Man for Man

An unexpected adventure - Part 3


Sven rose by Alex still stiff cock and pinched his ass cheeks together at once, "I still want to keep for a while," he grinned.

"You did all right," Complained the black Tom. "Alex has got so much cum in her ass and I only once"


"This can change very quickly," said Mike. "I've also been the same with the right idea," he said slyly. Mike put his leather jacket with the inside on the floor and pushed Tom down slightly so that he was lying on his back on the leather. "If you want first? Asked Mike. Instant David was ready. Mike lifted a leg of Tom and Sven immediately understood that it should take the other. So Tom was on his shoulders and has spread to the legs of the two types hoisted. David stood across Tom. "Good place to fill up," David took his stand in position and pressed down slightly. Its shiny cock pushed through Toms sphincter, whereupon he blurted out a slight moan. David pushed his hard part without great caution to the spread Tom, whereupon he was panting heavily. Although he was already stretched by Mike and lubricated with sperm, but the unexpectedly rapid shock him briefly took your breath away. David put in full length in Tom and paused. Tom had quickly become accustomed to the rock-hard cock in his ass and enjoyed David boner.

David rose and fell slowly to Tom and thrust his rock-hard tube again in the spread Tom. Alex knelt over the prostrate Negro and shoved his cock into her open mouth, while he kneaded the hardened black eggs were by Toms position before Alex almost eye level. David joined now faster and harder and Tom groaned. Alex also increased the pace of Mike's face fucks but he understood and did not notice his cum splashing into Tom's mouth. He always stopped in time before it came to him. David his hand pounding his cock harder and faster now in Toms ass. Toms entire muscular body trembled with lust. David and the negro ass fucked by unrestrained. Alex had taken the meantime the tough stand of the side standing in Mike's mouth and massaged still blazing hardened eggs from Tom. David gasped and pushed faster and harder until he. Moaning loudly his hot cream in several waves moaning in Tom made

Tom's cock was packed hard and lay on his toned stomach. The huge piles of David Toms cock was pressed repeatedly on his abdominal muscles. Tom moaned nearly so much he wanted to inject but David went immediately after the cream off his dick from Toms hole and squeezed the last drop even in the slightly open hole. When Alex saw that he realized that he could no longer hold back. He quickly got up and before he could begin his cock for a fuck he shot his load in thick streams in the still easily open the fucking asshole. By Tom lifted supine was not a drop of the precious juice men lost and now ran deep in Toms fuck hole.

David had now taken the leg, the Mike and Mike had previously held, it has now sunk about Tom and his rock hard cock in Tom's ass. He noticed the sperm of his predecessors in Toms ass what Mike did happen just horny.

Tom yelled now almost in ecstasy. He noticed how his precum ran down on his abdominal muscles. Mike pounded now by the Negro ass violently. Alex stood behind Mike and twisting the nipples rings of leather types.

Sven noticed the one leg of Tom noted first that Tom would equal splash uncontrollably. He held his free hand under the hard throbbing cock and moaning as Mike shot his load into Tom's ass, also shot Tom thick beams came from the cock, the Sven caught by hand.

Mike was still panting with his pipe in Tom leaned sticking to Alex's shoulder. "Take a seat in the ass," Sven said, "otherwise I run the good stuff out of my hand."

Mike pulled his still hard huge cock from Tom and Sven left Toms own juice in the meantime some more gaping asshole from his hand run. "Oh, man, who is inseminated with his own juice in the ass" heard the Fuck guys from the background. Even the athletes of Alex stood there a few times injected his semen into her mouth and ass, and there was in thick streams of his sperm shot at Negerfotze and ran deep into Tom's fuckhole. It was a great sight to see the white cum run in the dark slightly open cavity of the muscle types, Tom pinched easily be connected with the sperm deep hole could tiles in it. By its situation that not a drop is lost. "Yes, I want to go more," gasped Tom. He was like a fuck flush.


Alex and Mike then took the legs of Tom. Sven and David stood over to Tom. "Well then you should get it," she grinned. Tom saw the two men standing over him as their stiff cocks rubbed against each other. "Come on, give me your cock" Tom begged, "Please, please," he continued after almost pleading. Sven pressed David batten down slightly so that the glans Toms fuckhole touched. "Go to shock," said Tom again begging. David fell slightly opened so that only a part of the glans fuck hole. In expectant hope Tom begged further. "Please, please fuck me." David pulled out again and Sven sat now on his cock. Tom could not see what was happening, but the sight of the guys above him and felt his ass drove him to despair with lust. Sven drove his stiff belt now a small piece in Tom and withdrew immediately equated David again and mutually they drove this game. Tom groaned and gasped and his rock hard monster cock that his precum produced strong abdominal muscles and chest were soon covered with shiny threads of his men juice. David and Sven drove their interplay faster and increased so even up to the climax. Almost simultaneously, they shot their loads in Toms open fuckhole. Tom was obvious the retracting rays. This was too much for him. He reared up as far as it went and even the thick beams of his cock cum shot from above in his own mouth.

