Man for Man



I grew up in a small town and when I finished school I landed a job in a bank. My parents were poor and could not afford to send me to college so I carried on living at home and contributing to the house so that my brothers and sisters could have an easier life. I was fortunate to be bright and did well at the bank. Six months after I started working the bank was bought over and so we became part of a major corporation. We were all assessed and I was chosen to go to the regional office for some training on the new systems they were introducing. My parents were very proud of me and I duly packed my bags and for the first time left my hometown for the big city. From Hicks Falls to St Louis was a drastic change but I knew I could do it.


I arrived and the bank had organized everything and a car picked me up and took me to my hotel where all the other people that were on the same course were staying. To cut a long story short I found myself surrounded by several city people who dressed and acted very differently from me. I felt awkward and out of place and couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room. Sunday night I felt alone and almost scared and worried that I would have to face those people the next day when our training started.

I sat alone when the training started and soon I found myself really interested in what the lecturer was saying. I grasped and understood what he was saying and enjoyed it. A lot of the others asked what seemed to me to be stupid questions but I was enjoying it. We broke for lunch and returned for the afternoon session.

This time we had a different lecturer and when I first saw him I was dumbfounded. There he stood a tall man, shaved head, goatee dressed better than everybody in the room his clothes fitting him like a glove showing off his almost perfect muscular body and to top all of he was black. In Hick Falls black men didn't dress that way in fact no one really dressed that way period in Hick Falls.

He was confident and self assured and started off right away by telling us his name, which was Thomas, and secondly he fired off questions from the morning session. He named a person and asked and if you weren't quick enough he would pick another name wait for an answer. He fired of question at an alarming rate and when he choose me I managed to answer correctly. After ten minutes he stopped and gave us a lecture on how more attentive we had to be. I sat totally mesmerized by this man while he spoke my eyes and mind totally captivated by his whole body and personality.

By three o'clock we stopped for a break and while most the others sat together and had coffee I sat alone at a table and read. He joined us and moved from table to table and I was hoping he that he would miss me out. I could hear that he was friendlier than more relaxed and he eventually made his over to me.

"What you doing over here by yourself?" he asked.

"I don't fell comfortable with them" I replied.

We finished the afternoon lecture by four thirty and while been driven back to the hotel we were all told that tonight's dinner would be compulsory but as from tomorrow we could eat whenever we wanted and even order room service. Damn I thought what would I wear - my wardrobe was limited- and another couple of hours with this bunch was not my idea of fun. I showered watched a bit of television and was ready to go down. When I arrived at the dinning room I found my chair and sat down and made small talk with the lady next to me while noticing that the other chair was empty. A couple of minutes later Thomas joined us and sat next to me.

"So you enjoying yourself here Pete?" he asked me.

"Yes I find the lecture's quite interesting" I replied.

"And what about the lecturer" he said and smiled while not giving me time to answer and turned and chatted to the lady on the either side of him. Dinner went ahead nicely and we chatted and when were finished I got up to leave.

"Where you off to so quickly?'' has asked me.

"Up to my room" I replied and turned to walk away.

"Hold on a sec, I need to ask you a few questions" and he got up and followed me out the dinning hall. "We should have a drink while we talk," he said, " the bar is noisy so why don't we go up to my room and have that drink."

I followed him to his room and when we got there he offered me a drink and I asked for coke and we sat talking. Thomas asked a lot of questions about where I came from and how I was enjoying the course. I answered most of his questions and by the end of the night he had a clear picture about where I came from and what my situation was. By eleven o'clock I was tired and said goodnight. He was very polite and I went down to my room.

Tuesday's lectures were rather hectic and by the time we finished at four thirty I was tired. I had a bit of a sleep and woke and went for a walk around the hotel. On the way back to my room I bumped into Thomas who had just finished at the gym.


"Where you off to buddy?" he asked.

"I am just about to get something to eat" I answered him.

"Its still early Pete, why don't you meet me at my room in about and hour and we can grab a bite together" he said and I agreed.

I went up to my room showered and phoned home and by then I was ready to meet Thomas and walked up to his room. I knocked on his door and he opened it.

"I almost ready, I wont be a minute, make yourself at home" he mumbled as he went into the bathroom. He came out a few seconds later wearing a bathrobe. "You want to go out or stay in and have a bite to eat?" and before I could even answer him he had moved to the closet and had taken his robe off. "Well buddy you decide cause I need to know what I am going to wear" and he turned around to face me exposing his naked body. I sat there staring at him, his well-chiseled body, his muscular arms, his broad chest, his washboard stomach, his muscular legs and a dark cock that just hung there, thick and long. " Never seen a naked guy before buddy or should I say never seen a naked black guy before" he said as he moved closer towards me, his cock swinging from side to side. "I know its big plenty people have told me, but now we have to decide where we eating."

"We should stay in I am not dressed up to go out" I answered him and he turned around and walked back to the closet and put on his robe again. He then picked up the phone and ordered room service with out even asking me what I wanted. After that he sat down on the sofa next to me.

