Man for Man

Underwear Models


I heard a number of sighs of disappointment run through the audience.

An announcer began speaking, burbling something about an undergarments sale, but I was lost in my revery of this stunning man. I knew I needed relief before I got back on the subway.


I remembered finding an unmarked staff washroom a couple of years ago not far from where I was, so I headed in that direction, hoping to have a private moment alone with my throbbing hard-on. Checking to see that no-one was looking, I slipped through the door, and headed down the corridor toward where I recalled the washroom being. As I passed a door on my right, I heard a gruff voice saying, unmistakably, "Oh yeah, suck me hard!"

Man, was this ever my lucky day.

I gently pushed the door open, but could see nothing but a row of office dividers blocking my view of the rest of the room. I slipped in, closed the door, and quietly padded over the barrier. I leaned forward to peer through a gap between two of the dividers.

The last two models were there! The blond and that glorious specimen of African-Canadian manhood! Their robes were puddled on the floor beside them. The blond was sitting on a padded platform with his briefs pulled down to his knees, while the dark stud was kneeling with his hand wrapped around the blond's raging boner, and was thrusting his tongue into the blond's mouth.

The dark hunk pulled back, and I could see that he was still wearing the thigh-length stretch briefs, but they were being stretched out almost to the breaking point by his long, thick, hard studmeat. "You were fucking hot out there today, stud," he said.

"You were the one who had them coming in their pants, sexy. You should have seen the looks on their faces when you posed and smiled. I thought they were going to whip out their dicks and starting jerking right there in the middle of the store!" the blond replied.

"I should have pulled down my briefs and given them a real eyeful, eh?" The soft lilt in his voice told me he was from the east coast. The 'X' ring on his right hand confirmed that this stud was probably from Nova Scotia, and university-educated.

"That, I would have loved to have seen. You would have caused quite a commotion with your studmeat hanging out in the middle of Eaton's."

"Speaking of meat, I want yours in mouth right now, Christian." The dark stud leaned forward and licked the head of the blond's hard-on.

It looked to be eight inches long, maybe a bit longer, and with a nice girth to it, towering over a trimmed bush of blond pubes, and a smooth sack of good-sized balls. The rest of his body was perfectly smooth, and lightly tanned. I could only wish it was my dickhead that was being licked by the muscular stud. Or, for that matter, that it was me kneeling to suck the blond's ramrod-straight fuckstick into my mouth. Alas, I was stuck behind baffle-boards, privileged just to be a witness to this hot scene.

"Oh yeah, Ty, suck my cock. Seeing you in those body-hugging briefs had made me really horny. I need to blow a good wad of come so I don't have to leave the building with my bone making my jeans bulge out obscenely," Christian replied.

Ty took another wet swipe of his tongue across Christian's inflamed cockhead, and then pushed the whole head into his mouth. He bobbed up and down with just the head in his mouth, getting wet and slick with his spit. He worked the thick shaft gently with one hand, and used the other to roll Christian's healthy gonads around in their smooth, silken sac.

Christian leaned back on one hand, and ran the other through Ty's short-cropped hair, gently pushing the hot black stud further down his shaft. Inch by inch, Ty took Christian's rampant tool further into his mouth. I wonder how far he'd be able to take it without gagging. Inch by inch, Christian's iron-hard sexpole pushed its way into the hot, wet mouth. No sign that Ty was choking, even as he pressed his nose into the blond's pubic bush.

Christian let out a long moan - - the head of his cock must be now lodged in Ty's throat. Ty paused for a bit, and began to fondle Christian's ample testicles with his free hand, rolling them gently around as he worked his mouth around the hot cock. Ty began to bob up and down on Christian's fuckmeat, twisting as he went up and down, get the throbbing rod slick with his spit. Ty's cheeks dimpled as he sucked the blond model's steel-hard prong into his wet mouth and hot throat.


His fingers began to work their way toward the blond's hairless crack, gently prodding the pink pucker as Christian shifted position to give Ty access (and thankfully, giving me a better view of his hot ass).

Ty was evidently an expert at sucking cock - - Christian squirmed and thrashed about, the oral pleasures his cock were receiving causing his whole body to shake. Ty released the now-red and shiny cock from his mouth, and got to work on the big come-spheres in the soft, smooth bag hanging down between Christian's muscular thighs. Ty's left hand stroked the blond's rigid member, while Ty spat out a wad of spit on to the fingers of his right hand, which immediately went back into Christian's crack, working their way toward the pink pucker.

