Man for Man

Waiting for the Greyhound


The Greyhound rest room in San Diego was a total loss. After the first couple of attempts I never even tried to cruise there. The Los Angeles Greyhound Station, now that was another matter. Located directly in the dirtiest part of downtown LA, there were not only one but several rest rooms perfect for cruising. I quickly settled on my favorite.


On the surface, you wouldn't have thought this would be a safe place to suck. It was HUGE; at least twenty stalls. And right at the entrance, just past the sinks was an entire little alcove set up for two black shoeshine boys (men, actually). And there was always another black man in his fifties continually cleaning the sinks and stalls.

Right from the beginning I sensed that these three black men knew exactly what I was doing in that huge dirty mens room--the smirks on their faces was proof enough. As I moved from stall to stall, that first time, they knew what I was looking for. And in the second-to-last stall I found it--a glory hole. Big and perfectly round, just at the right level. It was generally a two hour wait between buses in Los Angeles, and the second-from-the-last stall ended up being my waiting room for a hundred trips.

For this story I will tell about one particular time, after I had been a twice-a-month regular every other friday evening. After passing the two smirking black shoeshine attendants as I had so many times before, eyes downcast, watching them grabbing their limp dicks snaking down their legs, I made a beeline for my second stall from the end. The end stall was unoccupied, which made it easy for the first of the two shoeshine boys to slip into the end stall, latch the door and drop his loose-fitting pants, his long, thick cock less than three feet away. That was the price of my admission to this anonymous suck gallery--I had to blow the three black men who worked there.

The first shoeshine boy slipped his long, ten-inch coal-black dick through the glory hole--as always, totally limp--and I slid my eighteen-year old lips over his purple dickhead. After a full minute of bobbing my head on his thick black shaft, the first shoeshine boy (actually a thin, fierce looking black man in his late thirties) was totally hard, staying perfectly still as I slid my lips down his shaft over and over again, my tongue teasing the underside of his cock. After another two minutes of sucking, my shoeshine boy's cock began to throb, slow painful throbs, sending thick bolts of cum into my throat, which I worshipped then swallowed. After the obligatory minute I always spent squeezing and milking his limp cock for the cum still remaining in his limp ten inches, he slowly withdrew, chuckling to himself. Both of us knew full well that all of the insults and condescension he had been forced to eat that day had just been wiped out by having the cum sucked out of his ten-inch dick by an eighteen year old white sailor boy.

This particular visit was slightly different, however. I had long lost my fear of being busted or even interrupted when I was doing my thing. So when I observed two pairs of eyes watching me through the half-inch crack in the door and voices muttering in spanish, I was excited, not scared. These two mexican men were being driven almost frantic watching me slide my lips up and down a huge black cock, and I knew without a doubt where my next meal was coming from.

Sure enough, before the chuckling shoeshine boy could completely exit the stall, the first of two mexican men came bolting inside, noisily latching the door. Without any preamble, a fat, short mexican cock was sticking through the glory hole. His foreskin was thick and extremely dark brown, only about 1/2 inch of his dickhead peeking through his foreskin.

I was fascinated by the mexican's foreskin, and I immediately grabbed hold of his shaft and slid it back, to expose a reddish-purple head completely surrounded by a full half-inch of dick cheese!!!!! I am not exaggerating--the smell was intense!!! But for some reason, this was even more of a turn-on, this lower middle-class white boy skinning back some wetbacks cock in downtown Los Angeles and finding it coated with dried yellowish smegma.

I did the only thing I could do--I took some toilet paper, wetted it in the toilet and carefully scraped the dick cheese from around his head. For his part, I have to hand it to him that the feeling of the cold wet tissue all around the head of his cock did nothing to make his fat meat shrink noticeably--I have to say, though that he was only half-hard at the time, after my skinning back and grasping his fat cock. His compadre was watching at the door, his one eye glued to his friend's (or brother's) cock.


The mexican didn't seem to be in any hurry, so I took my time wiping away the cheese from his cock, although my desire to suck it was becoming overwhelming. I have to admit there were obvious patches of dick cheese still in the crevices around his dickhead when I finally accepted the head of his dick between my lips.