The sight was too much for Alex. His protruding from the torn jeans and semen smeared cock spurted now going well and his sperm met in harsh rays of the dam between eggs and the hole fucked Tom. David Toms slightly stretched hole and slid his index finger in the direction of Alex sperm open fuck hole so Alex semen flowed into the moaning fucked Tom.

And again, Mike. boner at Tom with his hard ass He indicated Sven by a nod that he should line up across from him. Well put Mike back to his hard boner stretched fuck hole the black muscle types and Sven also expressed his boner down simultaneously. Both types now simultaneously pushed her plump cocks slowly spread into the muscle types. Tom groaned loudly as both cocks simultaneously penetrated into his sperm erschmiertes hole. Tom was quite usual, but two cocks at the same time he had never fucked. Due to its location, Tom watching the two above him Fuck guys exactly as they were lowered and lifted her and drove at the same piece of meat in the ass nigger. Tom gasped and moaned with lust. His stone Hard monster cock was firmly on his six-pack. David pushed the astonished Alex forward and motioned for him he should kneel on Tom fucked him and rammed his cock into her mouth. Alex slipped deftly under the fucking Sven and put his cock in her mouth open in Toms. Sven because he did not interfere with his fucking wish he had his ass lifted slightly, and Sven used to put Toms stone hard cock to Alex hole. The situation was now so out of control that the Alex mitbekam too late. The two Fuck guys saw the situation in which there was Alex and could fall easily something without interrupting their wild fuck. David Toms held in cock position and Alex had no way out. The huge penis of the Negro stabbed inexorably slowly in his sperm lubricated hole. Alex wanted to turn away but David stopped him. "Now you get him in," gasped the fucking Mike. Alex was afraid of this monster cock but at the same time he was so horny that he wanted it too, and moved slowly even on the hard cock of the fucked muscle types. As Toms acorn happened to the well-lubricated and dilated sphincter of Alex, Alex groaned heavily. A slight pain shot through him, but the umschlug immediately in animal lust. The two types are still hammering the black muscle types and thereby Toms cock pushed deeper into Alex.

David had asked the meantime behind the fucking Mike and twisting the rings on his nipples. Mike reached behind her and sat on David's cock in his ass. David immediately shoved his cock deep into the pre-lubed by Toms sperm leathers. Tom had no chance to defend himself. Two types of the same items, it drove their hard cocks and a hot guy of him was in his mouth fucked and fucked while he forcibly. Tom shot without warning. Cargo in a gigantic ass from Alex, with Toms fuckhole twitched rhythmically and simultaneously the two types of him fucking abmolk Mike and Sven discharged their semen fountains simultaneously in the black muscle types.


Alex saw the gigantic flood cum load in his ass and also shot another load this time deep in Tom's throat.

When David mitbekam Mike in the Tom squirts he quickly pulled his cock out of the leathers. He also wanted to inseminate Tom. Slowly Sven and Mike moved out of the black ass back to let go without Tom. David sat down at once and blew a gaping cum filled asshole. He noticed the warm sperm of his predecessors, what drove him to a violent quick fuck and it was not long until he shot his hot cream men in the Negro ass.

"Oh man," Mike gasped, "what a hot fuck. Tom is still the same about" Sven grinned and pulled the black hole of muscle types slightly apart, so that the sperm could flow into it deeper. Alex still had Toms hard cock in the ass. He did not want to miss this hot feeling in his mind, the biggest cock he had ever seen to have in them. Mike grinned lasciviously "looking at, and I thought I would be the only one of Tom's cock tolerates"

Alex remained in his position and Sven David and Tom talked with her legs in place.

"Because fits in something," Mike said, already half out of the shadows came a couple of guys who wixend approached. Be the First to put a muscular guy on his hammer boner Toms hole and fucked the unrestrained black ass. Alex noticed any impact as this monster cock is so hard Toms moved in, and in the hottest feelings evoked. The guy spurted after a short fuck off to Tom and it came a few. Most pointed to the gaping himself wixend Negerfotze and their semen seeped in Toms ass. Tom could only guess that it had at least some twenty charges in him. But just the thought of him a second time in Alex shoot a huge load with a loud groan.

