Summer Camp

Just as I was drifting off, I felt a slight tug at my zip, then another. Then I heard the sound of a zip slowly being undone. Oh, who could this be? I had enjoyed some mutual wanking just after "Lights Out". Was this another of my sleeping companions, wanting more?

I laid completely still, while my friend slipped in behind me. I was so glad that my mother suggested getting me a bouble sleeping bag. Soon I heard the zip going back up, and I felt warm and cosy again. I hadn't bothered to put my pajamas back on after the previous cuddle, and it came as a surprise when I felt that my new friend had his pajamas on, although he did have a good feeling bulge pressing against my bottom.

Assuming it was my friend from before, I wriggled my bottom and pushed it backwards against him, to let him know I was awake. It worked, because I felt a hand slip around my waist and down over my tummy., and began to carres me. In seconds he had his fingers around my cock and was wanking me. It felt lovely, better than before. I slipped my hand round behind me and fumbled with his pajama trouser fastening. It burst open and his stiff cock seemed to know where to go, pushing in between my bottom cheeks and coming to rest against my boyhole.I wriggled from side to side, enjoying the feeling and resting my head back on his shoulder. I could feel him wanking himself with his other hand, thrusting his helmet hard at my boyhole. Suddenly I felt 3 or 4 big thrusts, and then lots of warm slipperyness between my cheeks. He was cuming and pushing hard at my "Love-Canal". The thought of him squirting some of his cum inside me made me start to cum. Oh, Oh, Oh all over his hand and all over my sleeping bag. He fastened his trousers, and I heard the zip coming down. I looked over my shoulder and saw a dark shape disappearing out of the tent. "Who was that" I thought, but in seconds was fast asleep.

The following night, we all seemed top double up, and there were 3 pairs of scouts, all busily wanking and snogging. I had a little secret, which I kept from them. Now aged 13, my parents had been using "Uncle Jim" for babysitting for two years, and Uncle Jim had been doing more than just reading me bedtime stories. He'd been in my bed.

After the group wank had finished, I settled down to sleep, and some hours later, I awoke, he was back!! When he had got in, I rolled over onto my back and waited. Eventually I felt a hand on my chest. I took hold of it and pushed it down onto my cock and held it there. He took the hint and started to carress me. I nusled up to him and noticed he wasn't wearing any pajamas, but did have some hairs on his chest which I felt as I slid my hand down onto his tummy. There I found underpants. Never mind, I slid my fingers under the waistband and down inside. Wow, what a lot of hair, around his cock, as I wrapped my fingers around it. I rested my head on his shoulder again, and leant over to kiss his cheek once or twice. Suddenly his lips were on mine and his tongue filled my mouth. I didn't know this boy, but I was enjoying it.

Then he stopped wanking me and I felt his strong hand behind my head, pushing me downwards. He was so strong, I couldn't resist, and my head slid down his chest and onto his tummy. I knew what he wanted of me, and began to pull his underpants down before my heead arrived. My nose slid into that mass of hair and stopped. I took hold of his cock and carressed it again, and tried to lift my head up to his helmet. He allowed me some movement, and I soon had my lips over his helmet, and sas I slid them down further, I heard him sigh. I began to bob my head, and squeeze his balls, and got into my well-practiced rythm. Thirty seconds later, Oh, Oh, Oh more bgig thrusts, sending his helmet to the back of me throat, and a new taste, He was cuming into my mouth. I swallowed it all down, wanting more and more, but as soon as he was empty, he pulled his pants up and let.

All that day I kept looking round the camp, trying to see who it could have been, Then in the early evening we were all ordered to line up beside the lake. I was positioned at the end, by the 4 scout masters. The next order was "Everybody strip, ready for a swim" I quickly started to undress, while glancing over at the Masters. Wow, one of them had so much hair around his cock, could it have been him? Another had a boyish body with little bodyhair and a slim, but nice looking cock. We all got into the water and had a good swim and lots of games. In one game, we had to pair off, and the boyish Master chose me. The water was waist deep, and as he stepped up close behind me, I felt that nice looking cock brushing my bottom. "Come a little closer Sir" I whispered, and felt his hands grip my thighs, as his hips thrust firmly against me, pushing his limp cock between my cheeks

"You mean like this?" he asked. I turned my head, nodded and smiled. Later in the game, we had to reverse the positions. I stepped up behind him, laid my cock against his bottom, and put one hand around him under the water, to briefly carress his cock. "Oh, I am sorry Sir". As I did it again a few moments later, had grabbed my hand and pulled it firmly to him, holding it over his cock for several seconds. I squeezed him and fondled him, and I felt his cock begin to stiffen. At the end of games he came over to me and whispered in my ear. "I may want you to do some chores for me later. Come to my tent at bedtime and I'll tell you about them. Don't tell the other boys, it'll be our secret, ok?" "Yes Sir"

Once the other boys were in bed, I quietly slipped out of the tent, and made my way the "Masters Tents". It was a big tent with internal dividers and an internal hallway with 4 zipped up panels. I stood there in my pajama. a panel unzipped and he stuck his head out. "Oh, come in" he said. The other Masters would have heard that, so I didn't know how we could have a secret chat. I stepped into his beroom. He was in his underpants. Uncle Jim had shown me how lovely a man can look in just his pants. "Slip your pajamas off and get into bed" He said quite loudly. "Yes Sir" I whispered. He watched as I undressed, and slipped into his big double sleeping bag. He eased his pants off and slipped in beside me.

"Lets pull the covers over us then we wont be heard" He turned me over, so that he was behind me, pulled the covers right over us. As he snuggled up behind me, I felt that nice boyish cock, being pressed to my bottom. His hand came around me, and began to carress me. I started to get a hard-on. I could feel his cock stiffening and pushing further between my cheeks, until it found my boyhole. I sighed with pleasure. "Is that nice?" he asked. "Oh Yes Sir" I sighed. He pushed it harder at my entrance, in little thrusts. "Would you like to feel my cock inside you, all of it?" "OOOOhhhhhhh Yes" I moaned

Briefly his cock was taken away, then I felt the cold lubrication cream being spread along my crease, then it was replaced, pushing at my boyhole. I lifted one leg and bent them both, to allow him more room. I used my hands to pull my cheeks apart, then OOOOOhhhhhhh Sir. My love box yielded and his helmet eased into me. Again I blurted out "OOOhhh Sir", then again and again. He slid it deep inside me and began to make love to my bottom, long slow loving rthms. "Get on your knees" he urged. I did. From behind he began to thrust quicker and deeper. I became aware of cold air. We were out of the covers, he was fucking my bottom, his hips slapping against my bottom cheeks.

Out of the darkness, I feel hands on my head, and a helmet being pressed to my lips. I allow it into my mouth.

In darkness, two men fuck me, like the slut I am. till they're satified. The light goes on, and I see the other two Masters. "Our turn now" OOOhhh Yes Please

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber.

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