Man for Man

The Tree


It was a hot, summer day. I knew it would be a good day to take down that old tree by the side of the house. I had cut off all the old branches that I could and dug out around the bottom of the old tree. Now I had roped the top part to pull back away from the house. In an old pair of sneakers and cut off jeans, I don't know who or which looked the worse: the denuded tree or the sweaty me. I was hot and sticky to say the least.


I had the rope on a top part of the tree and was out in the yard pulling with all my might. The tree would sway and creak but just didn't quite give up. I stood there breathing heavily as I tried to think of another angle to get that rascal down.

"Hi. Looks like you could use a little help," I heard a voice behind me say. "Yeah, I think I could use a dynamite technician," I replied as I turned around. There was the young oriental kid I had seen walk past the house on several occasions. He had carried a backpack with the nearby university on it so I figured he was a student there.

"Maybe I can help with the rope," he said smiling at me. He must have been jogging as he was in running shoes, shorts and tank top.

"Well, I appreciate the help. Maybe we can give it a try. I think a good yank will bring it over," I said. "Maybe we could combine forces. There is an extra pair of gloves over by the chain saw."

I picked up the rope again as he put on the gloves and ducked between my arms holding the rope.

"Hey, I don't want to get your clothes all sweaty," I said as I relaxed the rope for him to step out.

"Yeah, I guess that could happen," he said and stepped away and took off his tank top. Then he ducked back within the circle of my arms and grabbed the rope.

Now he was really a pretty good-looking kid, short and well shaped with a slender but moderately muscular body. His smooth skin was a contrast with my taller, hairy body that was certainly more muscular than he was.

"You've got strong arms," he said smiling back at me as he grabbed the rope and nestled against my body.

I was suddenly very aware of another body within the circle of my arms and planted my feet as he sort of squirmed around to get in position. "OK, let's pull together," I said, almost in his ear.

We began to get traction and pull. But that old tree would only shake. I became aware of his body pressing back into mine, and it seemed he was actually pushing his tight little ass into my crotch. And that wasn't a good thing as the physical male response began to take over: I began to get a hard-on.

"OK, let's get a breath," I said, more out of concern for what was happening to me than from exhaustion.

I waited for him to move away but he stayed where he was, leaning against me. I felt him rubbing his ass against my crotch. "I think you got a hard-on," he giggled as he reached behind to grab my rock-hard cock. He began rubbing his little ass against my cock and the rest of his body against my sweat-lubricated chest.

While still holding the rope, my arms involuntarily came together, almost embracing his smooth body. I began to lose a sense of control as my crotch responded with a couple of subtle thrusts against his wiggling ass. That was all he needed as he slowly began to rub up and down against my sweaty body and thrusting his ass against my cock. One hand dropped off the rope and slid around his smooth chest, pulling him against me. I'm sure it was only a few seconds but it felt like a long time we stayed that way.

"You know what you're doing?" I whispered.

"Yeah," he whispered back.

I was breathing fast now but finally was able to whisper, "Maybe we should go around behind the house."

He dropped the rope, ducked beneath the circle of my arms and walked around the corner of the house. I took a deep breath and followed him, a huge bulge in my shorts. He was in my work area under the deck, already stepping out of his running shorts. He stood there completely naked, his hard little cock sticking straight up toward his smooth body. My brain was now on automatic as I stepped in front of him and felt his hands unzip my cutoffs and free my throbbing cock.

I had no time for a second thought even if I had wanted one as he bent over and sucked the head of my cock into his hot little mouth. I quivered as I felt his tongue stroking my cockhead and his hand stroking my rock-hard shaft. I simply spread my legs a little to give him full access. My hand went behind his thick black hair as I felt his head bobbing like a machine on my cock.


I have about seven and a half inches on hard with a slight curve ending with a nice mushroom head. He gulped and pushed and swallowed that meat, trying to get it rammed down his throat. I was contributing small thrusting motions to increase my pleasure but still careful not to gag him. He stood up and bent over, positioning his head at a right angle to my crotch and then began to suck and push down more intently. At that angle, my cock was better aligned with the curve of this throat. Suddenly he took one deep breath and pushed his head down completely. I nearly passed out as I felt my meat slide down his tight throat and his lips crush into the base of my cock. He pulled back and coughed but returned again, each time relaxing more to taking that throbbing shaft. Soon, he was deep-throating my cock and taking all my deep thrusts to drive that baby down to the middle of his guts.

He gagged a couple of times and stopped, gasping for air. He looked up and then motioned for me to lay back on my worktable. He then crawled on top of me, crouching like an animal as he began to devour my cock again. I spread my legs as his head went wild driving his throat down as far as it would go on that saliva-covered organ, forcing it deep down his throat. I loved it and would thrust my crotch upward to meet his downward gulp. We seemed to get a damn good rhythm going that resulted in pleasure for both of us.

I looked up to see his steel-like, six-inch cock oozing pre-cum right before my face. Without hesitation (which makes one wonder about natural instincts when it comes to sex), I opened my mouth and sucked in his cock. He moaned and thrust his rod into my mouth. Although I wasn't used to doing such things, his cock wasn't difficult to take, and subconsciously, I must have mimicked his actions on my shaft.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slid forward driving his hot little body into mine. I thought he was going to climax but I think he was giving himself some space. As he continued to work my cock over, he curled his body against mine until I opened my eyes again and saw the tightest, most perfect little hairless asshole right above me. Again, instinct seemed to take over and I slid my tongue up from his tight ballsack past that short vacant space to that tight little rosebud. My tongue rotated around his hole as I felt him slow down and become still. My hands spread his cheeks as I leaned forward and without thinking thrust my tongue into that tight little circle. I heard him moan and simply submit his hole to my demands.

