Man for Man

The Key to a New World


Eric had managed to find a party the first two nights, and a willing girl on the third. By noon on the fourth he was again out on the beach. Dressed in only sandals and swim trunks his smooth upper body, and his lower legs.


"Hey you!" a voice shouted out. "Hey, you any good at volleyball?"

"I can hold my own," Eric replied looking over at a group of guys gathering around a net.

"Great, we're a man short, wanna play."

"Yeah sure."

Eric jogged over to the net, taking up an available position on the front. It was all guys playing, but there was a decent crowd of mostly girls watching, and like most college guys Eric never missed a chance to show off. Besides, it was the chance to have some mid-day fun.

Eric did fairly well, and quickly found himself high fiving and winning over their respect.

"Hey, my name's Brad,"


"You play pretty well man, and you seem like a good guy."

"Thanks," replied Eric as Brad shook his hand.

"Listen man, we're having a party tonight, you interested?"

"Yeah man, when and where?"

"Great, you familiar with the island at all?"

"Not really, I'm on spring break, " Eric replied as another guy approached.

"Not a problem man," said Brad.

"Yeah," said the other guy, "it's a private party, I got a card with the location right here."

"Thanks man," replied Eric. "So I'll see you guys tonight then."

They parted ways and Eric spent the rest of the afternoon tanning and swimming. Returning to his hotel room he showered got dressed. It was his usual party attire, cargo shorts, and a sleeveless t-shirt, as well as his sandals and lucky hat. >From the map he could tell it was a short walk from the hotel, so he watched a little television and waited until about eleven to go.

Looking at the card Eric realized that it would only take him about ten minutes to walk there. The location was club right on the beach, and there was a ten dollar cover charge. That seemed a bit steep, but considering that the party was at a private club with open bar it seemed justified. Looking at the clock Eric realized that it was already five after eleven. He grabbed a twenty from his wallet, his hotel key, and headed out.

As he expected it only took him about ten minutes to get there, fifteen if you count the time he spent waiting for the elevator. As Eric approached he could hear the party inside, and could see a few guys on the back deck.

Opening the door Eric was stopped by a rather large gentleman.

"This is a private party sir," said the bouncer.

"Oh, I was invited by Brad." Eric replied.

"Hey Eric!" Brad called out as he approached the scene. "Its okay Phil, He's cool."

"Not a problem" replied the bouncer, "that'll be ten."

Eric paid the fee and he and Brad walked down a short hall. As Brad opened the inner door he ushered Eric in. Looking around Eric quickly saw the standard features of any club. There were two bars, one on either side of the large dance floor. The music was loud and the lights continually flashed and changed.

After a quick survey Eric took a second look. The place was about half full, and Eric estimated at least forty or fifty people, but every one of them was a guy.

"Hey Brad," Eric shouted over the music. "I don't see any chicks."

"Why would you?" Brad asked. "Oh shit, you had no clue did you."

"No clue about what?"

"I'm sorry man, I should've told you, this is a party for guys only."

"Are you saying that...."

"Yup," Brad interrupted, "every guy here is either gay or bi. I should've told you man, my bad. If you wanna bounce I understand."

"Don't worry about it, I'm not a homophobe. Besides, I paid my ten bucks, I might as well have a few drinks."

"Awesome man, help yourself."

With that the two parted. Brad headed for the dance floor, and Eric for one of the bars. He ordered a beer and once he got it turned to face the floor. Most of the guys were dressed in a similar fashion to himself, though quite a few had no shirt. Eric watched as men, all of them around his age, danced with other men. It was obvious from their tans that the vast majority were local. As the minutes ticked by more and more seemed to arrive.

It wasn't long before Eric spotted several couples, and even a threesome making out. It was then that something caught his eye. A few of the guys had completely stripped, and about three or four of them were completely erect. A couple minutes later and even more guys were naked.


His eyes were suddenly drawn to the side. Brad was on his knees, blowing one of the naked guys. A few of the guys headed for the deck, still more arrived as others seemed to head through a door labeled "Private Rooms".

"Hey," called out a voice. "I'm Jarrett, you're Eric right?"

"Yeah, you were on the other team this afternoon right?" asked Eric.


Jarrett took the seat next to Eric, placing an order as he did so. He was almost the stereotypical looking surfer, complete with pierced ears. He had think blonde hair that reached to his shoulders, a smooth, well cut but lean body. He was dressed only in cargo shorts, and sandals, and sported a help necklace around his neck. His skin had dark tan, even his nipples were brown, as were his eyes. By Eric's guess he looked to be in his early twenties, and was roughly the same height.

"First time at a party like this?" Jarrett asked.

"Is it that obvious?"

Jarrett laughed. "I take it you've never even been with another guy then have you."