I could see Ty's black index finger push its way into Christian's tight anus.

Christian started at the jab, but looked down at Ty lustfully and said, "Yeah, man, finger my ass... get it good and slick for your huge cock... loosen me up m- oh!"

Ty had found Christian's prostrate, and obviously given it a good, hard stroke. He continued sucking Christian's balls into his mouth one, then the other, then both. When both of the big testes were in his mouth, though, there was little he could do with them since his mouth was stuffed full. When he let one slip out, he was able to roll it around in his mouth, giving Christian strong waves of pleasure.

Ty's index finger was deep in Christian's ass now, and the middle finger was pushing at the model's anal entry, trying to work its way in.

Ty let go of the blond's cock, and quickly swallowed it again, bobbing again, squeezing it in his throat, working his hot tongue up and down the raging eight inches of studmeat. His left hand was out of my view, digging in a bag on the floor. It soon emerged with a bottle of oil - - oil the models probably used before the show to make their muscles shiny. He fumbled a bit with it - - understandably since he couldn't see anything beyond Christian's flat, smooth, tanned belly, and since half of his right hand was now buried in Christian's fuck tunnel - - but managed to flip the top open, and manoeuver the bottle to his right hand. He slipped his fingers out, and squirted some of the oil onto the two fingers that he had just shoved up Christian's ass.

The fingers slipped back into the blond model more easily this time, and Ty began to twist them around, stretching Christian's tight anal ring, digging, pushing, massaging.

"Oh yeah, Ty, open my ass up. Fuck me with your fingers... yeah...."

I couldn't believe that Christian hadn't come yet. I mean here he was, with an incredibly hot muscle stud, sucking Christian's cock deep into his throat, stroking Christian's prostate gland, and finger fucking his ass. I'd almost blown my load without even touching myself.

"Now I want you to give me your hot cock. Come up, shove your fuckstick up my ass.... I want you to fuck my ass hard, stud...." Christian directed Ty.

Ty let Christian's cock slip from his mouth so he could respond, "Okay blondie, get on your knees, I'm going to ram my hard cock up your pretty ass so hard, you won't be able to walk."

Ty stood up, giving me for the first time, a clear view of the obscene protrusion from his tight, stretchy underwear. This cock didn't just look big soft, it was truly huge when hard! The spandex in the underwear allowed the briefs to wrap themselves around the pulsating fencepost pushing itself away from Ty's thigh.

I felt a flood of warm sticky sperm release itself in my Stanfields. I stifled my moan as I came. I hadn't touched myself not even to readjust out of fear that I wouldn't be able to stop myself from jerking off. I didn't want a tell-tail stain on my chinos, but I now I would have to deal with that.

Christian rolled over onto his knees, and assumed the position, never letting Ty's oil-slicked fingers leave his ass. Now I could see Christian's bubble butt in all of its round, tight, smooth glory. What a sight! It looked even hotter with Ty's strong hand half-imbedded in it.


Ty continued massaging Christian's butt, preparing it for his massive assault. With his free hand, Ty gave his huge cock a stroke through the sheer fabric of his briefs, and then pulled the elastic waistband down to let the black python escape from its spandex prison.

It was awe-inspiring. It had to be eleven inches or more. And it was thick. I had never believed the expression "beer can thick" until I saw this studly model's dick pop out of its restraint. A further push down on the elastic, and Ty's meaty balls popped into view, hanging low in their smooth sac. I looked forward to seeing those tennis balls empty their reserves. More come dribbled into my briefs.

With a mind of its own, the huge fucklog bobbed in the direction of Christian's sexy bubble butt, bouncing lightly off of Christian's thigh. The blond shivered with anticipation.

"Yeah, my cock knows where it belongs, now open up that perfect ass of yours... you know your ass wants my big meat to fill it up and stretch it...." Ty said in his deep, commanding voice.

"Fuck yeah, come on stud, ram your fucker into my ass... come on... breed me... fill me up with your studjuice...." Christian replied.

Ty withdrew his fingers from Christian's anal passage, the pink pucker slowly snapping shut, and clutching, missing the welcome intrusion of Ty's fingers. Ty squirted some oil onto his broad, long cock, and massaged it in, then splashed some more on for good measure, and then some into Christian's crack, pushing it in with the fingers he had used before.

