Man for Man

Tightie Whitie


"You gotta come, Man!" Roger begged over the phone. The invitation rested in one hand while I held my cell phone in the other. "Half the guys from the gym will be there."


"And I've fucked most of them, probably," I sighed. Our gym was not a gay gym, but it was notorious for the gay sex that occurred in the showers and steam room. Those of us into man-to-man sex were discrete about it. If we didn't know the guy walking into the shower room or the steam room, we stopped whatever sex act we were in the middle of. It was annoying in some ways, but necessary if we didn't want the owner to toss us out on our gay butts. He was willing to ignore what we were up to, unless he got a specific complaint from another member. But, those members who complained were few.

"A couple of my teammates will be there," he teased.

"I've already fucked Jamal and Gary," I rejoined. Those two were closeted, but they sure loved dick in their asses. I'd banged both of them at a previous party of Roger's. It'd been an ordinary cocktail party (men only, as it should be), but Jamal had been giving me the eye. When he went into the bathroom, I followed him, fucked him, and pumped a nice load of my baby batter up his ass. I'm surprised folks in the neighboring county didn't hear his cries of pleasure. We'd fucked a few more times at my place, but he was unwilling or unable to extricate himself from his childless marriage, so I cut my losses and stopped returning his calls.

On the other hand, Gary was someone I was still boning occasionally. He, too, was married and had a house full of kids. He'd been fucking his wife since they were both 15. Their oldest boy was now 17 and a total fox. He had the same big beefy frame that his father had, including a deliciously fuckable ass. I had no idea if Gary was poking his son's butt, but I sure had. I wondered if the kid knew how much his father loved big dick up his ass or a hot butt on his face; or if Dad knew how much his boy loved big dick up his ass. Well, that's not my problem, I concluded. I'd still bone both of them.

"Not them, Man," Roger corrected me. "Three new guys that joined the team recently."

"You done them?"

"More correctly, they've done me!" he laughed. Roger was a consummate bottom and proud of it. His big bubble butt was always hungry for tongue and dick. If he knew you well enough, barebacking was required. He loved cum loads in his black ass. We'd had a semi-serious fling a couple years back. But, I loved to fuck hungry ass as often as I could find it at the gym (or anywhere else for that matter); and he was always looking for the next big dick. We remained friends, even fucked occasionally, but the romance was gone.

"They all tops?"

"Oh, Gawd, NO!" he roared with laughter. "But, around me, they sure are."

"Married? Girlfriends?"


"Hmm," I mused. "Could be interesting. What are the rules?"

"No drugs, no boyfriends, no guests of guests," he replied. "If you're gonna take your shorts off, take it in the bedroom. Of course, ONLY tightie whities. No boxers, no jams, and no color (other than the men)." Roger was an equal opportunity fuck. If the guy had a big dick, he didn't care if he was green. He just had to have a good body to go with his breeding stick and a willingness to use it with other men. Consequently, most of his guests would be men who'd topped him. However, I'd been to enough of his parties to know most of his guests were truly versatile (some more than others).

I'd only met one real top at his parties. I thought I could get him to bottom for me, but he was so closeted and unsure what bottoming would do to his masculinity, that he refused to let me fuck him at the last minute. And he did have a really hot ass. I ate his man-pussy until I had him squealing. But, I didn't get what I wanted. So, I left him with his legs in the air and his asshole wet with spit. After all, I'd just taken his hot dick up my ass. The least he could do was give it up like I had.

"Seems reasonable," I said. "How many guys have accepted your invitation?"

"Twenty-one so far. You'd be 22. I was hoping for about 30, but a couple of them couldn't get away from their wives or boyfriends, and a few more didn't respond," he sighed. His tenor sounded like he was disappointed that at least one of the refusals was a great fuck and he wanted another round. But, there'd be others who would service him. Hell, I'd fuck him again! He's gotta a very hungry ass.


"What time you want me there?" I conceded.

"Party starts at 9 p.m., condoms, wine, and beer provided. No hard liquor, Richard," he warned. "I want them to be buzzed, not blasted." He'd made the mistake of allowing hard liquor at one of his parties and it turned into a drunken brawl. He'd not do that again. "But, if you'd like, you could bring our favorite bubbly or one of those great whites we both love." He was talking about the California champagne we both loved and one of several white wines I'd discovered in a cooking class I'd taken a year ago.

