Man for Man

The Burglar and the Cop


Dave's Story

I'd come home early on this hot, summer day, just wanting to enjoy the warmth, and sit out on my deck and have a cold beer or two. It had been a long work week, and my secretary told me I should just take the afternoon off and have some down time. Police work was draining these days, especially with all the drugs and gangbangers in the city. I'd been a detective for the last three years, and the workload just kept growing.


It had been a tough week, and I convinced myself on the drive home that an afternoon on the deck, with a few beers and my guitar and maybe a good book was just what I needed.

My buddy, Kyle, had called me that morning, and said he wanted to come over later today, and check out my music collection. Kyle was a music nut, and we had talked several times about his interest in looking at my collection. He's a probation officer, and we ended up running into the same group of perps time and again: petty thieves, dopers, failed criminals.

"I'll be over this afternoon. And, just to make it interesting, just pretend I'm a burglar. I want to have some fun today," Kyle said, as we ended the call.

As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that the front door was ajar. I'm pretty meticulous about locking things up before I leave, and so the open door brought me right out of my "afternoon off" mode. The neighborhood had had a few burglaries lately, and so I was pretty nervous. I grabbed the extra set of handcuffs and the can of pepper spray I always kept in the car.

I eased out of the car, and slipped around the side of the house, beside the side yard fence. I heard music playing. I looked into the living room through the French doors on the deck, and saw him sitting on the ottoman, rifling through my collection of CDs.

"The little punk," I thought, anger rising inside of me as I realized there was a man in my house, going through my things.

My police training kicked into high gear, and I sneaked back around to the front door, and silently slipped into the house, my pepper spray at the ready. The music was extra loud, so I was planning on him being oblivious to my movements.

As I entered the living room, he was still bent over, thumbing through my box of CDs on the floor, next to the stereo. He glanced over at me, just in time to get the full force of my kick to his chest, throwing him onto his back, against the couch.

I kicked his arms out from under him, rolling him over, pushing his face flat on the floor, and then kneed him in the back, pushing his chest flat against the floor. Then, I grabbed his hands, and thrust them behind his back, slipping the handcuffs onto one hand, clicking them roughly, and then grabbing and securing his other hand behind his back. The second cuff locked in with a loud snap.

I took out my handkerchief, and quickly rolled it into a long roll, and tied it around his mouth and head, muffling his cursing and yells. He kept thrashing, trying to fight me. He kept trying to roll away from me, pinned by my knee in his back.

He calmed down a bit, overcome by my weight on his chest, and his cries subsided to quiet moanings and groans. He seemed to direct his focus onto his own miseries, and so I took the time to get up, turn off the music, and closed and locked the front door.

I made a quick check of the rest of the house, to make sure he didn't have a partner with him. The house was in order, except for where he had been pawing through my CDs. I stowed my pepper spray in the drawer in the hall and closed the curtains.

When I returned to the living room, my burglar was still prone on the floor, his hands cuffed behind him, moaning and slobbering into the carpet. I went into the kitchen, to get myself a beer. I'd worked up quite a thirst, and I wanted to cool off while I pondered what to do with Mr. Burglar.

He began to try to talk through the gag, but I put my hand over his mouth, and told him to shut up. I sat on his back, and popped open my beer, dribbling a bit of the foam on his neck. He flinched with the cold, and tried to shake me off of his back.

I took his wallet out of his baggy jeans, which were nearly off of his waist, and looked through it. There were a few twenty dollar bills, a movie rental card, an expired driver's license, and the business card of a local probation officer, Kyle Jones. In the back of the wallet was a well worn condom package, and an old high school student body card.

Using the toe of my shoe, I rolled Mr. Burglar over, to look at his face. He wore a well-worn T shirt, with the arms hacked off, his armpits covered in a thick bush of black curls. His bare arms were surprisingly muscular, given his thin chest and skinny stomach. The shirt had ridden up his belly button, showing off his white belly, covered with fur.


