Man for Man

The Art Of Suduction 1


And just so we are clear. There is no sex in this part as it is a romantic story. The hardcore fucking will be later on.

"Rick! Wait!"

I turned and saw a man running down the road. He seemed to be waving and shouting at me as he came closer.


"Didn't you see me, I been calling since you passed me at the bank" he said

I looked at him, trying to think who he was. Then as I saw him smile and push his hair out from his eyes I gasped with shock.

"Fuck me, Jake is that you"

"Yea man. Don't you recognise me" he said pretending to be hurt

We both laughed and started to try to shake hands, slap each other on the back and hug at the same time.

"What are you doing here?" I said surprised

"I live here now, more to the point what are you doing here" He said grinning

"I've just moved here for a while, it's a long story"

"Then I need to hear all about it"

"Well I would but I'm only out of the office for another fifteen minute"

"Then you better talk fast. I haven't seen you for years and I want to know everything that's happened to you"

He put his hand on my shoulder and while laughing pushed me into the coffee shop down the street. I went to grab a table in the corner and he went to the counter to get his coffee and my tea. I sat watching him in the queue, thinking about the first time we had see each other.

We mostly saw each other at the gym. We weren't in the same class, hell we weren't even in the same school but I counted him as one of my best friends. I used to go to the local gym two or three times a week after school. I was crazy about gymnastics and used to take lessons there in the afternoon. One night I had stayed late practicing when I noticed I was alone. I hadn't realised it was so late so I quickly gathered up my stuff and went into the changing room. That was empty to, even the attendant was gone.

I went to the locker I was using and started to strip. That didn't take long as I was only wearing my shorts and a jock strap. I sniffed my armpits and got a nose full of sweaty boy smell. I was always pleased when I stank after practice; since it meant that I was trying hard and would only get better with every lesson.

I was just going to shower quickly but my dick had other ideas. I was only fifteen at the time and whenever I would get naked I would get hard instantly. Hell I would get hard at anytime, I was constantly horny and I couldn't stroke it enough. And sure enough as soon as that jock slipped off my package and my dick felt the cool air on it I got had instantly.

Since I was alone I gave it a quick squeeze and felt it jump. I started to stroke it slowly, enjoying the thrill of touching myself in the locker room. I saw my cock was starting to drip pre-cum so I let go, telling myself I could play with it in the shower since I was alone. I was about to go wash when I looked at the benches in the room. They were just like the ones I used for training.

I thought I would try to practise one of the moves I had been doing earlier, and then go have my naked fun. I stood on the bench and flipped up onto my hands, I felt my hard cock flop down as my balls hit the hard shaft. I was just balancing on the edge when I noticed a pair of feet walking around the corner of the lockers and stopping by me. Whoever it was must have found themselves staring right at my crotch. I quickly dropped to my feet and turned, thinking it must have been the attendant about to criticise me for doing something foolish. Only I ended up looking at a boy my own age, dripping wet grinning at me. His dark hair was stuck up in an angle and he was only wearing a pair of Speedos.

"Well you could have just started with hi, or do you do that to everyone you meet" he said laughing

I was so embarrassed I didn't know what to say. He turned and opened the locker just down from mine. He pulled his wet Speedo off and stood there naked. His skin was dark and tanned, Italian maybe or even Greek. I didn't know why but he seemed to be totally at ease at being naked with a stranger who just had his hard cock in his face.

"Well I can guess what you have been doing, but I never saw someone doing it upside down before" he said nodding at my hard cock

I realised he was just teasing me in a friendly way when he smiled and stuck his hand out. I relaxed and shook it. I learnt his name was Jake and that he had been swimming. I sat down to hide my still hard dick. Even getting caught by another guy didn't make me go soft. There was only one thing that would make my cock go down again and that was shooting my load. Most nights I had to stay up until I had milked my balls dry. There was something about having my hot milky cum shooting out of my dick and covering my shaft and fingers that made me want to do it again, and again. Most nights I would cum at least two or three times. Then in the mornings before I went to shower I would get my cock to blast out another fresh load over my belly and chest. Plus I'd try to fit in another load or two in the afternoon. I guess like most teenage boys my best friend was between my legs. But at that moment I thought it was more like an enemy, trying to get me in trouble.


We started chatting, slowly at first, I was still embarrassed at being naked with him after he had caught me hard but he kept on talking as though nothing odd had happened. He sat next to me and told me he wanted to join the youth swimming team and was training to try out for it. I told him about my gymnastics and we soon became friendly. I suddenly realised that we had been sitting on the bench chatting for about twenty minutes. It was unusual for me to talk to my friends a lot while changing in the school locker room; mostly we were all in a rush to get dressed for our next class. But here I was chatting to a naked stranger and making friends with him.

I said something about getting sweaty in practice and needed a shower. He told me that he had to shower to, so if it was ok we could carry on talking in the shower. I was about to get up to go to the shower stalls when I felt my throbbing cock press against my thigh. I was still hard and I didn't want to embarrass him or myself again by showing off my stiff dick. Jake solved that problem for me by simply standing up. His dick was now at face height and I saw for the first time he was hard. He saw me looking and said that I was to blame for it. Didn't I know that hardons were catching. He laughed and so did I, and not just at his bad joke but at how friendly he was in such embarrassing situations. He didn't make fun of me or laugh at me; he just accepted it and carried on as normal. I stood up, showing him my still hard cock and we grabbed our soap and towels and went into the shower together.

