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Sister Services: The Clinic


I sat in the waiting room at the Branch Medical Clinic at a remote location in Camp Pendleton. Two Corpsman were seeing to a couple of the Marine's who had shown up prior to me. One was a Lance Corporal from Headquarter's company who had twisted his ankle on a three mile run. The other, a Private First Class, PFC, from the infantry platoon. He had cut his leg on the same piece of barbed wire that had tore up my arm. They had offered to see me first, because of my rank, but a good Lieutenant sees that the troops needs are met first. We were the only three patients for the two Corpsman.


The Corpsman were both pretty hot looking boys, no older than twenty-two. One of them was short, 5'8" or so but had a broad chest and shoulders. He was blonde with piercing green eyes I couldn't stop from looking at. The other was a couple inches taller, but had dark black hair with bright blue eyes. I amused myself by flipping through some magazines while I was waiting, but couldn't help but notice that their eyes were dancing around the lobby and seemed to be filled with mischief. It was as if they were viewing a joke that noone else was in on.

They eventually finished with the Lance Corporal with the twisted ankle and one of them had pulled the PFC into the back room to administer a shot. The blonde Corpsman began to dote on me. My arm just had a bunch of surface lacerations from the barbed wire. Mostly I had shown up for the obligatory tetanus shot. I told the Doc this and he just nodded and said, "Sir, can you go to the back room. I'll be with you in just a moment."

The PFC had already cleared out so the back room was empty. In fact, the three of us were the only people present in the clinic. The black-haired Corpsman, whose nametape read Marlow, came to the back room. "Sir, could you remove your blouse and your shirt please." He asked.

I complied and was soon standing with just my trousers and boots on waiting for my shot.

"Shit!" we heard the other corpsman exclaim.

"What's up?" Marlow asked.

"We're out of fucking tetanus shots. Didn't you realize it when you gave the last kid his shot dumbass?" the blonde beauty, Johnson, asked as he walked into the room.

They both turned and looked at me. Marlow spoke, "Sir, if you hang on a couple minutes I can run the vehicle down to the next camp and grab some from them."

I wasn't in a hurry. My platoon sargent had taken the rest of the troops out for some physical training. I had a stack of paperwork that I didn't particularly relish hurrying back to anyway. Plus I would get a chance to take in these two hunks a while longer. "I've got time. Go ahead." I said.

Marlow jumped into the medical jeep and drove away. That left me with the blonde, Johnson. "Sir, we have some videos if you want to look through the selection. I can throw one in for you."

I wandered over to the table in the corner and perused through their selection of movies. I noticed right away that all of them had beautiful boys in them, they reminded me of the movies I had at home. Movies with Matt Damon, Ryan Phillipe and other hot men. I picked out a movie and pushed the eject button to remove whatever movie was in the player. Out popped one of my all time favorite gay porns, WHY MARINE'S DON'T KISS. Johnson was out in the other room so I pushed the movie back into the VCR. I hit the play button and the blue screen of the TV filled with one blonde haired Marine getting pounded by a civilian. "Hey, Johnson, what is this shit all about?" I asked.

He entered the back room and his face turned white. He started to stammer some kind of excuse, but his actions made it clear that he was familiar with the video. His eyes came unglued from the screen and he looked at my face. "Sir, it was a joke, sir, ... we just put it in as a joke."

I looked at the scared Corpsman. Didn't these guys know that at least half of the Corpsman in the Navy are gay and the Marine Corps knows this. The resident joke in the platoon is who was getting a piece of the corpsman's ass tonight. I smiled and figured I didn't have anything to lose. "Actually, this is one of my favorite flicks. I like the next scene where the guy fucks him on the jeep."

An incredulous look crept across Johnson's face. How did this guy know what the next scene was, I could see him try to remember what was coming up. Sure enough the scenes changed right then and it was two Marine's sitting in a jeep, rubbing each others cocks. If Johnson's jaw could drop any lower he might be able to handle two cocks in his mouth. "What do you think Johnson, you want to play" I asked. "What about Marlow, does he want some of the action or do you think we can start without him." I started unbuttoning my trousers revealing my semi-hard cock.


Johnson was still in a state of shock, but it didn't take him long to drop onto his knees and start sucking my hard-on. He was pretty good at cock sucking. It was obvious that he wasn't an amateur. He alternated sucking my cock and licking my nut sack, moving his mouth around to various positions to hit every nerve. I wasn't about to let him get all the action. I had him stand and began removing his blouse and t-shirt. "You won't be needing these." I said.

