Man for Man

Beer Festival in Bavaria


Alex was with Mike, Tom, Jan, Lars and Timo in ICE to Bavaria. Alex Jens buddy who had moved some time ago to Bavaria, had invited them to the Spring festival. The six types were already all the way up, because they all had not been on a typical Bavarian festival outside of the October festival. They had reserved a compartment and the trip from Frankfurt to the third largest city in Bavaria was entertaining, but since they shared some intimate things.


Mike wore as always (as was already in the parking lot) pointed cowboy boots and a skin-tight leather pants in his semi-hard cock always clearly apparent. Jan, Lars and Mike Timo had only met today, and all three were intrigued by the horny sight presented itself when Mike astride them sat opposite.

After the first beer, the atmosphere was pretty hilarious and Mike, who had been staring long Timo on his bulge in the tight 501 put his foot between the legs of Timo. Timo, whose cock was reacted immediately and iron hard slipped a bit down to the pressure of Mike's boot sole feel better. Immediately protested January grin "If you want ran to my son, then only about me" Timo grinned right back, "Hey Dad, after the afternoon in the basement, I can already decide themselves. "Mike looked a little puzzled and told Alex just as Timo's father Jan and Tom had three, Alex, Lars and Timo caught fucking. "Well then I'll hold you first before I Timo besame" said Mike "Is fuck already horny father and son," Mike grinned. "Or, father and son to fuck you on the Zugklo" Jan said almost decisive. "Not bad idea," said Mike, but now it is more to fuck.

As the discussion had lasted a little longer, now came the announcement that they have about
Would arrive 10 minutes.

The six men packed up their luggage and had to wait until they were able to leave the compartment because of the transition from Travellers was clogged. Timo stood behind Mike and this reached back and grabbed Timo's cock from the jeans. "The part you can make everyone happy here," said Mike, and kneaded blithely continue Timo's cock. Timo said softly, "stop or I cumming" and tried to pull back to back, but that was not because of the table in the compartment was in the way. "So, it's not my problem," Mike said, "come just the same with sperm stains on" and continue knetetet Timos cock. Mike heard close to his neck Timos of breath went and rubbed vigorously continue the rock hard cock of the blond boy in jeans. Timo felt that he could not prevent and became just horny and squirted into its very bright worn 501, while Mike continued to work him. Timo tipped in slightly forward and rested his head on Mike's shoulder muscle packed. "Damn, you bitch, but I avenge myself," said Timo, who now had to get out with a clearly visible spot in the bright jeans.

When they finally got out Alex waved already a muscular types Bayrischer in crisp tight leather pants and unbuttoned shirt too far. Jens, Alex buddy ran up to the group and greeted everyone warmly after a brief mutual representation.

Only now discovered Jan den semen stain on the pants of his son. "Mike", Timo nodded slightly.
"OK, who gets even a problem with me," grinned Jan "or with us," said Timo grinning.

Jens introduced the group to his VW bus and then it went off to the country. Jens had with his friend bought an old no longer working farm and renovated. When they arrived, they saw just a short distance from the festival place that consisted merely of a beer tent and a few takeaways.

"We are not quite done with the conversion, I can offer only a large capacity room where Mark and I need some sleep right now." Jens said, slightly embarrassed. "We're not here to sleep" smiled Alex "the village children here yet," he continued easily added hopefully.

"Well today is only Thursday, tomorrow's will be back very busy," said Jens. "Then we can practice today evening," Tom laughed. "You're sure the theme of the evening," said Jens. "Black horny muscle guys like you see here, we usually never" he said with a wink.

After everyone had showered and freshly made, so it was hard again. Mike returned to his sexy leather jeans and because it was very warm with only a skin-tight white muscle shirt, so his muscular chest with the nipples rings clearly apparent. Jens and Markus were proper in crisp dress pants heavily used each with a narrow far unbuttoned shirt. Jan and Tom wore a skintight faded worn out 501 with tight t-shirts. Lars quite tattered Domestos 501 actually had the more holes than substance. Appeared as Timo and Alex were all marveled. Timo had a very short cropped skintight borrowed 501 of Alex and dressed, to half T-shirt that only the top half to just below the chest emphasized his muscular torso. Alex also had a short skintight 501 on, but had exactly the ass seam crack verhoffen of some read, to be Construction Style knotted shirt that emphasized his muscular chest as well as very rough work boots.


