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I'm a slim 33-year old man hold the "guy next door". And I stand to passive men. I blow even yourself sometimes like a dick, but fuck am the only active. Also, I'm pretty well equipped. My cock is hard in good condition 21cm and a diameter of 6cm well. Not all guys tolerate this, but most are on it.


Now in my 33jahren what I was 16 years active and thus my part have been pushed in so few guys and Männerärsche, I have experienced a lot. Stand but rather to the "normal" sex: snogging, sucking, fucking. A special fetish for special linings or toys I never developed. I am not on Rollenspielchen, but I know what I want and I'm so over more dominant.

It was the weekend and I got the evening after a visit to the cinema with a few mates back home, alone. Since I was not tired, I sat down before the chat. Despite the late hour, a lot was happening. A few people I talked to, the cock size "XXL" in profile attracts more. But I was not really interested in a sexdate.

Then came a message "two looking guy" from a profile named "Hello We are two new here".

In the nondescript profile, there were no pictures, but the message was attached two: on the one image was a slender, dark-haired, Mediterranean-looking, boy I liked to than 18. He wore only a pair of underpants. The second photo was a slightly older blond guy I liked at 25. They only saw his well-built naked upper body and clean-shaven handsome face. He also saw still quite bubihaft. I liked them both, but I really wanted to slow to bed. So I just said, "Hello you two."

The answer came promptly: "You are in your profile XXL And look nice We would like to meet with a man who has a big cock..."

I thought that was more funny than stimulating and answered shortly: "And why do you want it?".

Even now, the answer came almost immediately: "My penis is not that big and my friend would like to see a big and I also. My boyfriend is 16 and was still in front of me no other man I had been just a little with another."

Now, even if I can not help it, I fbonerr myself on my cock what. I am indeed the usual guys, or the greedy admiration Gapes, but still excites me again. The idea of ​​the two young guys to show my fat part made me horny. "Well then we should meet. When?"

"If you like this evening we live in Rathausweg if you want to see us."

That was actually not very far, only ten minutes by car. We chatted for a moment, and further agreed to meet. Half an hour later I was standing at the door of Mario and Lars. The bonerr, the older, not 25 but only 23 years old as I had learned in the chat, the door opened.

I welcomed Lars. He was good a head shorter than me but athletic build. He led me into the living room, there sat the little Mario and gave me a little bit shy.

"Hello." The boy greeted me.

"Hi Mario". I sat down beside him on the couch. Lars sat down in a chair opposite us. "How long have you been together for?".

"For a year now," said Lars.

"And how did you come to meet me now?"

Lars saw Mario in a moment, then looked down. "Well like I said. We both wanted to see even as a proper part."

"So, then first show what you have."

Lars looked at me, startled. "Come on," I said. "Get your pants down." Lars did not hesitate. And he stood up and opened his jeans. The sight of his slim hips and athletic legs excited me. "The underpants boy, now introduce yourself not like that!".

He also pulled the pants down a bit. His uncircumcised part was limp and had actually below average in size. "Turn to page views and jerk him stiffly," I ordered. Lars obeyed without hesitation. As he turned his two round and firm buttocks came into view. A very delicious sight, my cock stiffened more. I realized that Mario stared at my baggy pants. Lars had it managed to jerk his stiff member. It was not more than 13cm and a small acorn tip. "Mario is bigger," Lars said as an excuse.

"Well then, boy, get him to get out and show what you have."

Without hesitation turned Mario beside his friend and opened his pants. His circumcised cock was already stiff. He had medium quality, so about 15cm and a plump thick penis. Even better was his hairless, small coffee and brown ass. Mario is of Turkish descent as Lars had told me in the chat yet.

"Come over here and get Mario out my dick."

Even now, the boy did not hesitate. He knelt in front of me and undid my pants. My dick was not quite stiff but Mario said, "Geil is huge." He started to jerk on my boner. "Which one of you two is the active", I asked.


Lars and Mario looked at each foot. "So what?". Lars stared at my fat cock in the narrow his friend's hand while he answered. "Mario was keen that I fuck him, but have tried first."

"And what do you do then?"

"Bubbles and jerk," said Mario. "Can I suck your?"

"Go ahead," I replied. And already Marios fat lips closed around my glans, which was much wider than the thick shaft anyway. Mario's cock was hard and erect almost exactly as he knelt in front of me. "You fucked Mario once?" I casually said to Lars. "Yeah ..." he replied, "but I put into it for a short time. I do not like it that way and ... ". I interrupted him. "Your friend needs a cock and you do not fuck him properly? Husband What a guy are you?". Lars paused and looked down.

