Man for Man

The great homosexual debate


I am married. The wife has no clue how strong my need to get a certain itch scratched by another man with a hard on. I get so hard my knees get weak thinking about getting laid by a man.


I have only a few gay friends, but they are intense for me because we also have sex. I was going over to see Gary. He is in an open gay relationship. Every time I go over there, I pet the dog, say hello to his partner, then go down to the basement with Gary. I sometimes think I should let Gary's partner do whatever he likes to do to me as a way of saying thanks for letting Gary fuck me in the ass. I don't recall Gary's partner's name, how impolite.

We decided to set up this session as a debate: is homosexual sex an act of aggression and rape, or is it an act of love? All kinds of male animals compete like crazy to get girl cunt. Rams charge head to head, there is all kinds of fighting and bluffing. I took the position that anal sex was the form of sexual combat, one man dominating the other enough to fuck him. Homosexual rape for the winner, the loser gets to wank off to his virility. Gary took the other side. He makes love to other men. He listens what his partner needs, which happens to often be aggressive, and delivers to the pleasure of both men in heat.

I am very aware of my body as I descend into the basement. My body remembers the kissing, being naked here, fondled, sucking cock, getting rimmed for the longest time, getting fucked, and cumming, lots of cum. Gary was able to make more cum flow out of my balls than the wife. We play with it when we are done, celebrating all that man seed. Gary is a nice guy, will hold you after the shots that are heard all around the bed (perhaps upstairs).

I always take a shower before having sex with a man. Butts were made for dumping, not for sex, so I want to make sure its primary role is not so obvious. Sex is aggressive, all guys are good at that part, yet it is difficult to also be polite. I view a fresh shower, so fresh there is still water on the skin, to be part of good sextiquette. As important, it gets me ready for it all, whatever it all turns out to be, because I am naked, wet, and get a chance to play with both my balls and a-hole. Gary has already taken his shower, so he is just watching, a big grin on his face. I turn away from that smile, which I suspect gets a little broader. I've been told by many men who have stood looking from where Gary was, that I have a cute ass. Each glute cheek is small, firm, little hair, and should you message them, gets me to moan because it is all connected to my brown man-love button. I drop my pants, and bend at the waist to step out of my trousers, but more to give Gary a very clear look at my anus. My hole can feel that he is looking right at it - he is a gay man that wants to fuck ass.

Still bent over, I say to him, "You want to homosexually rape me." I tighten my hole to end the sentence.

"I do!" Gary said. I almost considered that a point for my team, but Gary did not advance from where he was leaning on a doorway.

Still bent over, in my low voice, I said "I have to get everything clean". I sucked on a finger like a cock, getting it full of saliva, and reached back to my exposed asshole. I ran small circles around the edge, getting my hips to sway. I could tell Gary's hand was on his own cock, and he was playing with himself enjoying the joys of an awakening cock. I let my middle finger stop right on the hole, and pressed in. We both caught our breathe together. Damn, point for Gary. I stood up, but kept my hand on my ass crack. It feels good, and it feels better because Gary was watching.

I step over into the shower, leaving the curtain open, happy to give Gary views. I use excessive amounts of soap, enjoying the feeling of being slick. I raise an arm and scrub my pit vigorously. I catch myself thinking of Gary licking my pit, part of his man making love to another man plan, and I realize I want him to lick my pit, so open, manly. With his weight on me, he kisses me as men who are somewhere in the middle of hot sex do. Lathered my other pit the same way, the same thoughts, and I knew Gary was winning the debate, leaning against the door messaging his cock, and watching me get lost in explicit homo-erotic thoughts.


My cock was flying at half staff, happy to be soaped up. My balls where is full motion inside the sack, and enjoyed all the slick soap. I must admit, it was my back door that pleaded loudest for soap. Before I was even aware of it, my asshole had invited a finger in. It slid in so easily, I worried about what kind of slut I was becoming in this shower. I thought again about Gary eating my pits, and I wanted to make sure the finger wasn't an accident, it was a clear homosexual act, so I pushed in another finger. That caused me to moan, things were happening with my tail, and there was no stopping it, just riding it. I usually don't go this far, but I was going with it, and let a third finger go in. I know it means my hole is open enough for cock. I took a big gulp of air, and took the fingers out, made sure there was no soap on my body, and turned the water off.

Gary, being a nice guy, had left the towel out for me. I picked it up, and asked, "Could you dry me off?"