I should take something as a gift for the host, shouldn't I, I asked myself I knew he really wanted a load outta my big dick, but he'd have to settle for wine (unless I didn't find anyone else appealing). Having been to many of his parties over the last five years, I was sure there'd be a number of hot men who wanted some black dick or black muscle ass to eat and fuck. As I was mostly a top, you had to be something pretty special to get into my ass with more than your tongue. However, Roger was very discriminating in his tastes in men. Hunky, muscled, in great shape, and (of course) a big dick were requirements to be invited to his parties. I didn't dispute his qualifiers to gain entrance to his soirees. In fact, I was flattered that he still thought of me that way.

I'm 32, 6'2", 205 pounds, narrow hips with a big, muscled bubble butt, and (the best qualifier) a 10" black dick. I keep my hair cut short in the winter and shaved in the summer. I have a tribal tat on my left bicep, but no piercings. My skin tone has been called light caramel, which means I have some African, Native American, and quite a bit of white genetic code in me. The combination seems to be pleasing enough to get me a substantial amount of action at the gym. Good genes and a five-day a week workout regimen keeps me in good shape.

With no other plans for Saturday night (other than hitting the clubs and prowling for men), I accepted his invitation. I didn't want to get there too early, but I also didn't want to arrive so late that the guests had already paired off, leaving me with the leftovers. So, I decided I'd leave my apartment at 9:00 p.m. which would get me to his townhouse before 9:30. Arriving fashionably late, but not too late, was the key to scoring big at his parties.

When Saturday evening arrived, I donned my tightie whities, walking shorts, and sandals. It'd been a warm day, so I saw no need for a shirt. I drove over to his townhouse at nine o'clock, parked my car within a block, and walked back to his place. I left my wallet in the locked glove box, taking only the key to my car on a fine gauge neck chain with me.

I rang the doorbell. I was greeted by someone I didn't know. Surreptitiously, I checked the house number to be sure I was at the correct address. I was.

"Damn!" the greeter effused. "You hella hot, Baby!" he smiled and pulled me inside. He was a nice-looking white boy with a good body, and incredible ass, and a big bulge in his tightie whities. "I'm Paul," he said by way of introduction.

"Rick," I replied. I checked him out again, not caring that he knew it. We were all there for the same thing, weren't we?

"Pants," Paul motioned at my walking shorts.

"Oh, yeah," I replied absently. He was getting to the point of the party quickly. I unfastened the top button and slid the zipper down. The pants fell to the floor with a gentle push, resisting slightly when they rode over my bubble butt.

I bent over to retrieve them. "Sweet!" Paul moaned as a hand rubbed gently across the tight fabric of my underwear. I smiled and checked the bulge in his shorts. It was clearly bigger and a wet spot had developed at the end of the bulge.

"Same to you," I grinned back and squeezed his big, but covered, dick. He pulled me into his chest and kissed me. Paul was only a couple inches shorter, but he sure packed on the muscle. He was delicious! He may have been one of the football players Roger had mentioned. My hands slid down to his ass and cupped both cheeks. "Real nice," I purred when we broke our kiss. "Does it like dark dick?" I smirked.


"Oh, yeah, Baby! Loves it!" he nearly shouted. "You like white boy dick in your pretty ass, too?" I nodded. We kissed again. The doorbell rang. "Fuck!" he spat. "Back to work," he sighed. "Gonna see ya later?" he leered.

"I look forward to it," I promised. If any of the other guests were this hot, I may have lied to him. But, I hoped I could get his tightie whities off and find out more about him before the party ended.

Before I left the entry hall, I quickly checked out the newest arrival. It was a guy I'd fucked with several times at the gym. I could do him anytime, I decided. There was bigger game here. Walking into the living room, I spotted my host. He was in a lip-lock with one of his guests. I didn't know the guy. I checked out the rest of the room, nodding to several men I knew and remembered fondly. I'd fuck many of them again. But, Paul was still #1 on my list.

The dance music wasn't too loud for conversation, but you had to speak up to be heard. Consequently, the room was noisy. Better than half the men were dancing, most of them in some form of dirty dancing. Their tightie whities stretched over curvaceous butts and plump dicks. I strolled over to one particularly involved couple. They were back to front, the one in the rear humping the guy in front of him. I knew both of them (knowing particularly well the guy getting humped.

I greeted him with a kiss. He bent forward and licked one of my nipples, a hand playing with my thickening dick. As his lips sucked at my nip, I peered over his shoulder and saw that his shorts were below his ass cheeks. The guy behind him had his shorts below his nuts. The humper was fucking him! A broad dick slid in and out in sync with the music.

"I thought you had to take this to the bedroom," I had to shout in the fuckee's ear.

"Our shorts aren't off," he replied. "Why should we?"

