Man for Man

Two week leave


Thanks to Jer, Bill, John and Dave for letting me tell them the story just after it happened. Thanks Dudes.

One moor thing. The story is 98% true and only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. "Don't ask, don't tell" is a bunch of shit!


The story begins!

About a month ago, I got lucky and my request for a leave was granted. I am stationed at an East Coast base and have been here for just over nine months, just long enough to get pregnant, (ha, ha!)

So, on the designated day I drove out of the Base early in the morning headed for a large city where I had heard that there was Gay, Gay and Gay action. There is a large military installation nearby and I thought my crew cut wouldn't stand out there.

I checked into a pricey motel on the outskirts of the city when I got there. The desk clerk was sexy looking and had a cute smile. He was young, maybe twenty. We flirted for a while as I checked in with my Gay nom de plume. Then I got down to business and asked him if he knew of any Gay nightclubs nearby. He broke into a wide grin and said that the motel had a dating service and he could probably fix me up for no charge because the guys at the dating service were hot and liked to get decent looking young guys in bed instead of the older dudes they usually dated. He said he would give me a call about midnight and let me know about what he could work out.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am five foot ten inches tall, weigh one forty five pounds, have brown hair and eyes and carry a six and one half inch cock when hard. Cut of course! I'm 25 going on 26 and am hot and horney most of the time. At the Base I play it cool and most of the time it is just solitary stroking and lots of wishing.

Since it was about 2300 (that is 11 P.M. civilian time, for you non military types) I knew it would be hard to make any contacts at the local gay clubs, even if I could find one. So, I told him I would wait in my room and he could make me a contact.

About fifteen minutes after midnight my phone rang and the desk clerk said that someone would be right up to my room. He asked if that was alright! God, I was so horney and my six and a half inch boner had been tented for the last hundred miles. He said not to worry, the guy who would show up was pretty good looking and wanted to spend the night with me! We kidded around on the phone and I told him that if the guy was nearly as good looking as he was, we could surely spend the week end together if the guy wanted.

A couple of minutes after I hung up there was a knock on the door and when I opened the door, was I ever surprised! It was the desk clerk, Chuck, that was his name. He was dressed in tight jeans and a pull over sweater. He said he wanted to spend the night with me and did I mind. Holy shit, he was gorgeous and I was sporting a hardon since I first saw him. He had a bottle of Jack Daniels Black Label and some ice in a metal bucket.

It was like a dream. He came in and poured some drinks and placed them on the motel room writing desk. Then he pulled his jeans down to show the red thong he was wearing. I started stripping for action, too! While I was stripping we also started in on the drinks. After a couple of stiff swallows I was feeling no pain. When I was down to my white boxers, he pulled me down onto the bed and asked me if I was alright having him with me for the night. I pulled him into me and sucked face while I murmured "Oh God yes! I want you! Oh God How I want and need you!" I was pressing my bod against him and he was pulling my boxers down. I slid his thong down over his throbbing hard cock and he slid into a dry fuck position between my legs. I was so hot and horney that I almost came right then. He told me that he hadn't had any sex for almost two weeks and was wild to have a night of sex with me. He dry fucked for a while and then went down on me. I quickly got into a 69 position and we worked on each other just to the brink of coming and then backing off to keep from coming. It wasn't long before we each were playing with each other's ass. I had a couple of fingers in his ass hole and found his prostate. That was it! He shot into my mouth and I came too. I don't usually want to swallow cum, but it was so unexpected that I did that time. He was moaning and saying how much he liked it and could I fuck him when I got hard again? That turned me on quickly and soon I was hard and he slipped a condom on my raging cock and I was in his ass sliding in and out. He was the best fuck I ever had. When I pushed my cock in he opened up his hole. When I pulled almost out he squeezed his ass and it drove me crazy! I was doing him doggy style and then he turned over on the bed and spread his legs so I could see his face while I fucked. As I pumped him I felt him shoot again and that made me come in his ass. We stayed tightly pressed together until we were both soft. God, I was so satisfied that I went immediately to sleep.


When I opened my eyes next morning I looked up into the blue eyes of Chuck staring down into my face. He was naked and sporting a magnificent six inch hardon. I reached over and pulled him over to me where I could get his slim cut cock into my mouth. He groaned and maneuvered his way to where he could suck me too. He licked the underside of my cock before taking it in his mouth and as far in as he could get it. Even though I had felt drained of cum the night before, I went wild with his tongue stroking the edge of my cock head. Before I knew what had happened, he shot into my mouth and I was shooting into his. After we came down from our orgasms we got up and went into the shower where we soaped and played with each other's bods. There just wasn't any moor cum in either of us so we dried each other and Chuck took me down to the motel restaurant where we ate breakfast.

For the rest of the day and into the evening we hung out at a big mall and watched for the hot guys to pass. Chuck said that a couple of the guys from the dating service were having a party and maybe we should go. It sounded good and about eleven P.M., after we had eaten at a restaurant at the Mall, we went to the party. It turned out to be an orgy with six guys not counting Chuck and me. All the guys were mostly naked and hot into the action!

When Chuck and I got there most of the guys were doing things like you can only dream of. Two guys were fucking doggie style while another guy was fucking the guy on top. another dude was sucking in a 69 while he was getting fucked. Chuck and I quickly stripped and went to join the fun. The dudes who were doing it doggie style opened it up and Chuck took a place at the end of the chain. I got my cock into Chuck's ass hole too. It was so wild! Eight naked guys doing everything in the Gay male to male sex book. I got fucked a couple of times and the cocks weren't over sized, so I really enjoyed getting my prostate rubbed in a glorious way! I tried to give pleasure by squeezing when the cock was pulling out and opening up when the cocks were pushed in! There was a little drinking of the hard stuff, but no one was taking drugs that I could tell.

