The Help: The Mechanic

It was a cold night and Brian was heading home from a friends house. Deciding to take the country roads was out of the desire to avoid as much traffic as he could and he had succeeded in doing that. There were no cars at all on the road. He also figured if he was alone on the road he could help himself relieve some pressure from between his legs.

Once he was far from any civilization Travis slipped a hand off the wheel and undid his pants and reached into his boxers and pulled out his semi-hard cock. It was already at seven inches and only needed three more to get fully hard. There was already some pre-cum on his cock head. Having helped his close friend Nate work on his house he had gotten excited watching his ripped friend lifting things and bending over and so forth. But he couldn't do anything there, that would have been wrong, even though he had already fantasized about fucking him. He rubbed his cock head a bit and got some of the sticky precum on his finger and slipped the finger into his mouth and licked it off. It was amazing.

He then wrapped his hand around his cock and started to jack off He thought about his friend. Imaged bumping into his friend with an erection and his friend making a comment along the lines of, "Watcha got packing." He then would drop his pants and show Nate. Nate then got down on his knees and started sucking on Brian's cock then pulled his pants down and bent over a table and told him to fuck him hard. Brian then did that.

As he was jacking off his car suddenly made an uncontrollable jerk towards the right and he drove off the road and ended up in a ditch. Slamming his hand on the steering wheel he grabbed his phone and dialed the tow company he knew and got a man named Jonas on the phone. He sounded black and thuggish to Brian, and immediately he felt himself get hard again. The thought of a black man fucking him really turned him on, especially if they were big. He told Jonas what had happened and Jonas said he'd be out there in a few and not to worry they could work on his car at the shop.

When Brian hung up the phone he tossed it aside and went back to what he was doing before his car interrupted. It wasn't long before he shot his load. Covering his cock and hand Brian cleaned up as much as he could by licking it off. Shortly after slipping his cock back into his pants the tow truck pulled up in front of him. Brian climbed and saw that indeed it was a tall muscular thuggish looking black man. He wore a grey tank-top that was really tight and some saggy jeans that showed off his red plaid boxers.

They hooked the car up to the truck and Jonas then offered to give Brian a ride. He felt himself harden at just the mentioning of ride and climbed into the passenger seat of the tow truck. Jonas took off and headed towards the shop. As they drove Jonas didn't say a word, just played his rap music and drove a bit too fast for Brian's tastes but he also was getting excited about the whole thing.

They arrived at the shop and Brian looked the car over then came back into the waiting room and told Brian the news.

"Well, the good news is, it can be fixed tonight."

"And the bad news?"

"It's gonna cost you about two hundred and eight nine dollars."

"Fuck! I don't have that on me, can I make a payment now and go from there."

"Naw, man I can't do that. The boss would fire my ass if I did that."

Brian swore under his breath then remembered Jonas did mention that he was the only one there that night so he figured he'd try something and see where it would go. "I don't have the cash or a credit card with me. But, I'd be willing to pay in any way; I'd be willing to do anything."

Jonas, who was leaning against a wall at an angled seemed to be looking Brian up and down and then said, "Anything you say?"

Brian approached Jonas and was within kissing range and said, "Anything." He reached down and rubbed Jonas' crotch and felt no resistance. "Anything and everything."

Jonas smiled and moved away from the door and motioned for Brian to follow him. He led Brian to a small break room where there was a couch and table and a few chairs as well as a vending machine. Once they were both in there Jonas closed the door and undid his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers. Jonas's cock was huge. It had to be like twelve inches long and Brian swore like 4 inches thick. It was a monster. The cock was at full erection and the balls hung fall beneath it.

"Suck it bitch!" Jonas said.

Brian got on his knees and placed a hand at the back of the cock and began to suck Jonas's cock. As he did he played with his balls. His cock was shaved clean. Suddenly Jonas placed a hand behind Brian's head and began to thrust into Brian's mouth who just relaxed and let Jonas fuck his mouth. Jonas was enjoying it as was Brian.

Brian reached down and undid his own pants and pulled his own equally large cock and started to jack off. Jonas caught a glimpse of his cock and said, "Damn boy, you gots yourself a big cock for a white boy." Brian just smiled at him.

Jonas pulled his cock out of Brian's mouth and told him to bend over the table. Jonas bent over the table and Jonas pulled Brian's pants and boxers down to his ankles then spread his legs apart as far as they'd go. He knelt down, grabbed Brian's cock and started to jack it off as he licked his ass hole. Brian moaned and groaned as he felt Jonas' tongue dart across his puckered asshole.

Jonas stopped doing everything he had been doing and stood up, place a hand on Brian's back and another on his own cock then placed his thick cock head against Brian's small asshole. Without saying anything he shoved it in and began to thrust hard and fast. Brian's cock smacking back and forth against the edge of the table and Jonas' own balls smacked against Brian's ass. Brian screamed out in pleasure as he felt his ass widen as the cock went deeper into his ass. Soon the cock was balls deep into him.

As Jonas fucked him Brian kept telling to go harder and faster and don't slow down. Jonas was about to cum so he pulled out and told Brian to get on his knees. As soon as Brian did Jonas started to jack off and before Brian knew it he shot the thickest and largest load of cum he had ever seen. It wouldn't stop. It was like a fucking hose. There wasn't a place on his face that wasn't covered in the man's cum. Brian enjoyed the whole thing. Jonas stepped away, his cock swinging between his legs, still semi-hard, and grabbed a towel and tossed it to Brian who wiped his face clean.

