Man for Man

An unexpected adventure - Part 5


Timo's father was surprisingly came home early and had another man there. Alex was first to recognize the situation and a smile came to his lips.

"Hi Tom!" exclaimed Alex enjoys and the colored muscular guy next Timo's father replied, laughing, "Well at practice again for my dick"


The other three were amazed that the two knew each other. "Timo is your already nothing bad happened," said Tom. "These guys have my son raped" grumbled Timo's father, looking at the naked, cum-smeared body of his son. "Well, then it looks to me from nothing". Tom said and winked at Alex.

"Your little does these things voluntarily" Alex laughed at Timo's father. "He did well by you, Jan," Tom grinned back. Alex got up slowly from the two young men are almost stiff-cocks were stuck still in it and have become by the shock were slightly limp. As the two cocks of flutschten ran a gush of cum from Alex fuck hole down on the inside of his thighs. "They've got you, did not fill properly the ass, sorry I'm late," remarked Tom, stepping closer to the three types. Alex jumped off the table and came to meet Tom. He immediately put his hand on the clearly emerging in the narrow torn Levis501 huge cock of the black muscle types and kneads it. Tom put his head back and enjoyed the cock massage. His powerful spanking was immediately produced in stiff jeans and already small dark points recorded from the pre-cum in his pants.

Lars and Timo, who had watched the scene with her mouth open in astonishment came closer to the closer look. Their cocks were both rock hard again. January came up behind Tom and rubbed the hot muscular hemispherical buttocks of the Negro. Timo stuck out his hand and began to knead alongside Alex Toms monster cock and rub. Tom had long been glans through a slot in the jeans forced its way out and Timo fingered the wet, shiny and bulging glans of Tom. He rubbed the juice flow out. Alex Tom began to jerk off slowly through the thin denim, what Tom acknowledged with a comforting groan. Now also urged Lars intervening yet his hand, he also wanted to feel the monster cock of the black guys. Alex stepped to the side and slid his hand between Tom and Jan ass so that he could grab Jans rock hard at Tom rubbing spanking through the likewise skintight 501 and immediately he began to massage January to the rock-hard boner by jeans.

January growled with pleasure, taking a step back so that Alex rankam better. January immediately reached for Alex hard sticking out of the cut-off jeans plank and starts to rub it. "So I can start something good" Alex marveled. "The part you've inherited your son," he added with a grin. "You'll get your fat already gone," Jan said, grinning gleefully and at the same moment he turned Alex around quickly and pushed him in the upper body forward so that Alex could just find support at Toms hip it's not like he fell down. With his knees pressed January Alex legs apart and Alex, Jan heard the buttons of jeans ripped open. At the same moment he felt already Jans cock on its fuck hole "So, after Timo now even my part get clean" and has pushed his Jan. 24x6cm in a thrust into Alex's sperm through the well-lubricated asshole. Alex let out a short guttural scream. He had not expected that Jan would purely ramming his dick so brutal. But Alex was enjoying it to be taken hard. Meanwhile, Timo and Lars had knelt before Tom and licked together the blazing black glans. Lars fingered something in the crack in the 501 and with a ratchet Toms was stiff monster cock sprang free and the two young men in the face. "WOW" said Lars surprised. And began to work with Lars continues the twitching black cock. Tom groaned whether this horny processing. Behind him he heard moaning with lust and Alex knew that Jan Alex nailed hard. Tom could not. Alex had now gripped from behind Toms nipples and twisting the nipple rings in Toms. Toms dick throbbed and his already thick cream made in fountains on the absorbent types Timo and Lars. Obsessively pounding his cock into January before horniness almost screaming Alex. And suddenly burst a giant load of cum from the Alex met between the two Toms legs kneeling Lars and Timo. At the same time, Jan groan erupted in several hard thrusts into Alex and Alex Lust flooded channel. Lustful Tom said to Lars and Timo "Well, show us something Jan and I have been missed"


"Yes, I want to know what's going on in my house behind my back," sat in January added sternly. "My son seems to fuck here so commonplace to be!"