Christian moaned even louder. I was amazed that they seemed so unconcerned that someone would stumble in on them in the middle of their sex. We were in a department store, after all. Maybe the heat of their passion made them throw caution to the wind.

Ty grabbed his own cock, and rested it in Christian's crack as he leaned forward. This caused Christian to shiver again, and to moan, "Oh that feels good."

Ty thrust his hips to slide the black monster up and down the trough between Christian's perfect globes. The blond squeezed his butt together to trap the throbbing fuckmeat.

"You want this, baby, don't you? You want me to rape your tight ass with my big black cock, don't you?"

"Shove it in me, Ty... I need your cock in me NOW!"

Ty lined the bulbous head of his enormous cock up against the tight pink pucker, and stroked Christian's anus with the very tip of his thick lance. The pucker was clutching, grabbing, trying to pull the cockhead in.

"Here it comes, baby, open up for my fuckpole," Ty said as he pushed the head in.

Christian gasped, "Uhhhh!.... Oh man, fuck that's huge! I can never get used to your huge hog. Man that's so big!"

Ty pushed an inch of shaft beyond the head into Christian's anal canal. Christian writhed in pain and ecstasy.

"Yeah, that's the stuff... it's been too long since I've had your magnificent meat in my ass.... Just give me a chance to get used to it."

Now having a good foothold in Christian's inner passage, Ty let go of his monster dick, and grabbed Christian's balls, so he would have something to play with while Christian adjusted to the enormous intruder in his rectum. His other hand began massaging Christian's broad back and shoulders. Christian's steel-hard cock looked to be throbbing painfully - - so hard that it was lined up along his taut belly. I could see a drop of pre-come hanging off the very tip of his poker.

"Come on, relax and let me into your sweet ass, Christian.... My dick wants to find its home in your hot hole... open up buddy...."

"Okay... let me... uhhnh... have some more of that fencepost...." Christian gasped, sounding winded by the invasion of his rectal channel.

Ty eased his glistening black fuckpole deeper into Christian's stretched but welcoming ass. Christian's eyes bulged out and a look of panic spread over his face.

"It's okay, Christian... you can take all of my hot cock...." Ty whispered soothingly as he pushed more of his throbbing meat into the blond's fuckhole. He was about half way in. An amazing five and a half to six inches of thick black cock was imbedded in the slim blond model's ass, and an equal amount of Ty's astounding manhood waited at the gate.


"Oh my god.... I can never get used to how thick you are, Ty, and how fucking long your cock is... oh fuck me...." Christian moaned. Despite the huge invasion in his ass, Christian's erection never flagged for a second.

Ty took him up on the offer, and catching Christian a bit unaware, pushed hard and deep into the beautiful man's clutching rectum. "Oh yeah! I'm almost all the way in Chris... I've got almost ten inches of my boner in your sweet ass... get ready, I'm going in all the way...."

Christian tensed as Ty jabbed the remaining inch or more into his waiting ass, Ty's jet black pubes scratching up against Christian's smooth pink ass crack. It was amazing to see such a beautiful man completely impaled on the black howitzer jutting straight out from the masculine and muscular model.

Christian grunted, and moaned, "Fuck, I feel like you've stuffed every crevice of my ass... you have filled me completely, Ty. Now turn me over, I want to watch your beautiful body as you fuck the come out of me!"

Ty squatted down as Christian bent his knees, and in one smooth motion, Ty and Christian worked together to turn Christian over onto his back, without Ty's cock slipping more than an inch out of Christian's plugged ass.

The impaled blond stud raised his hands to stroke Ty's solid pecs, giving each black nipple a gentle twist. "I love taking your cock up my ass, Ty. I am in total heaven right now," Christian said as he took in the glorious sight of this hung stud standing in front of him, the hunk's hips pressed firmly into Christian's butt.

The pain and ecstasy that was displayed on Christian's face as Ty was slowly shoving his huge schlong into Christian's tight ass, was replaced by a serene look of completeness coming from feeling the long, thick, hot poker completely filling his insides, throbbing with Ty's beating heart. Christian looked like he was no longer a separate person, but an extension of Ty's cock - - that incredible symbol of virility, of masculinity and of power.

Christian's own cock was pulsating, raised just a touch over his flat stomach, pointing the way to his firm pecs, and his beautiful face. Christian's serenity was quickly replaced by pure masculine lust: "Fuck, Ty, this is so hot. When I saw you parading your hunky body on that stage, I knew that I wanted you to fuck me right away. And I want you to fuck me *hard*! Fuck me hard and fuck me deep! Fucking *plow* my ass, stud!"

