Man for Man

Summertime at College


I decided that this summer rather than working or hanging around that I would stay at college take a couple of classes so maybe I might be able to take a semester off sometime. I didn't want too strenuous a summer though, a couple of relatively easy classes, and there is a better party atmosphere with less pressure on and so my focus could be on nocturnal activities rather than the humdrum of classes.


The only problem with summer classes, especially the easier ones like AY101, are the high school students who go to Summer College and are in the same classes as us college veterans. You know they are over keen to impress the Professor, they ask the most stupid questions at times and are generally just quite annoying, but if that's the worst I was going to put I'm 20 going to be a junior this year at a well-known and well-regarded college in the north-east, and I've known that I'm gay since well since forever, I'm 5'8, quite toned and I have fun times at university but nothing like this summer. I soon found that the high school students that I thought would be a nuisance in fact turned into a gift and made the summer of 2005 one that I will never forget.

I walked into my Intro to Astronomy class and sat down, knowing no-one in the class I chose a seat in the corner of the room, one where I could check everything and more importantly everyone out and get away with dosing tucked away from the immediate view of the professor. It's a habit of mine to at least get to the first class early, make a good first impression with the teacher can only help with your final grade. This means I can get an immediate overview of the talent in that particular class as everyone files in. Its amazing in that 15 minutes before the Professor has even uttered a word I can tell how much or how little I am going to enjoy the class. I hate Math but I loved my Maths class with some of the fittest guys around with Evan from Alpha Pi Alpha, John from Lambda Chi Alpha, a couple of football players, four wrestlers and a host of other guys to die for. A class with good eye-candy and often if I play my cards right more than just fit jocks but guys who I can get some action with.

This AY101 class was somewhat different though as I sat there one the first guys who walked in was a guy I had often seen around campus and he wasn't amazing but he was pretty damn hot all the same, so already things looked good. A short, stocky guy came in, dark hair, chiselled chin, a thought... nice! Then in came the high school kids and I this was the moment that I realised just how much I was going to dig this class, these kids were hot, I mean when I was 16/17 I thought guys my age were hot hey I'm getting on, in my third decade on this planet I hadn't looked at or thought of boys that age since I was a horny 16 yo myself.

To start with I just thought, 'man he's nice' and moments later another kid walked in 'man he's not bad either' and then 'fuck his fit too'. I had no idea what had hit me, I mean not only is it rare that 5 fit guys walk in one after each other into a class but for them all to so bloody young I kind of gulped and looked again at one of them. He was about 5'4, fair hair, skin that simply glowed, luscious pink lips, a slim slender body that looked somewhat fragile and I confirmed to myself, 'yeah he's fucking gorgeous'.

I repeated the process with each one, and I felt like a 6 yo in a candy shop for the first time just gazing and wondering and licking my lips and letting my imagination run wild. I hate to think what I must have looked like, sat there in the corner of the room undressing these teenagers with my eyes but I was mesmerised by their magnificence.

Then he entered, he wasn't with any of the other Summer College kids he was alone but I immediately knew that this was the kid I wanted more than any other. He stood at the door for a moment, backpack over one shoulder and he looked around. He was about 5'10 and a mighty fine athletic build, his perfectly formed face was not bearded as he obviously couldn't grow the level of stubble that wanted but his dirty blond foppish hair continued into a rough, unkempt but sexy as hell bum-fluff. He wore a tight green tee that showed that body off, his arms were defined as if a piece of art. This may all sound too good to be true, I thought it to be too good to be true, a blinked, a gulped and started to pinch myself but before I finished my pinch just to check that I was really there in room W40 and my class really was about to begin that it dawned on me, he was looking for somewhere to sit, the room had gotten quite full, I closed my eyes and willed him to come sit over me. I opened my eyes, still he stood there, he looked at me I casually gave him my look; he glanced away and then started to head my way. I closed my eyes once more and willed again, I opened them and there he was his boyish face looking down at me, his size 12 flip-flops by my bag and he asked whether there was anyone sat next to me. I could not believe it, inside my heart was racing but I managed to coolly say no and that sure he could sit there. I was so happy, I needed to grab my crotch and rearrange my swelled friend below, but had to wait a minute didn't want to scare him away, instead I introduced myself, and he likewise, Trent from New Jersey. I inquired as to his age, sixteen came the reply. Fuck this was so wrong but I liked this kid so much, words can barely do justice to my cravings to just get it on with him right there.


Professor Burns entered and rather saved me but my mind in that class and that classes that followed was not on this earth but neither was it on astronomy it was instead focussing on Trent who usually sat there usually stretching his sporty legs which had a healthy covering of blond hair. He would often nudge me with his flip- flops and my heart would race, is he, you know trying to gauge my interest in him, but no matter what tricks I used in return, he either never picked up on my signals and simply ignored them, either way I thought that the nearest I was ever going to get to Trent was my eyes closed dick in hand jerking to this awesome kid.

