Man for Man

Slugger and the Batboy


Cody Mitchell, the 16-year-old batboy for the minor-league Falcons, was just tightening up the large sack when he felt a hand roam over his tight little buttocks.


"Got all the balls put away, Cody?"

"All but your favorite ones, Slugger," he turned and smiled up at the team's best hitter. The lights were all being turned out now, leaving the dugout moonlit. "Are all the guys in the shower?" He grabbed the man's trouser bulge and felt him up.

"Yeah. Gonna put this bat away too?"

"Sure. Where do you think I oughta put it?"

"Hmmm. Some place wet and pink!"

"Gee, that could be either of two places I can think of," the boy cooed, stroking the encased hardon.

"How about both?"

"Mmm, that sounds good. Which one first?"

"I think you might find the taste better if you put it in your mouth first!" he chuckled.

"I'm not so sure, Slugger. You sweat a lot during a game." He began to undo the ballplayer's belt.

"And you love it, kid! You love the smell and taste of my hot balls and cock, doncha? You love lickin' 'em clean!" He fondled the boy's ass. "But come to think of it, your butthole does taste pretty sweet!"

"Wanna eat me out, Slugger?"

"Let's wait til at least the third inning, okay? Right now, let's play ball!" He spread his uniform trousers open as the boy went to his knees and pushed his face into the smelly jockstrap.

Cody grabbed Slugger around the butt and slipped the man's pants down his thighs. He liked feeling the firm ass while he sniffed at his crotch. Slugger was especially pungent this night, and Cody put his mouth to the soiled pouch and tongued it, tasting the grime and stale piss. Slugger spread his legs further apart, letting the boy dig his tongue in between his pouch and thigh to lick away the moist sweat that still hung there.

Cody lapped away the tangy moisture--on both sides--then slipped the guy's huge balls from the sack, leaving the growing cock inside.

"Aw, Cody! Lick my nuts, baby batboy! Lick those hot fuckin' nuts!"

Making wet noises, Cody lapped the big balls, loving the way they tasted and smelled--just like Slugger said he would. Meanwhile, he was tickling the ballplayer's sweaty anal hole, causing him to squirm and thrust his crotch forward and back over the boy's lips. Cody loved cleaning the ballplayer's testicles...but only during the warmup period. He leaned back, snapped the jock down, and went to the bat!

The bat was a stiff, grisly 10 inches of fat meat with a thick vein on the underside. He loved feeling the blood flow along that vein. Especially when he started to suck on the big, bloated knob. He'd use his lips to squeeze the prickhead hard, felling the blood pulse back and forth. It was all Slugger could do to keep from jamming his prick deep into the boy's mouth. But he knew it was more than the kid could handle, and besides...he kinda loved the little cocksucker!

"Oooh, now lick it, Cody. Lick my prick all over!"

Cody held the big balls in one hand, and grabbed the monstrous prick at the base with the other, jiggling it up and down. He enjoyed watching the hard cylinder bounce wildly...and looking up to see the man staring down at him--proud of his own endowment and excited that the boy was on his knees paying tribute to it. He gasped as the kid began to slather his tongue up and down the sides. Cody took this opportunity to also sniff his fingers--the ones that had been playing around Slugger's sweaty asshole. He was crazy about how the guy smelled and liked smelling every part of him. Especially after a good ballgame.

"Pssst. Hey, Kirby, come 'ere!" Wearing only a towel, the pitcher beckoned to the similarly-attired shortstop. "They're at it again!"

Peeking around the corner of the dugout, the two watched excitedly as Cody worked on Slugger's prick.

"Kid sure likes that big wang, don't he?" Kirby whispered, his own prick beginning to tent his towel. He reached back and calmly slipped his hand up the back of the pitcher's towel and played with his bare ass. Without even looking away from the spectacle, the pitcher reached over and worked his hand inside Kirby's towel. He found what he expected, and slowly began to jack the shortstop's hefty 8-incher.

"Come on," he said, "let's get back to the hotel room. I wanna get this beauty stuffed up my ass!" Kirby nodded in agreement, and they both headed back down the corridor to the locker room...the hand still wrapped around his prick.


Suddenly, they were startled by the left-fielder coming around the corner with the catcher. They were both naked. They gasped in surprise seeing the other two with raging boners, but Kirby just smiled and nodded toward the dugout. Without a word, the two headed that way, guessing what to expect there. Sure enough, when they looked around, Slugger was standing with his pants all the way down, his huge prick sticking out. He was helping Cody get his pants down.

