Sucking My Son's Friend; My First Time

It all started one day when I was going to work the swing shift, which starts at 1 pm. My wife and kids already left to work and school except my 18-year-old son, who graduated last summer. I was still lying in bed when I heard him take off to his job, which started at 10 AM, that when I know I have my alone time. I got up went to the living room, turned on the TV and fell back asleep for about another half-hour and when I woke up I was as hard as a rock. I then turned to TV to the Adult Channel and started to stroke myself openly in the living room. I was so caught up in the movie watching some girl suck the biggest cock I ever seen with a passion that my mouth was open in awe of the dude.

As I was going to town stroking my cock, I did not realize I was not the only one home. Caught up in my routine I completely forgot my son had his friend stay over last night. When I looked over I saw my son's friend Erick standing naked in the doorway stroking his cock. Erick is 18, 6'1, with a skateboarder body and he was packing an at least an 11 inch cock. It rivaled the guy on the porno I was watching. As he was jacking off in the doorway I could not help but stare at him and his massive cock. I am serious -- it looked unreal, I guess with all my staring and all, he stopped and started to shake it, when I looked up he gave me an evil grin. He started to walk toward where I was sitting and I could not take my eyes off him all the while he kept his little evil grin as he got closer. Erick then got to the edge of the couch where I was sitting and just stood right before me blocking the TV with his cock so big and sticking straight out it was literally right in front of my mouth. As he leaned I was in awe of his cock and wanted to grab it. I looked up at him and gave him a look as if I was asking permission to touch; he knew it in my eyes and just nodded. How did it get here, I was sitting in my living room jacking off a few minutes ago, never touched a guy in my entire life and now I hypnotized by my son's 18 year old punk friend. I reach out and grabbed it and instinctively started to stroke it. After a minute a placed both hands and was stroking it. I looked up and he still had his evil grin on his face looking down at me.

After a few minutes, he reached down and forced my head closer and with that move his monster cock was pressed against my face. There was no stopping it now. Erick was in total control and he knew it. Finally he placed his monster at my lips and I licked the pre-cum off the tip. I loved the tasted of it and knew I had to have more. He then finally spoke and said "put it in your mouth". I looked up at him again and he gave me the same evil grin as before and nodded. That was all I needed. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started to suck on it. What I never knew all my 36 years of living was that I was a natural born cocksucker. I only gagged a few times before I was able to relax my throat and take more of him in me. I could not believe I could do what I was doing but I realized I had his monster all the way down my throat, my eyes were watering and as I looked up, he smiled at me with his evil grin and slapped my face. That turned me on even more as I was getting face fucked, balls deep. He started pulling out and fucking my mouth so hard that his balls were slapping my chin. After a few more moments, I felt his cock get even bigger in mouth and with a few last thrusts he started to pump his man seed down my throat. He was shooting load after load, he finally pulled back and was still pumping load and it tasted great, I was addicted to his dick. As he slowly pulled it out of my mouth still Cumming. I grabbed his ass and did not want it out of my mouth but he pushed me back and sprayed the last of his load on my face. Erick rubbed the last load with his cock all over my face. As it started to get softer, I opened my mouth like a cock hungry whore and swallowed it whole to milk the rest out. He had to force my mouth off him.

When I looked down I had cum all over myself without even touching myself. Erick sat down next to me and started to laugh. I then asked why he was laughing and he finally spoke. He told me that I was the one of the best cocksuckers he has ever had and that I was a natural. He then gave me an evil grin and said nobody but one other person has sucked my dick all the way down. I said shit he must be a natural to; he laughed and said that he was. He told me it was my son. I came back to reality and could not believe what I was hearing cause my Son has had more pussy then I ever did. Erick said don't worry your Son is still a stud when it comes to the ladies but every now and then He needs a little dick, just like you. Well with that being said, whenever Erick stood the night with my Son, I knew that he would get to blow Erick, which made me a little jealous but Erick would stay later on purpose and I would get my chance at him. I looked forward it every time and can't get enough.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber.

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