Man for Man

The Snow Day


Nothing makes me happier than a snow day. Part of the fun is watching our nation's capital collectively pee its pants in frenzied anticipation. Part of the fun is the sheer unexpectedness of the day off. And, of course, part of the fun is being able to sleep in rather than go to work.


I was in high hopes one Monday last winter, when the forecast warning of an impending nor'easter appeared to be coming true. My office was released early, around 2:00 in the afternoon, so that everyone could stock up on the three essentials (bread, milk, and toilet paper) before the storm hit. My kitchen was already well-provisioned, so I just shook my head and laughed at the sight of panicked people pouring into the grocery store that I passed walking to the gym. I wanted to squeeze in a quick workout before the first flakes arrived. By the time I walked through the front door of home, it had just started to snow in earnest. The leaden sky promised that the fun was just beginning.

Cracking open a beer, I was sorting through the mail when the phone rang.

"Hello," I said, cradling the receiver in my neck as I scanned the pile of envelopes and junk.

"Hey ugly, what's going on?"

"Will, is that you?" I replied in disbelief.

"None other, counselor. How's it going, Jack?"

"Well I'll be damned. I'll bet that it's been five years."

It had indeed been five years since I'd seen him, the last time my then-partner Ben and I had gone to the Twin Cities to visit my law school buddy and his wife. We had stayed in fitful email contact in the interim, but we had never managed to connect in person since then. I chalked it up to the avalanche of demands we all had to juggle in our thirties. Sometimes friendships have to take a hiatus, but the solid ones always resume, one way or another.

"So, to what do I owe the honor of this call?" I asked after a few minutes of chit-chat.

"Well, you'll never believe this, but I'm actually in D.C."

"You're shitting me!"

"No, it's your lucky day. I was supposed to fly out this afternoon, but you might know that there's a little snow in the forecast, and they cancelled my flight."

"I can't really say that I'm surprised. This city is pathetic. So, is Sara with you?"

There was a perceptible silence on the other end of the line, and Will cleared his throat. "Actually, we split up about six months ago. I've been meaning to let you know, but it's not the kind of news that's easy to share in an email."

"I'm sorry to hear about that. Welcome to the ranks of single-hood."

"You mean you haven't found anyone to replace Ben?"

"Not for lack of trying, believe me. So, do you have a place to stay tonight? You want to crash here? It'd be great to see you again."

It took Will less than two seconds to take me up on my offer; confirming in my mind that finding shelter in the storm was one of the main reasons for his call. After giving him directions to my place from the Dupont Circle Metro, I set about pulling some dinner together, and maybe forty-five minutes later the doorbell rang.

I could truthfully tell Will that he didn't look like he'd changed a bit. Six-three, broad shouldered, dark curly hair, and an infectious smile; he had the whole package, just like in law school, where many women and not a few men lusted after him.

It was great to catch up over bowls of steaming spaghetti, washed down by an honest red wine. We traded break-up horror stories, compared notes on office politics, and reminisced about some drunken nights our posse had enjoyed after some killer exams. Finally, I broke out the good cigars and poured a couple of scotches.

"So, brother Will, we can either smoke these on the porch and freeze our asses off, or..."

"Or what?" he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Or smoke'em in the hot tub."

Will winked at me. "I bet that's where you lure all the guys. Well, lead the way."

The hot tub was located in a small patio through the French doors in my bedroom. I grabbed some towels out of the linen closet, and then we paused by the bed and started to shuck off our clothes. I honestly tried to be discreet, but I couldn't help glancing his way a couple of times. All I could conclude was that Sara must have lost her mind, to let such a Greek god slip through her fingers. All of the evidence of his athletic nature was still intact, and I felt that familiar drop in my stomach when I glimpsed his thick cock, which still hung as heavy as ever. More than a couple of times over the years I had thought about the times we showered next to each other in the shower at the campus athletic center. He would rattle on about the finer points of contract or tax law, and I would concentrate on keeping one big thing under control. Unlike some straight men, he was completely unselfconscious about being naked around his gay friend. It was very exciting to see that my recollections from those days were not that far away from the current reality.


"Ooooh, that feels nice," he said, exhaling as he slipped down into the bubbling water.

I passed him a cigar and a scotch and offered him a light, and we just sat there for a while, enjoying the soft snow falling around us.

Will broke the silence first. "This is the best. It's really great to be able to pick right back up with you."

I nodded. "Let's not wait so long for the next reunion."

He smiled and nodded, and then he reached over and squeezed the back of my neck. "You got it, buddy."

Looking into each other's eyes, there was a brief silence, and then he pulled my face towards his. Leaning in, he kissed me, tentatively at first and then more insistently. At first I was so surprised that I didn't even think to resist. Soon I was so overcome with lust that I didn't want to resist. He ground his mouth against mine like he was a starving man, and I snaked my tongue out to meet his, to taste and explore. He groaned as my hands roamed over his taut muscles, his hard nipples, his thick cock. He hesitated at first, but soon his inhibitions gave way and he wrapped himself around me. We reveled in the delicious contact, rubbing and rocking against each other.