"You know that kind of talk gets me going, Christian. You're one of the few dudes who can take my cock all of the way and not be in pain. You're beautiful ass holds my cock perfectly - - it's tight and hot and wet, and I am going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." Ty started thrusting his powerful hips gently, but persistently, slowly building up force. "Hang on tight, blondie, because I am going to make your ass weep."

Ty grabbed Christian's legs for leverage, and continued withdrawing his cock from Christian's tight ass, and then slowly, powerfully, pushing it back in. Each time he did so, I could see about half of the glistening weapon pull out of the blond ass, pulling the anal ring out with it a little way as if Christian's ass didn't want to give up the huge intruder now that it was used to it.

Christian was moaning and sweating as Ty began pulling more of his sexpole out of Christian's ass with each thrust. Christian's cock was raging at its full eight inches, and throbbing in time with Ty's slow, powerful thrusts. Pre-come oozed from its tip, dripping onto his stomach. The blond model twitched each time Ty's cock dragged across his prostate gland, giving Christian a delicious jolt of sexual pleasure.

Ty began to pick up speed, his hips moving faster, his glistening black battering ram appearing only briefly before plunging back into Christian's hot hole. The slim blond man seemed to be expanded by Ty's huge, powerful fuckpole as the black hunk rammed his eleven-plus inches of studcock into Christian's tender hole over and over and over again. Ty's come-laden balls slapped loudly against Christian's up-turned asscheeks every time Ty shoved his entire enormous penis all the way into Christian.


Ty was relentless in his pounding of the Christian's beautiful ass - - there was no question that that tight fuckhole belonged to Ty and his awe-inspiring phallus. Christian let out a yelp - - Ty had probably prodded Christian's prostate particularly hard - - and began to twitch uncontrollably as his 'nads jerked up in their smooth sac and his rock-hard cock began to shoot pearly white come without any touch from his hand.

"Fuck me... uhnhhh... I'm fucking coming, you fucking stud... uhnhhh... I'm blowing my load.... ahhhhh!"

The first shot coated Christian's left nipple. The second, aided by a particularly hard thrust from Ty, hit Christian's smooth cheek. The pulsating white shaft continued jerking away from Christian's toned body, causing the remaining gobs of come to land randomly on Christian's muscular chest and abs. Christian shook and moaned loudly in ecstasy as his orgasm racked his taut body. Shot after shot of hot come pulsed out of this throbbing boner, gradually subsiding as he came down from the sexual peak to which Ty's magnificent cock had brought him.

Christian was panting as Ty began to thrust even harder, not giving Christian a moment to recover from his powerful orgasm. Sweat began flying from Ty's forehead and rolling down his solid black body. His skin, already luminescent, now began to shine.

Christian was shaking as Ty continued pounded his now highly sensitive prostate, and was partially sitting up, holding on to Ty's shoulders as the black stud pummelled his battered ass. Christian moved one hand from Ty's shoulder to scoop up some come off his chest with a couple of fingers, which he then fed to the thrusting stallion. Ty licked the salty spunk from Christian's fingers without breaking his rhythm, and sucked the two white fingers in his mouth to get every drop of the hot semen.

Ty began taking longer and longer strokes with his cock, methodically withdrawing it almost to the head, and then pushing it back in to Christian's fuckchute with a hard thrust. Ty continued long-dicking the long-haired model with a stamina that amazed me. Ty didn't stop, didn't slow down for one second as his manpole slid furiously in and out of Christian's tight ass.

The continued stimulation of his ass was having an obvious effect on Christian: his eight-inch prong showed no signs of losing any of its hardness despite having come powerfully moments before.

"Hang on, gorgeous... I'm going for a new angle...." Ty paused for a moment, his thick, fleshy sperm-hose buried fully in Christian's perfect ass, placed his hands under Christian's armpits and lifted him up.

Carefully the muscular African-Canadian stud turned both of them around so that he was now sitting on the edge of the bench, and Christian was effectively sitting on Ty's cock, his feet resting on the bench. I had a great view of Christian's broad back, his fully distended smooth buttocks, and Ty's bloated bull-balls poking out from under Christian's round cheeks. Ty's strong legs stretched out at the base of this incredible sight.

