Man for Man

Truth or Dare


They had eaten several pizzas, drank cokes and shared a joint one of the guys brought.

They danced in their underwear and made like strippers, laughing at each other. They ignored the fact they were all half naked dancing with each other.


There wasn't anyone around to see their penis bounce in their underwear or their young round buttocks defined by boxers and jockey short cloth.

The TV blasted sci fi and horror films.

Kevin's father had warned them to keep quiet but never re-appeared. He knew the boys needed their time together and probably knew that probability of things they'd do and never talk about.

Bored at the latest Sci Fi channel film, they decided to play poker until the remaining shirts and shorts were in piles.

"Now what?" Adam asked "play for blow jobs?"

"No, t or d" Kevin announced. The guys cursed and downplayed his decision but nobody suggested an alternative.

"OK here's how it goes...." Kevin began to describe the rules.

"Fuck you we know how to do it" Robbie said. He tried not to be obvious looking at the naked friends lounging around him. When his eyes did meet the eyes of others, he knew he wasn't the only one looking at the available cocks, balls and bodies.

"Truth or dare?" Kevin asked him.

Robbie sat up "Why me?"

"Somebody has to go first, truth or dare?"

"Truth, no dare" Robbie stammered.

"OK we dare you in two parts. First tell us who here you think is the sexiest guy"

Robbie cursed "shit, ok truth then"

"Ok truth. Which guy here would you like to have sex with?"

"Ok Dare, I guess Darren" Robbie said which prompted the others to whistling and kidding both Darren and Robbie.

"Who's next?" Robbie asked.

"No still your turn. I said dare in two parts" Kevin said.

"all right what?"

"I dare you to lick his balls"

Amidst the kidding and cursing, Robbie found Darren standing over him holding his flesh sac of testicles out for him.

Robbie closed his eyes. He didn't know why but it seemed like he should. He spat and acted like he was about to taste some horrible food.

His extended tongue grew dry in the air. He moved close. The guys kept telling him what to do. But it was Darren who took charge wiping his balls across Robbie's tongue.

"Sorry about that uh earlier" Darren said as he stood in the kitchen, his boxer shorts once again hiding his male glands.

Robbie too had pulled his white shorts back on. "yeah, silly game"

"Not really, it felt nice" Darren had looked about to see if any of the others were coming into the kitchen. "don't tell anyone".

"I won't. Actually it wasn't bad at all" Robbie smiled "don't tell anyone on me either".

"Yea. Uh we can go downstairs" Darren said

Robbie didn't ask "why". He looked around. "Won't they know where we are?"

"Most of em are going to sleep anyway" Darren said as he turned the light switch off. The darkness hid his hands patting Robbies round buttocks. "they'll never know".

The wooden steps creaked under their bare feet. They stopped to listen for any sounds. They feared the others would hear them and come to see what was happening.

"What do you want to do?" Robbie whispered in the basement darkness.

"Open up" Darren said and almost immediately Robbie felt the flesh against his lips. But this time it wasn't the stretched tight ballsac he had licked earlier.

His lips parted and let the roundness slide inside. He tightened them around it and let Darren move his cock in and out between them.

"Use your tongue" Darren whispered loudly.

Robbie was amazed that Darren knew so much about this. He rubbed his tongue under the hard penis that was in his mouth.

"yea that's it, and around it" Darren instructed.

Robbie moved his tongue around the penis and over it hearing Darren sigh and moan.

"Shit you're good at this" he said.

Robbie started moving his head and got more enthused. His hands reached out in the darkness and found Darren's bare hips. He was amazed the boy had stripped naked. What if someone turned on the lights and found them. He'd have time to pull away but the sight of Darren naked would reveal their secret.

"Shit I'm coming" Darren warned.

Robbie hadn't sucked a cock all he could do was react by swallowing the sudden appearance of fluids in his mouth.

"Shit man, you ate my jizz" Darren said.

"You owe me" Robbie said as he swallowed the remnants of Darren's sperm in his mouth.

"Ok stand up"

Robbie's shorts easily were removed. His erection wasn't as large as Darren's and fit easily into Darren's mouth.

He couldn't believe Darren knew how to suck it either. And he was disappointed how quickly his body exploded. He hardly had time to feel the lips or tongue.

"That was hot" Darren said "remember it's our secret" Darren patted Robbie's bare butt.

"Maybe I'll show you some other fun" his fingers moved between the asscheeks.

"Shit someone will find us" Robbie said

"Not now, we'll do that in private. I promise you, you'll love it."

"Is that the Truth?" Robbie started toward the staircase forgetting his jockey shorts were still discarded on the floor.

"It is the truth and I dare you to find out" Darren said as he followed Robbie watching his bare asscheeks flexing as he climed up the stairs.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.