His boxers rode above his baggy jeans, and I could see the top of the front flap of his shorts, and the beginnings of the bulge of his cock. I felt a twinge in my own cock, and I began to wonder if this afternoon at home was wasted after all. He looked good enough to play with, for quite a while. Especially that bulge in his jeans.

His chest heaved with nervous energy, and his eyes showed his fear and anticipation of what was in store for him. With his cuffed hands now on the floor behind his back, his chest was thrust out, and I could see the projections of his nipples through the thinning cloth of the shirt. I wondered what delights lay under the shirt, and how wonderful his skin would feel to my hands.

Kyle, yeah that was the name on his driver's license, had a thin face, and blue, piercing eyes. His cheeks and jaws were covered with about a week's worth of stubble, his beard turning blond, except for his darker chin hair. The growth had filled in quite a bit, and in another few days, he would have a respectable beard, and not just a ragtag amount of fuzz that so many of his cohorts wore these days.

I straddled his chest and sat down, my butt holding his hips solidly to the floor, as I wiped away a bit of snot that had flown out of his nose during our wrestling match. He wasn't a bad looking man, now that he had stopped moaning into the gag.

"Want me to call the cops, Kyle? Want to go to jail again?" I mocked. I had all the power here, and I was enjoying the interrogation.

He shook his head, and looked down at my crotch. His eyes glinted, and he moaned with what seemed a bit of yearning, a bit of lust. My already half hard cock twitched a bit, as I thought of what I wanted to do with Kyle, and where my cock wanted to be. Kyle nodded now, and tried to squirm closer to my manhood.

"So, breaking into my house and trashing it. Trying to steal my music and steal my stuff. You can imagine I'm not very happy, boy," I said, as he thrashed against me, trying to throw me off of him.

I laughed. "You're not going anywhere, except to jail," I said. "But, not just yet. I think we ought to get to know each other a bit, don't you think?"

Kyle's eyes smiled and I could hear the start of the word 'yes' behind the gag, but I ignored his demands, and just grinned at him

"You're pretty handsome, for a criminal," I said, as I began to stroke his stubbly beard with the palm of my hand. I took my time, feeling each hair and running over his jaw from ear to ear, and taking some extra time to touch his moustache.

I enjoyed his beard, and kept playing with the curly hairs with my hands.

"I like my men hairy and bearded," I said. "I like to rub my big cock over their moustaches and goatees, and along their furry cheeks."

"Then, I like to stick my cock around their chests and into their hairy, sweaty armpits, before I rub my hard missile up their butt hole, and cum inside of them," I added. "I bet you're man enough to really enjoy that, aren't you, Kyle."

Kyle thrashed again, trying to buck me off, and squirmed against his gag, sweat starting to soak through his thin, ragged cut off T shirt.

"If you keep thrashing around, I'll just close this up," as I pinched his nostrils shut for a few seconds. "And, then, you'll be in a world of hurt," I whispered.

"You're all mine, now, Kyle. And I've got the whole day to play with you. Let's have some real manly fun."

Kyle tried to yell again, and started to thrash back and forth under the weight of my butt on his chest. I reached over to his nose again, pinching the nostrils shut, and he suddenly quieted down.

"That's better, Kyle. It'll be more fun if you just cooperate with me, and have a good time."

I moved down a bit, so the front of his jeans and the bulge of his package was right in front of my hands, as I settled down on his thighs. I began to rub and explore the front of his jeans and felt his cock underneath the soft material. He was pretty small in size, but being handcuffed, and sat on by a big, burly cop in the midst of his burglary probably didn't make for a healthy erection of his manhood. At least, not yet.


I pulled out his belt tip, and unbuckled his cotton belt, with the fake Army brass buckle, that had a marijuana leaf etched on its face. Grasping the buckle, I quickly pulled the belt out of all of its loops, and tossed the belt aside.

"Your PO like your belt buckle?" I asked. "Or, did you ever show him your souvenir of dope smoking."

Then, I opened up my folding survival knife I always keep in a nylon sheath on my belt. I opened up the shiny, six inch hardened steel blade, with its keen edge, and held it out for Kyle to examine. His eyes opened wider and he began to moan again against the gag.