We both knew what would happen next when I maneuvered him up onto the rim of the steaming cauldron of water. He willingly spread his legs apart, and I began to nuzzle his bobbing prick. God, it was gorgeous, long and thick and crowned by a glistening helmut. I teased him for a bit, licking and nipping along the bottom of his shaft and up to the flap of skin under his head. I could only wait so long, though, before taking him into my mouth. His breath came in ragged gasps as my lips traveled down, inch-by-inch, and by the time my nose came to rest in his bush I was afraid he was going to cum faster than I wanted. Using all of my experience, I began to suck him slowly and carefully, seeking to keep him just on the verge. It was delicious agony for him.

As I sucked, I reached down and alternated between stroking myself and fingering my ass. A fever was developing in side of me, and there was only one thing that would make it break. I needed him on top of me, behind me, inside of me, filling me up, and that was the one goal that I could hold in my mind at that instant. Will soon saw my need, and he reached down and pulled my face out of his crotch. We stood up in the steaming water and kissed, allowing our erect cocks to bounce together. Pulling me by the hand, he led me through the door into my bedroom, where he pushed me down on all fours on the bed. I reached into the nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube, which he took from me. Before long I could feel his slicked-up probe parked against my hole, and I slowly backed up onto it. He must have known that his huge cock had the potential to do some real damage, because he allowed me to control the pace of penetration. Rocking back and forth, I eased him in a centimeter at a time, until finally I felt his body up against my taut butt. He leaned down and put his arms around me, rubbing his chest against my back.

"All inside now," he whispered into my ear. "What do you want now?"

"Oh, man, I want you to fuck me. I just want you to fuck me."

He slowly began to withdraw, leaving a gaping hole deep inside of me, giving rise to a one-dimensional craving that only he could satisfy.

"You say you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh jeez yeah. Please fuck me," I groaned, trying to push back against him as his hands on my buttcheeks held me in place. This was going to be on his terms.

Fortunately, he soon reversed course and began to slide back in. "Are you sure you want me to fill you up?"

"Yeah, fill me up with that cock. Oh fuck, you've got a big cock. It's a fucking monster."

"You just want my cock?"

"Oh fuck yeah, I want your cock, and I want you to fill me up with your cum."

By now he was fucking in earnest, and he reached down and wrapped one fist around my hard-on and began to pump.

"I bet you've wanted my cock for a while, havent you?"

Gasping for breath, I just nodded, and he put his hand on the back of my neck, lightly squeezing.

"I bet you've wanted it ever since you laid eyes on it. Mmmmm. Oh, God, you're ass is tight," he groaned. "I'm gonna pump it full of my cum, you're gonna squeeze out every drop. That's what you want, isn't it." I just grunted in agreement and he reached down and felt my balls. "You're gonna shoot a big load yourself, aren't you? You're gonna spray cum all over the fucking place, aren't you?"

I grunted again and he pulled out. Flipping me over so we were face to face, he used his strong arms to push my legs back, exposing my gaping hole.

"I'm gonna watch you cum," he growled as he slipped back inside, impaling me on his prong. "Shit, I always wondered what this would be like, and its fucking even better than I thought." Sweat poured off of both of us as we ground our bodies together. I could have cum in an instant, but I held off, waiting, watching, building the energy level higher.

I could tell when he was closing in, coming home, his eyes half-open, his jaw slack, his nipples hard and dark, his balls pulling up into their shooting position, ready to pump their sweet contents deep into my guts. As I pumped myself with my hand my ass clenched around his thick cock, gripping it and milking at it as I gave in to the ton-of-bricks orgasm that was bearing down onto me. At that instant his eyes flew open and he got an incredibly surprised look on his face.

"Ohhhh," he cried as he bottomed out inside of me. In one motion he pulled almost all of the way out, before crying out again and filling me up again, once again to the hilt. This time he stayed buried and pressed himself against me, writhing in his release.

Slowly, slowly we both exhaled. We lay together quietly like that for a while, drifting on the edge of consciousness. Finally he eased himself out of me and rolled over to lie by my side. Both of our torsos were covered with sweat and streaked with cum, and I reached over to spread it through the hair on his chest.

"Mmmmm, nice," he murmured.

"Very," I agreed.

We just lay there, touching each other, quietly kissing. Words did not seem necessary. In time, I took him by the hand and led him into the shower, so that we could get cleaned up. We silently washed each other's bodies, taking our time, no places off limits. Neither of us felt a need to cum again, but we did both want to touch and stroke and touch the other, before falling back into bed and drifting off into a deep sleep. A deep and satisfied sleep.

And then, it was morning, and sunlight was streaming through the windows and doors. I stretched, yawned, and looked over to where Will was talking on the phone, his back to me, his naked body on perfect display. I studied his beautiful ass, not really hearing what he was saying to the person on the other end of the line. And then he hung up, turned around, and smiled.

"Hey sleepyhead." He walked toward me, a very firm erection bouncing proudly. "That was the airline. I'm not going to be able to get out until tomorrow. Do you know a place I could stay?"

I reached out and grabbed his cock. "I know just the place."

It was a great snow day.

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