The blond model opened his eyes, and smiled at Ty. Resting his hands on Ty's powerful shoulders, Christian slowly began to straighten his legs, lifting his impaled ass off of Ty's throbbing penis. Inch by inch, more of the glistening column emerged from Christian's pink anus. Christian's toned calf muscles became elongated as he rose. His eight inches of studmeat bobbed in front of him, leaving streaks of shiny cockjuice criss-crossing Ty's six-pack abs and his massive pecs, dribbles of come left over from his orgasm.

When Christian had risen ten inches over Ty's groin, leaving only the bulbous head of Ty's manmeat still tucked into his ass, Ty stuck his long tongue out and licked the red head of Christian's dick, causing the blond to shudder. Christian then began to squat back down slowly, impaling himself on Ty's enormous ebony ass-splitter, eagerly taking each thick inch into his ravaged asshole.

I was mesmerized as the massive schlong slid back into the small frame of Christian's body. I half-expected to see Christian's sides bulge out as he absorbed the huge amount of cockmeat sliding into his bowels.


"This is fantastic, Ty. Yours is the only cock that has ever filled me so completely. I wish I could sit here forever, with you inside me," Christian moaned.

As the last length of Ty's cock disappeared into Christian's amazingly receptive ass and the globes Christian's perfect ass came to a rest on Ty's big sperm receptacles, the beautiful blond man planted his lips on Ty's and pushed his tongue in the black stud's mouth. Christian's face showed an expression of completeness - - like he was not whole unless he had all eleven-plus inches of Ty's hard cockflesh inserted into his anal canal.

Ty's hands massaged Christian's ass, and after their tongues had explored each other's mouths for a few minutes, Ty began to lift Christian off his cock again. Ty guided Christian about half way up his cock, and then, leaning back and shifting his weight to his arms, began to lift his own hips off the bench to push his thick erection up into Christian's waiting hole.

"You stay right there, handsome, and let me do the work."

Although he was on the bottom, Ty was in control again, fucking Christian from below. Christian held still, balanced precariously over Ty, while Ty fucked slowly and steady up into his ass, and back down again, over and over. Ty's biceps bulged as the supported the weight and offset Ty's upward thrusts.

Ty continued fucking Christian at this slow pace, an expression of sexual bliss displayed on the blond's face, for a number of minutes, Ty's breathing slowly getting heavier and heavier.

As Ty's hard thrusts into Christian's ass picked up speed, the sweat began pouring from Ty's hard body. Up. Down. In. Out. Christian's bubble butt was getting rammed by Ty's giant jackhammer harder and harder. Ty was grunting loudly now, and Christian's beautiful face showed pain and pleasure each time the thick, hot poker was shoved into his tight rectum.

Ty's frenzied pace was a sign that this sexual athlete was about to reach his climax after an amazingly long, hard fuck. Ty pulled his eleven inches almost completely out of Christian's pink pucker, paused, and then rammed his cock into Christian hard.

Ty dropped his body down to the bench, withdrawing his shining lance again, and slammed it back in. The blond whimpered, and more come dribbled out of his still-hard cock. Again, Ty pulled out and with loud grunt, plowed Christian's ass deeper than his eleven-inch monster had gone before.

"Fuck, Christian, this is it! Get ready for my spunk!" Ty almost yelled.

Ty pulled out completely, and took his horse cock in his hand. Christian squatted down to sit on Ty's tree-trunk thighs just as great gobs of manjuice gushed out of Ty' thick spermhose onto Christian. Jet after jet after jet of Ty's studcome shot out. Ty's spunk landed everywhere: Christian's smooth balls, his fuckpole still standing proudly erect, his rippled six-pack, his square pecs, and even his neck and lower face.

The amount of come that this stud produced took my breath away. The blond model's tanned body was now shining from a combination of his own spunk, Ty's copious ejaculation and their sweat.

Christian collapsed onto Ty, their throbbing boners sandwiched between their sweaty and sticky bodies. Christian forced his tongue into the black stud's mouth, and they kissed deeply. I could tell they were exhausted because their kissing was not as feverish as it had been before.

I figured their passionate fuck session was over, but I couldn't tear myself away from the sight of these two studs, lying naked in a post-sex embrace, their huge cocks still turgid, their tongues lazily entwining. I felt more come dribble out of my own spent cock in into my briefs. There was going to be one heck of a mess in my crotch after this.

Christian interrupted the kiss. "Fuck, Ty. That was the best fuck I've ever had. You are the hottest stud I have ever met."