I stood under the one stall and he went into the next one down. There were no doors in the showers but there were walls, they went to about just below chest height, so we could still see each other. We turned on the water and started to soap up our bodies. I had forgotten my shampoo and went to fetch it quickly. Jake did ask if I wanted to borrow his but I said it was ok as I also needed to close my locker.

I didn't think there was anyone else around as Jake had told me he was the only one in the pool apart from some old ladies but I wanted to close my locker just in case. I grabbed my shampoo and knew from the way I could feel it swing around that my cock was still hard. I would have to get off somehow but I couldn't do it with Jake in the shower next to me. I went back to the shower room and ...

I snapped back to the here and now as he came over with two cups and sat down. He pushed my tea towards me and asked again how I was. Smiling I started to talk, telling him about how I had done my English degree and was now working at a large publishers. And how two weeks ago I had moved here for six months to work in the larger office in the city.

"Apparently it's quite an honour to be sent here but really I wish I hadn't. I seem to spend most of my time doing everyone else's job as well as my own. Plus the job might sound flashy and exciting but really it's all paperwork and it doesn't even pay that much"

"I remember you talking about how you wanted to be a journalist when you were younger" said Jake

"You know I still want to do that. But now everyone seems to be doing journalism just to get a book deal. And after working in a publishers that's the last thing I want" I said

"So why did you ignore me in the street, am I that ugly you don't want to be seen with me in public?" he said changing the subject

"Well I thought you were my stalker but then when I saw it was you I thought I had better just run away" I said teasing him

But the real reason I hadn't talked him in the street was that he had changed, as you would after eight years. When I last saw him he was slim and muscular from all the swimming he had done. His hair was short, he was always hanging around in his old torn jeans, and he kept getting paint on his shirts as he did his paintings. But the man before me was completely different. He was still taller than me at 6' but that was about the only thing I recognised. His body was no longer slim but large and firm. With hard muscle I guessed, as his arms were strong and powerful. His hair was longer now, just dropping down into his brown eyes. And he may still have had on a shirt and jeans. But they were new and unripped. Stretching over my old friends new body almost like a second skin.


"I guess some things don't change" I said pointing to a smudge of paint on his shirt.

"Well it's a hazard of the job," he said smiling.

"So you're still painting?" I asked

"Yea I can do stickmen easy now" he joked

"Well you used to have trouble with stickmen" I said

We both laugh at the old joke shared between us. I looked at him and something in my mind stirred and half-forgotten images came up. We were in his room. He was painting some kind of abstract thing. To me it was all swirls and mess but he seemed to be pleased with it. I was sitting on his bed watching him smudging the paint on the canvas.

"Nice picture. Now tell me what it is" I said laughing

"I got to take a break" he said

He threw himself on the bed next to me and as we talked, he started to doodle on a notebook. "What are you drawing now?" I said snatching the paper from him

It was covered in stickmen. Running, jumping, standing around. I laughed again and asked why he was covering the page with them.

"Stickmen are very hard to do" he said pretending to be serious "You should practice them all you can"

"Well at least you're getting better. I can't even tell what that picture is over there" I said

He started to grab me and wrestled me down on the bed.

"I'll teach you not to appreciate my work" he said laughing

Rolling around he got tangled in the sheets and I was about to pin him down when he suddenly moved and threw his body on mine. I was stuck there and we both knew he had won. And then he said ...

"So what are you doing apart from drawing stickmen?" I asked quickly trying to concentrate on the present

"Well I now teach other people to draw stickmen" he said seriously

"You teach art"

"Yea I do the art class at the local adult learning centre. Its only three nights a week and it doesn't pay much but I love it. And I still have time to work on my own stuff during the day"

"Man I pass that building all the time. I been about this close to you all week" I said stretching my arms out

"Well you could be a little closer than that if you want to. You said your glamorous job at the publishers was leaving you short of cash. So I'm sure you could do with some more money right"

"Yea I guess so" I said suspiciously

"Well my class has mastered stickmen and I'm looking for a model to pose for them. All you have to do is stand there and not move. Or sit there and not move. Or lie there and not move, what ever you want but I need someone tonight" he pleaded

"Oh man I don't know"

"It pays crappy money so I'm not going to get anyone else"

"Oh well that makes me feel wanted" I laughed

"You are my best friend aren't you, please please please" he said in a childish way and tried to look innocent and boyish

"Ok ok I'll do it" I said still laughing

He flashed me another wide grin and stood up.

"Great, now I better let you get back to work. Come over to the class at about six and we can go over what you'll be doing and after that we can talk some more before class starts"

"Well I guess I'll be seeing you at six then" I said standing up

We left the coffee shop together and slowly walked away in different directions. I couldn't help but look at him walking away. The last time we saw each other was in the changing rooms at the gym. It was a few days after finishing school. I had stopped going to gymnastics and he was just swimming for fun now. But we had still met up at least twice a week at the gym. He was going to an art collage and I was doing an English course. Like everyone else we had promised to keep in touch while at collage but slowly we had drifted apart. During my holidays and the weekends I was at home I still went to the gym, just to see if we would run into each other but we never had. It had been years since we had last talked.

As I entered the office and sat at my desk I got a strange feeling of excitement and nerves and... something else, about seeing him tonight. I started to remember the past again but I quickly pushed it away and started on the pile of paperwork that had built up during my lunch hour.

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