Man for Man

Tyler Meets Max


I run a unique business, atypical by most standards. I buy, sell, and resell almost anything. I work with antique dealers and art lovers, architects and designers, car buffs and collectors, individuals and businesses. I find what whatever pieces they're searching for and more often I find what they aren't looking for and persuade them they must have what I've got.


I travel frequently and nothing gives me more pleasure than stopping in the small town 'antique' stores. They're always an impressive hodgepodge of junk, clutter and rummage sale fodder. But there are times, amongst the moth-ball scented clothes or the oxidized flatware or hidden between the books with the crumbles spines I find an astonishing treasure. A diamond brooch coated in dust, three sterling place settings in a pattern that a client needs or a signed first edition. It doesn't always happen but when it's extraordinarily exciting.

I also frequent auctions, rarely for one or two pieces. I buy lots. It's expensive but again there are always at least one, two, three jackpots. That's how I ended up in Riverbend. There was a small medical clinic that had gone belly up and I'd bought their stock sight unseen. I had a buyer for most of the equipment but I had to be there to inventory, pack and ship it to my customer.

It was in a small business complex, set up in three different buildings. What I hadn't been told was one of them abutted a restaurant that had been gutted by a fire. The surgical suite was next door and while it hadn't been damaged the place was filthy; soot and ashes filtered through the air ducts so everything was grayish black. One look and I knew it was going to take longer than I'd hoped to get it ready for shipping.

I'd called a local temporary agency to hire three guys to help. When they met me the next morning, I set two of them up in the first office; showed them how to inventory and pack the equipment and supplies. The youngest of the three, Tyler, offered to work with me in the `fire pit.' The one room that was amazingly spared the onslaught of grime had been the doctor's lounge with a small bathroom including a shower stall. I'd brought a bag-full of extra clothes but found a supply of clean scrubs and recommended we wear them instead of getting our clothes dirty.

I'm only human and it was hard not to stare at this young, 20'ish stud as he stripped. With his back to me he pulled off his t-shirt and shucked his jeans. He stood and stretched his long-muscled arms wearing only a baggy pair of Joe Boxer's. He arched his shoulders back before reaching for the scrubs. I savored the feel of my cock's gradual unfolding. By the time he'd stepped into the loose pants and sexily wriggled them up his powerful legs my dick was painfully erect, straining against my jock-strap.

Tyler turned to me and with a killer smile said, "Okay boss, let's get started."

I started by cleaning the scrub sinks knowing that was one thing we'd frequently need to use, and filled buckets of soapy water for him to start wiping everything off. It wasn't long before we were filthy. After a couple of hours I couldn't take it anymore and had to clean up. I pulled off the stained top and started to soap up when Tyler joined me.

"Damn, you're fucking hairy." He said as he stared at the dark pelt of curly fur covering my chest. "I wish I was hairier."

He pulled of his top and ran a hand across his smooth torso. I glanced at him, the curve of his evenly developed pecs, the bronze half-dollar sized circles of his areolas topped with perfectly erect pink nipples. His hand slipped down the taut muscles of his abdomen.

"Looks like you've got some down there." I commented when his fingers played along the line of hair below his belly button.

"Yeah, got plenty down there." He replied and slowly lowered the scrubs. I leaned my groin into the edge of the sink to hide the protruding bulge as my cock thickened. I gaped at the profuse bush of dark wavy growth of his pubic hair. He continued to gaze down at his crotch as he lowered the pants far enough to reveal the plump base of his organ. His hand sunk under the thin material and stroked himself.

Suddenly aware that I was watching, he mumbled an apology and went back to lathering himself. After we were both rinsed and toweled off, we silently went back to work. I went to check on the other guys; they were making a lot of progress in getting the office area straightened out. I'd offered to order pizza's for lunch and by noon I was more than ready for a shower. Feeling refreshed, I changed into clean clothes and went out to get the guy's lunch. On my return I found Tyler had also showered and the four of us sat outside to eat.


Tyler went back to the other building while I showed the other two what I needed to have them accomplish the rest of the afternoon. When I got back to the doc's lounge to change into a clean pair of scrubs I realized I couldn't find my jock-strap. It wasn't in the pile of clothes I'd left before I showered, it wasn't in the bag of clothes I'd brought and I even searched through the mountain of towels thrown on the floor. I gave up looking when I heard Tyler yelling from the other room asking a question.