"But I can not yet drive before you," said Timo to his father. "Whether you're doing it now secretly or in front of me does not matter. I want to see it now," ordered Jan. Something legs because of butt plugs Timo went back to the table and leaned on his elbows on it. His ball ass loomed ready to fuck. Lars came up behind Timo and pulled the plug out slowly and pleasurably. Timo whimpered slightly with lust. Well something went fucked by the sperm, the Alex and Lars already had him out. "This is more than a load of" Jan and Tom said simultaneously. "Sure," Alex said. "I mark my territory always multiple" he said sardonically. "And Lars has helped hardworking"

January she coming now, and fingered the cum-smeared asshole his son. "If you can have sex, then you should also be part of my reinkriegen yet! Fuck with Daddy is a must!" Jan said determined. Timo has continued to protest, but Alex pushed Timo had his cock in her mouth, so only listen to a mumble. January sat at his big rock hard cock, a bit hesitant, but then he pushed Timo slowly and carefully his dick in his ass. Timo trembled with lust. Jan's cock was bigger than Lars and Alex, but it pleased Timo.

Tom had brought temporarily into the same position as Timo and lay with his chest next to Timo fucked on the desk. January gave Tom a slap on the ass and with a practiced grip Toms ass seam was torn open so that his gorgeous muscular nigger ass up now towered ready to fuck. "Go fuck him," he told Lars, who was already behind Tom and amazement watching the scene. Lars was about to begin his crossbar when he noticed that Tom also wore a plug. He slowly pulled the plug out of the moaning and Tom was hardly the free fuck hole, he put on his rock hard cock and young man burst into the hot black ass. Tom was well prepared and applied lotions and yet he slipped a slight groan as Lars large acorn passed his sphincter and hit his prostate. Long strands of pre-cum dripping from Toms hard cock that was tied as always by a wide metal cock. Lars fucked at the same pace as Jan Timo rode. Alex had risen in the meantime and put behind the fucking men. "So, who wants first," he asked with a grin. The two little fucker took it was so busy they had nailed it to the panting and moaning types before them.

Alex came up behind Jan and felt the muscular ass of Timo's father. He spit in his hand and slowly rubbed Jans one ass crack. Alex slowly than a finger in the regular fucking January moaned slightly pushed this. "Then you just first" Alex decided and already he sat at his fuck tool on Jans asshole. January pulled back further than necessary from Timo and thus he impaled himself slowly deeper and deeper with Alex hard cock. "Wow, now you have us both at the same time," said Alex. Alex stepped closer and in this position in January moved only his pelvis back and forth, where he fucked simultaneously Timo and being fucked by Alex.

The next door fucking Lars was at the sight in front of crazed lust and rammed his hard cock faster and harder into the moaning Tom. Timo shuddered under the strong impact of his father, who also stepped up the pace. He gasped and moaned and tons of precum dripped him like Tom from the cock. January clawed at Timo's hips and with a loud groan, he shot his load into the fuck movementen Timo without end. January pinched in the ass orgasm together and Alex was hard fuck tool zwangsgemolken so, so Alex. His load in harsh rays in the still fucking January spilled Lars erupted simultaneously in several violent spurts his cum in Tom.

Exhausted, Lars was falling forward on Timo. He reached under Tom and massaged by the gigantic hard black crossbar. Tom gasped and moaned with lust, because Lars is still beating hard inside him during that rubbed him the crossbar.

Alex pulled his still hard cock from Jan and immediately stepped behind Lars. He took something out of his ass dripping cum Jans Lars and rubbed a hole with it. Lars was in the first moment so busy with Tom that he only noticed it when Alex has his dick was being done in his fuck hole. "No, I was never fucked" Lars whined "Then it's time," Alex said, and already his cock slowly penetrated into Lars. A throaty groan was all that could bring Lars.
He breathed jerkily. "Oh man that's cool," he almost shouted into the room. "Fuck me!" he commanded throaty and Alex not to be told twice. He pounded his cock into her moaning Lars. "Yes, you need it really hard," Alex said, "You're a natural," "Oh do not stop, give it to me harder," whimpered Lars. Tom exclaimed "oh man you're doing him deeper into me, I can no longer hold" and even inject sperm into Toms fountains under the table. Because Lars through the fucking throbbing cock had become harder and still raged in Toms ass. Alex fucked now all they were worth, in ape-like speed he fucked by Lars. With a loud groan Lars made a charge into Tom again while Alex filled his formerly virgin ass with sperm.


January retreated slowly back from Timo. "That was cool my little one, now it get me, I want to feel your hard part too!" Timo did not know what hit him. Since his muscular father with rocker Direction boner in front of him and had him just inseminated and now he was fucking him. "Come on," said Alex. "Fuck this muscle stallion by" Timo got up slowly. "Then you shall have what it" Jan said to Alex and came up behind him. Alex was still in Lars and this in Tom. Without hesitation in January pushed his long thick hard boner in Alex. Alex gasped. He liked the way as Jan took what he wanted. Now also fired Lars Timo to Jan fuck. Timo stood behind his father and Alex fucking hesitant he sat on his rock-hard bar.