"This is to talk about for the next 20 years," Mark laughed.

"Los want, then let's celebrate," said Jens. Table is reserved.

Since there were only a few hundred yards they ran across the fields to the tent. There already ruled fairly mood even though it was only half occupied. All ordered a glass of beer, and after a short time they were like most on the benches and sang and danced to the music mood.

Alex was the first to almost only men. Jens told him that during the week where women rarely went out and then even more in the near Munich. However, none had escaped in the group that they were from the local types patterned from top to bottom.

Alex had much time on the toilet and Timo put it. Both went to see the car that was intended. They were alone and talked about the incident on the train this afternoon. "That was pretty nasty by Jan abzumelken I could not very well say before all the people," Timo said thickly, "although it was cool," he added, smiling. "Yes, Mike is already a macho but at least tolerate it toms beating in the ass," Alex said. "Wow that was! Yes Hammergeil already see that my father tolerate, but Mike gets fucked?" Timo asked interested. "Sure, and in his leather pants under the butt seam is a hidden zipper" said Alex. "Good to know" grinned Timo. By entertainment both had now each have a stand.

"Crap as I stowed the now here" asked Timo. "Not at all!" sounded behind them. They had not noticed that a few guys had followed them out of the tent. Timo and Alex already been taken and recorded and looped in front of the car. "If we have once again city guys here who want to sink their sperm in Jungmännerärsche" growled one of the group. "Well then we mess up once the plans," said a muscular type. Alex and Timo could not resist saying fright and was useless as they were held by four young guys firmly from behind. The guy stood in front of the two and took each with one hand Alex and Timo's cock. "Well, you shall get what you wanted, just not the one." Laughed the type and began to jerk off to Alex and Timo, where he put his hands brutally tight around their hard cocks and they jerkedAlex had this specially created the new leather bag divider abbanden his balls and cock very tight and Timo wore a broad leather strap tightly buttoned to the bump lift. The guy jerked the two and made jokes, meanwhile, with the other men.

Alex and Timo protested furiously but read the protest very quickly whether the treatment of their cocks and went over in a pleasant moan. Timo swore under his breath "for the second time today zwangsgemolken" and already started his cock twitching and moaning drove him into fat blasting the cream out of his Schanz and hit exactly the bib of the old types of leather pants. Alex came almost simultaneously and he shot his cum in hard thrusts on the pants of the guy who had a clear tube in the tight leather noise makers.

"Having you inseminated yet, Klaus," laughed one of the guys that Alex and Timo clung. "Is good for leather" the guy said with a grin. "Go lick" Klaus ordered. The guys that Alex and Timo clung expressed both in the knee but that's Timo sperm from Alex and Alex had the lick of Timo. While she licked clean the leather both noticed that the extremely obvious that Klaus anmachte because he already enjoyed his pelvis forward and treatment. Both realized that Klaus a gigantic part in the tight lederhosen and had started easily edit their teeth with the teeth of the bump what the school apparently well-liked and bring him read out a soft moan.

"What's going on here," was the answer behind the group. Mike stood legs apart in the doorway and watched the scene. "Only what you also get the same" Klaus replied and at that moment had already used four types of the muscle man Mike and brought him to Klaus. "Ah want, probably the top bloke to be here. Probably nothing" John laughed sardonically. "What is this" Mike protested, but Klaus had already taken in Mike's step and kneaded for conspicuous stand in his close black leather pants. Mike tried to say something, but already had one of the guys removed his scarf and gagged so Mike. Klaus kneaded Mike's cock continued hard so that this could only moan. "Now he finally gets what he deserves," commented Timo laughing.