"Come on, kid. Time to let the other team get up to bat!" Slugger fondled the boy's jock, mercifully releasing the boy's dripping boner from his pouch, and letting it spring free. Cody had a nice 7-incher that was perpetually on the bone. Slugger'd hardly ever seen it any other way. Even after two or three orgasms, the boy's pecker stayed stiff. He'd even have to go to sleep that way on the road, nestled back into Slugger's arms. In the morning, he'd awake that way, usually with the man's hand wrapped around it.

"Ah, look at him blowin' the kid!" the fielder hissed, watching Slugger's head bob up and down the boy's perky boner.

"Let's slip down, Buzz," the catcher said over his shoulder. The catcher got down into his customary crouch and reached back between the man's legs to stroke the fielder's long, skinny prick. "Come on, man, give me a little finger- bang!"

Wetting his long middle finger, Buzz reached under the chunky ass and drove it up into the catcher's asshole, rapidly finger-fucking him.

"Oh, Slugger, stop!" Cody gasped, "or I'm gonna squirt in your mouth!" But that only made the handsome ballplayer suck all the harder--taking the boy's prick down his throat. He loved tasting the kid's hot, young sperm...and couldn't get enough of it. Cody grabbed him by the back of the head and pistoned in and out of the talented athlete's mouth, shooting tremendous bolts of creamy teenage jizz down his throat.

"Gimme another finger, Buzz...cram 'em up there!" the catcher cried quietly. The fielder slipped two, then three fingers up the hungry asshole and worked them around awhile. Then he yanked 'em out.

"Got something better for ya, Spike," he squirmed around behind the squatting man and rubbed the head of his cock over the wet, poochy anus. "Gonna fuck ya right here. Hold your breath!" He rammed his long prick up the gaping hole and pulled the man down onto him, totally impaling him...just the way the guy liked it. And all the while, they were watching the other two.

Slugger was holding onto the outer bars of the dugout, his bottom pushed back. Cody had his face buried in the moist crack, rapidly lapping his tongue up and down the sweaty crevice, tasting the man's spicy essence while he played with the low-hanging erection. Slugger endured the delicious sensations, letting the boy lick him good and clean. Then he spun around and pushed Cody back to the bench. He pulled the boy's kleats off and yanked his uniform trousers and jockstrap off.

"Aw, fuck, stuff it in there, Buzz!" the catcher moaned, bouncing his ass up and down the long, steely prick.

Getting Cody to sit with his ass on the edge, he got the boy to put his feet up on the bench, resting them beside his buttcheeks. This gave Slugger a wonderfully lewd view of Cody's exposed asshole. Slugger got down and crawled toward it. Resting on all fours on the dirty concrete, he stuck his nose down there and began to sniff at the batboy's pulsing almost hairless shithole! The sounds coming from the other end of the dugout were getting louder.

"They're watching us!" Cody whispered, wrenching his legs apart so he could see the man's tongue licking him down there.

"I know," he looked up and smiled. "It's Spike getting his hungry hole stuffed again. Time for the 7th inning stretch, baby. Push down hard and stretch that lovely pucker. Push it out...gimme a big mouthful of asshole to suck on!" Cody did as requested, pushing out his anus.

"Ah, one of these days I'm gonna do this and you're gonna get more than we figured on, Slugger!" he teased, half- seriously. "Mmmm. Tongue me out, Slugger! Oh, fuck, that's so good! OH!" he threw he head back in ecstacy. Slugger scooted up and grabbed the boy's buttocks in his powerful hands and lifted the bottom to his mouth.


Cody gasped, falling back to his elbows. "Oooh. YOU GOT YOUR WHOLE TONGUE UP THERE! YEAH! EAT ME OUT, OH, PLEASE EAT ME OUT!"

Spike splattered the wall before him without touching his cock. Just having Buzz' long prick exploding up his ass was enough to get him off. Buzz held his chunky asscheeks for leverage, and plowed mercilessly in and out of the catcher's well-used, hungry asshole.

Catching his breath, Buzz slipped his sloppy prick from the drippy orifice. "You ready to go hit the sack now?"

"Fuck no, man. It's early. Let's go pick up a couple of local punks and take 'em back and have us a Grand Slam!"

