Man for Man

Tom and Dan's Summer Fling


Tom arrived at Dan's place a bit later on and knocked on the door. No answer, so he headed round the back into the garden. Dan was laid out on his trampoline soaking up the sun. Tom noted, with a twitch in his trousers, that his friend was shirtless and in shorts. He seemed to be dozing, and hadn't noticed Tom's arrival, which gave Tom a much appreciated chance to check out his mate. Dan was another slim lad, but again not skinny. He had a nice, toned build thanks to playing a lot of football, and having a nice home gym to keep himself active. Tom admired the musculature of Dan's shoulders, all firm and manly, and the nice trail of hair leading from his bellybutton into the top of his shorts. His legs were fairly hairy, which Tom found particularly hot. He had a nice, defined stomach, and not an ounce of fat on him. Pure, hot muscle, but not in the ugly, bodybuilder way.


And as for his face ! A cheeky smile most of the time, the most beautiful eyes Tom had ever seen on a guy, and hair styled in a sort of neck length, skater/surfer fashion which always seemed to look effortlessly cool.

Tom decided there and then that if there was any chance at all of having a bit of fun with his friend, today would be the day he would make it happen.

"Forthy," he said, "wake up you lazy bastard!"

"Fuck you," Dan said with a smile, opening his eyes.

"Charming" said Tom, though secretly he thought that might not be such a bad thing. He tossed his trainers off and jumped onto the trampoline, landing squarely on top of Dan. Dan responded by pushing his mate off him, pinning him to the trampoline below him -- a typical play fight. Tom looked up into Dan's eyes, secretly loving having his friend on top of him. But he was still a lad, and couldn't be beaten that easily, so he wrestled himself free, flipped over so that now he was on top, looking down at Dan, panting with the exhaustion of the play fight, a light bead of sweat glistening on his perfect chest. Without warning, Tom planted his lips firmly on Dan's in a kiss. Dan recoiled, pushing Tom off.

"What you playing at Benno? You know I'm not into that."

Tom looked down. He could see the outline of Dan's cock through his shorts -- he had a definite semi. Tom put his hand over it and gave it a squeeze. He could feel the blood pumping into Dan's organ beneath his shorts.

"Face it, Dan," Tom said, smiling, "everyone is into feeling good. And I'm gonna make you feel so good."

With that, and with his hand still over Dan's cock, gently stroking it through the material of his shorts, Tom moved in for another kiss. This time, Dan opened up and let his tongue in. Tom was certainly a good kisser. He kissed Dan passionately, their tongues intertwined. Tom moved his hand off Dan's cock and placed it behind his head, pulling him in closer. He kissed his mouth, then down, licking Dan's chin seductively before nuzzling his neck. Tom was loving the feeling of Dan's hot flesh beneath him, and started to move his tongue down Dan's body, licking between his pecs, then flicking his tongue over Dan's nipples.

Dan was moaning, his head thrown back, his eyes closed. Tom was right -- it was making him feel good. He'd not been with a girl for a while, and he decided to enjoy the new feelings and get his rocks off. He looked at Tom, loving watching his friend's tongue making love to his hot, young body.

Tom broke off from licking Dan's stomach and looked into his friend's eyes. He could see that Dan was enjoying himself -- the bulge in his shorts, if nothing else, told him that. Tom pulled off his vest top, revealing his own, toned body, and laid on top of Dan. Their hot, firm torsos touching, Tom and Dan kissed again. Dan reached for Tom's cock and his hand brushed over it. It felt massive, hard beneath the grey sweat pants.

"Shall we lose these clothes?" Tom said, breaking the kiss for a moment.

"Yeah," said Dan, "but not out here. Let's go to bed, eh?"

Tom grinned, and the two boys got up off the trampoline and headed into the cool of the house. In seconds, they were up the stairs and in Dan's room. Dan got onto the bed and pulled Tom on top of him. The boys kissed again, carried away now on a sexual high, rubbing their bare chests together, hands all over one another's bodies, feeling the hot young flesh and firm muscles. Tom made the first move, tugging at the waist band of Dan's shorts, pulling them off over his hairy legs, licking down the one leg with his tongue, then sitting back to admire his friend, now fully naked. Dan had a thick bush of dark pubic hairs, making him look even more masculine and turning Tom on even more. His dick was a nice size, rock hard and ready for action, and Tom could see that his nicely sized balls were full of cum -- obviously his friend hadn't helped himself out recently.

"Nice," Tom grinned, and immediately began to lick along the length of Dan's cock. Dan moaned -- he'd had blowjobs before of course, but this felt fantastic. Tom was a pro, and clearly well practiced.


He used his tongue to dampen Dan's cock, occasionally taking his balls into his mouth and tonguing his scrotum, which made Dan writhe with pleasure. After a bit of frantic licking, Tom took Dan's whole length into his mouth, and began to suck up and down, flicking his tongue over the sensitive head with each motion. Dan was loving it, the feelings of pleasure surging through him something new and wonderful. "Mmmm," he moaned, "oh yeah, suck my cock!"