Klaus had already opened the buttons on Mikes tight leather pants without opening the collar button and belt. He reached into his fly and then massaged under the leather Mike continued hard stick. Mike groaned. Usually he was the type thumbed brutally and now he had to see how it was used to be, but somehow he liked the situation. Klaus took a sudden the rock-hard cock out of his pants by Mike, the Mike jerked back, as it was a bit painful, so get the hard cock brutally torn from the tight pants. But immediately grabbed Klaus too tight and as just now on, he milked now Mike from hard. Mike could not resist and had to hold out helplessly. His rock hard cock, however, proved that he liked it and after a short time he reared up and landed his sperm uncontrollably on Klaus lederhosen. Mike tilted slightly forward to Klaus shoulder so the distance his ass crack. The Timo used for his revenge. He slipped from the grasp of his brief retentive guys ass and pulled on Mike's secret zipper so that Mike's muscular ass plumper partly came to light, but his column releasing completely. "Look at what we have here," Klaus grinned. There probably will be equal to the stallion and the mare turned Mike at the same moment the side. By a push on the shoulder Mike fell to the upper body forward, and was picked up by the village lad and further detained. "Good thing he has even produced enough lubricant" laughed one of the group. Klaus had already collected the semen from Mike from the lederhosen with his hand and smeared it now relish in Mike's column but especially on Mike Rose. Mike grunted and cursed in his gag, but was not interested in these macho.

Said, "That's enough not to smear" one of the group. "Well then give something as a lubricant" Klaus said, already got a dark-haired guy his cock from his pants and jerked relish costume standing behind Mike. His preliminary juice he gleefully distributed on Mike Rose, but he knew that Klaus wanted to pierce the leather types did not penetrate it. But just enough to make Mike's input supple. Mike realized that he did not come out of this number. Although he was not a virgin but that he was never used, but it geilt on. The type produced tons of hot juice and Klaus smeared Mikes input relish and already invaded two fingers. He immediately pulled back and the guy masturbating began, pushing his hard boner close to Mike's hole. Klaus pulled apart Mikes ass so the aufklaffte his ass easily and at that moment shot the guy masturbating his load into Mike's ass entrance. Klaus used the Mike immediately to stretch in which he is now with three fingers penetrated and Mike did so for moaning.

"So the rich should first" Klaus said. He unbuttoned his pants and bib of the dress took out his stiff giant cock. "Wow, this is so much bigger than Tom" marveled Alex and Timo simultaneously. Mike was shocked. He had already had Toms dick in them, but even more, he could not imagine. Klaus put his penis in to Mike's ass, lifts his hands on his hips and pushed slowly and inexorably to Mike's asshole. Mike was panting heavily as he feels the pressure of Klaus giant acorn. He tried to relax as much as possible. Klaus came slowly and inexorably into the moaning and panting Mike. Mike felt like the monster cock filled him more and more and over grazed on his prostate. Mike kidnap now short shrill cries with lust, his abdomen was in turmoil, Mike's cock had never been as strong as now and produced precum without end, which ran in long strings of his bulging Nille. Klaus was now completely penetrated into Mike's ass. "So lets fuck a city stallion" Klaus laughed and gave Mike strung on leather a blow with the flat hand ass.

Klaus began to slowly and steadily increased the pace. Mike gasped and pushed again and again from these sharp cries. Mike felt as if he had one thousand orgasms in ass. Klaus fucked relentlessly. Mike was now widened the extent Klaus pulled out his cock and once again completely blew Mikes. Mike could not. He fell more and more forward, but the boys held him down and when Klaus again a rapid fucking shot Mike undertook the cream in giant flares from his hard cock. He squinted in the ass orgasm together, what made it even closer to Klaus and he already unloaded its cargo, but deep in Mike's desire channel. Mike noticed the retracting rays and thought that the guy flooded him with sperm, and indeed as Klaus pulled his still hard cock from Mike ran this huge amounts of sperm from the now wide-open hole.


"Did you have not yet told you what type open at the" Klaus turned to the kneeling Timothy "because of forced milking," he added. "Then let go of your chance to see us as their city types, it drives together," he laughed to Timo. "Yes, should that be my revenge" Timo grinning gleefully. The guys who were clung to him to release him immediately and Klaus signs arose Timo, who if the sight of horny fucking his still rock hard boner dripped from the sap flow. Without much hesitation, he pushed his iron-hard pipe in the still slightly open and dripping cum from ass cave Klaus Mike. Mike groaned again because of the brutal treatment. "From Shame because I want to serve above all. Going well here as semen collection" gasped the Timo now durchrammelte Mike violently.