"Where's Slugger?" the manager asked.

"Out in the dugout with Cody...where else?"

Just as the man went around the bend he saw Spike crouched over the left-fielder's groin, noisily slathering over his cock, licking it off.

"Bet I know where that's just been!" the manager chuckled, passing by and slapping Spike on the ass...causing white cockjuice to squirt from his anus!

"Slugger!" He turned the corner just in time to see his star player standing proudly, pumping a huge load down the batboy's throat! "Holy fuck, you guys! Come on, we've got a day game tomorrow. Get back to the hotel and get some friggin' rest, willya!" He turned away, muttering to himself. "Cocksuckinasssmellinfingerlickin pricks! I don't know how in the hell these guys can be in first place, but I ain't gonna rock the fucking boat...that's for sure!"

Slugger hit three homeruns the next day, and Spike hit two himself. Kirby, the shortstop, got two singles and a triple, and the other guys played great, too. It was a wipeout, and the game they needed to go to the regional playoffs. Everybody was in high spirits, laughing, joking and horsing around in the showers afterward.

"Damn! Wish we had some champagne!" Spike cried.

"I got some bubbly right here for you Spike!" Wilson Demoine, the first baseman, laughed...shaking his long, black prick at Spike.

"Go ahead, man," Spike cried, going to his knees. "I'm so fuckin' happy I'll even let ya do it!" They all laughed as Spike squinched up his eyes tightly and shut his mouth. Wilson stepped up closer and chuckled as he aimed his dark water hose. They all gasped as he sprayed the catcher's face with gallons of hot urine...not so much that he was actually doing it...but because of the tremendous force of the monstrous piss he was taking. After all, they were in the shower and they just treated it all as horsing around. Until Spike started to laugh so hard that he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

He'd no sooner involuntarily opened it, then it was full to the brim with hot piss! They all roared as he knelt there gasping and gurgling. Instead of stopping, or redirecting his spray, Wilson stepped up and aimed his hot flow right into Spike's mouth!

Suddenly, Spike was no longer gurgling. His cock had sprung up into a rigid boner and he began to drink down the piss thristily, keeping up with the flow by working his throat muscles. He opened his eyes, and moved forward, following the stream, until he took the big black hose into his mouth and drank the rest directly from the spigot!

Everyone oohed and aahed in surprise, yet not surprised. They all started clapping when Spike finally pulled his mouth from the cock and licked the last few drops from the crown.

"I'd say 'champagne for everyone' fellas, but I'm afraid I just finished it off!"

"Here," Charlie, the third-baseman, offered, "I got some!"

Waving him away, Spike chuckled. "No thanks, man, I've had enough. A guy could get real drunk on that stuff! Share it around."

Nobody did what Spike had done, but soon they were all giggling and pissing on each other, then quickly running under the shower. Except for Cody, who was laying on the tiles getting a full body wash from Slugger. He didn't open his mouth, but he stuck his tongue out and let the piss wash over it, getting a taste of the man's urine when he pulled it back in.

"Want some more, Cody?" the second-baseman pleasantly stepped up.

"Hey, Dalkins!" Slugger growled, causing the man to step back.


"Aw, come on, Slugger," Cody whined. "Let him piss on me. It's all in fun. It really feels weird having a guy piss all over you! Get down next to me. He can piss on both of us. Anybody else gotta go?"

Shrugging, deciding he'd overreacted, Slugger chuckled and layed down next to Cody. They smiled at each other, then closed their eyes and waited for the onslaught! Cody stuck his tongue out again, but Slugger kept his mouth tightly clenched. At least it seemed that way. Actually, he'd left it open just a slit, just to get a taste. But he didn't want the other guys to see him licking piss. Meanwhile, Cody was wiggling his tongue back and forth and three separate streams splashed over them. With an evil little grin, Dalkins made sure most of his river cascaded over Slugger's lips, knowing the guy couldn't tell for sure who it was. But Slugger made a remark while showering off.

"Okay, Dalkins. Did you get even?" he laughed.

"Yeah, Slug. But it woulda been better if you'da opened up."

"And drink that rancid piss of yours? You gotta be kidding!"

"HAH!" Dalkins cried. "So you did taste it!"

"No, stupid!" Slugger enunciated slowly, smirking at him. "I was just guessing. But obviously you know how rancid it tastes!!"