While having played this "game" only once before, I seemed to know what to do as I alternatively attacked his relaxing hole with my wet tongue and large middle finger. I was able to get two of my large fingers in deep and rotated them to stroke that hard little center of pleasure, the prostate. He was beginning to shake and thrust back like an uncontrolled sex machine.

He moaned as his body began a perpetual motion, rocking his asshole over my face, driving his cock into my body. Suddenly he tensed and reared up, grabbing his slick cock as I felt several warm spurts fall across my body. I lay there a few seconds thinking it was all over. But how wrong I was. I guess I had forgotten how sexually repetitive a young stud can be.

He went back to sucking my cock with a vigor that I had forgotten. He met ever-upward thrusts with a downward plunges until he was easily deep-throating that monster cock. He would keep that saliva-covered shaft down his throat until he needed to breath before pulling back. I thought I had gone to heaven.

Gasping, he pulled off of my cock and sat up. Then he turned around to face me, his legs on either side of my waist. He reached back and coated my cock with his spit, and then began to sit up to position that throbbing piece of meat right at his hungry hole. Again, I instinctively held him by the waist to help him position himself as he began to slowly fuck himself on that rigid shaft.

He went slowly, each easy movement pushing my hungry cock a little further into his hole. Finally, with one last gasp, he relaxed himself and slid down the rest of that rock hard shaft, crushing his hole around my slick cock. He was breathing fast and softly whimpering, but he didn't give up.


I knew enough not to do anything and let him take charge of raping of his own ass. He slowly began to rotate a bit, gently rising and slowly returning back down. I began to respond with him, tightening my ass-cheeks to slowly thrust upward.

After a few minutes of this, his actions began to quicken, and soon he was literally fucking his ass on my insatiable cock. I would thrust up to meet his downward plunge and we both would moan. He seemed to pass the pain threshold and into pleasure as he started bobbing up and down with a definite intense. We were fucking like dogs in heat!

He pulled his feet on either side of my waist and assumed a squatting position with my cock buried deep inside his ass. Then he began to fuck! I don't think I'll ever remember anything as incredible as this. He leaned over to cover my body while pistoning his hole back and forth on my cock. I hadn't realized how really attractive he was until his glowing face was right before mine. He let his lips brush mine, probably to see what my reaction would be. The reaction was instinctive under the circumstances and I crushed my lips onto his. He moaned as our tongues fought as fierce a battle at this end as our crotches where at the other end.

He pulled up gasping for breath with my cock embedded deeply in his guts. Then he began to fuck my cock with his ass like an automatic machine! I almost lost Consciousness as the waves of pleasure flowed over my body. He seemed to know exactly what to do: he would pull up on his haunches and slide up and down that slick shaft, not touching any other part of my body. Then he would drive that monster deep inside him and crush his ass tight against my crotch. He would rotate his hips and churn his insides with my cock driven into places never imagined. He ended up sitting on that fabulous peg and rocking his body back and forth, knowing the results that would occur.

And occur they did. I suddenly felt the beginning of that uncontrollable rumble that signaled an impending nuclear explosion. I began to breath faster and moan, thrusting upward, almost like I was trying to devour that source of pleasure. "You'd better get off," I finally rasped out, "I'm about to shoot my load." That certainly didn't deter him as he rammed repeatedly up and down on my quivering cock, now channeling that surging gusher forward. "Aaaaaahhhhhh," I moaned as that age-old sensation wracked my body, releasing all the energies that were pent up. He held on and clamped his stretched little hole down to receive the energy transfer. Seconds later, he muffled a scream as he rotated my still hard cock into that internal position against that magic spot and jacked several long spurts of cum across my sticky chest.

Suddenly it was over. He slumped down across my chest, both of us breathing heavily. My cock was still embedded up his ass although not with the same level of intensity. I actually held him close to me.

As I finally began to return to reality, I was able to whisper, "Are you OK?" I felt a quiver and a nod, but no movement to get up. We stayed that way for what was just a few more minutes but seemed like a beautiful, timeless space. He slowly began to move and slid himself off of me, not looking me in the face. I was a little confused but sat up and reached over to him. He put his head on my shoulder and just stayed there for another minute or so. "That was incredible," I whispered. "Thank you." "You aren't mad?" he said, cautiously raising his head. "Are you serious? I've never had anything that good! I must admit, I was a little surprised," I laughed, breaking the tension. He sat up and smiled, "You were very good."

We were both still wet with sweat and sticky with cum. "Can we turn on the garden hose there?" he asked, pointing to the hose that lay on the ground. "Yep. That would cool us down, huh?" I laughed again.

I turned on the water and watched as he let the water cascade over his perfect little body. He seemed to maintain just a bit of modesty by facing away from me, but giving me a beautiful view of his sweet little ass that I had just tried to fuck off. He handed me the hose and sat down on the bench, watching me as I let the water rinse off all remnants of our encounter. I wasn't quite as modest and turned around several times, watching him look at that softening piece of meat that he had just consumed.

I turned the water off and sat down beside him. "OK, are you really OK now?" I asked sort of redundantly. He smiled and put his hand on top of mine. "Yes. This was incredible and a dream come true," he said. Then he paused, looked down and then up again right into my eyes. "I'd like to do this again if you'd ever want to," he whispered. "Oh, you better believe I'd like to do this again. We'll find a time I guarantee you!" I said emphatically.

It ended up being a very good relationship. He was a junior at the university which gave us several wonderful years through his graduate school. Although he eventually moved away and our lives took different paths, we still see each other a couple of times a year. I'm already getting excited about next month's meeting.

Life is good, huh?

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