There was a secluded swimming pool in the back yard and the party moved out to where it was. The lights were very low and the fucking and sucking just continued in and out of the pool. I was exhausted and finally found Chuck and we went to sleep in each others arms. We had washed in the pool shower and were relatively clean and for the most part the dudes had used condoms when fucking.

It was still dark when I felt Chuck shaking me. He pressed me to him and said that we should leave. We went back into the house, noticing entwined bods just about everywhere, got our clothes and dressed. Chuck kissed me again and we went out to the car and drove back to the motel.

When we got back to my room we crashed, but not before setting the alarm for 10 AM. When we woke we were so satiated from the previous night, we just got up and showered. Then we had something to eat before Chuck had to go on the front desk. Chuck slept with me each night after that and we had become used to each other's bods and knew how to pleasure each other in a lot of new ways. Chuck found out that I really liked rubbing cocks and I found that if I went slow and easy, Chuck really liked being fucked. Both of us were really into sucking face.

One night at the beginning of my second week Chuck came up to my room and asked me if I wanted to do a three way. A dude had checked in, who was interested in some action. The dude was a tennis player in town for a tennis tournament. I said yes, if Chuck wanted, and so Chuck made a phone call and we waited for the dude to come up to the room. We both stripped to get ready for this guy and when he knocked on the door we just said "come on in". How can I describe him? He was dressed in white tennis shorts with a white tennis shirt. They fit tightly and his hard cock was plainly evident under his shorts. His hard cock was almost showing its naked head at the edge of the shorts. He was blond with a short haircut and had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. His features reminded me of a teen Robert Redford. God, he was gorgeous and ready to have fun! When he saw that Chuck and I were naked he quickly stripped and climbed into the bed with us. The three of us caressed, kissed and sucked on our nipples. Before we got down to serious business the dude said his name was Tom.


We soon had a three way sucking fest. Tom sucked my throbbing cock, I sucked Chuck's cock and Chuck sucked Tom. I felt Tom's tongue lick under my cock head and then he took my 6 1/2 cut cock down his throat and started sucking. I was so turned on that I took Chuck's 6 inch cut cock down to where it was joined to his bod. I don't know what Chuck was doing to Tom, but Tom was moaning and groaning while he sucked me. He would slide his mouth up and down the sides of my slim cock and the sensations were wild. He was an ace cock sucker. We were all so ready to come that Chuck called a halt and said that we should slow down in order to calm down a little. He said we should do a daisy chain fuck and let it go on from there. Lucky me, I got the middle, with Tom sticking his hard cock into my ass hole and I was gently plugging Chuck! I was able to stroke and play with Chuck's cock. I don't know who was having the most fun, but I know that my sensations of fucking and being fucked were pure lust. Tom said that he wanted to get fucked deep and he thought we should turn over so that I could fuck him and get fucked by Chuck. We hastily agreed and my cock was almost sucked into Tom's ass hole. I must have slid over his prostate, because after a couple of strokes where he squeezed when I pulled back and he opened up when I pushed in, Tom blew and blew and blew. I couldn't hold out anymore and shouted "I'm coming, oh I'm coming" and I shot like I had never shot before. Chuck was coming in my ass and was replacing my cum with cum of his own. It was horney heaven! Even in the height of the orgy a couple of days before, I hadn't felt so good or lusty as I felt with my cock in Tom's ass and Chuck's cock in me!

When we had calmed down from the high of our orgasms we went to the shower where the three of us barely fit. Of course there was a lot of rubbing cocks and fooling around before Tom got down on his knees and sucked both Chuck and me into raging hardons and making both of us come. Chuck sucked on Tom's cock and Tom was able to shoot a good sized load. We toweled each other off and went back to the bed where we slept in a tangled mess of sheets and bods!

The next morning we woke up needing a shower. The bathroom wasn't all that big so we traded off two at a time. I have never been with a guy who wants to do it all of the time like Tom. He let me fuck him standing up in the shower and then he sucked Chuck's cock in the shower while I watched. Then Chuck and I took him back to the bed where Chuck sucked his cock while I sucked his face and fingered his ass. I managed to rub his prostate and when he shot it almost blew Chuck to the ceiling. Of course, that mint moor showers, but this time we did it individually.

That night we got together with the dating service dudes and Tom went out of his mind. I don't know how many guys fucked him and I don't know how many guys Chuck sucked off, but when we left there were naked guys spread all over the place! There were some beautiful dudes, let me tell you!

The last two days of my leave were about a repeat of the first night with Tom. We could hardly wait for the sun to go down before we were in each others arms. I liked to be sucked by Chuck while he was fucking Tom. We would switch off a lot and I got my cock into the best fucking I had ever had! Tom would squeeze my cock when I would pull it almost out of his ass hole and then he would open up as I plunged deep into his hole. It was fantastic! Chuck tried to get Tom to join the dating service guys, but Tom wanted to be the top in Tennis as well as the bottom in a sex act.

Dudes, it went like that until my cock was almost rubbed raw. It still felt like fuck heaven when I shot, but my cock was beginning to hurt unless I lubed it. Then no one wanted to suck it and I had to resort to fucking. Tom thought that was just fine! The last two nights I went to sleep with my cock in Tom's ass hole and Chuck poking his slender mushroom headed cock at the entrance to my ass hole.

Now dudes, I'm back at the base thinking of the great sex and wishing I were with Chuck and the dating service guys, getting it off. And of course waiting for you to E-Mail me with the City where it all took place.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.