Although Timo's cock was smaller than that of Klaus but iron hard. Mike said to be fucked with a piece of iron. Timo went easy on her knees and fucked her from below now at Mike's ass. This pushed back the sharp cries in his gagged mouth. Timo had met Mike hottest spot in the ass. As a fucking machine came to Timo. Mike He rammed so hard by this dropped to his knees and the fact Timo's cock drove himself even deeper in the ass. One of the guys broke Mike's gag now and so were now Mikes Geilheits screams for all to hear. "You can probably just whine if you have a part in the ass again." Timo said scornfully. Timo Mikes ass rammed by a mad pace. Mike screamed louder and louder, he was. Completely ecstatic with lust and even Mike fired again uncontrollably the sperm from his hard cock Timo fucked continued blithely, and shortly thereafter he inseminated Mike's ass. In hard thrusts, he discharged his steely bar low in Mike. "Where's the rest of your party is"? Klaus asked the three types fucked. To wait without the answer he beckoned two young blonde guys. "The black guy is supposedly have such a tube as I" laughed Klaus. "Leo and Theo, you bring it here. Your Dared him prepare well for me," said the macho determinative. While the twins went off to get their prey, the other men started to already, rumzufingern at the three types of cities. "We'll do better out there, because we have more space," Klaus told. Timo, Alex and Mike were conducted outdoors. Since resistance would have been useless anyway, they added to their fate must serve as slutn and all three of them, it was not uncomfortable at the thought. Meanwhile, the twins were back in watching are empty tent arrived and positioned themselves on the bench opposite of Tom. The two had already brought their hard slats from the slot and then positioned so that they were hidden from the bib of her leather pants. Still played music and danced all of the benches. Leo and Theo immediately fell on the Tom's cock to communicate effectively apparent in the narrow bright jeans, lay to the left. Obviously, he had more than half stiffeners. The sight of the muscle-bound blacks made both types of focus. The two boys were Tom firmly in view and apparently Tom liked that too, the stiffened his cock rapidly.

Leo grabbed the first among the bib and began to knead his cock under the beachy. Toms cock reacted promptly and his huge cock now looked distinctly left out of pocket because the pocket lining was separated out as in all his jeans. The twins were flabbergasted. They gave Tom by a head characters to come along and see the three of them were already on the way out. When they were in front of the side entrance of the tent Tom put his muscular arms around the two also brawny outdoorsman. These were each placed a hand on the ball horny ass of Tom and massaged this hearty. "Well what do you want so clearly," smiled Tom. "I've never had a twin fuck" he added. "Then it is time that you get our cocks in the ass," Theo said determinative but almost surprised that the guy wanted to voluntarily hold out the ass. They had now arrived at the car where the fuck had taken place earlier. In the dim light they saw Timo, Alex and Mike had the legs spread and poor support themselves on the car and present their asses.


The twins Tom stopped and knelt before him. Toms boner now stood a few inches from his pocket and had been distributed on the jeans a few drops of his juices flow. The two guys were licking greedily at Toms cock. "The thing but no one gets in your mouth," remarked Leo and tried as much as possible hammer Toms part to get into the mouth. Tom produced precum without end and both eagerly licked the black cock. Tom groaned slightly, he realized that he would not stand it much longer than the two abruptly stopped with treatment. "So your ass belongs to us now," remarked Leo. Tom now dropped to his knees and the two young men unbuttoned their Latze. The rock-hard slats Tom jumped in his face and that she immediately began to blow alternately intense. The sight was almost too much for the Twins than their white cocks alternately and traveled together in Tom's throat.

She abruptly lifted Tom up. "We have to prepare yourself still" grinned Theo. He gave Tom a nudge on the shoulder, and this bent forward willingly. Tom grabbed his ass and already was held only by a velcro seam ass wide open. "WOW, our first ass nigger" said Leo. His brother fingered already Toms ass as he noticed the leather thong that Tom hung from the hole. Theo pulled on it and simply the love ball popped out of Toms ass. "The fuck pig already has something in it" both noticed amazed. Theo went on, and three bullets came under Tom groan revealed. Tom was about to cum in and in long strings dripping precum on his jeans. "Because we do not need lubricant" laughed the two. Tom was panting with lust.

