Man for Man

The Stadium


It was a little difficult to jar open the tiny window into the Stadium locker room, but being the avid Hawks fan you are, you reason it will be worth it. You can't wait to get Rickson's autograph: you've followed him all across the east coast of Australia trying to meet him, but so far no luck. Then, Eureka! The Hawks' return home for the series final game, and a friend of yours who is responsible for cleaning the stadium promised to unlock a window for you. It's finally going to happen! You squeeze your slender but lightly muscled frame through the tight window, wincing as your cK shirt gets dirt scraped across the sleeves.


It's worth it, you tell yourself quietly, shimmying the last few inches of your ass through the window. Dropping down onto the white tiled floor, you quickly drop into a crouch in case you are spotted. The Hawks won't be arriving for at least two hours but still, there could be a cleaner lurking in the corner. A quick scout around the change rooms convinces you that you are alone. Now all that is left to do is wait... you can pounce on Rickson after the match and demand he sign your ball.

You sigh briefly and look around again. What to do... Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you spot a wicker basket standing in a corner. Curiosity aroused, you start towards it. Closer inspection makes your heart beat faster: a laundry basket! You open it with great anticipation... and there, at the bottom of the basket, a pair of black briefs. You reach down and pick them up delicately, your heart beating faster, heat spreading towards your crotch. The briefs feel so smooth on your skin. You turn them over in your hands, searching for a name. Your eyes widen as you read the name: F. Bateman. As much as you love Rickson, you have to admit that the Bateman is miles hotter. You're had a number of raunchy fantasies about what you'd do if you ever found yourself at that hunk's service... the memories flood back as you rub the briefs over your now shivering palms.

You look about surreptitiously, uncomfortably aware of how exposed the changing area is. But, you reason, there's little chance of anyone coming in for at least an hour or two... and the tiny risk that they will come in before that only serves to further excite you. Shivering with anticipation, you reach down and rub a hand down your quickly hardening dick. In seconds it is straining against your tight jeans and rubbing on the fabric of your boxers, the silken material exciting you further. The warmth engulfs the rest of your body and your face begins to flush... a soft moan escapes your lips. You're in the lion's changing room, and you're soo close to just whipping it out and going at it like mad. It feels so horny to be in such a compromising position, in such a sexual place.

As the heat builds, you throw caution to the wind, unzipping your fly and pulling out your throbbing penis. You begin to stroke it, softly, with one hand, using the other to clutch Bateman's smooth briefs. A flash of inspiration hits: you stop jacking off and gently reach down with your briefs-covered hand, stroking the underside of your shaft excruciatingly slowly. The smooth material, the erectile stimulation and the sheer sensuality of touching the place where Bateman's dick was not 24 hours before is intense, and you suddenly start masturbating furiously with the briefs still wrapped around your pounding cock.

You pause for just a second to lift up your shirt and tuck the front part of it behind your neck, exposing your smooth teenage chest. You love doing this while you masturbate: the look of your chiselled pecs and sexy abs turns you on almost as much as porn, simply because they're yours. You hands dart quickly back to your cock, and the familiar pressure starts to build. You know instinctively that this is just so hot you can't last much longer, so you begin to pick up the pace, trying to milk every last ounce of pleasure from this raging, fiery climax. You are so close, soooo very close: you can feel the cum pumping up inside you.

Suddenly, a door slams, and loud male voices come from the entrance to the change rooms.


You curse silently, tucking your dick back into your fly with the practiced ease of one who has been walked in on one too many times. You hurl the briefs back into the basket and, clutching your jeans to stop them from falling down, sprint hastily to the back of the room. The voices are coming from the first part of the Stadium changing facility, separated by a wall and a short corridor from your current location, but they are getting louder: you know they are about to enter the room.

Thinking quickly, amazing quickly considering the sheer lack of blood in your brain, or anywhere else but your penis for that matter, you dive behind a bench and drape a discarded towel over it, hiding yourself from view. You leave just enough space for a good view of the room, and from there you watch the owners of the voices strut in. Your mouth literally drops open when you see who it is: Marty Rickson! The football legend wasn't supposed to be here for hours! But he isn't alone, and it is his companion who really takes your breath away. It can't be... but it is, Mitch McFaron, a student from your school, St Aleksander's Presbyterian College!


Your mind is working furiously: what is Mitch doing here? How does he know Rickson?

Some guys have all the luck, you think disgustedly to yourself.

"So yeah, sorry our session couldn't be longer, mate," Rickson was apologising to Mitch,

"I know on the entry form it said Win a two hour training session... but I just got a call saying my best friend's sick... We'll reschedule? OK?"