Brian stood up to say something but Jonas grabbed him, threw him to the floor. Brian caught himself on his hands and knees and Jonas knelt behind him and fucked him again. This time he fucked harder and deeper than before. Brian didn't even know it could get harder or deeper, but it did. He swore Jonas' balls had gone in a few times. This time Jonas shot his load into Brian's ass. When he was done Jonas lay on his back under Brian's ass and told him to push the cum out. Brian did the best he could and pushed and grunted like he was shitting and the cum slid out of his ass and into Jonas' mouth.

When the last drop fell out Jonas crawled out and walked over to where Brian's face was and told him to look up. Brian looked up and Jonas, who was leaning down opened his mouth and let the cum fall from his mouth into Brian's mouth who eagerly accepted it all. Jonas told him not to swallow until he had it all in his mouth. Being the good slut he was Brian obeyed and waited until Jonas stopped spitting it out. Then he swallowed the largest load he'd probably ever swallow.

"Wanna fuck me now?" Jonas asked.

"Hell yay!" Brian said.

Jonas got on his hands and knees and looked back at Brian. "Well, fuck me."

Brian got behind Jonas and placed his cock on the opening and then forced his cock in. Once in Brian began to fuck Jonas hard and deep. Jonas reached between his legs and started to jack off. Brian had an idea and pulled his cock out. He then moved to the couch, sat on it and had Jonas come over and sit on his cock. Jonas did and began to ride Brian's cock and Brian reached and grabbed the man's thick cock and started to jack him off. As they were fucking Jonas shot his load all over Brian and then Brian filled Jonas's ass with his cum. But Jonas kept ridding. Cum dripped down his cock. Soon he felt the urge to cum again and again he filled Jonas' ass with cum.

Jonas pulled himself off and knelt down and started to suck Brian's cock. As he did he slipped a finger into Brian's ass and started to finger his ass. Soon he slipped a second and then a third finger into his ass. Brian was enjoying it so much he shot a third load into Jonas's mouth. Jonas then Removed Brian's dick from his mouth pulled Brian to the floor placed his cock over Brian's mouth and began to suck Brian while Brian sucked his cock. They both shot a load into the other's mouth.

Just after they had gotten done sucking each other off the door knob turns and Brian is like fuck man, caught. Another black man enters the room and seeks Jonas sitting there with legs propped up and spread and sees Brian trying to hide.

"What the fuck man?!? I can't work on a fucking car in the garage without you fucking someone?"

"Well, he did fuck me too."

"Fuck man, get over here."

"Who me?" Jonas asks.

"No, the white boy, get your ass over here boy."

Brian walks over to the new man who pulls his pants down slams Brian onto the table and fucks him. As he fucks him he sees Jonas jacking his cock then slips behind the new man who spreads his ass and leans over Brian's back. There's a gentle grunt and then Brian starts to feel the new guy's cock being thrust into him by Jonas' thrusting.

They stop fucking and the new tells Brian to get on the ground doggy style. He does and the new guy fucks his ass while Jonas gets on his knees and has Brian suck his cock. They keep at this until they are both about to cum then stop, have Brian sit on the ground and they cum all over him. His face is dripping with cum. The new guy grabs him, throws him on the ground, spreads his ass and lays on top of him and fucks him again, harder this time. He is about to cum so he pulls out, cums on Brian's back then walks over to Jonas, gets on his hands and knees and Jonas fuck him. Brian crawls over to the new guy and climbs under him and starts to suck his cock. The new guy lowers himself down onto Brian's cock and sucks him as Jonas fucks his ass. Jonas cums into the new guys ass. Brian cums into his mouth.

After they are done Jonas and the new guy get dressed and walk towards the door. "Btw, it was some a branch that got caught in your tire." Jonas says as he puts his shirt back on. "But I enjoyed the fuck."

The new guy laughs and says, "And loved that tight ass of yours, even after taking Jonas' cock u were still tight. Fuck, id fuck you again, I'd fuck you forever. But I gotta get home to my woman and fuck that pussy. Latta bitch."

Feeling somewhat used Brian gets dressed and climbs into his car and heads home. As he gets home he notices he has a voice mail from his friend Nate. He decides to play it.

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"Hey man, this is Nate. I know this is going to sound like totally weird but here it goes. When you were over here helping me tonight I couldn't help but notice you were hard. I know your calling me a fag right now. But, it turned me on and I got hard too. In fact, and this is so gay, I jacked off and cum so hard after you left. All I could think about was us fucking each other. Like I said, it's weird I know but I had to tell you."

Brian called Nate immediately. "Hey man."

"Hey Bri, what's up?"

Chuckling he said, "If I told you would you sit on it?"

"What?!?" There was some silence then, "Are you serious?"

"Man, I wanted to fuck your ass the moment I saw you take your shirt off."

"You're gay?"

"I'm beginning to think I am either very bisexual or gay." More silence then the sound of a zipper being pulled down. "Are you jacking off?"

The familiar sound of someone jacking off and then, "Yes. What are you doing."

Brian put his car in reverse and pulled out of his driveway. "I'm heading back to your place to fuck you."


"Yes man, seriously."

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