"Quiet down, Kyle. I won't cut your throat yet, or even slice off your cock. Not if you're going to be a good boy now," I said.

I grabbed the bottom of his thin sleeveless shirt, and with the razor sharp knife, began to slice upwards, the thin cotton easily cut. The knife moved quickly up to the neck hem of the shirt, and with a tug, the hem parted.

I set the steel handled knife handle and its sharp blade on his bare belly and gently parted the now severed shirt aside, exposing his bare chest. He had a nice pelt of thick black curls across his chest, and around his thick, stubby nipples. The hair was thickest in the center of his chest, and turned to large, dark swirls towards his arm pits and down his belly.

My hand rubbed the newly-discovered fur, and I began to play with both of his nipples. They quickly responded to my touch, and became stiff, pointed, as Kyle squirmed with the sudden intimate attention to his now-bare chest. My fingers explored the muscles under the hair and probed the surprisingly toned abs of his belly. Kyle was stronger than I had originally thought. He was a prize worth enjoying.

I picked up the knife again, which had moved a bit over Kyle's belly as I had fondled his muscles and stroked his hair. Hefting it in my hand, I attacked the remaining shreds of cloth from his chest over to each arm pit, totally destroying the last structure of his shirt.

I reached under his stomach and around to his back, grabbing his shirt from the rear, and gave a strong, quick tug, and the remnants of the shirt came off his neck and back, baring his skin to the floor and my lurid eyes. I held up the rag of his shirt, in front of Kyle.

"Sharp knife,huh? I wonder what it would do to your balls?" I said, as Kyle shuddered and tried to move away from me.

His entire naked, sweating torso lay before me, and I took a moment to appreciate the swirls of his hair, the depth of his belly button, the curve of his abs, pecs , and shoulders. His nipples were still stiff from my earlier attentions, and I took the back edge of my knife to run over his chest and nipples, feeling the run of the knife over the coarse hair, firm chest muscles, and his stiff nipples. His hairs moved with the knife like grass over the blade of a farmer's scythe.

"We could use this knife to make a goatee out of your beard, Kyle," I said. "You think you'd like that?"

Kyle shook his head again, his eyes widening, as he followed the movement of the knife along his chest.

Then, I leaned over, and began to work my tongue over his belly button, and up his rippling abs, and suckled each nipple, nibbling each point again and again, leaving them wet with my spit. My hand moved down to Kyle's cock again, and gave it some renewed attention.

Kyle began to sweat a bit, and I could smell a damp odor of fear and excitement from his arm pits, and the center of his chest began to dampen.

My hands cupped his furry cheeks, and I rubbed my fingers over his beard, stroking his ear lobes and running my calloused finger tips over his nipples, again and again.

"Let's have some fun, now, Kyle," I whispered in his ear, as I fondled his cock again.

I worked my way further down his legs, and began to slowly unbutton his pants. He tried to squirm away, but my weight on his legs and the weight of his back on his handcuffed hands stopped him.

Kyle's belly hair thickened below his belly button, and as I opened each button, I used one finger to explore underneath the front flap of his boxers, feeling the thickness of his pubes. His hair here was thicker, curlier, and damp.


After about half of his buttons were open, I took my knife again, and sliced through the elastic waistband of his boxers. The cloth made a pleasing, almost jolting noise, as the knife severed the cloth.

"I'm a little hard on your wardrobe, aren't I, Kyle?" I chuckled, as I ran one hand up his belly to play with his nipples again. I couldn't seem to get enough of his large tits, and they responded so well to my touch.

Grabbing both sides of his pant front, I pulled his jeans down below his knees, to his ankles. Quickly, I tore off his shoes, and wrapped his belt around his ankles, securing him tightly with the buckle. I pulled off his socks, making sure I thoroughly explored his toes and soles. With a little effort, I soon found his ticklish spots, and, for the first time, I heard Kyle laugh.