Dalkins blushed, then burst out in a roar. "Guess you got me on that, you prick!"

Peckers were rising all around. Guys were soaping up, soaping each other up, and unashamedly doing a bit of mutual jerking. Kirby had his hand wrapped around Wilson's 12-incher, showing no embarrassment at all as he openly admired and played with the impressive organ.

"Damn, Wilson," he cried. "If Slugger ever goes into a slump, we'll just get you out there buck naked--no offense--and sandpaper this baby down! Bet you could whack a few balls with this!"

"I'm goan whack your balls, Kirby, if you don't let go of it!" he laughed, playfully. Still, his immense size caused the shortstop to let go...not wishing to get knocked out of the ballpark! But Wilson just grabbed his hand and wrapped it around his sausage again. "Soon, Kirby, soon. You don't hafta stop just yet, but before I get to liking it!"

"Boy! If our wives could see us in the showers some times!" the pitcher laughed, letting his soapy boner bounce under the shower.

"Hey, Slugger, when are you gonna share peachy over there?"

"Peachy?" Slugger glared.

"The kid! The only one here with peach fuzz on his butt. We all know you two get it on...and you know we know. You gonna share, or are you two boyfriends?" It was Harris, the right- fielder, half-joking.

"Uh, we...we're...fuck buddies, that's all." He blushed, turning into the spray. "Cody can do whatever he wants. I got no hold on 'im."

"Yeah? That's good. I wouldn't wanna mess with a fella's steady. Hey Cody, how 'bout one of those hot blowjobs you're always giving to Slugger? I don't have as much meat as he does, but I squirt a pretty hefty load!" The others laughed nervously, interested in the response. Unconsciously, Cody licked his lips. It wasn't the first time the sight of Harris' prick had made his mouth water. And Slugger had caught his reaction. Cody, his cock suddenly springing wildly, looked at him.

"Go ahead, kid. Blow him if you want." Slugger tried to sound completely disinterested, but it caught in his throat a little.

"N-naw, I guess not," Cody muttered, hanging his head.

"Do what you like, kid," Slugger repeated. "Hell, I'll bet they'd all like you swinging on their dicks. Make 'em go down on you first, though. Even the ones that don't suck cock'll probably blow you.

"Slugger..." Cody whined, embarrassed.

"Guys, forget it," Kirby said. "Cody's only interested in Slugger...doncha get it?"

"NO! I ain't his fuckin' husband!" Slugger grabbed Cody behind the neck and marched him over to Harris and made him kneel. He grabbed Harris' dick then put the boy's hand on it. "Blow his balls off, kid! Hell, blow 'em all! We're celebrat- ing, aren't we? Come on, Spike, stick that whorey tail of yours up...lemme fuck you! Let's see what Buzz finds so interesting in there!" He left the boy holding the cock, and grabbed Spike's ass and pushed him over. Spike was surprised, but willing. Unfortunately, as much as Slugger tried, his cock had softened and he was unable to get it in. All the while, Cody was staring at his frustration.


"YOU STUPID DUMB JOCK!" Cody suddenly yelled out, letting go, and turning toward Slugger. Tears were forming in his eyes. "Sure I'd like to suck some of the guys. There's some mighty nice pricks in this room and I like you well know...YOU PRICK!" Slugger stood rigid, astonished at the boy's outburst. "B-but...I love you, Slugger. You know that. And you said you love me..."

Slugger coughed, totally embarrassed, eyeing the expres- sions on the other guys' faces. "I uh..."

"Now you're not gonna deny it, are you?" Wilson asked. "You two been inseparable since the boy joined the team."

"Well, no," Slugger shrugged. "'s just never been out in the open like this before."

"Out in the open?!" Wilson Laughed. "You two been suckin' & fuckin' practically in the open for months!"

"You always like it when they see us," Cody reminded, quietly.

"Ah, the guy's just a lusty fool." Buzz challenged. "He dig's havin' us see what a stud he is...gettin' a boy to blow him off and tossin' a hot fuck up his little hole. He's just using the kid!"

Slugger spun, unsure whether to go after the guy. But slipping on the wet tile, he gritted his teeth and took a breath. "IT AIN'T TRUE! I...I LOVE CODY MORE'N I'VE EVER LOVED ANYBODY!!" he screamed.

Buzz smiled at him, waving his arms in the air. "See? Now that wasn't so hard to admit, was it buddy?" The others started to laugh lightly and approach Slugger, patting him on the shoulder and fanny.