I pulled his cammy pants down revealing a thick, 7 inch long cock. In my experience the shorter guys always had these thick, beer-can sized cocks that stretch your mouth to no end. I wrapped my lips around his meat and started giving him the time of his life. His cock was leaking pre-cum already and I lapped it up savoring the salty taste. It wasn't long before he was moaning. I always liked the loud ones, so his noises just made me suck harder.

Before we got any further, we heard the jeep arrive back at the clinic. I pulled my lips away from Johnson's cock and asked him if Marlow was willing to participate. Johnson grinned and said, "Who do you think I learned how to suck cock from sir."

That was all the answer I needed. I started sucking with more enthusiasm on Johnson's willing member. Marlow strolled into the back room with a box of vials. Shock registered on his face, but was quickly followed by a grin that spread from one ear to the other. "Jesus Johnson, how come all the officers always want to suck your cock?" he asked as he set the box down and walked over towards the two of us.

Marlow didn't waste any time, he pulled his cock out of his trousers and placed it near my face. "LT, I could use some of that action, if you don't mind, sir.", he proclaimed as his cock continued to rise.

I didn't answer with words. I pulled my mouth off of Johnson's cock and engulfed the longer, thinner dick that was presented to me. Marlow immediately started speaking, "Suck that cock, Lieutenant," he pleaded.

Johnson started removing any of the clothes Marlow had on and started licking and sucking his nipples as Marlow's hard cock pounded in and out of my mouth. Marlow had his eyes closed and his head lifted, his talking had regressed into grunting and moaning. I was taking everything the Corpsman had to offer, pulling his tight, bubble butt towards my face, plowing his cock in and out. In minutes he was ready to shoot, his moans had turned to grunts. His face-fucking had begun short, quick plunges into my mouth. As I reached up to toy with his balls he shot a loud of creamy, salty jizz into my mouth. I increased the vacuum on his cock, trying to milk every last drop.

Johnson stopped ministering to Marlow and dropped to his knees, gesturing for me to stand. He took my cock into his mouth and lubed it up. He laid back on the examining table, lifting his legs onto my shoulders, leaving no doubt what he wanted next. Marlow watched as I slid my lubed fuck stick into the tight Corpsman ass displayed before me. I tried to go slowly, but Johnson would have nothing to do with it. He locked his legs around my neck and pulled his ass closer, plunging my dick to the hilt. He grunted and started moving his ass around my submerged cock. He was an aggressive bottom if I'd ever seen one.

Marlow had regained his hard-on and moved over to where Johnson's head was laying off of the exam table. He slid his cock into Johnson's mouth and the both of us gave him a two-pronged attack. I assaulted his muscular ass and Marlow raided his hot mouth. We pounded from both ends for several minutes before Marlow pulled out and came to stand next to me. He said, "my turn" and motioned for me to move out of the way. I removed my cock from Johnson and Marlow replaced it with his throbbing member, starting at the same rhythm I had left. Marlow turned his face around at me and said, "fuck me."

Never one to turn down a tight ass, I pushed my slicked up cock into Marlow's ass. He had slowed his fucking of his fellow corpsman to give me time, but as soon as he was sure I was in, he started pounding away again forcing himself onto my rod. I was in heaven, two hot corpsman, in a fucking threesome, this was something to write home about. Johnson's cock had begun to jump with each new thrust, he was ready to unload any moment. I was on the edge as well, Marlow's ass was the tightest I'd ever been in and watching his cock plunge in and out of his friend was bringing me to climax.

I started grunting as I fucked, "fuck his ass, give it to him harder, yeah..." I couldn't contain myself and pulled my cock out erupting all over Marlow's back, cum landing everywhere. Johnson reached down and barely touched his cock before white cum flew all over his chest. Marlow began to pump faster and moments later pulled out adding to the pile of jizz all over Johnson. Marlow and I fell onto Johnson, our energy spent.

We tried every conceivable position for the next couple hours, sucking and fucking onto our balls ached. I gave them my phone number and since then we have had many a night of hot sex. They have provided me with an endless supply of young men who they meet at the clinic, bringing different ones by the house each week!

Thank God for Navy corpsman.

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