"No man."

"That's a shame," said Jarrett as the bar tender delivered two hurricanes. "You're pretty good looking guy."

"Thanks," Eric laughed in response to the compliment as Jarrett handed him one of the hurricanes. "I can't believe some of the things I'm seeing here."

"Oh yeah man, it gets pretty wild here. Cock sucking is pretty common on the floor, so are hand jobs, and a few guys always end up going a lot further."

"Like in the back rooms?" Eric asked.

"I was just talking about here. Everything you can imagine goes on in the back."

Eric scanned the room, his eyes seeming to fix themselves on two guys in the corner for a moment.

"Look man, I don't really know how to put this, but if you've ever wanted to try anything, this is the place to do it."

Eric took a gulp of his drink. Looking around the room a strange feeling suddenly overcame him. Perhaps it was the alcohol, or maybe even a genuine curiosity, most likely it was a mix of the two. Simply put, Eric found himself becoming somewhat aroused. By now about half the guys were completely naked, and most those guys were erect. Many were touching one another in some way or another. Indeed, Eric could see guys blowing each other almost anywhere he looked.

"Well," Eric started, "I'm straight, but, none of this is bothering me for some reason."

"That's cool man."

Eric was about to take another sip when he spotted one guy in the corner getting down on all fours, and another taking up position behind him.

"Hey," said Jarrett placing a hand on Eric's leg. "Why don't you come with me."

Eric looked down at Jarrett's hand. He really didn't know what to say, but strangely, he could feel a rush of blood to his own manhood.

"Eric," said Jarrett, "Come on man, I promise you won't regret it."

Jarrett got up, prompting Eric to do the same, and after another swallow of his hurricane he did. Walking around the edge of the dance floor Eric couldn't help but to look at the other guys, especially the ones who were proudly displaying themselves. Not even half way around the dance floor he could feel himself growing.

They soon reached the hallway under the sign that read "Private Rooms." It was a dark hall, with black walls and red lights. Most of the doors were closed, a few where open, and looking in one Eric caught a quick glimpse of one guy riding another.

Finally Jarrett found an empty room, and the two went in. It was a small room, maybe ten by ten, the floor had a plush carpet, and there was couch and folding chair. The music from the dance floor could still be heard, but was somewhat muted. The walls and ceiling were black, but the room was well lit.

"Close the door," said Jarrett as he took a moment to adjust to the light.

When Eric turned around from closing the door he could see a large bulge in the front of Jarrett's pants, and by now, was sporting one of his own.

"Now dude, I know this is going to be really different," Jarrett unzipped his fly as he spoke, "but I man, I want to make this as good for you as my first time was."

Eric watched as Jarrett allowed his shorts to fall to the floor. His entire body was tan, and he was completely shaven. His erection stood a good seven inches, and was very think. Although nervous, the sight of Jarrett naked only added to Eric's own sense of arousal.


Jarrett walked up to Eric and placed his hands on Eric's waste.

"Dude, I...."

"Hey man," Jarrett interrupted, "How about we get these clothes off you."

As Jarrett undid Eric's shorts Eric pulled off his shirt. Jarrett placed his thumbs under the elastic of Eric's boxers, and dropping to his knees pulled Eric's shorts and boxers down to his ankles.

Fully erect Eric was about six inches long, and not quite as thick as Jarrett. He sported a light bush around his cock, but was fairly smooth aside from that. Both Jarrett and Eric were circumcised.

Jarrett glanced back up at Eric, but only briefly, he then placed a hand on Eric's leg, and slid it back onto Eric's right ass cheek. Next Jarrett opened his mouth slightly, and stuck out his tongue. Gently grasping Eric's scrotum with his free hand, Jarrett proceeded to lick Eric's manhood, starting at the base, and working towards the tip. Once he had reached this goal he opened his mouth further, and drew Eric's cock into his mouth, engulfing it entirely.

Eric's head dropped back, he never imagined that a guy could give head like this. Jarrett was slowly but firmly working him and it felt incredible. Already fully erect, Eric's manhood soon began to ache, it was an incredible sensation. He had never felt more turned on in his entire life.

Jarrett greedily consumed every inch of Eric, as badly as he wanted to swallow Eric's load there was so much more he wanted as well. After only a minute he pulled back, releasing Eric's cock, and gave him a kiss on his left testicle.

Standing up Jarrett pressed stood only a few inches from Eric. He reached down and pressed Eric's erection to his own. After a moment he released them, then, took Eric's hand.

"Put you hand on my cock Eric," said Jarrett as he placed a hand on Eric's chest.

Eric took a deep breath, then reaching forward, grasped Jarrett. Focused entirely on his hand Eric could feel every bump and vein, it was warm, and rock hard.