"Go prick me," he demanded. The two boys stood behind Tom, and admired his hot black ass. "I'm the older" Theo said "crap, because the 5 minutes you must always first" Leo said sullenly and already put Theo on his outstanding, rock hard cock to fuck hole Toms. Tom groaned slightly as he felt penetrating Theos bulging glans. Theo came persistently in Toms Arschvotze well lubricated. He paused briefly in Toms ass, and then began slowly his rock hard fucker from Tom draw. When the bulging glans from Toms hole popped Tom read a short sharp cry going. "So we have his horny point" Theo laughed and gave Tom a slap on the Jean-covered ass. Already penetrated Theo to his penis stuck in Tom and pulled them out right again. Tom groaned and more violent. Theo drove this game again and again. Tom pleaded panting "Go fuck me harder and deeper", but Theo did his game further and further.

Tom was almost insane with lust. He noticed how bucked his balls. He would not hold out much longer. Theo realized that Tom shrugged asshole and he immediately stopped his nasty ass game with the Negro. "Why do you want sometimes brother" smirked Theo and Leo stood ready with hard pipe. He sank his cock in a burst in Tom, what read this utter a whimpering groan. Leo fucked slowly. Tom moaned with lust and begged "Yeahhhh go, fuck me harder, I have to inject, please harder, like me burst the eggs"

"Would you have liked to," Leo said, and pulled his hard pipe from the nigger ass what Tom acknowledged again with a deep groan.

Tom was led by twins now towards the car and as they got closer, he realized that his friends, Mike and Alex Timo straddled supportively on the wall of the car with outstretched arms were. Her legs were also spread wide and stretched their asses ready to fuck backwards. "Ah, at last comes the type of such a tube as I should have," Klaus laughed and walked right up to change brought about Tom. His rock-hard again monster pipe sticking out of the crisp leather pants. He stood ramrod straight in front of Tom's tough stand ready injection distance from him. Klaus pushed his stand beside the Tom and laughed. "I knew it, even the negro stallion is smaller than my" and actually came to Klaus boner at Toms cock and the fat monster part were still missing about 3cm in length. Tom was amazed "WOW, I've never seen that surpasses me one." Klaus was actually part of a little longer and a good bit thicker than Tom's gigantic cock.


"Then let's have some fun with all the city boys," said Klaus, but it should indeed be able to compare, "he added with a grin. He took a couple of condoms from his pocket and pulled the four "prisoners" each one on their cock tips. Obviously, the gums were not meant to fuck, but as sperm Auffange device.

As the music had stopped in the tent were in the meantime, also by word of mouth, some of the village boys came out and examined the spectacle. Most were Notgeil because it around here was little opportunity for a fuck.

"Los twins makes him ready for me," Klaus ordered and already Theo and Leo began again her perfidious game Tom turns ramming their hard cocks in the ass. Tom was panting with lust and his lead was pouring juice into the tube dangling at his condom. "The rest use the other three preliminary" certain Klaus and even some types were ready with their hard pipes sticking out of the bib of her leather pants. They drove their butts in the asses of the men standing on the wall that had to hold out moaning and gasping their asses.

Mike tried to protest again, but when he was violently fucked by a muscular tough guy went over in his protest-driven lust moan. Tom could not remember whether he injected the treatment by the twins uncontrollably into a giant rubber groaning under heavy load. Alex and Timo tried to control, but when they come Mike and Tom and saw their own asses were inseminated at the same time you also made a charge into the collection reservoir.

Theo and Leo continues mercilessly pounded in Toms Arschvotze and wailed this lust. His monster stand was rock hard despite cum yet. Theo could not hold back anymore. Harder and harder and deeper he drove his pipe in the black ass of whining Tom. He fucked in a mad speed. Tom could hardly stand on his legs hold due to the violent shocks which earned him the deep feelings and horniest already inseminated Theo his first nigger ass. Tom felt the harsh rays of the young fucker deep drive into it and it would be almost came back. Leo already pulled his brother aside, his hard cock from Tom popped and pushed his hard boner in trembling with lust Tom. Leo fucked at the same pace as his brother Tom, and could no longer continue. Shot him again the cum out of his throbbing cock, which he narrowed his hole and fucking Leo literally forced by the rhythmic movements of the black guys orgasm was his sperm squirt under ecstatic cries in the Negro ass.