I had to think about that. Roger did say that if the shorts came off, you had to take your activities into the bedroom. Technically, their shorts weren't off. I shrugged and let it pass. Bowls of condoms were strategically placed about the townhouse, including the bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchen. In my journey about the house, I'd seen men fucking over the dining room table (shorts still on, but around their knees), against the bathroom counter, and stretched out over the kitchen sink. The two big bedrooms already had two couples each in them, fucking their brains out, no shorts to be seen anywhere. One guy was getting a blowjob against the back of a big chair (his big dick sticking out of the flap instead of over the top of the waist band). Two guys were getting rimmed (again, shorts only below the ass, not off).

It wasn't an orgy yet, but could easily become one. So far, only couples were involved; there were no three or four ways going on. When I'd get a close enough look, I saw that they were wearing the provided condoms. But, I didn't see all of the couplings well. Some dicks were so deeply buried that you didn't know if they were barebacking or not. I'd barebacked about 30% of the men at the party, so I'd be the last person to insist on condoms, even if it were my place to do so.

Big arms circled about me from behind. "Someone else took over for me at the door," he murmured into my ear. I pressed my ass back against his hard bulge. His fingers worked on my erect nipples. He kissed me on the neck and slid his hands down my abs and into my shorts. "Yeah, Baby! I knew it'd be big!" he groaned, humping my ass more deliberately. I wasn't sure if he was talking about my big, high bubble butt or the hard dick in his hands. I assumed the latter.

I turned slowly in his arms and kissed him, grinding my bulge into his. My hands cupped his muscular ass cheeks again. "You phyne, Paul," I moaned after the kiss. My fingers caressed his nips. I let one hand slide down his torso and cup his heavy nuts and throbbing, dripping dick. Both hands slid around his hips and descended into his shorts, playing with his hard butt. Fingers from both hands played in his deep trench. "I think this needs some special attention," I smiled.


But, before I could make good on my idea to eat his ass, he'd dropped to his knees and pulled my shorts down enough to release my 10" monster. "Fuck!" he moaned. His mouth covered my wet dickhead quickly; then, went down as far as he could on the thick shaft. His head bobbed as he blew me. My hands rested on his blonde head, urging him to take it all. He couldn't. No one has yet. I'm too thick and long it seems. But, they all take it up the ass.

Paul stood up and turned around, leaning back against me. His butt swiveled and swayed to the music. I bent my knees and my exposed and very hard dick slid between his legs. He spread them apart and played with my leaking head when it poked out in front of him. "I gotta feel this in my ass," Paul moaned in my ear when he bent back his head. "You negative?" I nodded. "Good! I hate condoms!" He pulled his tightie whities down below his bubble butt and grabbed my dick.

I pressed eagerly against his back door. Paul had come prepared. His butthole was pre-greased. My thick 10" dick slipped in easily. This white boy has had some practice, I concluded. I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me, impaling him on my dark spike. He groaned with pleasure and squeezed my dick with his love tunnel. Someone passed him poppers and he inhaled. When he passed the vial back, he pushed his ass hard back against me. His beautiful, hungry ass swallowed the last thick inch of my butt ripper.

"Gawd! That feels good!" he breathed. "So fuckin' good!" Once more, his hips and ass muscles gyrated to the beat of the music. I did my best to hang on. This white boy knew how to make a big dick happy in his ass. Who was I to contradict someone with this kind of talent!

Holding on to his hips, I did my best to fuck him slowly, but his wiggling ass chewed and sucked at me unmercifully. He wanted to get my load more than he wanted to get fucked. I'd had men like that before, and I didn't mind a bit. In fact, I preferred it. It gave me a chance to fuck them again sooner. And fucking in my own load was a terrific turn-on for me. I'd always said that cum was the best lube available.

Other men had been checking us out, watching the spectacle of a big, black dick ravaging the stretched ass hole of a hot, blonde white boy. Two of our fellow dancers were working on my nips and his. Another guy was trying to blow Paul, but that wasn't working so well with Paul gyrating so erratically.

When Paul stood again, I whispered in his ear, "I'm about to blast. You still want it?"

"Oh, yeah, Baby!" he shouted. "Fill me up with your baby gravy!" At that point, I took control of his body and fucked him as hard, deep, and fast as I could. He lost his rhythm to the music, but quickly went with my fucking rhythm. Two other couples gathered around. They could tell by the long strokes I was pumping up Paul's ass that I was barebacking him and about to climax. One guy played with my ass while another pulled gently on my heavy nuts.

