Sex for money

Eighteen year old Tim hardly knew what hit him. Earlier, he had with his buddy Mike sat together and chatted and then he jerked his fat, wire cock of a man of his father might have been. "Now blow him!" Commanded the man Tim hesitated, then thought of the money and took the fat, wet shiny penis in her mouth. "Ah so cool," said the man and did not move him while Tim sucked the dick.

After a while, the man asked if Tim would have been clean. Tim was shocked and thought of the little blower that Mike had given him. He had quite forgotten. "I think I must first of all have to the bathroom," Tim said.

"Go ahead boy," the man said with a grin. "I'll wait here!" Tim first went into the hall and took the small bellows from his jacket pocket, then he pulled himself into the bathroom. Mike had told him what he had to do. Tim Sun filled the bellows now with lukewarm water and thought about how it had happened that he got ready here for the first ass fuck of his life.

Mike was three years older than Tim and worked in the same joiner operation, where they had met and instantly understood. They moved from then on weekends often times go together and had a good time. Mike was always to pay out all the drinks and Tim soon began to wonder why his friend so much money at his disposal. Eventually, he asked him about it. Mike admitted that he had a little extra money, but he did not tell more about it.

A few months later, Tim had an accident. He himself wore them only a few scratches, but his motor scooter, for which he had long been saved, only scrap value. He did not have enough money to buy yourself a new one. When she again on the weekend with a few buddies sat together, he complained Mike his suffering. The Tim then invited to have a drink. Tim sipped his drink, he was not drunk then. He knew that he did not tolerate much alcohol. He was usually after a few beers already completely over and then slept like a dead man. He usually spent the night at Mike, who had an apartment right in town. Later, Mike whispered to Tim, "I know a way how you can get money quickly, but not before the other, let's go time just before the door. ". Mike told the others that he wanted a smoke and Tim followed. It was a warm summer night with Tim and Mike looked quizzical look.

"So," asked Tim.

"Well," said Mike who worked on Tim unusually nervous, while Mike was otherwise a daredevil and not gift of the gab. "It is somewhat unusual. But it makes a good money!"

"Is that what you do as a perquisite?"


"What are you doing? Black you working?"

"I work as a prostitute," Mike said, grinning.

Tim was gone for the language. "As ... Fooled me? That brings money? What do women pay for?"

"I'm not going to pay for women ..." Mike said, winking at Tim.

"You ... with guys? But you have friends!"

"Well, the way it is."

"So something can not make me ...," Tim said, disappointed. "I'm not gay or anything!"

"Well, I've seen how you abcheckst other types with their eyes."

"So what I do not want to fuck with or something ..."

Mike grinned. "I could arrange a date with a guy. He's not ugly, athletic type."

"Ne it's not for me," Tim began, but then he told Mike what he would get for it. "That much," Tim said in amazement. "All the numbers so much?"

Mike smiled. "No, but the guy is going to pay that much if it has a 'young man' gets. So one of the was never fucked." Mike hesitated. "I suppose at times you did not have a dick in my ass?"

"No. Of course not," Tim said indignantly.

"Anyway, even if you let it fuck daily. You look so innocent that he would believe them, you're still a virgin. And your apple cheeks will please him in any case!"

"I'm not a virgin, I have to ... Janine"

"Well you will have hardly fucked in the ass," Mike said with a grin. "So? I can immediately make it clear. Maybe he wants to meet you, even today, you would have the coal soon in hand."

Tim thought for a moment. Should he really be fucked by some guy? Then he thought of all that money. "I think so," he said impulsively.

"Well," said Mike, pulling his phone out of his pocket. "Yes Mike here. I! a fresh for you guys ... Yes that is still untouched ... He needs the money ... Ok" He put the phone back. "He wants to see you immediately. I'm going down." Tim barely knew what was happening and not half an hour later he was standing in front of a beautiful house in the best area of ​​the city. Mike stopped the engine. "So you go in?"

"I go," said Tim got out of the car. "I have fun!" Mike said with a grin. "Call me when you're done, you can then pick up." He drove away.

The man opened the door of Tim was in his forties and a head taller than Tim. His upper body was naked. He was wearing only jeans, no shoes. As Mike had promised the man looked not bad. He had some bacon on the ribs but also a broad, hairy chest and muscular arms. His face was clean-shaven, his hair was cut short millimeter. Mike had told him that the man worked as an officer in the army. "Hi come on in," the man said, "What's your name? Mike did not tell me your name."

"Tim," Tim said. The man closed the door.

"My name is Bjorn. You look sweet from Tim, "the man said," Frankly my cock is already stiff at the sight. Are you coming into the bedroom."

"Yes ..." said Tim. More he could not see. He followed the man

Once in the bedroom, the man said, "Take off your clothes", the usual commanding tone. After a second of thought put Tim from his jacket. Then he took off the shirt. The man nodded sympathetically and rubbed his bulge in his jeans that looked frighteningly large as Tim found. "You look good," he said. "Go on!"