"You like that?" Tom said, coming off his cock and leaning in for another kiss. Tom slipped his tongue back into Dan's mouth, and the boys kissed again, Tom using his hand to gently wank Dan's cock, and tickling his balls.

Dan was lost to pleasure now, and wanted Tom's cock. He broke the kiss and straddled Tom, who was now lying face up on his bed, shirtless, barefoot, in just his severely tented grey sweatpants.

Dan kissed his friend, and began to lick his neck, copying what Tom had done to him before. Tom moaned in pleasure -- here he was with his best friend, the hot young man he'd admired for so long, on top of him, kissing his chest and licking down towards his waistband. Dan pulled Tom's pants and boxers off in one, tossing them onto the floor, then sat back to admire his friend. Tom's cock was a little bigger, and just a little bit thicker than Dan's. Dan reached out and touched it -- the first time he'd felt another guy's hardon. He loved it. He leaned in for another kiss, lying directly on top of Tom.

The boys rolled around on the bed, kissing one another , touching each other's cocks, grinding their cocks together, never breaking the kiss, each boy eagerly exploring the other's mouth. Dan was on top of Tom again now, and he broke the kiss. "I'm gonna suck you," he said, and he took Tom's cock into his mouth. He was surprised that it didn't really taste of anything. He didn't really know what he had expected, but if was just a rod of hot flesh. Tom moaned as Dan flicked his tongue over the head, licking down the shaft towards Tom's full, fragrant nuts.

"Fuck yeah," Tom moaned, putting both hands behind Dan's head and pushing him further onto his cock. Dan was licking and sucking, looking up at Tom's face contorted with the pleasure that he was giving him. Tom thrust his shaft in and out of his friend's mouth, fucking his face gently and rhythmically. Tom looked down at Dan, sucking his cock, his own cock hard as a rock and bouncing up and down. Tom reached out and grabbed Dan's dick, wanking it gently as his friend sucked him.

"Wanna 69?" Tom said.

Dan grinned, and pulled off Tom's cock. The two boys rolled around into position, Tom on top of Dan, his cock in Dan's face, his own face near Dan's cock. Tom took Dan into his mouth and started to lick and suck, and Dan did the same to Tom. The two boys mirrored one another, licking along the length of their shafts, swirling their tongues around their cock heads, sucking and kissing each other's cocks and balls for all their worth. Dan was loving this -- Tom was making him so hot, sucking and slurping on his cock, using his tongue to send wave after wave of pleasure through him.

Suddenly, Dan realized that he wanted Tom inside him. He stopped sucking his friend, and said "fuck me, Benno."

Tom grinned and stopped his own sucking. He shuffled round so that he was on top of Dan, straddling him, and started kissing his friend's face, and neck, and chest.

"Are you sure you want it?" he asked.

"Fuck yeah," Dan moaned, loving the feeling as Tom nuzzled his neck some more.

Tom reached down to the pocket of his sweatpants to grab his wallet. He always kept a supply of condoms in there, and he had a pack of lube as well, just in case. He sheathed himself quickly and straddled Dan again, Dan on his back with his legs in the air, looking up in awe at Tom's hot face and body bearing down on him. Dan could feel the heat from Tom's cock at his hole, and moaned in anticipation. This was his first time with a guy, and he was ready for it to hurt, but nothing prepared him for the sensation as Tom penetrated him. Tom pushed in slowly, the head of his cock penetrating Dan's hole. Dan cried out in pain, and Tom stopped, but didn't withdraw.

"You ok?" Tom asked, leaning down and kissing his friend, his tongue exploring Dan's mouth once again.

"Yeah," Dan said, between kisses, his own cock raging hard against his stomach, "go deeper."

Tom pushed his way slowly inside, and gradually, Dan felt less and less pain. When Tom was all the way in, and hit the spot, Dan couldn't believe the pleasure. It felt like a thousand hands were wanking him off, his cock and balls were on fire with pleasure, but they weren't even being touched.

Slowly, Tom pulled back, and slid forward again, fucking Dan gently, kissing his mouth, his face, his eyelids, his neck, his chest, everything! Tom loved the feel of Dan's hot, tight chute clamped around his cock -- fucking a tight arse was so much better than pussy, and here he was fucking the hottest boy he knew.

Dan was lost in pleasure by now, and his hand had made its own way down to his cock, and he was wanking himself furiously while Tom built up a rhythm of slow, steady, sensual fucking. Lying on his back, kissing and being kissed by his hot, toned friend, Dan had never felt anything like it, but was glad he'd given it a go. The boys fucked like that for ages, loving the way their two bodies had connected, kissing, touching and fucking. Tom built up speed, plowing Dan's arse for all his worth, and Dan in turn was wanking himself off furiously.

The moment of truth came for both boys at the same time. Just as Dan heard Tom grunt, "fuck, I'm gonna cum...", he felt enormous bursts of pleasure welling up inside him, and as Tom thrust into his arse, hitting his G spot for the millionth time, Dan screamed as wave after wave of hot, sticky cum shot from his cock, all over his and Tom's sweating, naked bodies. Tom watched as Dan's cock sprayed his love juice all over, and kissed his friend deeply as, with a final thrust, he shot his load into the condom, inside his friend.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.