Man for Man

The Long Blizzard


Having grown up in a small town and moved to the city, I never thought I would ever want to return to that sort of atmosphere, but here I was in a log cabin I had had constructed in a remote area of the mountains in Central Oregon. In truth, I had not really returned to small town life, because I was ten miles from the nearest town of any size, and the solitude was almost complete. The cabin had become my weekend and holiday retreat from the pressures and stresses of career and city life.


When I first located the building site overlooking a beautiful valley, I was initially discouraged by the fact that is was six miles from the nearest electric transmission line, and the power company would have charged an astronomical amount to extend power to the site. I then re-assessed the situation and discovered that even without electricity I could still have running water using a reservoir fed from a spring. A little more investigation, and I decided that perhaps I could actually get along without electricity in a weekend place.

So, as built, the cabin's bathroom was at the very back, closest to the water supply. Next came the kitchen with a big wood-burning cookstove that heated water for the bathroom in addition to its other functions. The front room opened off the kitchen, with large windows and bookshelves holding row after row of books. Its wood heating stove threw out a nice even warmth and flickering light on chilly evenings. Upstairs were two large bedrooms. The one I used was at the front side of the cabin, and had a balcony which gave a spectacular view of the valley. To the rear of the upstairs was another bedroom the same size as the front one, but without a balcony.

Light came from oil lamps, and over time I discovered that I really could function for at least a few days at a stretch without "modern conveniences. I did have a battery-powered radio and a cell phone, but they were for emergency-only use. I also had a laptop computer, but no internet connection. Eventually I mastered cooking on the wood-burning cook stove, though most foods I kept on hand had to be of the non-perishable variety. In fact I had managed to collect a hoard of food, and once estimated that I could probably live several weeks on it if I could stand canned bacon, roast beef, and Spam for all that time.

This current visit was in early Fall to make final preparations for Winter, which meant another large stash of food and filling my wood shed to capacity. I had things pretty well taken care of, and was planning to head home the next day. During the night I was awakened a couple times by the sound of high winds, but I managed to just bury myself deeper in the blankets and go back to sleep. When I finally woke up and my watch said it was 9:00, I thought something was wrong because the room was still so dark. I lit a lamp and realized the reason for the darkness was a blizzard so thick and blowing so hard it blocked most of the light.

I hurried downstairs and found the heating stove had almost gone out. Without too much trouble I got it burning and loaded with wood. The kitchen stove had gone out completely, so I had to start it again from cold. Fortunately, the pipes hadn't frozen, but I left the water running to make sure they didn't. With the fires burning and breakfast on the stove I turned on my radio to see if I could get some information about this unexpected and unseasonable storm. All I got was static on every station I tried. My cell phone was the same, even standing outside on the balcony.

I wasn't in immediate danger, as I had plenty of food and fuel and certainly wasn't stupid enough to go out for long in such a severe storm. I spent the rest of the day reading next to the stove, and turned in that night fully expecting things to clear off the next day. However, when I woke up, the weather conditions were the same as before, and the second day passed nearly the same as the first. On the third day I was really starting to understand the term "cabin fever," and most of the fresh food I had brought with me was gone. As much for something to do as for something to eat, I started baking bread, and my efforts resulted in ten loaves, most of which I put in bags and froze on the back porch. That night I went to bed with the now-familiar sound of the howling blizzard. I knew people would be wondering if I was alright, but my efforts to contact the outside world had been no more successful than before.

On the fourth day I awoke to unaccustomed silence, and sunlight streaming through the windows. Outside, the valley was filled with snowdrifts of a size that usually didn't form until mid-Winter. The sunlight sparkled on the snow and ice-covered trees, making an incredibly beautiful scene. However, I was still stranded as much as ever, as there was no way my small 4WD truck could make it through those drifts. At least my cell phone worked, and I was able to let people know that I was alright, but unable for the indefinite future to get home. My other radio worked also, and it was full of reports about the completely-unexpected blizzard, and how search-and-rescue teams were being mobilized to look for overdue hikers and campers.


I ventured outside to examine things and found that the roof of my carport/wood shed had held alright, so at least my vehicle and fuel supply were safe. It was still extremely cold, but the fresh air and sunshine were very welcome after my enforced hibernation. I wondered if I could make it six miles over the snow to the highway, and whether the highway was even open, but decided against leaving the known safety of my cabin for the unknown. I passed most of the day chopping firewood and shoveling snow to make a path around the cabin.