He was a nice kid too, quite clever; he played lacrosse, like similar kind of music to me, hated the Yankees and loved the Mets. This boy ticked every box apart from the fact that he told me he had recently split up with his girlfriend. I probed as to the reason why: "Because, well, I mean, I think I like guys" was the answer I was looking for, but instead his girlfriend and kissed another guy and nobody cheats on him blah blah blah.

That was it then, Trent would be little more that a good looking kid that I could wank over several times a day. Usually I would wank to Trent in the morning before class, immediately after class and then when I was doing prep work for the next day's class. I headed to the parties around the place and hooked up with a couple of guys and had a goodtime with them, until it was over and then my mind just went straight back to my straight-stud.

After about three weeks, it was coming up to our first prelim, the test was on the Monday and on the Friday I asked Trent what he had planned for the weekend:

"No much, just gonna study for this test - its going to be a hard, I can tell. How about you?" Trent answered

"Yeah pretty much the same, gonna study hard this weekend" I replied. "Hey, if you want to come over sometime and we can have a revision session that would be cool."

"Are you sure, I mean you've done these prelims loads before so you'll help me more than I'll help you"

"Shit, of course it's cool - just give me a call on my cell when you want to come over to my place and we can go through some of this crap."

"Sure will, see ya around"

In a flash it had happened, in my mind I had devised plans and schemes to get Trent over to my room where we could have some fun and out-of-the-blue in a moment of inspiration I had gotten Trent to come over at the weekend, I could barely wait. As soon as I got back I charged my cell - I was not about to miss his call.

It was Saturday afternoon that the call came:

"Hey, wassup"

"Not much here, you?"

"nah, just fucking studying, are free to like have a review session?"

"Sure am - just come on over and we can get some hardcore studying done"

"Do want to go to the library; I get disturbed my roomy when I'm trying to work"

Fuck, no I did not want to go to the library, I wanted Trent in my room, I needed Trent in my room.

"Errr, no worries man, I'm in a single, no roomies to bother us, come over here, it'll be cool"

"Sure, see you in fifteen"

And in that fifteen minutes, I brushed my teeth three times, sprayed my deodorant for the umpteenth time, checked I was clean in all the vital areas and tried to keep calm, but yeah it was true, Trent was coming, this might be my only chance, this was my opportunity, this was the moment.

There he was, khaki shorts, tight blue-tee and those flip-flops. I mentioned the flip-flops again because I'm not a guy who is particularly into feet but this pair of size twelves were as perfect as the rest of this cute teen. Everytime he had nudged me with them I had wanted to drop to my feet and suck and caress those feet, take each toe one buy one and massage them with my tongue Trent sparked so much raw sexual desire into me, on a scale I don't think I have experienced before.

He jumped onto the bed - good start I though - inquired into how I was and we chatted for abit about not very much and then he got his books out and we started to study, going through it topic by topic, class by class, after about an hour, we stopped and I went to get some soda, and when I came back I thought the time right to close the door. I explained to Trent that I thought the noise might distract us, but as he had our soda s rather than study we drifted off into another conversation, I asked him about his girlfriend and he asked me about mine - no I don't have a girlfriend, in fact I never have had a girlfriend, I never thought of girl in that way and I somehow doubt I ever will. I looked for his reaction:


"Cool, man, I mean you know what you like and I know what I like, I mean its bi's I just don't get"

I always feel sorry for bisexuals, I mean just as I can't imagine being straight I really can't imagine being bi but I never know why people want to show tolerance to us gays but feel fine slagging bisexuals but there we go.

So I asked him how he was liking college and the college chicks but the poor guy was being starved of sex and as he told me about his long lean spell and how a couple of girls and teased where he thought he was gonna get laid but they backed out I noticed a tent starting to form. To begin with it was small, but as he talked, I tried to listen, but increasingly a looked to his crotch where his tent was steady increasing in size.

As he went into details about one particular girl, Debbie how had seemed up for it until they were going to do it, Trent started to close his eyes, his hand hovering over his tenting shorts, a tent that was now noticeably impressive. Here we go I thought, if ever there was a moment then this was it. There were two possible approaches. The stealth approach or the open approach. The stealth approach ideally would see me stretch across the close-eyed, stretched-out stud, quietly and gently unzip his shorts, releasing his magnificent cock and carefully begin to work my magic; he would slowly open his eyes, look down at me and say: "yeah man, if she fucking won't, you fucking will".

Alternatively, I thought he could jolt upright and feeling my hand on his cock, go "What the fuck" punch me and make a sharp exit muttering about "fucking fags". I much as I thought and of course hoped the former would be more likely than the latter I decided that the stealth approach was too risky, if I was to have Trent, I was to have him openly.