Alex knew each ray drive into and be this huge and filled the retracting sperm rays could also resist him cum. His sperm fountain splashed in the face uncontrollably Tom and Mike helped with his finger to the little Tom also lost anything went and he could absorb Alex sperm.

Alex was exhausted and sank slowly to the front, from which Tom still hard boner slowly popped. As Toms giant acorn Alex sphincter happened Alex pushed a little scream of lust. Alex was on all fours, his ass up so he could not run from the hot cream out of your ass nigger. Clumsily he was in this position. Mike immediately recognized the Alex wanted more, turned behind him and drove his hard cock into the widened by Tom asshole. He hammered and pushed hard in the moaning Alex.

Meanwhile, it took a little longer, because Mike had already abgespitzt several times. But he liked his "prey" to nail again and was confirmed by Alex heavy groans in its adoption. Mike again made a big fat load in her already well filled with sperm Alex. Exhausted, he slumped back to Alex, but Alex was in his position. Sven David and Tom were still stuck with her legs spread. But all had expended much sperm that is no longer found to immediately continue.

The two wanted Tom already let fall when he protested vehemently. "Hey, since I'm running it all out" and already they took it back.

"That should not be a problem," said Sven and David Toms second leg meant also to be noted. Sven took Tom's "Love Balls" from the table and he had a relish for the other filled in Toms cum ass sink. Tom groaned as he violently in what has been his originally got him back into balls. But the fact was prevented even one drop of cum loads sticking in him was lost. As Tom put all the balls in and was hanging on the leather thong he told David the muscle types slowly sink to the bottom. Monster Toms boner was also because of the treatment was still straight up when the negro on his back.

Mike saw the horny situation and retreated slowly back from Alex. Alex remained in the position I raised the ass. He dared not get up because he otherwise would run the precious sperm on the ass.

Mike was now slowly sink to the towering hard black cock and animal moan the leather type drove back the monster bar piece by piece into his ass. Mike started to ride Tom. He fucked himself on this monster pile. His own rock-hard hip bar up and down, struck Toms Sixpack and against his own muscular abdomen. More violent themselves impaled on Mike Toms gigantic cock, drove him over and over again purely in full length in and out. Mike was in ecstasy. He produced juices flow without end and the long filaments were dripping on the muscle belly of the Negro. Sven and David watched the scene and one after they pushed their cocks into the still with raised Alex. Mike and Alex have been fucked by all the tricks. Of lying on his back Tom watched everything and then he shot his violent charge into Mike and flooded the fuck hole of leathers. Sven was the first in the Alex unloaded, immediately pulled out his cock and even fucking David. After a few bumps and he unloaded another load in Alex.

Alex hard cock was about Tom, is too high, the bonerr had him lying in reach.

Now Mike was also up with a start and while Toms cock slid out of him ran a plethora of sperm from the ass. He entered immediately behind Alex, replacing Sven. Mike was still inspired by the ride on the black cock and fucked Alex continues now. After a short, he invited his sperm that once again in the wailing Jean types.

While Mike nor his cream into Alex was unloading this Tom injected directly into his wide-open mouth. The muscle type swallowed Alex cum with enthusiasm and licked his lips.

Mike pulled back now from Alex and squeezed the last drop on Alex ass. "So, now we will see what for you, too," Mike said, and grabbed his backpack.

He rummaged around a bit and gave Alex a butt plug face. "Leak or purely" he laughed sarcastically, and Sven and David laughed sardonically. "Clean it," certain Tom and Alex gasped, "YES! I do not want what comes out. The hot juice I will still have a while to me," Mike went to the mid-size plug and easily slipped this in Alex cum filled asshole.

Now Alex could also adopt a more relaxed attitude and exhausted, he fell to the ground.

"Oh man, that was intense," Alex said, exhausted. "So much sperm I had never in my ass, which I keep on forever," Tom confirmed this"I did not have a lot but never so much"

The guys chatted for a while. It was now pitch dark and only the parking lamp illuminated something. Alex suddenly noticed a wet jet on his face. He immediately looked into the gloom and saw the athletes had more of him a load of cum shot in the face. "I want more," said the athlete.

"Sure, I have found you a long time in the eye," Mike laughed and played with the handcuffs that Alex had just worn. "Look Out!" Grinned the athletes.

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