An hour later I was working in one room and could see Tyler at the scrub sink as he washed up. He was bare chested, his arms lathered in white suds, the bottoms of his scrubs pulled slightly down his hips. There was something wrong, something different about him that bothered me. He finished and came back to help me move some of the heavier equipment.

It was half an hour later when it hit me. The elastic band peeking out of his scrubs wasn't the black band of the boxers I saw earlier, it was white. I thought, no way, that little stud's straight, he was talking about his girlfriend with the other guys at lunch. He wouldn't steal my jock. I had to find out. There was a small monitor attached to the wall that I told him I needed to get down and asked him to hold it while I unscrewed it. When he reached up to grab it, the top of his scrubs inched up. Sure enough, I could see the top inch of the waistband and the faded `The Duke' label of my jock-strap.

I threw a boner so hard, so fast I couldn't think. I fumbled with the bolts for a few minutes and told him we'd have to do it later. I was to fucking horny to be around him and almost ran to the bathroom. My hand was around my pounding dick before the stall door shut. The dull, throbbing ache in my balls inflamed me as I palmed my engorged meat thinking about Tyler's young stud-cock bursting against the pouch of my jock-strap. I was starting to ooze a shiny stream of pre-jizz when I heard him call my name.

"Max, you okay." He was standing outside the stall door.

I was so close to shooting my load, a low guttural groan started in my throat that I couldn't stop. "Yeah,' I managed to say, trying to keep my voice even and swallow the deep panting in my chest. "Just had a stomach cramp, must have been the pizza."

"You sure you're okay. You sound sick."

I wished to hell he'd leave so I could finish jacking off but it wasn't going to happen. I flushed the toilet and shoved my tender prick back into my jockey's, tied the scrubs and came out of the stall.

"Really, Tyler, I'm fine. It was just a cramp. Come on, let's get back to work." I pushed him out of the john in front of me. My shorts weren't doing a good job of hiding the lump in my pants.

At a quarter to five I told him to start wrapping up for the day. I wanted to finish up a few things before taking a shower so he could use it first if he wanted. He said the scrub sink was okay, he took his time while I packed a few more boxes. Fifteen minutes later I was more than ready to get cleaned up. I'd assumed Tyler left, he was around when I stripped and stepped into the steamy hot spray of water. I felt better in minutes after washing away the dust and dirt. I stepped out of the stream, leaned against the tiled wall and luxuriated in the feel of my soapy hands skim across my skin.

I thought about Tyler and there was no way I could stop my hands from drifting down to my crotch. The fleshy tube grew between my slippery fingers; I stroked myself idly, enjoying the feel of my blossoming erection. I fondled my 'nads, squeezed them til they ached.

Something moved, I just caught it out of the corner of my eye. I hadn't locked the door, anyone could walk in and catch me. I slowly glanced around and realized the mirror in the lounge allowed anyone in there to see through the open door into shower.

Tyler stood a few feet in front of the mirror, watching me. I'm not sure he understood that I could also see him. Or maybe he did. A sizeable slab of dick strained the material of the jock strap, the only thing he wore. I groaned loudly as I stroked my cock, I yanked it down and let go. It snapped back, the audible slap as it hit my belly echoed. I let out a long sighing 'yesss' and saw Tyler's mouth open. If he wanted to watch, I decided to give him a show.


"Fucking love to play with my cock." I moaned, my fingers gripped the base of my meat. Tyler's hand went to the jutting tube "Jacking my big, fat cock-shaft. Working all day with that hot little stud made my nuts ache, got to shoot a load."

Tyler's dick was in his hand. Seven solid inches with a big juicy, mushroom head. And smooth low hanging balls. He matched me stroke for stroke.

"So damn excited, stroking my dick, leaking jizz. Man, I'd love to shove my hard cock down that kid's throat, feed him my man-meat." Tyler was obviously appreciating my monologue. He was stroking long and fast. "Fuck yeah, shoot my wad down his cock-sucking throat."

When he took off the jock and shoved it into his mouth and chewed while he jerked his horny member, I knew I was going to loose it soon.

"Gotta cum." I said loudly, my fingers a blur up and down my shaft. "Feels too fucking good! Fuck yeah, gonna bust my nuts. Oh yeah, here it cummmmm..." I stroked myself over the edge and pumped my cock. I blasted part of my load into my hand and sprayed the rest of my cream all over the stall. Tyler's eyes grew when I stuck out my tongue and licked the fresh cum-load from my fingers. He couldn't stifle the groan when he started to shoot. The first geyser of pearly white cream splattered onto the mirror, then he drenched the floor with thick juice.