Mitch smiled that in sexy way you love about him.

"Yeah sure mate, no worries."

"Shit, I gotta go," said Rickson, "You right to shower off by yourself?"

"Yeah, no problems. See you." Mitch called after the already retreating Hawks star. You watch on in amazement. Hot as Rickson is, you accepted long ago that there was literally no chance of ever doing anything with him. Plus, you're not that into older guys. But Mitch... that's a different story. Easily the hottest guy at the school, he is built like a god and everyone treats him like one. His smooth, chiselled face is what first caught your eye: deep brown eyes that perfectly complimented his darkly tanned complexion, a cute, cheeky little smile made up of the sexiest, smoothest lips you're ever laid eyes on. His rumpled brown hair is just a little longer than normal at the back, but you love it: it gives him a sort of rebel appearance which you find irresistible.

If it was his face which first attracted you, it was his body which sealed the deal. You had the good fortune of seeing him changing once, topless, and that site alone was enough to provide you with many nights entertainment. His bodybuilder pecs perfectly fill the space created by his broad, muscular shoulders, which continue on to become strong, muscly arms which you can vividly imagine being held by in a firm but passionate embrace. His abs are like small mounds of pure steel protruding out from his slender waist: this and his broad shoulders give him the V shaped torso that you just die for in guys.

You are startled from your reverie by a wonderful realization: Mitch's shirt was coming off. You resist the urge to sit up to get a better look, instead trying furtively to sneak a peak around the towel. Yes, his chest is just how you remember it: so smooth and sexy, you could just orgasm right there. Suddenly your heart stops and your breathing slows to a crawl. In one fluid motion, Mitch reaches down and pulls off his shorts and boxers. Your mouth is suddenly paper dry as you gaze upon the secret object of your lust in all his naked glory. His dick is just like you imagined it: big, of course, but not massive in a way that you couldn't fit it into your eager mouth. It's perfectly straight, hanging like a sword way down past his tight, smooth balls. And it's not even erect!

You feel the heat returning to your crotch and your own dick start to harden at the thought of his. You watch in excitement as he reaches over and turns on the shower. The Hawks change room is set up in the conventional way, with an open room set aside for group showering. Fortunately Mitch chooses the shower head closest to you, and , stepping under the stream of steaming hot water, begins to rub his hands over his muscular chest. You watch, enraptured, as his hands travel down his pecs, along his abs, before coming to rest on his slowly expanding dick.

As Mitch flicks his meat around with one hand, the other reaches around and slides a finger in between his tight, smooth, hairless butt cheeks. A sexy smile plays across his face as he rubs himself from both sides, clearly enjoying the stimulation. His cock is at full mast now, sticking out at 90 degree angels to his body, and his hand is moving gracefully along the length of the shaft. His eyes close with pleasure and he lets out a long sigh, as though he's been waiting to do this all day. You, on the other hand, have been waiting to see this all this past year. It's all you can do not to leap up and charge across the room into his arms. Instead you content yourself with watching what is undoubtedly the hottest thing you have ever seen in your seventeen years of life.


Porn has nothing to compare with the beauty of a real, sexy man, you decide.

Suddenly, Mitch opens his eyes and pulls his hands away from their previous points of stimulation. Looking around, embarrassed, he quickly turns off the shower.

Huh, you muse, Mitch is more cautious about being caught than me. What does that say about MY sexual habits?

Suddenly all other thoughts are driven away as panic overtakes you:

Shit Shit SHIT! He's coming this way!

Then it dawns on you: he's looking for a towel. Your towel. The one covering your face. He strides purposefully towards it, softening dick bouncing up and down invitingly, droplets of water still cascading down his naked, muscled chest, but all this is lost on you as you freak out. He's going to see you. He's going to beat the crap out of you for checking him out while he's naked. He's a jock, of course he hates fags, oh god, oh god, what are you going to do?! You close your eyes and clench up your body against the kick you feel sure is coming as the towel is swept away.


He pauses for a moment to dry himself off, before turning on his heels and strutting away across the room, wrapping the towel around his slim waist. You lie there, paralysed. How could he NOT have seen you? Maybe...maybe the angle of the bench obscured you from view somehow... could that be it? You're struggling to figure this out when suddenly Mitch starts to speak, turning as he does so he addresses the room in general.

"Man, do I wish I had someone here to suck on my big dick! I'm so damn horny I could do anything right now!" You're still frozen. What is this? He has to know your there, but if so, why doesn't he just yank you out? You're so shocked you can hardly even process what he's saying.