"That's a sweet kid you got, Slugger," Kirby poked him in the ribs. We all get a chuckle out of you guys, but every one of us sees you two as a couple...and it makes us kinda happy. Now why don't you grab that boy and give him a big smooch? He loves the fuck outta you, you know."

"Yeah, I was only teasing you," Dalkins said.

"Yeah?" Slugger smiled.

"Well...kinda. I wanted to know where you stood, alright. Cause if you're just messin' with him, I'm interested!" He reached down and stroked Cody's hair. It was sincere and gentle, but it made Cody feel all the more like a 'kid'. He rose, standing before Slugger.

"I know you don't mean to, but you guys're making me feel like a silly kid...somebody to be tossed around maybe."

"Don't you believe it, buckaroo," Spike pointed. "Sure you're young, but we all think you're a hot little stud. Any guy that can handle that big pecker of Slugger's the way you all man!" They laughed. Even Slugger had to smile. Finally relaxing his tense muscles, he reached out and pulled Cody's face to him with both hands. He held the boy's cheeks and looked into his admiring, beautiful face. Then he pressed his mouth to Cody's and wrapped his arms around the boy, giving him a luscious, sensuous kiss which the boy returned avidly.

Cheers went up. Suddenly, the manager poked his head in. "You lazy no-counts gotten your rocks off yet? Get shaggin'... we gotta be out of here in 30 minutes!" Then he started to walk off, spending just a moment to stare at the couple still locked in a wet, naked embrace.

"You heard the man," Wilson cried out, coming up behind Kirby on the bench and flopping his large cock over the guy's shoulder. "Come on, Kirby, you want this big black cock? Gimme some head, man!"

"Jeez! Play with a guy's pecker," Kirby mocked, "an' right away he thinks you wanna blow 'im!" He turned around to the tall stud and reached out. "Okay, but don't come in my mouth!"

"Sure, buddy, sure!" Wilson laughed, winking at the guys.

"Sorry, Cody. Guess I'm a little jealous." Slugger wrapped his arm around the boy. "You wanna mess with the guys?"

"Well...why not? I love you, but we're all friends. Besides, you're the only guy I ever did it with. The only man. I don't count kids. Why don't we do it together? Let's celebrate and go suck cock together!"

"Share? Hmmm. Alright, why not! Only pecker I ever had in my mouth is yours, but I admit since then I've thought about others."

"Great! Who should we start with!"

Slugger looked around. He spent a quick second eyeing Wilson pushing his cock in and out of Kirby's mouth, then settled his sights elsewhere. "How about Buzz?"


"Humph!" Cody jested, feeling him up. "Shoulda known you'd pick a big one! Gettin' tired of my little weinie?"

"Honey, you got the sweetest little weinie in creation. It fits just perfectly down my throat. I even hope it doesn't grow any more, cause I also wanna get used to taking it up the ass. Now, let's go suck us some big cocks!" He urged Cody forward toward Buzz, who stood there with his hands on his hips, having heard the whole conversation. His prick was wagging up and down in anticipation!

Slugger and the batboy got down and started out licking his balls. They lapped them all over, then as if reading each other minds, they looked at each other.

"We shoulda grabbed him before he got in the shower, hunh?" Cody nodded in agreement.

"Hey, Porter!" Buzz shouted to one of the two pitchers leaning against the far wall, jacking each other off. "Third hook from the left, toss me my jockstrap!" The guy reached back, held it to his nose, and squinched up his face. Then he tossed it. "Okay, boys, you like it rough? Get a whiff of this!" He pressed his smelly jockstrap between their faces. Together, they sniffed the rank material, taking it and wrapping it around his prick and using it to jack him...hoping some of the smell would rub off! When Buzz lifted it away, they quickly began to lap their tongues up each side of his long, skinny shaft. Stretching the jock, Buzz first held it over Cody's head, then though twice about it, and wrapped the smelly thing over Slugger's head. Looking up lustily, Slugger slipped the thing over his face until the pouch was around his chin. That way the aroma whafted up while he sucked cock with his little buddy.

He and Cody took turns taking the long prick into their mouths and seeing how far they could go down on it. Slugger stared in amazement as he watched the boy deep-throat the long cock. He wondered at the boy's talent, realizing that he'd never experienced it because his cock was so much thicker than Buzz'. It was exciting to watch, and he began to sense just how much pleasure they could both experience seeing each other make it with other guys.