"There, see," Jarrett smiled rubbing one of Eric's nipples, "it doesn't bite. Now, stroke me, very slowly."

Eric slowly pulled his hand back, and then pushed it forward, all without releasing Jarrett. Although it seemed so foreign at first it soon felt natural to Eric.

"I never though I'd hold another dude's cock."

"Feels good, doesn't it," replied Jarrett.

"Yeah, I can't believe it, but it does."

"You're doing good for a first timer. Hey Eric, I won't force you man, but if you want to, you can suck me."

Eric released his grip on Jarrett, and got down on his knees. Just as he opened his mouth Jarrett placed a hand on his head.

"Hey, don't try to take the whole thing," said Jarrett. "It's your first blowjob, so don't try to impress me, just take what you can."

Eric leaned forward, and closed his eyes as Jarrett's tip made contact with his tongue. After a brief pause he pushed forward, taking in about two of Jarrett's seven inches.

"I'm sorry man," said Eric as he pulled back, "That's all I can take."

"Hey, don't worry about it. Listen, it takes some practice to swallow the whole thing. Just take what you can, and stroke the rest with your hand."

Eric leaned forward again, and once more took the first two inches of Jarrett's cock. Reaching up he grasped the remainder with his right hand.

"Yeah, that's it," Jarrett said in an encouraging tone. "Oh man, that feels good man, you're doing good."

Eric was almost in a state of disbelief, but having Jarrett's cock in his mouth and hand felt incredibly erotic. In fact, it was almost as much of a turn on as receiving a blowjob. A thrill shot through his body, he almost felt as if he was getting away with doing something he shouldn't. Feeling more at ease he was able to swallow another half inch.

"Oh dude that feels so good," said Jarrett, "Yeah, oh yeah. Shit man I think you lied, I think you've done this before."

Eric pulled back, "No, I swear man."

"No, I believe you, come on, let's go over to the couch."

Eric stood up and two walked over to the couch. Jarrett placed his hands on Eric's shoulder's and prompted him to sit. As Eric did so Jarrett knelt on the floor, and both spread Eric's legs and pulled his lower body to the edge of the couch.


For a second time Jarrett began to lick Eric's cock, as well as his scrotum. What Eric couldn't see was that Jarrett had reached under the couch and found one of the complimentary bottles that was underneath. Continuing to lick Eric, Jarrett opened it, and rubbed the lotion all over his middle finger.

"Now dude, I don't want you to freak, so I'm going to tell you, I'm going to finger you."

Suddenly Eric could feel a small object putting pressure on his tight hole.

"Ah, oh man," Eric moaned out as Jarrett's middle finger penetrated his lower body. "Oh shit dude, oh man."

"Eric just relax, that's it, you are so tight man."

Eric looked down at Jarrett, who had by now sunk his finger as deep as he could. Jarrett pulled his finger slowly back until only the tip remained inside, and then pushed it all the way in. He pulled back again, but as he pushed in for the third time he also inserted his index finger. All the while he continued to lick Eric's throbbing erection.

"Oh my god man that feels so weird and cool at the same time," said Eric.

"If you think that's cool, well..."

"Well what?" Eric asked.

"Man, there's so much I want to do with you," Jarrett answered as continued to finger Eric. "Are you open man, are you willing to try it all dude?"

"Yeah man, I mean, I've never been so turned on, its like, man my cock is so fucking hard it hurts."

"Mine too, I love that feeling."

"Yeah, so do I."

"Eric man, I want you to get on the floor, and bend over the couch."

Eric stood up, and turning his back to Jarrett knelt down and bent over the couch. Jarrett took hold of Eric's firm cheeks, and pushed them apart. Extending his tongue and leaning forward, Jarrett licked a line from Eric's scrotum to his rosebud.

Eric cooed out. This was the kinkiest thing in his mind so far. He could feel Jarrett's tongue circle his hole several times, then, with a little pressure, it pushed inside just a bit.

"That feels so fucking good man," Jarrett moaned softly, "Holy shit that feels good."

Jarrett then leaned back, withdrawing his face from Eric's ass. He pushed his body back from the couch, and then laid back. Eric turned to look at Jarrett, not sure what to do.

"Eric man, get on top of me, I wanna sixty nine you man."

Eric smiled as he turned his body. Crawling on all fours he brought his groin to Jarrett's face, and turned to Jarrett's was in his. As he lowered himself he could feel Jarrett swallow his cock. In turn, he swallowed the first two inches of Jarrett.

This was the king of turn-ons, not was Eric getting his own cock sucked, but he was sucking one as well. At the same time he feel Jarrett rubbing his ass. Try as he might Eric couldn't suck in anymore of Jarrett's cock, to make matters worse he was now primarily concentrating on not blowing his load. Jarrett could sense this, and as such he pushed up on Eric's lower body.

