Straight Teenage Black Male Next Door.

First of all, guys, if you are reading the stories here, then guess what; bi, str8, gay or whatever, then enjoy life, its way too short. I don't mean short on intelligence or safety; please life is too short, don't help speed it along by being stupid. Second, never limit yourself or hide yourself by telling someone, "I'm x, y or z. We are limited by those self-inflicted locks that we place on our lives. Gay men are the most notorious for creating fake lives (especially on the internet or a resume). We can be anything on paper; it just doesn't make it real. I take facts from everyone that I know, talk with or have encountered and spin stories, ideas or fantasies for each of us. Some are true and some have hints of truth. As far I am concerned, unless you know straight on yourself; then consider my word (written or spoken) to be the gospel.

They moved in next door about 5 years ago. When they bought the house, all I saw were the parents, an older, black couple. The boys moved in a couple of weeks later. Now, I like nothing better than men, men, men, men. Can you tell? Queer as a $3.00 bill or a football bat. These boys were well on their way to being men. The older brother was tall with a handsome face; you could tell that he was out growing his body way too fast. The younger brother was and is nice looking, shorter, but the face was and is less attractive than the brother's.

Let's move on to 2004, the present. The younger brother has moved on to the local University and the older brother is living at home attending community college. The older sibling, David, is about 6'4", works out on his patio constantly attempting to bulk up (is not going to happen). His face has only become that more refined and attractive. Every weekend, he and I begin to do yard work, mow, etc about the same time on each Saturday. One weekend, I noticed that after finishing his yard work that he was sitting on the patio and not going inside. I yelled over and said what's up? David, says to me, I locked myself out and no one will be home until around 7pm (six hours later). I suggested that he come over and sit with me on my patio and that he could have something to drink. Well, in the past 5 years, we have spoken and been neighborly, but that's about it.

David, says thanks, I need some water pretty bad and the hose water is kind of funky. I go in and get him a bottle of water and myself a beer. We sit there cooling off for about an hour, talking and drinking. I say to him, how about a dip in the pool, to cool off. I go get beach towels and David says what about my washing off first. I show him my pool bathroom and when he comes out, for the first time his shirt is off and all he's wearing is his mesh work out shorts. He dives in and I sit sipping my beer watching him. David says, Padgett aren't you coming in? I say oh yeah, but you looked like you needed to unwind, so I was just letting you enjoy the pool. Perk of living in Florida in the Fall, huh? We both laugh and say definitely. I jump in and we both kind of float and bob along relaxing. Now, ebony does not describe this handsome, young man. Tall, dark, handsome, intelligent and a chest that definitely shows his hard work at working out. David, says to me, do you mind if I have a beer?

The look of shock on my face caused him to laugh. He says, dude, I'm 18 and in college. I just don't drink at home. I get us both a beer and we sit on the "swim out bench" drinking. After a couple of hours of beers and lots of beautiful sunshine; you definitely get a light buzz and start feeling very relaxed. I say to David, you know, it shows, and he looks down. No, your chest from your work outs, I tell him laughing. He laughs back and says, sorry, I was worried that my shorts weren't water worthy. Thanks though, he says. He says you to, the dieting and working outside all the time. It keeps you looking good and healthy. Thanks, I tell him back. Now that the mutual admiration society is over, I tell him; tell me about your family and school.

We sit there having more beers (not needed) while he told me about everything and everybody. Then he says, do you mind, I really need to know the bathroom. No, I tell him, make your self at home. When he comes out, he grabs a towel and starts drying off. He says I really should sit out and dry off now before everyone gets home. I offer to toss his clothes into the dryer. What am I supposed to do then, he says. I suggest wrapping up in the towel and I'll hand him his clothes back in a few minutes. He goes inside and in a minute comes back towel wrapped and hands me his clothes. While they are drying, he goes inside to get us another beer. While he 's bent over to get them, the towel falls off. He spins around eyes wide. I am sitting there laughing at his shock; only for about a second.

There he stands, nude, hot, ebony dark, balls hanging, and the most beautiful dick, just laying there between those muscled thighs. He bends over to pick up the towel that fell. I say, why bother. No one can see in and I don't see anything that I don't mind looking at. David rises up and says, really? Really, I tell him. He comes outside to where I'm sitting and says what do you think? I look up at him and say, almost without breath, you are so fucking hot. As I look him over, his dick starts to stretch out, harder, longer, pointing straight out. I slowly, reach out and caress it. He sighs, moans a little and even grunts. Without a thought I slowly slide my mouth over it. David, simply groans out, Oh my God that's so good. I tongue his nuts, his thighs, legs, stomach, but that dick; now it's my turn, oh my God. I stand up and with out a thought, kiss this handsome young stud. He kisses me back. As we pull apart, he says, I'm a virgin. I ask him, with men? He says everything. I've never done anything. I grab his hand and we walk inside.

In my guest bedroom, I lead him to lie down. I look at him for a second to admire the long, lean, hard body; the long, lean, hard dick. I drop off all my clothes and climb on to bed with him. We kiss, he explores, I explore and then we 69. While I am sucking that beautiful dick, David says, Padgett, I'm going to cum way too soon. God, I'm so horny. I tell him don't worry go for it. Now thank God that there are some young men that abstain out there. As he starts to fuck my mouth, I realize that with this virgin, it'll be safe to suck out all that wonderful male cum. Just as I realize this thought, David starts moaning, oh god, oh god, oh god and starts shaking all over. The flood started and I thought that it was never going to stop. I take my time letting him cum and come down from his orgasm. I climb up his body, hug him, kiss him and ask is everything okay. He says to me you know growing up, I was never sure if I was gay, bi or straight. I always wanted a friend to try it with, but never had the chance. I did always think that if I tried what we just did, that I would like for it to be with an attractive, older man; someone that would also be a friend.

Well, David, you have definitely made a close friend today. A friend with benefits that definitely doesn't mind letting you experiment with him. About that time David smiles a very big smile and begins to climb down my body towards my still burning hard-on. That story and the friendship are more for another day. Its, Saturday morning and I just heard the lawn mower start up next door.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber.

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