"Sufficient Na for de beginning it, you have well lubricated, I'll probably come loose" grinned Klaus and went behind the from pumped Tom. "Bring me the other two out of the tent," he meant the twins and some other guys . "And now to you negro stallion" laughed Klaus "Now you will feel finally like to feel the guys if you let them reinrammelst your monster part" Klaus continued his hard gigantic cock in at Toms Arschvotze from which to by the fuck and the insemination of the twins some Cum from the ass ran. Tom tensed "No, please not your part, I do not pack," he wailed. Tom had had several cocks in the ass, even a double feature, but this part even surpassing all dildos he had ever fucked. Klaus was impressed and not even touched his child's fist big acorn Toms slimy pussy. By the wail of Tom Klaus had become even hotter on the Negro ass and his cock even harder. Slowly and without mercy Klaus urged Toms Arschvotze well lubricated.

Tom, it's breath, he held his breath and tried to relax as best I could. "Come on, the leather stallion had tolerated the part, too," Klaus said, and gave Tom a slap with the hand-drawn on the jeans ass. "What Mike?" Tom tried to ask and then he let out a little scream. Klaus giant acorn Toms sphincter had happened and put in the hot black ass. Tom panted and kept pushing out horny little shrill cries. Klaus had made his point G, but such a part had never met him so busy. Klaus had strongly dominate not to tip as he looked from the top of his white cock whose seat was in the black ass. "So you would see the color just different now if you'd be a stallion," Klaus said, breathing heavily to Tom. "Go push it yourself pure" he told Tom and Tom obeyed. Slowly read Tom sink to the monster sticks his hard fucker.


He saw him as this huge cock filling more and more. His whole body tingled. Feel it to be as if Tom had an orgasm all over his body. Tom suddenly stopped and burst out a throaty moan uncontrollably and shot another load into the already heavy dangling rubber. Klaus was still not even half way into the Negro ass, but when Tom was unloading, he used the opportunity at the same time and penetrated deeper into the ecstatic screaming Tom. Tom felt the hard cock of his fucker at points in it that were never touched. "Oh please, I'll put quite pure, immediately" Tom begged almost in a commanding tone. But Klaus enjoyed his hard fucker slowly push in the trembling and moaning black muscle type. But Tom rammed suddenly and unexpectedly by Klaus, whose cock remaining in a thrust himself in the ass. Klaus was so surprised that it would be almost come. He stopped and enjoyed the sight of the white giant cock in ass muscular Negro.

"I'll get me now Did you in my ass," Tom said to the completely surprised Klaus. Tom began to move back and forth and even to fuck with the monster. Klaus was unable to respond in the moment and always looked down on the black and white game of muscular body. Tom was getting faster and Klaus had to support themselves. "No, not yet" John commanded but Tom had now taken full control. Tom fucked themselves uncontrollably on the giant part of Klaus and this was hard to hold back. He wanted to fuck the nigger ass but this had turned the tide, and now Klaus used as sex object, so to speak, as a living dildo. Klaus was breathing heavier and moaning louder and Tom screamed out loud his lust. "Los besame me you bitch," shouted Tom in ecstasy while he was the gigantic Schanz Tom faster in and out of his ass drove. Klaus was now too firmly to the car wall. Two boiled eggs with lust and Klaus already unloaded its cargo in violent spurts in the screaming of Tom also erupted again in the already well-filled condom his load into several phases.

The twins and four other guys had as commanded by Klaus Jan and Lars dressed in the tent, which was not very difficult. As Leo and Theo were on muscle types they had set the right and left of January Their stiff cocks were just barely covered by the flap of greasy heel leather pants. January saw the immediate and grabbed the two sides in the bib around the pulsating stand knead.