"I ordered for both of us hope u don't mind" as he casually undid his robe. "Since we staying in I thought we would get down to some fun right away" as he took my hand and placed it on his black cock. "Come on don't be shy you know you want to touch it so go ahead." My right hand started moving all by itself, as if I had no control over it, and I began to play with his now hardening black cock. " You might be more comfortable taking you clothes of and kneeling in front of me," he said. I moved quickly and undressed and found myself between his wide-open legs my hands exploring his body. "You can lick it if you wan to" and I stuck my tongue out and licked the head of his cock. He let out a moan and I carried on licking. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and he got up threw his robe at me and told me to put it on while he put on a pair of shorts. He answered the door and room service brought in the food. We sat down and had our dinner. The conversation was a bit stilted at first but then it livened up a bit.

"You a bright young man and I think you could go places in this bank. We just need to smarten you up a bit on your social charms, get you some new clothes and you can go along way. You of course realize that going back to Hick Falls is not really a option but if you stay here you can earn a lot more and still help provide for your family back home" he said to me.

"What exactly did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well you will have to do exceptional in this course and prove to me and the rest that you deserve to stay here but I am confident that you can do that all by yourself. With your dressing and social manners I think that with my help we can work something out to make you more acceptable. I want you to stay here cause I think you have potential and I normally get what I want. What I want now is for you to come over here and kneel between my legs and finish what we started earlier on" he said and smiled.

I moved across and knelt down between his legs and tugged at his shorts till his black cock was exposed and pulled his foreskin down and let my tongue flicker across his acorn. Not being used or knowing anything about cock sucking that's all I did. He let out a few moans so I thought he was satisfied.

"That's good, now lick up and down my shaft," he said and I tried to do what he told me. I enjoyed that and did it for a while alternating between that and his cock head. "Now suck my balls, baby" he told and I did. While I was doing this he pushed he robe off my body and ran his hands down my back. That sent shivers down my spine and I started taking more and more of his cock down my mouth. "Yeah you sure learn fast, now suck on that big black cock" and I just sucked and sucked. He let out loud moans and I was happy that I was ringing him so much joy. " I am close" he moaned but I carried on sucking on that large black cock and then he let out a very loud moan and my mouth was filled with his hot cum and I carried sucking and he exploded more and more of his cum into my mouth. I eventually took my mouth of his cock and looked up at him. He tousled my hair and smiled down at me and said, " I think you enjoyed that more than me."


I got up from the floor and went and rinsed my mouth out and when I came back into the room he was lying in bed.

"I think you should spend the night," he said and I quickly joined him in bed. "Today you had your first lesson but its not over yet, you ready to learn more?" he asked me.

"What you have in mind" I replied.

"Wait and see" he said and got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. He came seconds later with a small bag and got onto the bed and moved my legs apart and told me to lift my legs up and rest my ankles on his shoulders. His finger touched my hole and I wiggled both from pleasure and embarrassment but he carried on and soon moans were escaping from my mouth.

"You like that don't you. You like my finger up your ass. Wait till I fuck you with my big black cock that will really drive you wild. You cant wait for me to fill you up can you?" he teased me as his finger went deeper and deeper into me.

"Yes I want you to fuck me I want your black cock in my ass" I moaned back at him. He took his finger out and then I felt a cold like liquid being smeared on my hole and when I looked to see what he was doing all I felt was his cock head right at my hole. He looked at me and said " baby here I come" and with one powerful thrust he entered me and the pain shot right up my spine and I let out a yelp. That didn't stop him he just carried on pushing more and more of his cock deeper into me.

"I know you can take it, I know you want me all the way deep inside you, you want my knob buried deep in you" he said and he carried on pushing deeper and deeper into me. By now the tears of pain had turned into tears of joy as I looked up at him and he smiled at me. "Now that you used to me inside of you I going to start fucking you baby," and he started his thrusts slowly at first in and out, but then they began to get faster and deeper. He then began pounding my ass that a few times I felt his balls hitting up against my ass and my own cock was by now hard as he pounded me sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

"Yes, yes fuck me, I love it," I said repeatedly as he fucked me harder and faster and my hole gripped onto his black cock that was thrusting in and out me. He fucked me for what seemed like and eternity and I loved every thrust that impaled me.

"Yeah baby, it sure looks like you loving every inch of that black cock. I think I am still going to teach you a lot more lessons and it seems like you are very willing to learn," he said as he carried on fucking me "your tight white ass sure likes my big black cock doesn't it? I'm going to bust my nut deep inside of you so that you can feel my hot main juice inside of you."

I was almost delirious from his pounding and I whole body tingled as he fucked me.

"I want it, I want your sperm inside of me" and I think that's what sent him over the top cause with in seconds he exploded and I felt his hot cum fill me. He pumped his cum into me and didn't stop till he had emptied himself in me. He withdrew his black monster from my hole and bent down to kiss me.

I spent the night with him and the rest of the week too. Over the weekend he took me out and showed me the city. He bought me new clothes and taught me how to handle myself in restaurants and social function. When the two weeks were over I was offered a job at regional office. I accepted and went home for 5 days to say goodbye to my parents and siblings. I carried on contributing to my family and helped my sister go to college and helped my brother financially when dad died and he took over the farm. Thomas and I are still together today and yes I must admit he taught me a lot and years later I still love it when his black monster of a cock enters my white hole.

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