"Mmm yeah, I could go for some nice, hot lips on my cock. Someone to take the face fucking I'd give them and only beg for more." He paused for a moment, then, as an afterthought:

"Oh by the way, I can see you."

You feel like your thoughts are moving through concrete. He continues:

"Come on, get up and come over here. I'm not gonna beat you up or anything. "

Slowly, shakily, you get to your feet. He smiles playfully at you, beckoning lazily with one finger. He's the picture of calm, cool self control, with only the barely visible rise and fall of his godlike pecs to indicate his excitement. Slowly you edge towards him, eyes looking everywhere but at the tent being made in his towel. In answer, your own dick begins to harden, straining against your jeans for release. His gaze shifts down briefly and he smiles. You flush with embarrassment and try to cover your growing erection, but the touch merely arouses you more. He grins at your discomfort.

"Dude, don't be shy. Check it out." In one fluid motion, he whips off his towel, exposing his beautiful erection.

"See?" He smiles, cocky. "I've got a major hardon too. Let's see if we can't... help each other out." His devilish grin, coupled with the pressure in your pants and the sudden presentation of his cock is enough for you. You quickly close the remaining distance between the two of you and reach out for him... but you stop before you touch, unsure of what to do.

He waits for a moment, then, seeing you aren't going to make the first move, clicks his tongue and says, "Jeez dude, its not rocket science. Grab my dick! Like this."

He reaches out and presses a hand against your fly, rubbing up and down the front of your jeans. A small moan escapes you as you become enthralled at the feeling of a man's touch on your dick. He strokes you for a few moments before pulling away, bringing you a feeling equivalent to crashing down to earth into a bucket of icy cold water.

"Dude," he says, smiling like he is trying to teach a particularly stupid child his addition, "I'm not doing this for nothing. Grab my dick!"

You rush to apologize, but you're so overwhelmed you can't get the words out. Instead, you bit your tongue, smile in what you hope is an apologetic way, and grab his cock. Mitch sighs and pulls you in closer to allow you better access to his meat. At the same time, he manoeuvres both of you over to a bench, where you sit side bys side as you continue jerking each other off. He unbuttons the top of your jeans and unzips your fly with practised ease, pausing only for a second before he pulls your penis out from inside your boxers.


You can't believe how hot it feels, having his tasty hands wrapped around your dick and gently rubbing up and down. You try to match his pace with your own strokes on his dick, and you feel him moan in response. Using his other hand, he pulls your jeans down to your knees, and, stopping the action on your dick for a moment, he pulls your boxers down too so your smooth, straight penis is easily accessible.

All this time you continue rubbing him, reaching around with your other hand to lightly massage his balls. He's loving it, you can tell by his laboured breathing. Suddenly, you decide to hell with caution. You let go of his dick and stand up. You stop for a moment to pull your own pants completely off and whip your shirt off over your head. Standing completely naked in front of Mitch is an exhilarating and sensual experience, and you watch him appraise your naked body.

"Nice," is all he says before pulling you close to him and kissing you passionately. The moment you touch those soft, sexy lips, it feels like your face has been attached to an electrical cable. A surge of pleasure engulfs you as your lips part to admit his hungry tongue. You kiss back excitedly, the ferocity of your tonguing surprising you as much as him. You are both whimpering with pleasure as you struggle to take in enough air to continue fuelling this pulsating, electrifying kiss. You break away for a moment and stare into his eyes, breathing heavily and feeling his warm breath on your cheek. Your eyes lock and you both smile, before lowering your gaze to your now throbbing dicks.

Smiling coyly, you drop down to your knees and gently lick the underside of his cock with the very tip of your tongue. Right from the base of to the very point, your tongue works its way up with excruciating slowness, causing Mitch's breath to come in short, sharp gasps.

"Ohhhh fuck..." he whispers, "ohhh fuck yeah." As your tongue reaches the very tip of his penis, you open your mouth and plunge down on him, impaling your face on his thick juicy meat.

"HOLY SHIT!" Mitch screams, not expecting the sudden pleasure coursing through his body. Now that you're on him, you begin to pump away like a mad man, loving the feel of his massive dick sliding in and out of your eager lips. Mitch is practically in hysterics now, gasping and moaning with uncontained excitement as the pressure builds quickly. His head rolls back and his eyes flutter closed.