"Fuck him, Man! Cum in his ass!" a Latino stud shouted. He was pumping his partner just as hard as I was. But, I think he had a condom on, if I recalled this couple correctly. "Pound his pussy!"

As if! I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to. I'd already reached the point of no return. Paul's ass was munching on my bloated dick, all but begging me to spray his ass walls with dick gravy. And I did!

It felt like gallons of cum were jetting from my pistoning dick. Each time a new climax wave hit me, I jerked and pumped hard into him. Seven creamy ropes of sperm shot up his ass before my climax waned and my body regained some control. But, Paul wanted every dribble from my dick, so his ass kept chewing on my throbber. Right after I cum, I'm too sensitive for that kind of treatment. I pulled out rapidly, telling him, "That tickles!"

My dick jerked against his ass and I backed away. The two men who were on their knees between us, pounced. One went down on my dribbling dick and the other one had his lips glued to Paul's ass lips, sucking as much of my load outta his ass as he could get. I tried to get away from the tongue and lip stimulation of my overheated dick, but I couldn't. I fell to the floor, giggling. My new benefactor held me down and cleaned off my cummy dick. I finally got away from him by flipping over and crawling away.


When I reached the far side of the room, I turned my head. A totally hot guy I didn't know was kneeling behind me, his face nearly in my ass. Quickly, I decided he could eat my ass all he wanted to. I pulled my shorts down below my buns and backed up to his cute face. His goatee felt great on my tender ass lips. This hot man could eat my manhole all year, if he wanted to. What talent!

As the CD player changed to a new disc, I heard a cry from across the room. Paul was jerking as he jetted cum down the throat of the guy who'd cleaned my dick off. The same guy that had been rimming him out was still trying to mine my sweet jizz from Paul's hole. I doubted if he got very much though. When I shoot as hard as I had up Paul's hungry ass, very little cream drains out of the ass that I've filled (for several hours anyway).

Meanwhile, my new friend was slobbering at my ass like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted. I put one hand on the back of his head and pushed him deeper. He snorted and licked deeper. Damn, what an ass pig! I could get used to this!

A short, but muscled, brutha slid in beneath me. His full lips closed over my dick and sucked. His thick, leaking dick waved in my face. I pulled his dick between my lips and sucked hard. His precum tasted great. But, his nuts were pulled up so tight against the base that I thought he might cum immediately. He moaned loudly around the expanding dick in his mouth, savoring the remnants of my load and Paul's ass juices. Whenever my rimmer pulled away for a moment to catch his breath, the guy that was blowing me moaned loudly. I guess he could see how wet my hole was.

My rimmer bagged his dick and pressed against my asshole. The guy blowing me lost it and pumped heavy cream into my mouth as I sucked him harder. My ass opened up for my rimmer. I pushed back into his thick invader. I'd never had a chance to check him out, so this nice dick in my ass was a pleasant surprise. His dick wasn't long, but it was delightfully thick for a white boy. The guy blowing me finished his climax, got up and kissed me, then pulled away.

The guy fucking me leaned over my back and kissed me hotly, scooping cum from my mouth. "Yeah, Man! Hot load," he said breathlessly. "And totally hot ass."

"I loved the way you rimmed me. That was hot!" I complimented him. "And your dick in my ass is good, too!" I added pushing back into each thrust.

"Let's fuck in the bedroom," he suggested. "I'd prefer to fuck face to face."

I nodded and he pulled out. I checked out his dick as he followed me into the second bedroom. Nice dick for a white boy, I decided. The bedroom was unoccupied for the moment. I flopped on to my back and raised my legs. He was on me like white on rice. His thick dick went in like a hot knife through warm butter. And the delightful, upward curve to that big dick hit my spot (going in or pulling back out).

If I hadn't nutted just a few minutes ago, I'd have cum for sure with that thick, curved sword in my ass, pumping away. He leaned in and kissed me, forcing my ass off the bed, allowing him to fuck me straight down. Again, his curved horn felt good each time it hit my joy button. This guy could make any man cum, just by fucking him.

I worked my finger up his ass and finger-fucked him. He bellowed like a bull and powerfucked my ass. His hard thrusts moved me all over the bed. But, he finally surrendered to the inevitable and blasted his load into the condom. I massaged every climax with my ass, but backed off when his shattering jerks subsided.

"Hottest fuck ever!" he moaned. "But, what are we gonna do about this?" he smiled down at me with my hard dick clenched in his fist.

"I think you need something bigger and harder than my finger in your ass," I suggested.

He checked my dick again. "I dunno, Man. That things awfully big."

"I'll take it easy on ya," I promised.