He was gone by the time I'd rinsed and dried myself, and he'd cleaned off the mirror.

I was over at the other building when Tyler arrived the next morning. He was already working when I got there, but came in to talk to me while I changed. I took my time, stripped off my shirt and stretched, slipped of my shoes and pants and sat down in my jockeys. Since I couldn't stop thinking about him jerking off yesterday, my dick was moderately plump, not hard but definitely not flaccid. He tried not to stare but was having a difficult time. Especially when I absentmindedly reached down to scratch my balls which accentuated the protruding slab.

We worked hard all morning, got a lot accomplished before taking a break. I thanked him again for all the hard work he'd been doing. Watching him as we were washing sent my half-hard when to full mast. I was seriously thinking about a fast jack-off in the john when he mentioned he was starting to get hungry.

"How about a snack?" I asked him. I pulled down the front of my scrubs the big helmet pops out, the slit damp with jizz.

"Fuck you, Max. I don't do that shit." He said indignantly.

I wasn't surprised by the response. "Hey Tyler, sorry, didn't mean to piss you off. I just thought this," I grabbed his crotch and squeezed his boner, "meant you might want to have some fun with me."

He didn't pull away or try to remove my hand when I started to massage his erect cock. I slipped my fingers into his pants and wrapped my fingers around his fat, hot organ. He took a long, deep breath, closed his eyes and threw his head back. I untied the scrubs, they fell to the floor. I put a hand on his butt-cheek. His chest heaved.

"Won't" he breathed "last long. Gonna shoot soon."

I was on my knees, had the jock down and his raging dick all the way down my throat in less than 30 seconds. My fingers reached for his crack and found the tight bud.

"No, no, no." He whimpered when I fingered his tight hole. "Oh yeah, make me shoot." He pounded in and out my mouth for only a few minutes before he started moaning, panting. I felt the first strong jet hit the back of my throat, he fucked my throat as he emptied his balls in my mouth.

He didn't say anything when it was over, nor did he look at me as he finished dressing. He finally looked up at me and mumbled a quiet 'thank you' then asked what I wanted him to do next. I took him into the next room, pointed to the padded table covered with a variety of junk.

"I want that table cleaned off." I said gruffly. "Cause later you're going to be laying on it so I can I feed you my dick while I eat out your pretty ass and get it ready for a long, hot fuck. Any questions, Tyler?"

"No sir." That was all he said.

Everyone worked hard the rest of the day. I had the two guys start on the second building while Tyler and I kicked ass cleaning out the surgical suite. We hardly spoke at all as we worked. As it neared time to call it a day, Tyler asked if he should shower or could he just rinse off in the scrub sink.

"Tyler, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to, and you shouldn't stay unless that's what you want." I explained to him as I stripped. "You're one hot stud and I'm horny as shit." My cock stood out stiffly when I slipped off my shorts. I palmed it a few times for emphasis. "I'm going to take a shower and after that, one way or another I'm going to get my rock's off. What I want you to do is go make sure this place is locked up, whichever side of the door you're on once it's locked is up to you." He looked at me for a few minutes and left the room.

I turned on the shower as hot as I could stand and let the water cascade over me. I began to lather up, and rinse away the grime of the day. I stood under the spray, hand stroking my throbbing staff. I was feeling great, refreshed and relaxed.

The voice startled me. "You going to feed it to me or is this self serve?" Tyler stood in the doorway, smiling at me.

He stepped into the shower and grabbed my cock. "I don't think I can take this monster up my ass."

"After my tongue gets done with your hole, you'll be able to take it. But right now I'm as horny as you were this morning and need to cum." I told him and wrapped my arm around his waist. "Don't stop, baby, keep playing with my dick." He leaned over and sucked my left tit. "Oh yeah!" I held his head, gently pushed him down. "Suck it Tyler, want to feel you're lips on my cock. Oh baby, so fine."

His hot lips inched down my shaft, my prick throbbed in the tight, warmth of his mouth. He held my ass-cheeks while I fucked his face. I was getting so close, I could feel the cum boiling in my nuts, anxious to feed Tyler. I was so engrossed, wrapped up in my pending orgasm I could only feel the pleasure of his soapy hand slither between my butt cheeks. Then the intense stinging stab as a finger entered me, roughly shoved up my ass.

"Fucking take it. Eat my cream." I screamed, my body twitched, my cock belched it's hot cum-load down his willing throat.

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