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Uncle Mark BJ


His sister and family went camping and Mark went along. It was a private campsite in the middle of a woods. He didn't elaborate on how many people were in his sister's family; all he told me about was his nephew (in his early teens) whom he had always liked and the kid was ok with him too.


That night the sleeping arrangements were tight as they had taken down one of the tents, so she bunked Mark and his nephew in the back of the station wagon. It was getting late so Mark and his nephew climbed into the station wagon. He said it was a very hot summer with sweltering temperatures even at night. There were two sleeping bags but he knew neither he nor his nephew would want to cover up. Mark switched on the light inside the car to get things situated and then turned it off. While they talked, Mark stripped naked and laid down on his side of the car. His nephew watched him undress and seemed surprised when Mark slipped his underwear off but didn't say anything. His nephew took it down to his undershorts and laid down next to him.

"Hey Jon", your gonna to be too hot. Why don't you take your underwear off." Jon looked at his Uncle laying there naked, looked around the campsite to make sure the coast was clear, decided it would be ok and stripped his briefs off. It was pretty dark but Mark's eyes adjusted to the darkness and he could see his nephew laying next to him. He hadn't seen his nephew naked before but the kid was hung pretty decent for a kid his age.

They laid quietly for a few minutes and then Mark said, "Damn. I gotta pee." He opened the door of the car quietly and climbed out. Jon whispered, "Uncle Mark, somebodies going to see you." Mark whispered back, "Naw, it's dark enough."

Mark didn't leave the side of the car and with the door open, turned around, faced his nephew and held his dick in his hand. His nephew turned on his side and leaned on his elbow and watched. Mark took his time getting his stream started. He finished his piss and gave his dick a few shakes and then grabbed it at the base and then milked it once forward. He was semi-erect now. He climbed back into the station wagon and quietly closed the car door. "Ah, that's better", he said, and laid down.

His nephew didn't change his position and was still leaning on his elbow.

"Damn, it sure is hot", Mark said. He reached down and started scratching his pubes.

"Aren't you hot Jon?"

"Yeah, it's pretty hot Uncle Mark."

Mark asked, "Is anything wrong Jon. You're pretty quiet."

"No, I'm ok", replied Jon.

"Good", said Mark. "Are you tired."

Jon said a little more enthusiastically, "No I'm not tired."

Mark reached down again and ran his fingers lazily through his pubic hair and moved his hand down to his balls and gave them a scratch.

"I got itchy balls kid. All this heat I probably got jock itch."

Jon asked, "What's jokitch."

Mark replied, "Jock itch. It's a rash guys get in their crotch when it's really hot like it is now. I guess athletes gave it the name cause they wear jocks."

"What do you do about it", Jon asked.

"They got stuff you can buy in the drugstore that'll get rid of it. You also gotta keep your nuts clean and dry. It's no big deal."

"How do you know if you got it," Jon asked.

"You can see it. It looks red and feels scratchy and burns a little too."

"Maybe I got it", said Jon.

"You want me to look", Mark asked.

"Yeah", came the enthusiastic reply.

Mark pulled a flashlight from the side of the seat and clicked it on and then turned on his side. The beam was pretty bright so he put his hand over the lens. He moved his hand cautiously and let some light shine on the kids crotch. He had a boner. "I can't see from here", Mark said and sat up and moved down pretending to need a closer look. Jon repositioned himself on his back.

Pretending not to notice the kids hard dick he got up close and shined the flashlight on the kids crotch and started running his finger softly over the kids balls.

"Oh wow, Uncle Mark. That feels good."

Mark took his finger and ran it up the kids dick and it stiffened and throbbed. Then he said, "Hey Jon. Ya got a boner."

Jon replied,"Yeah, I know."

"You want me to do something about it", Mark asked.

Jon replied hoarsley, "I guess so."

Mark grabbed the kid's dick and stroked it a couple of times.

"You ever jack off before?"

Jon replied cautiously, "Yeah."

"You want me to get you off." Mark shined the light on the kid's face and he squinted with the light in his eyes and put his hand over his face. Then he said quietly, "Yeah."

Mark stroked his dick somemore and then asked, "You want me to suck on it?"

Jon didn't say anything. Mark put the kid's dick in his mouth and started moving up and down. His nephew mumbled 'oh shit'.

Mark knew a guy this age doesn't take long and sure enough, only a few minutes had passed when his nephew began to moan. Mark pulled his nephew's dick out of his mouth and started stroking with his hand. His spit and the kid's precum gave him enough lube to work with and he moved his hand up and down slowly and deliberately around the back of the kid's dick. After only a couple of strokes, Jon muttered, "Here it comes", and shot his load.

Mark grabbed a sock to wipe up the mess. He knew he could be in serious trouble if his sister found out about this and he moved back up to where he was laying next to his nephew.

"Jon, you better not say anything about this to your mom or anybody. I could get in a lot of trouble. Ok?" The kid nodded his head. "You gotta promise me", said Mark with a tone of importance in his voice.

Jon quietly whispered, "I promise", and closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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