He had rather thin, but well muscled thighs and calves, and the front of his thighs were not as hairy as his arms. I ran my hands again and again along his thighs and calves, feeling his muscles and the pull of his hair.

Kyle's groin was still covered by the partially sliced boxer shorts, and I moved up his legs again, and proceeded to straddle his thighs, taking my time to examine the bulges and contours of his shorts, and to anticipate the treasures that lay underneath the cloth.

My hand rubbed his belly again, and I felt the course hairs of his belly against my strong fingers. I moved down a bit, and my thumb wandered into the upper area of his bush, now exposed to my eyes after the brief work of my trusty knife.

"Just like Christmas, Kyle. It's always the best part of Christmas, opening a package just part way, anticipating what is inside," I said. "Don't you agree?"

Kyle shook his head, but didn't struggle to speak against his gag.

I sat up, looking into Kyle's eyes, as I began unbuttoning my shirt, slowly. I took my time with each button, and took a finger every minute or so, to stroke the hairs on my chest that were coming into view. I unbuttoned my cuffs and then, finished opening up my belly to Kyle's eyes. I was pretty sweaty and ripe, it being a hot day, and my hairy pits were still wet from wrestling him to the floor and cuffing him. I slowly peeled the shirt off my shoulders and rubbed the shirt over Kyle's face.

"This is what your lover smells like, Kyle," I said, as I rubbed the wet armpits of my shirt into his beard and moustache. "Take it all in, Kyle."

I rolled my now bare shoulders and flexed my biceps, and flexed and hardened my chest muscles, moving my own hard nipples with my strength. My chest was covered with black and gray hairs, thick and curly like Kyle's. I wanted him to see my own strength, my own manliness.

My pits were ripe with the heat of the summer afternoon, and the excitement of catching a burglar in my home, and the slow unveiling of this young man's body. I leaned over Kyle, and began to rub my pecs against him, hair on hair, nipples to nipples. I moved my open hairy arm pit over his mouth and nose.

"Smell me, Kyle. Smell a real man. Take a deep breath and smell the man who's going to make love to you, right here. Right now," I whispered.

Kyle moaned, and I reached behind him to undo his gag. I wanted him to work for my love, and I wanted to put my mouth to work.

"Now, no noise, or I'll gag you even harder," I said. Kyle nodded, and I undid the knot behind his neck.

With the gag gone, I moved over to his lips and gently kissed him, my moustache and goatee rubbing against his blond beard and moustache, my tongue gently tasting his lips. I could smell my own horny sweat in his beard.

I moved back to his hidden cock and balls, and ripped apart the remaining cloth covering his manhood. Grabbing the last shred of cloth under his balls, I pulled his shorts out from his butt cheeks, bringing his privates to the afternoon light of my living room. I stroked his butt and the thick hair that grew along his crack. I cupped his balls, feeling his nuts move in the wrinkled bag covered with curls, and then ran a finger between his balls, and under them, rubbing the thin, sensitive line of skin that ended at his hole.


His cock was growing a bit, and was lying on his thigh. With every beat of his heart, his cock grew in size and was soon self-propelled upward, curving towards his jaw. The foreskin moved back, sliding over the rim of his now naked cockhead, showing its reddish-purple helmet and piss slit. A thin layer of moisture covered the head, and began to collect in the folds of the foreskin, and drip down the shaft.

I reached over to circle my thumb and fingers around Kyle's shaft, and began to gently pump his manhood. Kyle's chest began to flush with his new sexual excitement, and his arm pits and chest now were drenched with sweat. His breath became loud, regular, and turning into gasps, as his hips began to buck against me, moving his cock further and further through my hand.

"Not so fast, Kyle," I said, "It's my turn, first, and you're going to enjoy me with everything you've got."

I unbuckled my own belt and shucked off my pants and shorts, my already hard cock catching briefly in the top of my underwear. Its tip was also shiny with my love juices. My balls were swollen with lust, and weeks of pent-up jism.

I took Kyle's condom and tore open the package. He watched me roll the latex down over my head and over my shaft, to the top of my balls.