"Chris, you have the hottest ass I have ever fucked. I can't believe how tight you are."

"You turn me on so much, Ty, I can't get enough of you. But you know, I'm still hard...."


Despite blowing his spunk all over himself, and despite the long, powerful fuck that Ty had thrown into his bubble butt, Christian was still hard and horny, like a sexual Energizer bunny.

"Oh man, you are one horny studmuffin. But you wore me out. You know I love sucking your beautiful cock, but I need to rest. Besides, we'd better get dressed before someone finds us in here."

Christian slid rolled his smooth body off Ty so that he was standing up, his beautiful back and dimpled ass facing me. "Hey, if you're too tired, you can just lie back, lift your legs up, and relax."

"What the... hey, Chris, you know I love you, and you know I love having sex with you, but you also know I'm a top. I just don't get fucked. I'm sorry but I can't do that."

Christian quickly raised the exhausted Ty's legs and said, "there's a first time for everything, stud. You're going to find out what you've been missing."

Christian ran his hand over his own chest to scoop up come to add to the come that had splattered on his own dick. He gently pushed his come-coated index finger into Ty's tight anal ring. Ty inhaled quickly, a bit startled, and Christian quickly slid the rest of his finger in. With only a little prodding, the blond model seemed to find the black stud's happy button as I heard Ty let out a low moan.

Christian quickly splashed some of the oil on his long pink prong. I figured that Christian wasn't sure how long he would get away with this as he wasted no time sliding a second finger in to loosen Ty's ass. He worked the two fingers around only briefly, and then as he lined his throbbing boner up at Ty's virgin back entrance, he said in a quiet, soothing voice, "Just take some deep breaths, relax your ass muscles, and you'll be fine. In fact, I'll bet you'll be in heaven in a couple of minutes."

Ty sighed with resignation and said, "I can't believe this. I don't get fucked. If I weren't completely wiped, there's no way I would let you get away with this."

Christian pushed his well-slicked cock into Ty's tight ring, breaching the African-Canadian stud's inner sanctum for the first time. He leaned over and planted his tongue in Ty's mouth again to prevent any further protests. Taking a quick breath, he reminded Ty to relax, and then slowly pushed his long cherry-picker deeper into Ty's ass.

Ty gasped as the long prong invaded his guts, pushing incessantly into him. Christian's tongue worked its way past Ty's thick lips as his rampant fuckpole pressed deeper and deeper into Ty's bowels.

Ty, the alpha male stud with the dick of death, was now being deflowered by this slim, long-haired blond studpup.

I couldn't believe the scene I was observing. The freshly-fucked Christian had now mounted the muscular Ty, turning him into a whimpering bottom impaled on another man's cock.

Ty's handsome face scrunched up and his whole body squirmed as Christian continued to push his long pole into Ty's tight ass.

Christian's smooth, sleek hips pressed against Ty's thighs as the blond model bottomed out. Smoothly and slowly, he had pushed his entire raging prong into Ty's virgin fuckchute. "I'm going to make you love getting fucked, Ty. I'm going to turn you into a bottom before this afternoon is through."

Ty started to interject, but Christian rotated his hips, massaging the inside of Ty's sex channel. He must have stroked Ty's prostate, too, because the big black stud shuddered.

"Don't speak... I've been thinking about this for a long time, lover. I've been wanting to poke your hot ass from the first time you fucked me. And now I get to give you the pleasure you've been giving me. Hold on tight, stud, I'm going to teach you how to get fucked."

Christian put his mouth over Ty's thick lips again and pushed his tongue into Ty's mouth, continuing to shove his cock around in Ty's ass. Ty's head was covered in Christian's silky blond hair. Christian straightened his long, lean body up, and gripped Ty's bent knees to anchor himself. "Hold on, Ty, it's time to make your ass mine."

With that, Christian began pulling his cock out slowly. When Ty's ass appeared to start pushing the intruder out, Christian quickly shoved his hot fuckpole back in to make it clear that he would pull out only on his own terms.


Ty's fat salami, lying heavily across his thigh, began to show signs of life again. It wasn't getting hard, but I could tell that blood was flowing back in as it started to look chubbier and longer. I'm surprised that Ty didn't pass out when he got an erection. That cock was fucking huge. But then, it was pretty big and meaty even when it's soft, so I guess it doesn't take that much blood.