"Eric I wanna fuck you so bad man."

Eric rolled off of Jarrett, "Okay man, but..."

"Hey, just trust me okay. I want you to turn over, and get on all fours."

Eric did as he was told, he was both nervous and excited. Jarrett reached over to his shorts, and pulled out a condom. Tearing the wrapper with his teeth he wasted no time applying it. Next he grabbed the lotion bottle, and slathered the condom. He then squeezed some into his hands, which rubbed on Eric's hole.

"Alright man, just relax."

Eric tried, but it was a tall order. Jarrett pushed his legs fairly wide, and he could feel a pair of hands opening his ass. Next he felt what he knew was the tip of Jarrett's spear against his tightly puckered hole. With one push Eric felt an immense pain.

"Oh shit!" he cried out as Jarrett sank deep inside him.

"Hey dude, its okay man, just relax."

Jarrett Held hi cock deep inside Eric for a moment, allowing Eric to adjust. After a couple minutes he pulled back, and then slowly sank back in. For Eric the pain was still there, but nowhere near as bad as before. Again Jarrett held himself deep inside for a moment.

As he pushed in a third time Eric's pain mixed with a new feeling. On top of that the pain itself began to feel good to Eric. Jarrett pulled back a fourth time, but there was no pause, as soon as he was all the way in he pulled back. A slow and steady rhythm developed. Eric grunted and groaned. It was an incredible feeling be fucked for the first time.


"Oh my god man you're so tight," Jarrett moaned. "Oh shit you feel so good inside." Slowly Jarrett increased his pace.

Eric tried to speak, but could only grunt and moan. As Jarrett filled and emptied his lower body his own cock throbbed and ached.

"Oh my god dude," Jarrett called out, "Oh god I'm gonna fuckin' cum man."

Jarrett tried his best to last as long as he could, and was able to put up a good fight, but Eric's tight ass made it a battle he could never win. Feeling he was about to blow he pulled his cock from Eric's ass.

"Fuck dude," Jarrett half moaned half yelled. "Roll over and open your mouth."

Eric rolled onto his back, his ass throbbing, and opened his mouth. Jarrett ripped off the condom. Crawling on his knees he sat on Eric's chest, but kept most of his weight off.

With a loud moan Jarrett exploded. His milky load sprayed out, landing on Eric's face, a good portion in his mouth. To Eric it tasted both salty and sweat, and the warm cum on his face was incredibly arousing.

Jarrett stroked his cock for another few seconds, allowing more of his semen to land on Eric's chest and throat. Releasing his cock Jarrett collected the load with his fingers, dipping them into Eric's mouth who in turn gladly licked and the sucked them off.

"Dude that was so incredible for me," Jarrett said.

"I can't believe it," replied Eric. "Your cock felt so good in my ass. Oh my god I'm so..."

"Hey man, don't worry, I won't leave you hanging." Jarrett stood up, and reached down to help Eric up. "Go sit on the chair man."

Eric walked over to the chair. It was a padded folding chair, so he didn't have to worry about the cold steel so much on his skin as he sat. Once seated Jarrett approached him with a second condom in his hand, which he applied to Eric's cock.

"I'm gonna ride you dude," said Jarrett, "so just relax and let me take care of things."

Jarrett straddled both the chair and Eric's legs. Grasping and opening his own ass Jarrett lowered himself onto Eric's erection, resting his own cock, now only at half mast on Eric's stomach. Once fully seated he bought one of his hands to Eric's chest, and took his own nuts in the other to avoid sitting on them. With a smile he raised himself back up.

"Oh man that feels good," said Eric as Jarrett lowered himself again.

"Thanks man, I'm no virgin but I keep my ass pretty tight. I only let certain guys fuck me." Jarrett took up a very slow pattern of raising and lowering himself on Eric's cock. "The moment I saw you I thought you had potential, and when Brad told me tonight you'd never been with a guy, I knew I had to have sex with you."

"I'm glad you did," Eric moaned as pressure began to build in his loins.

"Oh man, I wanna do so much with you." As Jarrett spoke his own cock began to grow once again.

It was more than Eric could take, to relieve some of the tension he began to moan, desperately trying to hold back from unleashing his load.

"Eric man its okay, just let go and cum, I'll make you stiff again, I'm gonna make you cum so much tonight, and if you want we can even join some other guys."

"Jarrett, I...Oh fuck." With that Eric lost it. He could feel his juices streaming out into the condom.

Jarrett pushed himself down as hard as he could onto Eric's cock.

"Jarrett man" said Eric, "Oh man that felt...."

"I know, remember man, I'm a guy just like you."

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.