"It's always good to be prepared, Kyle," I said. "You never know when you're going to get lucky and get some action."

I undid his belt around his ankles, and pushed his legs apart, as his balls came into my view once again. I took one of his thighs and moved it against my chest, his calf dangling over my back. I could now see his white butt cheeks under his balls, and the pink opening of his hole.

I wetted my fingers in my mouth and began to push two fingers into Kyle's butt hole. I moved inside of him, stretching his skin, and rubbing the back of my hand against his ball sac, our hairs catching on each other.

I moved closer, my cock now under his ball sac and my black, thick bush of hair pushing into his sac. I moved his other leg over my shoulder, so that his thighs were pushed against his belly and chest, opening his butt to my stiff cock.

My head entered the opening to his hole, and I waited for his hole to relax, and open for me.

As my head entered him, I looked down into Kyle's eyes. He was staring intently down his body to our point of union, his mouth open, his entire face a look of lust.

"Oh, God, do it," Kyle whispered. "Give it all to me."

I moved into him, an inch at a time, until my belly covered his stiff cock, and our chests touched. I rested my body on my hands, straddling Kyle's chest and arms, and I began to move slowly in and out of his firm, hot, eager body.

We moved like this for some time, each of us sweating more and more, each of us moaning, and gasping. I felt Kyle's cock grow and jerk, and finally, spasm, sending big spurts of his cum onto our hairy bellies.

As Kyle began to spasm, I felt my balls rise in my sac, and my cum raced up into my cock and erupting inside of him. Again and again, I came, releasing my cum, white lightning bolts filling my brain and racing up from my spurting cock and emptying balls.

I lay over Kyle's sweating body, our chests rubbing against each other, as we each regained our breath. I reached over to my pants, and took out my handcuff key, and unlocked the cuffs that still joined Kyle's hands behind his arms. When they were open, I took the key out and laid the open cuffs in the center of Kyle's still heaving, sweaty belly.

I curled up next to Kyle, my head on his furry chest, listening to his heart beat, feeling his fur against my stubbled cheeks and furry chin. I started to doze a bit, feeling drained after cumming inside of Kyle.

Suddenly, Kyle moved from under me, rolling me over onto my belly, grabbing my hands, and expertly snapping the cuffs onto my wrists.

"I'm glad you're home, Dave. And, it's my turn now," Kyle said. "I have a few fantasies of my own to work out on your hard, muscular ass. Ever since our phone call this morning, I've been wondering what I'd like to do to you."


Kyle's Story

My chest hurt where Dave had kicked me, and pushed me down to the floor, before he cuffed my hands behind my back, and cut off my clothes with his big, sharp knife. I had known he liked his sex a bit rough. Last week, when we went out for a beer after work on Friday, he had told me he enjoyed a little struggle in his lovers.

We had discovered each other was gay several months ago, and had danced around the idea of actually dating each other. He apparently wasn't the one to take the initiative about getting together, so I had called him this morning, and invited myself over to his house.

I'd planned to have sex with him tonight, but still, his kick to my chest, and the handcuffs took me a bit by surprise. Not that I don't like games, you know. But, now that I found out what he enjoyed, I was willing to play his game. Especially now that it was my turn, and the cuffs were on his wrists.

I took Dave's discarded, sweaty socks and stuffed them into Dave's gaping mouth. He had started to whine about the cuffs, and I wasn't going to put up with his complaints. Turnabout is fair play, you know.

"It's my turn, Dave. Just relax and enjoy. As you said, we have all afternoon."

I left him face down on the living room carpet, his bare ass sticking up and his hairy legs splayed apart, enough so that I could see his hairy ball sac and part of the thick carpet of his pubes. His meaty hands were snuggly cuffed against his lower back, his muscular biceps and shoulder muscles flexing and jumping, trying to struggle out of his hold.

In the kitchen, I found myself a cold beer in the fridge, and I grabbed a tray of ice, a couple of towels, and a big cucumber from the vegetable bin, and a tub of margarine. I put these treasures down on the coffee table, and then wandered into Dave's bathroom, finding a razor and a can of shaving cream.