Gently I murmured: "Looks like you could do with some help down there" and by this time his hand was fumbling with the zipper. "I mean I can help out" and I nudged a little closer to him.

"What? Err...ummm...yeah sure" He wasn't at his most eloquent or composed at this stage, his hand delving into his pants. "I mean err I ain't no fag but hell yeah" he opened his eyes and looked directly at me, suddenly snapping out of his seemingly trance like state "yeah you're the fag here, you want to get my rocks off, saves me beating off again - if Debbie won't fucking do it, you can fucking do it." Indeed, my dreams were being realised.

I said nothing as he awkwardly undid the button of his shorts and yanked them down, he turned to face me and I reached out, I reached and then gently touched it, touched the tool that magnificently poked through Trent's blue boxers.

I call it a tool, but more accurately it was made by tools, such was its beauty, such was its perfection. I estimated it to be a good 7 seven inches, of nice thickness, it too had that radiant the rest of him had, a blue vein pulsing, and he wasn't cut, joy o joy unbounded, he wasn't cut. I suppose it wouldn't have been right for such a perfect boy not to have a perfect cock and yet still I was overwhelmed by the sheer delight of the dick that stood before me. I remember when mine stood perfectly to attention, too much use means it no long stands as perfectly as it once did but Trent's did.

"Are you going to do it then" Trent asked impatiently. I so consumed by his cock's majesty that I obviously was simply touching it and nothing more. And just like Trent I snapped out of my trance-like state and set to work

If there is one sexual skill I'm not so good at it's the wanking off of another guy, I like to let my mouth and ass get most of the action, but I embraced the moment, and gently built up quite a stroke, I really wanted to use the full length of Trent's teencock.

"Good... so good"

I used my thumb to fondle his balls as alternated between my long strokes and my quick, rhythmic strokes.

"Trent" I said somewhat breathlessly

"Trent" I repeated he didn't seem to be quite with "I want to suck you off, you want me to suck you off?"

"What, your gonna fucking suck, fuck man yeah, fuck, I'm gonna so spunk in your mouth and your so going to swallow, fuck your going to suck me off"


"I'm going to suck you off like you've never been sucked off before, I'm going to make you blow more spunk that you've ever spunked with any ot your bitches" and with that I rearranged our positions and slowly but surely started to take his cock. It wasn't the biggest cock I have ever taken but I knew he wasn't going to blow in my mouth; I was gonna deepthroat this teen, clean him out good and proper.

To start with I licked his shaft up and down and I could hear his deep groans of pleasure, I paid particular attention his foreskin, I just love foreskin, I lavished much focus onto it, swirling tongue round and round, sipping at his slit, and swirling round and round. I was worshipping this cock, this wasn't just me sucking Trent off, this was me submitting to my younger classmate's cock like I have never submitted, I was lost in the world of Trent's cock.

I did not want to miss abit of this cock so repeatedly went up and down, on occasion putting the head in my mouth, gently sucking and then returning to the cock that lay beyond.

Then I went lower, his balls were big, round, juicy, o so very, very inviting, I inhaled each in turn:

"Oh fuck", I don't think Trent had had the pleasure of his balls being sucked before, as I engulfed he moaned and groaned, man it was hot seeing this teen writhe in such unadulterated pleasure. In fact I was in total control of Trent at this point, with every tiny movement of my tongue he gasped, moaned, groaned, muttered, this was so hot but I so wanted to properly taste this boy's cock.

"I hope you're ready" I teased and instantly I set to work on his meat, I took the first four inches, straight away and paused,, then there was Trent's deepest moan yet and the "o man"

On a went and started take the rest of his teen cock, in fact Trent started to force it in, I love it when a guy forces a dick down my throat and the fact that it was a 16 yo boy forcing me was even hotter. I felt his young pubes brush against rested and began to go to work, the work I love when the writing of Trent started to go into overdriving, the "o man"s and the "o fuck"s became more regular and louder and then:

"I'm gonna c"

He never finished the sentence, with a whoosh he cum, his sweet teen spunk gushed out an alarming rate, so uncontrolled had his climax been that he had been right he did cum in my mouth and a savoured the sweet taste of this boy's juices. He came and came and I was in cumheaven, some guys don't like the taste of cum, they obviously aren't as dedicated cocksuckers as me because I love it in all its varieties, and this teen's juices were mighty fine and plenty of it too.

Trent did quickly start to deflate and I caressed his dick as he withdrew, licking every last drip from this boys cock, I did not want to miss abit.

"O fuck that was awesome, THAT WAS FUCKIN' AWESOME. Woah he sure sucked me off, AWESOME!" I was so happy that Trent had enjoyed it so much, I had just sucked this 16yo to what I felt sure was he best climax of his life

"Pretty good, eh?"