His sigh of pleasure and the sight of me engulfing the head of his dick sent his partner into a frenzy, the door to my stall creaking with the pressure of his body against it.

I cared nothing for this, however. My universe for that moment consisted of the head of an anonymous mexican's dick, and the thick six-inch brown shaft behind it that immediately started to fatten in my mouth.

It was obvious from the state of the mexican's dick that he had not used it for anything but pissing for quite some time, and I was not surprised when it only took a minute of sucking his fully hard cock before he was spasming uncontrollably, shooting thick wads of solid cum into my mouth. I did my best to appreciate each wad, swallowing quickly to make room for the next load.

His fat brown cock shot eight wads into my mouth before he ran dry. I sucked his sparkling clean cock for a full minute, milking his deflating shaft with my lips, squeezing the last teaspoon-full of his load from his shrinking cock. All this time his compadre had been watching. When the mexican finally slid the latch on the door and admitted his friend, it was mere seconds before a semi-hard thin eight-inch brown uncut dick was staring me in the face.

Unlike his partner, this mexican's dick was squeaky clean, evidence that he had used it much more recently. He was really turned on by our show, however so it didn't take very long at all before his long thin dick was pumping cum over the back of my tongue deep into my throat.

These two gentlemen were a very welcome variation from my usual routine. Not that this white trash boy didn't get totally off on sucking black men; But after almost a year in San Diego, I had seen the abuse heaped on mexican men, and I now relished the opportunity to relieve their stress the best way it could be relieved; by taking their cum.

Not two minutes after the second mexican had zipped up and departed, the fifty-year old black janitor came into the last stall, slowly and carefully sweeping the floor. He liked to play games, and it was a full five minutes of sweeping and shuffling about the last stall before he finally latched the door, dropped his pants and sat down on the toilet, his long black cock dropping down between his legs. Even though I had sucked him off many times before, it was still up to me to make the first move. As he watched me jerk my hard white cock, I put my finger through the hole. As always, he immediately stood up and slid his fifty year old eight-inch black cock through the hole. As always, I dove on it, bringing him to a throbbing hard-on in less than twenty strokes. In another two hundred strokes I was causing him to slam his flabby thighs against the wall of the stall as he gasped and unloaded two weeks worth of cum into my mouth. It was obvious from the beginning that because of his age and ugliness this black janitor was not getting laid on a regular basis, and I was pretty much the sole source of his relief. At least, judging by the amount of his load, thats the way it felt. After the first couple of months, I began to feel that it was my obligation to relieve this oppressed fifty-year old black man of two ounces of cum twice a month.

Allmost immediately after the janitor came the second of the shoeshine boys, his thirteen-inch, forty-year old cock putting such a strain on the glory hole that we both knew halfway through his blowjob that if I stopped (although we both knew I never would) he would be trapped, his fat dick stuck in the measly 2" glory hole that had obviously been drilled for white men. I never left him in this predicament, however. I never failed to put the final stroke on his huge cock that would send a fat rope of cum down my throat. And once I had swallowed the next five wads his gigantic cock would finally start to deflate, as he kindly allowed me to milk the last ounce from his huge soft cock. By the time I was finished with him he would have no problem pulling his soft fat cock through the hole.

As always, once I had finished off the three employees, I was treated to every one of their friends or casual acquaintances who happened to show up in the next hour and a half. Invariably every black man who showed up before my next bus arrived would flop out his black meat in the very last stall next to mine. I loved sucking off black men through glory holes--they had no choice but to stand there and let me do my thing. And I did my thing hundreds of times.

Hope you enjoyed this story.

Oh, I almost forgot; I said I had set up dick at both ends of my ride. At the small town end, the lone attendant had drilled his own glory hole between the two stalls in the tiny men's room. Each and every time I waited for the bus to go home I would make a beeline for the mens room and within two minutes his long, milky white uncut dick would be drooping down the side of the stall. As with the janitor in L.A., it was obvious to me that this middle-aged, nerdish man didn't have a chance to unload on a regular basis, and was saving it up for me. I actually missed my connection to L.A. once, in the midst of siphoning thick ropes of cum from this white boys's eight inch cock while the bus breezed past. We both got in trouble for that.

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