"Yeah, these will make for a lively afternoon," I said to myself.

When I came back in the living room, Dave was trying to roll over to his pants, and was reaching with one manacled hand for the pocket where he kept his handcuff key. I pushed him away from his pants with my foot, and rolled him over on his back, his handcuffed hands now pinned beneath him.

"That wasn't very nice, Dave. Trying to get yourself uncuffed like that," I said. "You are a naughty boy and need to be punished."

Dave squirmed and tried to yell something through his sock filled mouth, his face turning red.

"Calm down, boy," I said. "Be a man now."

Picking up a couple of ice cubes, I spread his butt cheeks, and rubbed the ice around his hole, then thrust the cubes up into his chute, until they were firmly surrounded by his chute and his pink butthole. He writhed and squirmed, as the cold penetrated his hole, his cock responding to the cold ice in his butt by growing a few inches, and starting to rise again above his thick, curly cock hair.

I pulled him closer to the coffee table, and then sat down on his belly, my bare ass rubbing against his cock and hairy bush. I took another cube of ice and rubbed it across one nipple, and then another, until both red nipples were stiff, angry, and horny. My fingers glided the ice up his chest, to his neck, and around his thick beard and across his lips, until the cube had disappeared in a sheen of ice water. I licked off the cool water off his face, and rubbed my moustache across his full, black beard. It was not trimmed up or shaped, and hair grew everywhere hair could grow on his cheeks and throat.

"I like my men nice and hairy, too. But, when I make love to a man, I like to feel the smooth skin of his balls, and his butt hole, and I like to have his cock hair trimmed up nicely. So, we'll be doing a little barber shop work today," I said.

Dave squirmed again and moaned through his stuffed mouth, shaking his head, his eyes signaling his objections.

"Not only that, Dave, I think your beard is a bit untidy, and you'd frankly look better in a goatee. So, we're gonna take care of that this afternoon, too, " I said.

I picked up Dave's sharp knife, the one he had shredded my shirt and boxers with, and began to gently trim away the beard growing along his jaw, to where his goatee would remain. The knife was indeed amazingly sharp, and the hair quickly yielded to the blade, littering his chest and the carpet with the remnants of his once unruly beard.


Dave tried to evade the knife, until I accidentally nicked him on his ear, and then he calmed down, fearful that his thrashings could result in more blood.

Once the beard had been reduced to a thick stubble, I rubbed shaving cream over his soon to be bare cheeks, jaw line, and neck, and then gently shaved him down to the skin, cleaning the razor with a towel. I rubbed off the rest of the shaving cream, leaving Dave with his new goatee, and smooth jaw line. I kissed him gently through his gagged mouth rubbed my lips over the newly exposed skin.

"Nice, Dave. Looks real nice," I said. "It's a good look for you. It's a good look for someone about to be fucked."

Then, I moved down Dave's belly, and tied one of his ankles to the leg of his couch, using Dave's belt. Then, I spread his other leg out and tied the other ankle to the coffee table leg, using my own belt. I grabbed Dave's hips and pulled him down against me, so that his knees were bent, and his cock, balls, and hole were fully opened to me.

His cock had lost its erection when I was shaving his face, but I pumped him with my hand, and his cock again grew stiff and hard, his balls rising in their sack, in anticipation of cumming again. I cupped his balls in the palm of my hand, using the fingers in my other hand to feel his firm nuts move in their sack, feeling coarse hairs of his ball sack, and the fur leading to his hole, and up around the base of his now fat cock.

"Time for some more trimming, Dave," I said, as I took his knife again, this time gently slicing through his nut hairs, cutting them down to stubble. When both sides of his ball sac were reduced to black stubble, I moved down below his balls, and cleaned up the hairs on the path to his hole, and then cut the hairs around his hole.

Rubbing my fingers along these newly exposed areas, I took my time to explore his hole, his trigger area and the little rim of skin that divided his body into two equal halves, including both sides of his ball sack. I rubbed his balls again, causing his semi-hard cock to grow again, and start to spit pre-cum from its bare piss slit.