"Oooh, Dalkins!" Spike moaned, squirming his ass as the second-baseman plugged his ass in his favorite catching position. "Oh, baby, throw me a couple of curves. Mmmm. Now the screwball! OH, FUCK! By the time we're finishing fucking, I'm gonna be ready for a knuckleball! Whew! OK, now let me get my mouth back on Porter's cock and work him up. Keep giving me those slow curves and when he's ready to blast off, start firing in those fastballs and don't let up!"

"You got it, man!" Dalkins said, holding the massive ass in his lap as they both squat-fucked. "Gawd, what a hot, wet, sloppy asshole you've got! Fuckin' Shea Stadium, man. That's good. Makes me last longer. Like fuckin' a hot twat! Say when, Porter. Tell me when you're gonna cream his cocksuckin' tonsils!"

"Any t-time, bud!" Porter groaned, fucking his fat meat into Spike's mouth. "Start giving him fastballs! AAH AAH AAAH!"

Again, Spike's prick shot on its own as the two athletes blasted hot cum into his two capacious holes! Spike was just one of those guys who was made to have pricks pounding into him. Dalkins cried out a fierce orgasm, his cock going ninety, as everyone watched the three of them hitting it out of the park! He nearly collapsed when he finally pulled out. He fell back, resting on his elbows. Spike, never the bashful one, immediately got between the guy's legs and went down on him! "Fuck, man, what're you doing? Cleaning my dirty cock?!"

"Yep! I love getting fucked, man. I FUCKIN' LOVE IT! And when a dude pleasures my ass like you just did, I'll clean him off every time!"

Gasping and staring at the obscene sight of Spike licking a shitty prick, Wilson let out a roar and spurted a river of hot jizz into Kirby's mouth. Far from being upset, Kirby squeezed the shaft and worked his mouth frantically over the fat knob! It was his first taste of cum...and his mind was short- circuiting from pleasure and the nasty idea that he was drinking pints of hot 'nigger cum'! When he finally let the wet knob slip from his mouth, he looked up at Wilson with fire in his eyes and ran his tongue over the big prickhead one last time, showing the man how he adored his cock and cockjuice!

"Man, that was heavy duty, Kirby! My woman don't suck me that good!"

"Any...any fucking time, you big stud. Any fuckin' time!"

"Yeah? I'll remember that. Hey, I'm a sport. Put that big honky cock in my mouth and let's see what this shit's all about!" They traded places. Settling on his haunches, the big black stud gave the hard dicked shortstop some energetic head. It didn't take Kirby long before just the excitement of watching those huge black lips working over his pecker was enough to get him off. He jerked and shivered as he watched the man gulp down his sperm.

The two pitchers on the sidelines had moved into a corner of the shower. The one above was getting his buthole licked. The player on the bottom sure seem to be enjoying sucking that hole. The guy on top slid down to the tile and they soon were going hot and heavy in a clutching 69.

Meanwhile, Slugger and Cody had Buzz upended. While Cody squatted over the guy's face, getting his balls licked, he and Slugger had Buzz' ass in the air, taking turns licking his hairy asshole! Buzz was enjoying it so much, that the straight guy took a couple of swipes across Cody's innocent-looking pink anus, and slightly tickled into it a few times. Then, while Slugger ate the guy's hole out. Cody dropped his balls back into the man's mouth and reached over to blow him. Cody watch Slugger rim, while Slugger watched Cody take the man's jizz. This idea of sharing was getting better all the time!

When everybody'd finished up, they dressed and started for the bus. Cody'd sucked off Harris, while getting fucked by Slugger. It was rather quick, because they definitely had to leave, but they all crowded around Cody and whoever could spritzed all over him. As they were walking out, the manager, still in the office, called out.

"Cody, you got a minute?" he yelled.

"I'll catch up to you, Slugger."

"Shut the door, kid."

Cody stood there smiling.

"Things going alright? Everything working out with you and Sluggo?"

"Yeah, the best! We really love each other!"

"Okay, any problems, let me know."

"I will," he assured the man. Then he whispered before going out the door, "and thanks again, Dad! He's great!"

"Hey, we haven't lost a game since you joined the team. They hurry to get into the showers! Hell, we're gonna win the friggin' pennant!"

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