Evening was approaching when I heard what sounded like motorcycles approaching. I wondered if maybe the confinement was causing me to hallucinate, but I did step out onto the porch to investigate. What I had heard turned out to be three snowmobiles approaching the cabin, and in a few minutes they had pulled up. There was one person on each of them, well bundled up in cold-weather gear.

"Hi guys," I greeted them as they shut their engines down, "what brings you up here?"

They all climbed off their snowmobiles, and one of them opened his face mask and smiled. "We're on a search and rescue mission. We've spent the entire day looking for a hiker that was reported missing, and only a few minutes ago we got the word that he was never lost in the first place.... was safe in a motel the whole time!"

"Well, move your snowmobiles around back and come inside to warm up as long as you're here.... you all look like you could use it." The speed at which they moved after my invitation convinced me that my hunch was right-- they really did need a break.

In the kitchen they climbed out of their snow gear, which I put on hooks to dry. Now I could see them a little better, and they all looked to be in their late 20's or early 30's. The guy who introduced himself as Bill had beautiful wavy, thick hair, and even though it was light brown I could tell by looking at his clean-shaven face that the rest of him was probably pretty hairy. He also had dimples which showed most of the time, but even more when he smiled.

The other two guys were named Pete and Gary. Pete had straight, dark hair and a copper complexion, making me wonder if he was a Native American. Gary was blonde, and looked a little like a slightly more mature Matt Damon. Before I could really say anything, Bill asked "may I please use your bathroom? We've been out all day, and it's almost too cold to pee outside!'

I answered "help yourselves, guys. You passed it on the way in." While they took turns in the bathroom I shoved more wood into the cook stove and filled the tea kettle.

As they returned, I said "I've got hot chocolate and tea, but only instant coffee." All three of them said they would take hot chocolate and I filled the mugs I had set out on the counter. They took them gratefully and sat down at the table.

As everyone warmed up, I learned that the three guys were members of a volunteer search and rescue organization which had been very busy since the unexpected and extended snowstorm. Almost an entire day had been wasted looking for someone who wasn't even lost, so they were a little frustrated, and definitely tired. I was also acutely aware that they were all very attractive and sexy, even in their baggy heavy clothes. They were hoping to make it to the ranger station at the opposite end of the valley before nightfall, which would not be long.

Glancing out the window I noticed clouds moving in. I stood up for a better look, and saw snowflakes starting to fall. "Let's have a look at the weather," I said, and we all moved to the front porch. Dark clouds were rapidly filling the sky, and the snowflakes were coming thicker and faster.

After a moment's observation I said "It's not my business to tell you your job, but I really don't think you ought to go out again today... I don't like the look of those clouds, and it's snowing harder as we watch." At just that moment, a gust of wind seemed to cut though our clothes like and icy knife, and we hurried back inside. I continued "I only have two beds, but if you don't mind doubling up I can put you up here for the night... it would be suicide to go out again."


They had a quick conference then Gary, the blonde, said "Thanks for the offer. It saves me from having to ask. We need to report in, and cover up our snowmobiles first, though." At that point I learned that a small case someone had set on the floor was a satellite telephone. They took it outside and reported their location, then covered up their snowmobiles as he had said.

While they were outside I pondered the ramifications of what I was getting myself into. I had just invited three very attractive and probably totally straight guys to spend the night in my cabin. Two of them could sleep in the guest room, but one would have to sleep with me. The only thing I could do was resolve to stay on my side of the bed and try hard to forget someone was in it with me.

With everyone back inside I said "I guess we'd better assign quarters. Like I said, I only have two beds, so two of you can bunk in one of them but one of you will have to bunk with me." As an afterthought I added "or one of you can take the couch down here, though it won't be very comfortable."

Pete, who had not spoken much, said almost immediately "Gary and I will take the one double bed. I guess that leaves you with Bill."

I looked at Bill, secretly pleased at this turn of events, and said "well, I guess we're going to be roomies. Let's go upstairs and I'll show you where things are." I had already lit several oil lamps, and I picked one up and led they way upstairs. There wasn't an awful lot to show them except for where the lamps and bedding were. I hadn't made up the guest bed, so Gary and Pete said they would do it. I quickly showed Bill my room and told him which side of the bed I normally slept on.

Going back downstairs I considered the question of food, and decided to make spaghetti. Before long, I had a couple pans simmering on the stove and one of my new loaves of bread warming in the oven. The guys busied themselves by bringing in firewood and setting the table. As this went on, the storm grew worse outside, and by the time we sat down to eat, it was blowing as hard as ever. We ate pretty much in silence, I think largely because everyone was so hungry.