"Fuck dude, yeah! I'm gonna come sooo soon, oh fuck, oh FUCK!" You feel the pressure building in his balls and know instinctively that he is on his way towards a shattering climax. At the last possible minute, you pull away. Mitch spasms as though you've knifed him in the gut, and his eyes fly open in shock. "What the fuck dude! I was so close!" He whines at you. You grin nastily, surprised at your own forwardness.

"Sorry, 'dude'," you say, "but I'm not doing this for nothing." You stand up and grab his face in your hands.

"Now, suck my dick."

He looks confused for a moment, then grins suddenly.

"Hell yes," he says, slipping your raging hardon into his hot lips.

The world stops spinning. The intensity of his tight, hot lips wrapped around your dick is unbelievable. The universe ceases to exist save the waves of pleasure emanating from your penis. He moves it in and out of his mouth, slowly but firmly pumping, building up the pleasure. You moan loudly and run your hands through his sexy brown hair and across his face, savouring the feeling of his smooth skin.

He sucks harder now, faster, and his tongue is flitting around inside his mouth, skilfully providing stimulation from multiple angles as he amazingly maintains a tight lock on your dick. The pressure is building, you can feel it, rising up through your entire body, tensing up all your muscles. Mitch feels it too, and pulls away. You gasp at the sudden halt, but fortunately manage to resist the urge to grab your dick and finish the job. Clearly this boy has something else in mind. He wipes the sweat from his face and stands up, running his hands up your waist and chest as he does so. His palms come to rest on your shoulders as he leans in to kiss you softly. You make out slowly, exploring each other's mouths with your tongues, and each other's bodies with your hands. After a minute, he pulls away, and gazes into your eyes.


"Hey," he says, "If you're up for it... there's something else I'd like to try with you." Your heart beat rises again: he could only be talking about one thing... Sure enough, he reaches into his bag and pulls out a pack of Four Seasons condoms. He grins at you, and you grin back. Oh yeah. Things are about to get interesting.

"Could... could you do me first?" He said sheepishly.

You are surprised for a moment. "Are you sure you want that?" you ask him.

He smiles.

"Yeah... people assume that cause I'm muscly and have a big dick that I'm just a top... But I love taking it up that ass!" He exclaimed with sudden vigour.

You laugh and grab a condom from the pack, ripping the wrapper off hastily.

"Allow me," Mitch says, grabbing the condom in one hand and your dick in the other. Seconds later, the condom is wrapped around your long dick and Mitch is grinning proudly at his work. Still smiling, he stands up and turns around, bracing himself against the bench and presenting his tight, smooth ass. You reach out with one hand and cup the right cheek, massaging it slowly. Your left hand reaches out and traces a line in between his taut buns. He moans softly, and edges his ass further towards your waiting erection. Taking a moment to spread lube across your dick, you cast your horny gaze across Mitch's muscly back laid out before you.

Lubed up, you begin to push your penis into his tight hole. You go slowly, soooo slowly, as you know this can be painful if done too quickly. You push further, about two centimetres of your meat entering his hot channel. Slowly, surely, you move further in. The pressure is incredible, and the pleasure it causes your dick is unfathomable. You feel so good in here, like you never want to leave. Mitch is moaning, a steady stream of incoherent mumblings which turn you on even more.

You're halfway in now, moving slowly but steadily. Now, you begin to move in and out, still only to half way, still slowly, gaining a little ground each time, pushing further and further into his eager, waiting ass. You're in ecstasy, moving in and out, pumping sooo slowly but so sensually, and it takes all your self control not to start ramming him at full speed. With a final inward stroke, you feel your balls hit his ass. For a moment you stop, savouring the feeling of being completely inside him. Then you lean down, your body pressing up against him, and kiss him gently on the back of the neck. He shivers, then:

"Fuck me, dude. Fuck me like a stallion."

You need no more encouragement. With a yell, you let loose, pounding into his tight hole with gusto. You bring your whole dick out then send it slamming back in again, bringing extreme pleasure to every inch of your rod. The pulsating, fiery pleasure engulfs your body once again, but tenfold, a hundredfold more intense. Mitch is screaming now; not just moaning, screaming with pleasure, not caring for anyone who might hear the noise. You cry out too, loud and wild, fucking him hard and fast, driven by hyped up teenage hormones.

"Oh God, yeah! Fuck!"

Still fucking him, you run your hands all over his back, reaching around and massaging his pert nipples, squeezing his hard pecs and tracing the valleys formed by his beautiful abs. But your focus is on the ass, the beautiful, tight ass, and your own dick, pounding harder and harder into it. Its happening, you can't stop it. The pressure is building up again, and this time you have Mitch pressed too hard against the wall for him to pull away. You can finally have your orgasm... And yet, a small part of you screams No! Not until he's had a chance to fuck you too. But the pleasure is so intense, and you've waited so long... With great effort of willpower, you throw yourself backwards, pulling your throbbing, pulsing cock out of his ass.