It looked kind of pathetic how Lars with his little limp dick again was watching silently as his friend blew his first fat dick men. "Your penis is really huge," Lars said.

"Kneel behind Mario and pull down his pants," I ordered and Lars did it immediately. "It may be leakage fuckhole". "But ... I've never ... ". "Well do you have a wimp," I told Lars and fell silent. He leaned over and pulled apart Marios little ass cheeks and began to lick the boy's tight fuck hole. Mario winced and groaned but he still sucking on my cock, trying to get as much of it into her mouth as possible.

After a while I asked, "Where is your bedroom?". Lars pointed to a door. Mario I raised up and went to the bedroom, where I threw the boy on the bed. I knelt between his legs. Lars came after slowly. "Mario and I will fuck you? Want to finally feel a fat men cock in you?". The boy nodded, throwing a quick look at Lars.

"I have a condom on ..." began Lars. I got him with a gesture for silence. "I'll fuck your boyfriend naked and inseminate." "But ..." started to say Lars. "Be still and watch boy fucks like a real man!"

I came with my glans against Marios fat little fuck hole and gave no thought to his more pathetic friend. I wanted to deflower the young Turks. Mario groaned. I measure his legs on my shoulders and leaned forward. My cock now pushed hard on the boy hole.

"It hurts," said Mario. "It's your first real fuck with a real male cock. It will hurt at first then you'll enjoy it." I said, and my glans overcame Marios sphincter. The boy flinched, but his tight hole seemed to suck my dick now normal. My fucker slid deeper into the tight boy hole up my short pubic hair touched his cheeks.

"Now, how is that Mario?", I asked. "It hurts, but it's so cool ..."

I let my cock slide a piece from the humid confines of the fuck hole and then slowly back again. When I did the second time Mario gasped loudly and out of his cock in a high arc sprayed a load of cum. "Ahhh ..." moaned Mario. "Go on, fuck me as you will."

I glanced at Lars who now sat on a chair beside the bed, watching us. "This is how a real man that," I said. I pulled my cock almost completely out of the boy trembling with lust and then pushed too hard. Mario moaned in pain and pleasure and I fucked him continue with hard deep shocks. Deflowered his little fuck hole. I fucked the boy about 20 minutes so on, last I pulled my fucker always out to him then kick back with a hard hitting in the small Turkish ass. Just before I felt that I was coming, I turned again to Lars. It geilt humiliate me on the guy while I got it from his friend.

"Soon I will inseminate your boy friend. Inject him his first load of man juice in the ass and mark my territory. Purpose you were not so capable."

Still a few more kicks, then I spilled my seed into the loud moaning boy who was now again. I pulled my cock out of the hole weichfucked. "Go suck it to me clean," I said to Lars, holding my cum-smeared cock in his direction. The hesitated only a moment. He knelt on the bed, sucking the dick of his friend had just deflowered and inseminated. But I had more before.

"Lie manual swiveling on his stomach and legs. Now your ass off. Have you ever been fucked again?"

Lars shook his head and lay down. His cock was limp and small. I spew on Lars hole between two white, almost perfectly semicircular and hairless ass cheeks. My cock was going to crack the next virgin. Without hesitation, I pushed my cock vigorously in Lars hole into it almost entirely. Lars trembled, but did not move otherwise. With powerful strokes I fucked the guy while Mario watched fascinated. After a few minutes I inseminated now his hole. While I squirted my sperm in this Lars shrugged at me like crazy.

Shortly after I got up. Lars turned to me. The sheet below was full of cum. "Well at least you squirts charge ne ordinary men." Was all I said.

I dressed slowly while the two boys stared at me silently. Marios look stuck all the time like glued on my cock. "For the future, you have to get better to get to a bigger dildo to it Mario. But nevertheless not forget to squirt a load in his ass, the boy needs it and you Mario gebrauchst now and the best part of your time to Lars . fuckHe needs the obviously."

I greeted them goodbye and went to the front door and. Mario and Lars did not move. A few days later I got a message. "Thank you for the other day. We have discovered new sides to us. Lars I fuck and he now regularly Mario me also, with dildo and cock. Greeting"

Shortly after, there was another message. "Here is Lars. If you like, you can visit our website again."

I grinned. With the two guys I would still have a lot of fun.

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