When everyone was full Bill helped me clear the table and wash dishes. Pete and Gary loaded wood into the heating stove and tried to get news over the satellite phone, which wasn't working very well. Gary said "I don't want to be any more bother than we already are, but would it be OK if we used your shower? It's really sweaty inside this cold weather gear."

I told them I didn't mind at all, and that there would be plenty of hot water as long as I kept the stove going. Pete showered first, coming out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist. I was pretty sure my guess about him being a Native American was correct by now-- his skin had a beautiful copper tone, was almost completely smooth, and he had a pair of the smallest but most pointed and hard nipples I think I'd ever seen. He wasn't overly muscular, but had the kind of body tone that comes from work, and not a gym.

Gary was an interesting contrast-- his skin was also very smooth and incredibly pale. I guessed he was one of those guys whose skin wouldn't tan, but he was still very attractive. He was a more compact than Pete, and I did notice a few wisps of hair between his belly button and the top of his towel. Both he and Pete hurried upstairs to put on a few more clothes, but were down again in the living room quickly.

By now I was really wondering what was under Bill's clothes, and he didn't disappoint me, though when he came out of the bathroom he was wearing a pair of boxer briefs instead of a towel. In contrast to the two other guys, Bill's chest was covered with a mass of light brown hair, and his arms and legs were almost as furry. There was a bit of a bulge in his boxer briefs, but I tried not to stare.

Bedtime was approaching, and Pete said that if I didn't mind he and Gary would go up to bed. I didn't object, but decided I'd have a shower myself before I turned in. I told Bill he could go up if he wanted, but he considerately said he'd wait until I was ready. In the shower, I had a little difficulty keeping my dick down, and I caught myself stroking it more than once. However, I managed to get it under control, and nothing showed under my robe when I came out of the bathroom. Bill and I talked a little, discovering that neither of us was married and that he actually worked for the same log home company that had produced my cabin.


Bill waited until I had things battened down for the night-- taps set at a slow trickle to prevent freezing, and both stoves loaded down with wood. With everything done, I blew out the lamps and motioned for Bill to go up the stairs ahead of me. In my room I quickly changed into a pair of briefs and a t-shirt. Bill had put on some of his outer clothes, but slipped them off so that he was in a t-shirt and shorts like me. The room wasn't very warm, so I blew out the lamp and we both dived under the covers.

A cold bed is always a little shock, but it fortunately warmed up quickly with two bodies in it. Bill was quite tired, so he dozed off in a very short time. It took me a little longer to drift off, but not before I reflected that what I had feared might be an embarrassing, or hoped might be a very hot situation had without any struggle at all become a non-situation. "Oh well, " I told myself, "it could have been a lot worse."

Some time later I had an extremely vivid dream. Someone was sucking my cock, and doing it very well. My hips started to thrust, but as I gradually regained consciousness I began to realize that it wasn't a dream. Someone WAS sucking my cock, and it could only be Bill. His head was under the covers, which rose and fell as his head bobbed up and down. It was very apparent that he wasn't a novice at what he was doing, and he expertly worked his tongue around my dickhead, then swallowed almost all of it down, again and again. I lay there for a few moments enjoying the sensation of the best blowjob I'd had in ages, but I couldn't continue to "play possum" forever.

I reached with my free hand and gently put it on the side of his head. He immediately stopped, and started to pull away from my cock. My other hand, now free, slid over his t-shirt clad shoulder. "Don't you think it might be a little more fun if we both played?" I asked.

He moved, his head popping up from under the covers near mine. "How long have you been awake?!" he asked.

"Not long. I thought I was dreaming, but it was one hell of a dream!"

During this brief exchange Bill was re-positioning himself so that our bodies were again parallel, and without conscious effort our arms wrapped around each other. For me, the sensation of another man's hairy leg brushing mine is very erotic, and I was getting a extra dose this time. Bill's mouth found mine, and we kissed long and hard, tongues exploring mouths, and hands exploring bodies. As I pulled him closer I slid my hands up his back, under his t-shirt.

When I reached his shoulders I said "get rid of this shirt." He raised his arms, and in another second his shirt was across the room. Before I could do anything else, he pulled the same tactic on me, and my shirt was with his. The sensation of his hairy chest against mine was indescribably erotic, making my already-hard cock even harder. I felt Bill's hand around it, gently stroking, and my hand found a hard spot still behind his boxer briefs. I massaged it for a moment, being rewarded with Bill's soft grunts of pleasure.