The other four guys had joined the side and behind Lars and befummelten each other's stiff cocks. Since the tent was already deserted, all believed to safety. "What's going on here," they all heard suddenly startled behind. As nothing more from the security men were appeared behind them. "The tent is closed and what you are doing here is public indecency." Hissed the head of the troupe. "Get out of here now by the side exit and rest"
Was the horny guys ordered. They were identified by the security men passed directly to the output where already the giant fucking orgy was underway.

When the uninitiated saw the show they were very surprised.

Jan could just see how Klaus his still stiff dick slowly withdrew from Tom. Tom groaned as the fat glans passed his sphincter. Toms asshole was clearly visible as for all and a lot of sperm that had been pumped into him ran out of his pussy.

"Visitors can now inseminate the black ass" and laughed Klaus already the fuckhengste were ready.

Klaus now saw only the security guards with the two men and the city of his "delegation".

"Hey Peter come, yes degree correctly, your squad let the two breaking in before, I quickly grab the blond and then moves on to the muscle-type"

Jan saw that Klaus and his monster cock was heading directly to Timo. "STOP" cried Jan "let 'my son alone, you fuck him yet broken with the monster part, take me instead and spare him," pleaded Jan. "Look at, both father and son will probably have to believe in it," Klaus said sarcastically. Jan wanted to throw themselves in between but he was detained by the security people and have clicked the handcuffs in order to prevent interference.

Klaus pulled one of the guys who had just inseminated Timo aside. "Well, then the times of earlier Jungfuck pig who vengeance on other exercises we even fucked" Klaus said.

January screamed around, but already had one of the guys he created a gag. Jan the only now realized all the guys in his group hard dangling condoms contributed to their cocks. Obviously Timo already been inseminated several times and had shot his sperm in the condom. January was forced to watch as Klaus stepped behind Timo and some of his asshole dripping cum on the gigantic penis rubbed. "Well Blondie get to finally items a men cock" laughed Klaus and looked at John, who would be spared desperately eyes implored the Timo, but Klaus sat down at his monster cock and penetrated the well-lubricated with sperm its Vorfucker pleasure cave of trembling Timo . Timo felt the pressure and tremendous difference to the other. Klaus glans penetrated relentlessly. Timo gasped. A loud guttural moan escaped him as Klaus acorn inside him. Timo made, with a loud groan. without wanting a second time in his already well-filled condom, while Klaus penetrated deeper. Timo relaxed and enjoyable Klaus could penetrate the blonde float types.

Klaus now stuck deep in Timo, the panting endured the slow shocks. "Go bring me the muscle type" Klaus ordered his security forces and already, Jan introduced. Jan's head was pushed down and brought into position so that he could drive Klaus cock right in the ass his son on and off.

Timo screamed with lust now. Jan saw with wide eyes as Timo was fucked by this monster cock.

Leo had meanwhile Jans ripped jeans back because off in this position was not possible to complete the step in Jans 501 was torn. And Leo took Jans across ultra stiff cock between Jan's legs out of the jeans, bent it back and massaged the horny part, to Jan lead juice produced, while Jan had to watch as his son was fucked unrestrained by Klaus. Leo distributed Jans hot juice on his own cock and smeared also Jans asshole therewith. Leo sat on and pushed because of the awesome sights unreasonably quickly into Jan's ass. This groaned heavily. Father and son were then rotated so that had to look at while they were being fucked by the two country boys. As Jan and Lars had not yet created a condom Auffange both were pulled up short and Theo Auffange supplied with a reservoir. Theo joined now in Lars. This screamed violently because of the rapid penetration.

Lars on the other hand enjoyed the monster now part of Klaus in and had to be strong not check again to squirt uncontrollably while Klaus him gleefully times slow times quickly drove to distraction. Jan had also problems. His lead juice ran into the attached condom and Leo fucked him by unrestrained. Jan's cries were stifled by the gag and Lars was violently fucked by Theo moaned and screamed with lust.

Jan and his son Timo occurred simultaneously. They shot their hot juice in many violent thrusts into the rubber, while they felt inject jets of sperm of her fucker in their asses. Lars was now far and at the same time with his fucker Theo he was discharged. "Well that's that for a firm to my liking" John laughed at the others. "It looks as if we will have a lot of fun that night.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.