"Pretty good, that was fucking awesome, you suck some cock man, you suck some fucking cock"

Trent lay back, and I lent down and licked away at his teencock, paying particular attention to those fine balls of his.

"You like me sucking your balls"

"Fuck yeah, its sweet man, sweet"

"Cos this might gross you out but I really want to suck your feet, you know could I..."

"Fuck, your such a fag, yeah bitch suck my fuckin' feet"

I needed no further invitation, I gradually licked my way down from his sac down over his toned thighs, his sculptured claves, he had the most divine legs until I reached his feet. Again I paused:

"Fuck suck my toes man"

"Thank you so much"

>From the ball of the feet to ankle and back again, not one part of this part of this boy's feet was left unknown to my tongue, I slurped, swirled, teased, used every technique and every trick I knew and he lay back muttering "awesome" and groaning. Then I got to his toes, I paid special attention each one, as they were individuals that needed to pampered, yeah this boy's toes did need pampering, the Big toe I needed sucking real good and I set about with renewed gusto, the smell of the teens smell filling my nostrils fuelling my desire, I sucked his big toe as if it were a cock, he moved but I continued and he said;


"Shit man, it's a toe not a cock, that is sooo fuckin' sick, fuckin awesome, get to it fag, ooo yeah fag get to it"

I have no idea how long I spent sucking those feet but I could have gone on for hours, but I eventually I made the return journey to his balls and got up for a swig of soda.

"Man, I thought all these stories about slutty fags were just a load of bullshit, but you SOBs are sick man, I luv it, you sure did me good man."

"you enjoyed it then"

"yeah - I aint no fag - but that was fuckin awesome"

"it was hot"

"you know I could go again right now, its so hot" this was too good to be true, I couldn't suck him again could I? "shit, I need to blow my load, you cool, cause I'm loaded and I need to blow and you fag you can bring me off, fuck you can bring me off damn good."

"fuck yeah, I suck your cock all night"

"shit man don't be so frigid, you've sucked me off now, thats done, I'm gonna bust up your faggy little ass of yours."

"You sure"

"what you mean 'you sure' I'm not leaving til I breed in your ass"

This sixteen year old boy was trying to make this sound like he was forcing me to take his cock - like he had to force me!

"come on man bend over" Obviously he wasn't quite versed in the whole gay sex routine first, he patiently waited as I got my lube out and got myself ready, tugging away at my own rock hard cock as I did so

"shit this is going to be hot"

I checked the curtains were fully closed and then I went over my comfy chair and asked him "you know what do?"

"I gonna fuck your pussy no shut the fuck up", it was driving me wild all this forceful, macho manly talk, I just submitted to the will of the teen and bent over, I tried to guide his scrumptious cock but he took aim and aimed, thankfully I lubed real well, otherwise I would have been a mess, somehow his sheer force eventually got his head in. "Now aim for my belly button and let me suck your dick in" I gasped. He didn't follow my advice rather lurched forward and his cock pushed its way in and walls immediately swallowed up his cock as if it were a long lost friend. He paused, "fuck you're so tight", he seem astonished

"Get to it" I mocked in between my own groans, gasps and discomfort - And boy did he get to it. Sensual this fuck was not, full of technique and finesse? Forget it This was rough and ready and I loved every moment, my slutty ass has taken some cock, but I teen pounding you is just amazing. I had gotten the sense that this boy wasn't too experienced, and I don't just mean in gay sex, in sex in general, but if he hammers he girlfriends like this in the future, they'll leave satisfied, I certainly did.

He thrusts were deep, dirty but not rhythmical this was raw sex pure animal lust, he had grapped hold of my shoulders getting deeper and deeper, I was trying as much as I could to push back at meet him but he was doing it his way and he was in control.

The pounding seemed to last forever, it probably didn't when he was about to come he thrust so hard and so deep I yelped in pain and savoured the moment, then came the rush, flooding me deep inside, the boy who wanted help with astronomy filling my slutty ass with his best juices, I could have passed out - he collapsed on top of me, his sweaty teen body heaving atop of mine I wanted to stay in the position with his dick firmly lodged in me forever but just as he showed no mercy in ramming me he yanked his cock out, with little consideration for my assaulted ass.


I was speechless

"Fucking awesome." He repeated.

"that was something else"


"you prefer man pussy or girl pussy"

"I ain't no fag... but fuck man I ain't no girl pussy...fuckin awesome"

I was right this was his first time

"You ain't done it before?"

"never done nothing not been wanked, sucked, fucked, not a beat, fuck, I did a fuckin' fag first... awesome"

I was so proud that I had introduced Trent to the joys of sex, I had taken this boys virginity, on just another Saturday afternoon, we didn't study anymore, in fact Trent left pretty soon after, as soon as left I beat one, two and three loads, I was amazed I held out so long, I hoped it wouldn't be so long before I felt my teen Trent again.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.