My hands moved up to the waistband of his shorts, and slipping under it, encountered his furry ass cheeks. He instinctively raised himself off the mattress slightly, and I was able to pull his shorts all the way off. From feel, I guessed his cock was about 7 inches long, and even though he was cut, he had enough skin left to make jacking his cock a little easier. He let me play with his dick for several minutes as we continued to kiss, but eventually I felt his warm hand on my cock, which was still sticking through the fly in my shorts.

"Raise up," he said, and as I did he slid my shorts completely off so that we were at last totally naked, hard cocks rubbing together as we continued making out and feeling each other up. Bill's warm tongue on my ear nearly put me over the edge, and then it started down my neck and collar bone, making me even hotter.

"Just a minute," I murmured softly as I slipped out of bed.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Lighting the lamp. I want to be able to see you."


With the wick down fairly low the lamp gave out a soft, romantic light. I climbed back into bed, but pulled the covers back. In the lamplight I could see Bill's beautiful hairy chest, with the hair narrowing as it crossed his stomach, then spreading out again in one of the thickest bushes I had ever seen. As I had guessed, his cock was about seven inches, tapering to a pointed head as it lay hard on his hairy pubes.

I kissed him softly, then almost immediately had to get my face down onto that chest. I rubbed my cheeks in the hair, and my lips found his right nipple, which I gently sucked until it was hard, and Bill was softly moaning. His cock jumped in my hand as I worked his nip. However, I couldn't wait to follow that hairy trail, and I quickly licked and kissed my way down, then just buried my face in his bush. I love the smell of a just-showered guy, and inhaled deeply.

With my lips wet, I slid them slowly up and down the entire length of his cock several times, his moans of pleasure again rewarding me. Finally I just had to taste his dick, and wrapped my lips around it. The pointed head made it easy as I worked my tongue around it. I couldn't swallow it all, but I took it down as far as I could. I started to stroke and suck at the same time, feeling the hair on my chest brush on his hairy thighs as I bobbed up and down. He started to thrust his hips, but after a couple minutes said "slow down."

Not wanting things to come to a "head" too soon myself, I returned to the head of the bed and Bill's warm lips and welcoming arms. This time it was my turn, and he repeated his already-demonstrated technique of staring with my ear, then neck, then collar bone, and finally to a nipple. My chest wasn't as hairy as his, but my nips are pretty well surrounded. He still had no trouble finding them, and in seconds they were both hard under his ministrations. Then he moved farther down, kneeling between my legs and I got a glimpse of a magnificent, sexy, hairy man leaning over me.

He reached down and grabbed our cocks so he could stroke them together, dickheads rubbing and hairy balls brushing. In just a moment I had to warn HIM to slow down, and he stopped for a moment, releasing both our cocks. The next sensation I felt was that of his warm, wet mouth on my cock. As I already knew, he was an expert cocksucker and soon I was involuntarily thrusting my hips as he mouthed my cock.

After enjoying the blowjob a little while, I murmured "turn around."


"Turn around. I want your dick again." This time he understood, and while not letting my cock out of his mouth, he positioned his knees on either side of my head, with his beautiful cock brushing my face. In an instant I was again working it, sucking all the way down until just the tip was in my lips, then all of it back in my mouth.

He continued to suck me, and our actions became more hurried, both of us sucking and thrusting at the same time. There was no stopping us now-- my balls were about to explode, and Bill's probably were also. Without saying anything, we both knew it was time to finish. I sucked harder and faster, and he did the same as our breathing became fast and shallow. Bill's cock became even more rigid in my mouth a half second before it started pouring what seemed like gallons of cum into my mouth.

At almost the same time my own cock exploded with several days' worth of built-up jsim in one of the most incredible orgasms I had ever experienced. He worked to drain the last drop of cum out of my dick, and I finally managed to sallow all of his. He collapsed on me, and we both just lay there for several minutes recovering.

Despite the hot sex, the room was still cold, and it wasn't long before we began to feel it. Bill moved back up to the pillow. I pulled the covers back up, and we exchanged a nice long "thanks for the blowjob" kiss. Bill, like me, enjoyed the continued contact and cuddling after the Main Event. After several minutes I jumped quickly back out of bed to blow out the lamp, then jumped even more quickly back into bed and his waiting arms.

Eventually, Bill turned on his side and snuggled up against me. As sleep approached, I asked "I wonder what the guys across the hall would think it they knew what we were doing?"

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