I jacked his now fat cock with my fist, until his cock thrust upward, its bare head pointed at Dave's new goatee.

Taking Dave's knife again, I trimmed up the hairs around his cockroot, until his entire thick shaft was bare. Dave looked down above his hairy chest and belly, and his thrusting cock, to see what I was up to, and kept moaning through his gag.

I grabbed another ice cube, and ran it over his nipples and up his chest to his now bare cheeks, until the cube turned to ice water, and ran down his jaw into the fur on his muscular chest, which was now heaving in reaction to me shaving his cock with his sharp knife.

"Don't move too much, Dave," I said. "I'd hate to cut something with this knife. And, it seems most of your blood is in your cock, now, so there would be a lot of blood."

Taking the shaving cream can, I made a pile of foam in my hand, and began to apply the foam to Dave's balls, hole and cock. Then, taking the razor, I shaved his ball sack, first one side, and then the other, and rubbed it clean with a towel. I felt the skin of his balls with my thumb.

"Ah, Dave, I did a good job. It's nice and smooth. Smooth enough to suck. I can't wait," I said, as I took the razor and began to clean the foam from under his balls to his hole.

Then, I shaved his cock, slicing the stubble on his cockroot, so that there was no hair left on his shaft, leaving his strong white spear to thrust skyward, unclad from the hair of his thick pelt of curly black hair. The rest of his pelt on his groin and belly neatly framed his erection.

"Now, isn't that better, Dave. You're all cleaned up for company," I said.

I picked up the cucumber, and rolled the tip in the margarine tub, and then, pushed the cucumber up against Dave's hole, turning and pushing it, until most of the cucumber was inside of him, at least ten inches. His hole took it all in, without much of a strain, and Dave's moans turns to groans of pleasure and delight, as the cucumber moved further up his chute, pushing against his prostate.

Dave's cock grew hard, the foreskin folded down, and the rim of his cockhead, and his piss slit glimmered in the afternoon light, as his precum oozed down his shaft and onto his balls.

I left Dave lying there, with the cucumber pushed up his hole, and his cock oozing pre-cum, as I finished my beer, and put away the shaving gear and the rest of the ice.

"If you agree to be nice, Dave, I'll replace your gag," I said.

Then, I unrolled a condom onto Dave's hard cock, and took a second rubber and rolled it over my manhood. I moved around so that I was above Dave on the floor, and took out his gag, and kissed him gently on the lips, rubbing my hands over his freshly shaved cheeks and jaw.

I rolled him over and uncuffed his hands, and then rolled him back under me, as I kissed him again, and then wandered down his furry chest with my lips and tongue, and found his wanting nipples, stiff with lust.

Dave's hands reached around to my shoulders, and my ready nipples, as he fondled and explored every inch of my chest and back, and, as I roamed further down to his waiting cock, to my cock and balls.

Soon, my wet mouth found his sheathed cockhead, pulsing with every beat of his heart, and I eagerly took his manhood deep into my mouth, exploring every part of his steel manhood, my lips reaching to the base of his now bare cockroot.

My hand cupped his silky smooth ball sack, and I pushed and pulled on the cucumber, feeling it move against his prostate and in and out of his hole, as his cock pulsed to my thrusts on the fullness of his hole.

My chest and pits broke into a hot sweat of lust, soaking my fur, and drenching Dave's furry chest, as he, too, sweated and struggled against my weight on him, as he moved towards his release.

Dave swallowed my cock, and played my love flute with his tongue, sending pulses of pleasure over my body, as he fondled my nipples and balls.

We danced the age old dance of lovers, as we moved into each other's rhythm, building into our strong climaxes, climbing and climbing until we each reached the point of no return, pulsing spasms of cum again and again, filling the condoms with our jism, until they could hold no more.

I rolled off Dave, and we lay side by side, as we caught our breaths, the sweat beginning to dry on our furry chests.

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