"Sure!" He looked both happy to do the job and horny. You might say that none of his touches were sexual, but he was touching me everywhere, and I wanted him to touch me everywhere. Homosensual? Our bodies were learning to make contact with each other everywhere. The skin felt good all over, I was relaxed. I could see his erection had gone full, but I was dry now, so he took me by the hand and lead me to the bed room. I felt a rush of sentimentalism, the way he held my hand as we were off to the king size bed, a manly platform for man to man sex. He indicated that I should get under the covers. That was kind of odd, since I clearly was ready for sex, all naked and clean, but I trusted Gary. I was on my side, facing away from him. He spooned me, his chest against my back, my tail in his crotch. My butthole was looking for his cock, that's why it was wiggling. He held me and lightly stroked me, stopping at my nipples for a little pinch. I purred to let him know I was enjoying myself. He lifted my arm and started to lick my pit. He did see me in the shower. Today, my arm pit was my hyper erotic body part and now Gary was giving it full loving attention

He put his lips next to my ear, "I will make love to you... by raping you." Not sure who wins with that line, but it was as if gas had been spilled on my ass and lit fire. I ground my but against his pelvis, my hole, all on it own, trying to give an open target for a bareback fuck. Both Gary and I play safe, yet my cunt was looking to be a loose bitch. Gary kept repeating words in my ear, "Man love... rape". The way my legs had spread open, he knew he could, and those words, "man love... rape", kept me trying to think in my sexual daze. I twisted out of the spoon, and got him on top of me, we were locked in a passionate kiss. As his tongue was deep down my throat because I wanted him in deep, I figured it out: making love between two men can be aggressive, in fact, is better when it is aggressive. Rape equals consensual ravaging.

Now I know, we usually do lots of other things, from blow jobs to rim jobs, but my sexual epiphany put me in a different mood.

I pushed him off me, and looked him in the eye. "Get your hard cock in my man pussy. Let's make man love."

Nice guy that Gary was, his animal brain took over, and he had the condom on in no time, gave me a four finger lube salute. There should be a rule in the gay sex community that no anal sex happens until one man gets four fingers in, then all men would know they could bottom for another man. Sexual knowledge is sexual power. Gary and I know this, that is why we have fucked each other. Now there he was, man perched to slide into tight man cunt. I love making those little adjustments together, trying to find that alignment, so he can press in, and like a good little expectant bitch, I wait for his cock head to press in. No one ever talks at that time, the first time the cockhead gets past the tight sphincter, but if you are kissing, like Gary and I were kissing when it happened, then you both know through the kiss. It is awkward to kiss then, but worth the strains. Gary waits, knowing that first thrust can hurt. It takes time to relax, Gary waits more. As we wait, and make out, I am starting to feel this man love thing is changing, from man love to Gary making love to me, and with that, I shift my tail to grab more cock. I really want it all, all the way in, to feel his manly balls against my firm bubble butt. That has to be such a sight, his cock all the way in my ass! I reach down to my cock , which is a bit overwhelmed by all this, at half staff, but feeling amazing, so full of this man. A few strokes and it is hard. I want to cum BIG for Gary who is making love to me like men do to men, my breathing gets deep, the moans low, he knows I am going to blow, and he knows it will be a big one.

"Agghhhh!" Spasm, and cum jets out of my cock, hitting both Gary and me and the pillow beyond. But I want to work this one deep into the count, and hug Gary as the eighth, ninth spasms wear down. Gary is still fucking me, and although it doesn't usually happen after blowing my wad, this time I still wanted him to fuck me. I pinch my butt hole down. I looked him in the eye, "hard cock in man pussy". He pick up his pace. I took cum from my chest, and spread a little on his lips.

"Man fucker", I flexed my arms and flat gut. He was building to blow, and I put some cum on his nipples.

"Agghhhh!" I could feel his spasms with my hole. His breathing eventually calmed down. Being polite, he was starting to withdraw.

"No, let's keep it in. It feels more homosexual that way, like we really made love, man to man, this time." We kissed again, he let his weight go, so the only thing between us with my cum.

Eventually he slipped out. Eventually I did take another shower (after a post-fucking rim job). Eventually I did get on my way.

I lost the argument, we did make love. It was not the love of a life time. Gary is still with his partner, I am with mine. For a few hours, Gary and I did connect at a deeper level than most people ever do, man to man by man in man. All I have to do is touch my man love button, and the balls start stirring up good memories of homosexual ravaging.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.