couldn't come over because I had alot of homework to do for my college studies. As I spit out the words I wished that I could swallow them right back. My sexy neighbor then said "well if you change your mind come on over."

As he walked back to his place I stared at him. I started getting hard looking at his big beautiful ass swish back and forth. When he reached his back yard he sat down at a lounge chair. I watched him remove his shoes and socks. He then started untying his tie and unbuttoning his shirt. His jacket was taken off then his shirt and tie. That is where he stopped. He just lied back soaking up the sun's rays while dressed in suit pants. The heat must have gotten to him because soon he was standing up and losing the pants and removing them. This left him wearing only white boxer shorts. Again he sat down and kicked his legs out to relax.

I stared at him very closely as he tanned his luscious body. For five minutes he remained virtually motionless allowing me to get great visuals. As he laid I watched and played with my super hard cock. Eventually my dick made the decision to take him up on his offer to swim. I rushed to my shower and cleaned up, then I was off after putting on a pair of tight jean shorts. I also took a cooler full of beer. I walked slowly over to Jack's yard. As I approached Jack remained motionless. He was asleep. My first instinct was to wake him but then I decided that I would just watch.


I walked up to a chair and started getting out of my clothes. Once I was down to my swimtrunks I took a seat. From the angle I was sitting I could see up Jack's boxer shorts a little bit. His big hairy balls were completely exposed and two inches of his uncut cock showed as well. I stared deeply at his beautiful jewels, so deeply that I started going into a trance of something. The next thing I remember Jack was awake. "See anything you like" he asked with a big smile on his face. I was so embarrassed that I just wanted to disappear. The way he spoke didn't really seem like an invite to proceed into anything sexual. Rather it seemed like a buddy razzing you after catching you doing something "unstraight" and just playing it off. I just smiled in a shy way and "I thought we were going to go swimming." He said "go ahead kid-o, I can't these boxers are silk and I don't want to ruin them."

I dove in the big pool in a hurry. After swimming a few laps I stopped near Jack and we started chatting. He had already gotten into my cooler for a beer and handed me one. The sweat poured off Jack's sexy, chubby body and glistened on his skin. He looked so great! My mind raced trying to think of something interesting to say. However the only thing that feel out of my mouth was "sweat can't be good for silk either, huh?" Jack looked down and noticed that his sweat was starting to soak into his boxer shorts. "Damnit!" he said. Then he did what I would never think he would do. He pulled his boxers off quickly in the attempt of saving his shorts from staining.

His thick, uncut cock bounced up and down off his balls as the shorts dropped. My eyes were focused on his crotch, partly in amazement and partly due to desire. I watched him scratch himself as he grabbed two more beers then walk towards me. He got to the edge of the pool and handed me my second beer. The beer was just an inch or two from his cock. When I reached up I gently brushed his cock before grabbing my drink. He didn't say anything and I didn't say anything. Then as I looked to open the can he sat down on the edge of the pool. He was now right in front of me, his crotch only inches from my face. My blood began pumping harder in my chest and my dick began growing. I looked up into his eyes and without saying a word he gave me the go ahead. I wanted him so bad that I just took his meat in my mouth and sucked like crazy!

Being with Jack in this way was so hot. It was something I could never believe would actually come true. Now it was true and I was going to make the most of it. Anyway, I sucked Jack as he sat on the edge of the pool. He moaned in appeciation. His beautiful cock grew increasingly longer, harder and thicker. His cockhead eventually emerged from his foreskin during my service. As I blew him I looked up a few times. He looked back at me with his sexy eyes. This was better than any dream I'd ever had about him!

After quite a while I stopped sucking his cock and stood up in the pool. I grabbed Jack and pulled him gently into the water with me. When he was in I held him close. I wanted to kiss him, but I waited for him to make the move. He did make the move. The next thing I knew I was making out with him. Our tongues darted in and out of each other's mouth. I could taste scotch whisky on his breath and it was a turn on. Both our faces soon became covered in our saliva.

He broke the heat of our kiss and turned me around and held me from behind. His hug was heartwarming, it made me feel so good. While he held me I felt his cock poking my leg and ass cheeks. I wanted him to preceed further. I grabbed his huge cock from between my legs and guided it gently to my ass. It felt so good brushing my asshole. We both stood in the pool grinding. Soon my ass loosened and received him. He was gentle and slowly entered me. Once I adjusted to the first two inches he pushed more in. In a short time he was all the way into my ass. He thrusts were slow and enjoyable. Our moans of pleasure surely could be heard, but we didn't care. As he fucked me we grew closer to the edge of the pool again. Once there I grabbed the side and bent over so he could get at my ass better. He took this as a que to pick up the pace. His cock began jamming me at a furious pace. Its impossible for me to tell the excitement I felt. This was the greatest sex ever!

All good things must end though. Jack couldn't hold on any longer, he had to cum. I could sense that he was ready. That's when I quickly pulled off his meat and submerged myself under the water. I then swallowed his cock and sucked him off. He shot like mad in my mouth. I swallowed his cum as he shot. When he was done cumming I emerged to the surface again.

"Wow that was great!" I said. He smiled and shook his head in agreement. Then he said "but we aren't finished yet. I still owe you a little bit of enjoyment." That's when he placed his hands under my arms and lifted me to sit on the edge of the pool. Jack then began licking my crotch. He was making me so hot, his tongue was absolutely magical. Jack's tongue found my balls and his hand wound up stroking my cock. With him tonguing my balls I shot my load. My cum was everywhere. Jack licked up what he could find. And then he got out of the pool and laid next to me. We kissed and held each other while we enjoyed the sun.

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