As before, Alex, Jan surprised now Timo and pushed his pelvis far backwards and impaled himself on Timo's dick. January let go a short shriek as the steely boner by Timo the point in his ass touched him involuntarily made. January froze lust. A hoarse almost shrill voice he begged to Timo "Fuck me hard, do not listen to just give it to me" Timo came now a fast and Jan moaned deep throaty. Alex pulled Jan now cross behind him again, so that a chain of men came to fucking. Timo could not stand it after a few strokes he exploded into one of the hottest orgasms he has ever had in his father who asked imploring for more. Timo fucked his sperm deep in Jan. He rammed on and on. January screamed with lust and the pounding shock of Timo he shot his load deep into Alex fuck hole. Timo fucked like mad on and on and nailed January through uninhibited. This was now whimpering and fired on Alex Timo continue not to quit.

Timo abruptly pulled his dick out of Jan and he sternly ordered him to lie down on her back on the table. January obeyed his son and put himself squarely on the table. Immediately joined Timo back and chased a boner in the whimpering Jan. "Then you shall get what you want," Timo said, panting. Timo fucked like a machine gun by Jans ass. This was writhing with lust on the table. Jan was in fuck flush.

Meanwhile, the other three men were out of joint, watching the horny scene. Jans cock drooled tons of lead juice on his six-pack stomach. Timo suddenly groaned and spasmed. He shot a huge load in Jan's ass.

Even while Timo was unloading his cream in Jan withdrew Lars Timo, the last splash landed on Tom's thigh. Immediately, his rock-hard fucker to Lars on Jans ass and pushed him all the way into the still whimpering muscle man. Lars fucked as hard and fast just like Timo. January saw the difference clear. The thicker penis by Lars pushed through his sphincter, preparing Jan's skin crawl. "Oh man, yes, fuck me you horny slut brutally" cried Jan in ecstasy. And it was not long before Lars also unloaded its cargo in January

Immediately withdrew Alex Lars and fucked Timo's father again. Jans juice ran forward now already on its package of muscle belly down on the side. Tom leaned down and licked it clear drops eagerly while Alex nailed January. Jan was in seventh heaven. He could no longer think only feel. His rock hard cock lay on his stomach. "Please, I want to inject" he implored Alex. January and already wanted to get their hands on it and Timo Lars Jans were holding hands so that it could not attack themselves. Alex fucked hard and relish by the wailing and writhing in January "Injected either you like or never" Tom laughed gleefully and gave Alex a slap on the ass. Tom rubbed Jans eggs During Alex fucked him and Lars and Timo January edited the pierced nipple with his tongue. The sight was too cool for Alex. He shot his load deep into the moaning muscle types. "So now you" Timo said imperiously to Tom. "You have not yet, and he needs your monster cock!"

"That you had before anyway," Lars said, grinning. Tom looked at Jan and he nodded. "Yes, now you! Go!"

Tom continued his giant black hard penis slowly to Jans hole. He slowly pushed his fuck tool in the moaning Jan. Jan was breathing hard. Tom paused, he wanted to give himself an opportunity in January to get used to this giant part. But Timo had come up behind Tom and hastily shoved his cock in the black ass crack. Tom winced and thus was his cock driven deep into the whimpering January By Tom fuck could not be controlled and pushed inexorably Jan. "Los blowing him to orgasm" Lars said to Tom, and Tom have also started fuck movementen. Jan's ass was now accustomed to the huge part. Timo still pounding in Tom and brought this to faster fuck movementen. January screamed like crazy with lust and Tom was getting faster with the fuck in which he was even Timos boner purely rammed increasingly deep. Timo noticed as he came and shot another load in the fucking Tom, as he clung to his nipple rings. This Tom Jan was still horny and fucked harder. All of a sudden reared Jan on screaming and several fountains his cum on the syringe, his cock in her mouth darned Lars Jan's chest. Tom simultaneously erupted with loud groans his gigantic cargo in Jan and Lars unloaded his sperm into Jan's mouth, so this was inseminated at the same time in ass and mouth.

Exhausted were superimposed the Fuck guys when Jan discovered lying before the door package. "Oh, that part is already done," he grinned at Tom. "Well then let's still time to have some fun." January rose legs while his sperm was on the inside of his leg out of his ass. He took a key from his gym bag and opened the door that Timo had never seen open. January turned on the light and there was a surprise from the men ...

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