He gasps loudly and his head snaps around. "What? Why did you stop? Fuck, that was sooo good."

You smile shakily, struggling to get your breath back and keep yourself from shooting a massive load all over his bemused face.


"I know you like to be fucked," you say. "But I'm sure you also like to be fucking,, and I want some of that-" you gesture at the still erect cock dangling between his legs, "-in my ass."

He smiles wordlessly and grabs another condom. As he slips it on, you carefully pull your own condom off, being careful not to overexcite your still vibrating penis. Then, you lay with your back down on the bench, ass hanging just off the end, allowing Mitch to position himself with your legs draped over his shoulders. He smiles sexually at you and presses his massive dick against your tight ass.

The pressure is intense. It hurts, a little, but somehow that adds to the shivering pleasure which radiates from your hole. He slides in, further, still going slowly, and reaches over to gently stroke your chest and play with your upstanding nipples. You've never felt anything quite so intense as a dick in your ass: it sends waves of sexual excitement through you as he moves inexorably further in. Finally, you feel the slap of his balls against your tight cheeks. Like you did with him, he stops for a moment to savour the feeling, and you savour it too. There's something so incredibly fulfilling about having his entire dick inside you. You never want it to leave. He leans down and kisses you roughly on the lips.

"Fuck me," you whisper hoarsely, too aroused to say anything else.

With an animal yell he lets loose, pummelling your ass like mad. His big dick pistons in and out of your ass, moving so far out that you almost cry out at the loss of the fullness that is his meat, before ramming back in with a ferocity that rocks your entire frame. The bench is being slammed up against the wall, hard, and your body is being wracked with intense pounding and waves of erotic pleasure. Inside, you feel his delicious cock stirring up the fire inside you, sending it spilling out. You haven't even touched your penis, and neither has he, but the pleasure is so intense you feel as though you're going to climax even without touching yourself. Mitch is yelling louder and louder.

"Oh Fuck that's good! Holy shit!"

Suddenly, he's gone. You feel his meat pull out completely, leaving you with a horrible, hollow emptiness. You almost scream at the loss of that wonderful warmth and fullness.

As if knowing how you feel, he quickly leans down and kisses you.

"Sorry, dude," he whispers between kisses, "but I want us to come at the same time." His kisses begin to revive you, and you reach around and pull him closer, kissing back excitedly.

After a bit he pulls away and says, "Shit dude, we gotta do it soon. I'm dying here."

You both laugh, and he continues: "So how do we do it... jack each other off?"

"Nah," you say, "I have a better idea."

Smiling, you lay him down on his back. Then, you position yourself in the classing 69 position, with your dick to his face and your face to his dick. He laughs.

"Damn, I should have thought of this!" he berates himself, before hungrily devouring your dick. You follow suit, engulfing his thick meat with your hot lips. Both of you are so horny, and so close to coming, that you don't bother with tongue teasing: you go right to the pumping. His dick is flying in and out of your mouth, and you can feel the rhythm of his mouth running along your penis. You feel it coming again, building up through your balls, the intensity spilling over into your whole body, the fire flaring up through your dick shaft, and suddenly:


A great river of come explodes out of your cock, shooting powerfully into the back of his mouth, five, six, seven times, and no sign of slowing. You're pumping your hips wildly now, fucking his face and basking in the intense glory of finally coming after such an excruciating build-up. Spurred on by your climax, Mitch's hips begin to thrust up into your mouth, and suddenly a massive torrent of come blasts into your mouth, so much that you have to pull back to keep from choking. But it keeps coming, fast and hot, splattering over your face as you make a good effort to lick up all of the sexy smelling juice.

The pleasure is too overwhelming: your legs give out and you collapse on top of him, panting rapidly as the two of you continue to jerk and spasm as the final tingles of the orgasm pass out through your almost painfully throbbing dicks. Slowly, the shivers of pleasure stop. You roll over onto your back and smile at Mitch, lying there panting with pleasure. Both of you are covered in come, and you watch, grinning, as Mitch sensually rubs the juice into his rock hard pecs. You lie there for at least ten minutes, recuperating after your intense lovemaking. Then suddenly Mitch turns to you, a wicked smile playing across his face.

"You know what?" He grins. "I think we both need a shower."

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