"I've always wanted to get fucked by a really big dick," he muttered, more to himself than to me.

"I'll eat your ass until you're ready," I offered.

"Oh, Man! You figured me out in a hurry," he laughed, pulling slowly from my ass and stripping off the condom. I grabbed the plastic bag and bit off the end, sucking the cum from it. "Fuck, Man. You a pig!" he giggled.


"Yeah, I've had good training."

"So it would seem."

I rolled out from under him and he assumed the position I'd been in. I pushed his legs into his chest and his ass opened up eagerly. My tongue speared his pucker and wiggled inside. He was clean and hungry. With the help of two fingers from each hand, I probed and ate his pussy hole until he was begging for dick. I picked up a condom from the bed table and rolled it onto my dripping dick. I added lube from a pump bottle.

"You are gonna get so fucked!" I promised.

"Just go easy on me," he reminded me.

"I always do, until you're ready for the hard stuff."

I squeezed my dickhead down to make it less blunt and wide, then pushed. He opened up for me and swallowed the first five inches. My spongy dickhead expanded and crashed against his prostate. "Oh, FUCK!" he moaned, pulling on my ass with his hands. "Do that again!" I pulled out a couple of inches and raced my dickhead and thick shaft over his joy button once more. "FUCK!"

"You never had a dick like mine in your ass?" I wondered.

"Never one this wide," he admitted, "nor this long!" he added, squeezing down with his ass muscles and moaning again.

"You seem to be doing okay with it," I countered.

"I never knew a big dick could feel this good," he said sighing.

"All the size queens say that," I smiled.

He laughed. "I've just joined their ranks. Damn, that feels good when you rub your big dick over my hot button."

"All part of the service," I smiled back at him and give him another three inches.

"Fuck ME! What a dick!" he groaned. "And there's still more! DAMN!"

"You look like you need the rest of it," I proposed. I slowly ground in the last two inches. He winced when I pressed my thick root into his gaping man pussy. I don't know if I was too deep or my thick root had stretched his ass lips too wide. But, his hands hadn't left my ass nor had he tried to push me away.

"Yeah, Baby," he whispered. "Pump that pussy!"

His talented ass began working on my slowly pistoning dick. Despite the obvious fact that I'd creamed Paul's ass only 10 minutes ago, I was rapidly approaching another climax. "Back off with the ass muscles," I warned. "You're gonna make me cum."

"Why is that a bad thing?" he laughed and squeezed my dick even harder.

I laughed in spite of myself. "You are about to get powerfucked, then!" I wasn't sure if he was getting sore from being fucked by a big dick or he really wanted my nut. To me, it made no difference. My only regret was that he wasn't gonna get my load bareback. I pounded his butt, slamming my hips forward, ramming all 10" as hard and fast as I was able up his tight, white ass. If I'd been in more control, I'd have fucked him slower and longer, but his ass muscles clearly had something far shorter in duration in mind.

"You negative?" he suddenly asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Pull off the condom. I wanna feel you unload in my ass," he urged.

Never one to turn down a hot bareback fuck, I pulled out, stripped off the condom and rammed back into his widely stretched pussy. He moaned with pleasure when he felt my bare dickhead rumble over his prostate. The condom had reduced the topography of my dick. Bare, it felt far bigger compared to my thick shaft. He loved it.

"Oh, Man! How could it get any better? This is awesome. Fuck me, Man! Cum in my ass!" he begged, pulling hard on my ass, urging me to fuck him deep and grind it in. "Give it to me!"

Never one to turn down such a genuine request, I powerfucked his ass in long, deep pumps. He ate my dick with his ass like a professional slut. White boys are so hungry for black dick!

My climax was crowding me. I knew it was a matter of seconds, now. "Gonna cum, last warning!" I roared. His hands stayed on my ass and pulled me in. My dick swelled up and jerked hard. I was painting his love tunnel walls with creamy sperm. I felt cum jet through my piss tube six times before my climax waned and only dribbles spilled out. He jacked his dick in time to my hard pounding. When I finished, he wailed and beat the bed with his free hand. Three weak squirts of jizz flew from his dick and landed in the middle of his chest. I was astonished that he could get off another load so soon after he'd nutted in my man hole only minutes before.

I extracted my wilting dick slowly from his ass. Streaked with jizz, it fell wetly against the bed cover. "You are one HOT fuck," I told him.

"Thanks, and so are you, Man." We exchanged names as we cleaned up. "Would you mind if I called you later, Rick?" he asked.

"For another good ride and rim like I got this time, ANYTIME," I promised.

I love parties!

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.