Ty's ass must have been adjusting to the intrusion, because Christian was now able to take longer thrusts in and out. Christian's mane of blond hair was flying back and forth as he put his whole body into his thrusts deep into Ty's body. Christian's muscular ass dimpled beautifully and deeply with every thrust he made into Ty's rectum.

After a couple of minutes of straight but hard thrusting in and out of Ty's ass, Christian began rotating his hips as he thrust, to push his steel-hard pole into every crevice of Ty's rectum. Ty squirmed with each new prod of his guts, but he was squirming in sexual pleasure. I think he was figuring out that he was enjoying getting fucked, despite his self-image as a masculine top.

Christian's breathing was hot and heavy now, and Ty was fondling his own thick meat, now pretty well completely hard, the eleven inches of studprick towering over his rippled abs, the veins along the shaft becoming more pronounced as the blood continued to pour in. The huge member poked Christian's smooth torso every time the blond stud plunged his come-snake into Ty's tightly-clenched hole.

Ty had started stroking his boner hard now, using more of the come he scooped from Christian's firm body to make the thick slab of meat slick and shiny. Pre-come began bubbling out the end of the massive weapon.

"Fuck, Chris, that does feel good. Come on and ride my ass. I want you to come in me! Dump your spunk in my ass, man!"

Christian grabbed Ty's powerful pecs, holding on tight so that he could increase the force of his invasion of Ty's ass. Christian repeatedly drilled his cock in and out of Ty's perfectly proportioned and smoothly muscled body. Ty moaned as the hot slippery erection slid rhythmically past his tight anus, filling his insides.

I watched these sexual athletes entwining their incredible bodies in the heat of hot, man-to-man passion these two magnificent specimens of manly flesh mounted in animal lust, one pile-driving his long, hard sex into the other's hot, welcoming fuck-hole while the other jerked his long, thick, glorious dick to bring himself to orgasm.

Christian was showing Ty no mercy in the latter's first-ever fuck as a bottom, throwing his whole, tight body into each full, eight-inch invasion of Ty's hot channel. I watched as Christian's steel-hard fuckpole forced its way repeatedly into Ty's violated sexhole. There was no way that Ty's tight ring of anal muscles could have withstood the powerful assault of Christian's fuckthrusts.

Christian was breathing heavily as he switched from full-length thrusts to a jack-rabbit assault on the black stud's newly-opened hole. Christian's slim, toned torso appeared almost as a blur over Ty's prostrate form as the long, blond hair whipped around his body with each new intrusion into Ty's fuckchute.

"Fuck, stud, I'm going to fucking come in your tight ass! I'm going to plant my seed in your hole, man!" Christian exclaimed as he pounded Ty. "I'm going to come in you, Ty - - unnnnh, yeah, get ready fucker; I'm going to fill your ass with my comeload."

"Give it to me, stud! Give me your sperm! Fill my ass with your come!" Ty replied lustily.

With one last powerful thrust, the slim blond hunk lunged into the super-hung stud's hole. Christian's entire body began to shake as he had another powerful orgasm. He didn't withdraw, so I knew he was spunking his hot manseed into Ty's no-longer-virgin ass, planting his creamy load deep inside the manly stud.

Christian was leaning heavily on Ty now and still thrusting steadily. Ty quickened his strokes on his own huge fuckstaff and quickly brought himself to orgasm, gobs of white come spurting from the end of his black billy club. After numerous shots splattered Christian's already jizz-coated body and Ty's glistening black torso, the long pulls on the mighty shaft slowed, and the geyser of studcome slowed to a trickle.

As Ty's arm stopped jerking his thick cock, Christian collapsed on Ty, his cock still embedded in Ty's ass, and Ty's thick meat squashed between their stomachs.

Their breathing was still heavy, and I could almost hear my own heart pounding. I took mental pictures of this hot scene that I would use for countless jerk-off sessions: this sleek and slim, beautiful long-haired young man, his long cock stuffed inside the formerly virgin ass of a black muscle man lying under him. The lovers began to kiss deeply, and passionately.

I thanked my lucky stars that I had had the good fortune to witness such an awesome scene, but I also knew I'd better quietly duck out of the room before my own heavy breathing alerted the models to their audience. I rushed home to change my briefs which were soaked my own come. Even after my involuntary orgasm, I think my cock had kept dribbling through the whole 'show'.

I walk past the old Eaton's store every so often, and have fond memories of that day. Well, fond memories that send blood rushing to my dick anyway.

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