Tim took off shoes and socks, then he undid his belt and pushed down his jeans. He got out of his pants and stood naked except for boxer shorts in front of the manSomehow, he could not bring himself to finish completely naked. The man smiled and nodded in the direction of Tim's. "Even the shorts," he said. Tim pushed her down until she fell to the ground by itself. "Turn here," ordered the man

Completed his turn as Tim massaged the man had the more violent the bulge in his jeans. "You're a horny little ass Tim. And you're really still untouched?" Tim nodded. "Have you ever blown a cock?" Tim shook his head.

"I only had sex with a girl yet. Never was with a man"

The man grinned lasciviously. He took off the shirt and said: ".. I am sure to be the first of fucks a boy ass But I pay you well"

"I know," said Tim. The man pushed his pants and underwear down together. His hard cock stood straight up from the thick purple acorn already dripped Vorsamen. Tim swallowed. The cock of the guy looked twice as large as his own when he is stiff. Of course, Tim's cock was now not stiff. Even if he had to admit that the sight of the man turned him on a little. Not only his thick cock with the fat eggs impressed Tim, the rest of the beefy body.

"Barrel at him" said the man, Tim did a step forward and clasped his hand the thick wire stem of the male cock. He moved his hand up and down. The man was kneading with one hand while Tim's ass. Tim realized that his own cock was now a little stiff too. That was kind of embarrassing to him and he tried to focus on other things so that his cock went limp again. Then the man said, "Well blow him!"

It was gone, and now Tim was sitting on the toilet and cleaned his asshole with the blower had the Mike handed him in the car. Somehow it felt demeaning to Tim, to make for a strange type "ready" to have so that he could have his fun. "Now come already villain," cried the man, "My cock is hot on your Jungspo!"

Tim pressed flush the toilet and put the blower to the side. The man came to the door and jerked off his incredible big cock as Tim came out, he had smeared obviously lubricated. He stood behind Tim and rubbed his cock on Tim's ass crack, which was immediately slippery. "Fuck I'm so hot out you kid!" Said the man he pushed Tim to bed. "Lie down," he ordered. "On your belly, manual swiveling your feet!" Tim did as commanded the man.

Tim closed his eyes. He felt like the man knelt between his legs. On either side of his head, the guy leaning on his hands, then Tim felt something hard pushed against his anus. Tim wondered if the huge cock would fit into his butt. He had put something never there. The man above him gasped excitedly, his cock kept pushing against Tim's hole. Tim felt like the acorn, the man opened his hole, he took a deep breath as a short sharp pain shot through him. The situation seemed unreal to him, the man had to really push against his thick, wire men dick in his ass? Mike would come in equal and laughingly say that everything was just a joke? Tim wondered if Mike knew how big the man is loaded and if he had given him reason to driving these relaxation tips.

"Bengel, your ass is so tight!" Said the man, "Cool!" Tim felt his cock slide into a piece of themselves. It hurt, but not as strong as in the beginning as the acorn had overcome his sphincter. Slowly but behaarlich the man pushed his cock deeper now in Tim's hole. "My virgin hole so far," Tim thought. Then he felt the pubic hair and knew that the fat cock stuck now entirely in his butt.

The man let himself sink down to Tim. "You're a horny tight asshole!" The man whispered directly into Tim's ear. He moved his pelvis and Tim could feel his cock deep inside. "I'll tidy up breaking in Little! You're a real natural bottom! Practically you tolerates hardly a boy my dick!" He pulled his cock out a little and then pushed him hard again in Tim's hole.

Tim jerked with each thrust, it barely hurt. On the contrary, instead, he realized that his own cock was hard too, it was an incredibly awesome feeling to feel these men cock inside. He had to think about the man's words. Was he really a natural bottom?

The man was fucking Tim relish with slow, deep shock and obviously enjoyed the ass deflowering. After a while he pulled away and turned his back to Tim. "Look at this!" He said. "What a crossbar You like obviously to be taken from a man!" He lay down on Tim's legs left and right on the shoulder and led his cock back into Tim's hole. Tim saw the beefy guy above him, the broad hairy chest, feeling the big cock slide into his ass and suddenly he realized that he accidentally climbed his juice. "Oh no," he cried, and a second later the cum shot in three thick spurts out of his dick and slapped his chest. The man grinned.

"Have I your boy cream fucked out kid. Not worry soon you get back a load! But first I'm going to use your ass even more!" Grinning, he thrust his cock hard again in Tim's hole. But it was not long until he came, grunting and panting he shot his seed deep into the boy.

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After a brief rest, he pulled his cock from Tim Butt. Tim saw that he was smeared with sperm. He grinned at Tim. "A defloration more on my tally sheet. And what a horny guy!"

"I'll clean my times," Tim said, and went into the bathroom, he felt out of his gaping hole open to lots of cum dripped and ran along his leg. As he left the bathroom, the man handed him a wad of cash here.

"Here, boy, you've earned yourself the fuck!" He gave Tim a pat on the butt. "Mike Holt you from?"

"Yeah," Tim said, pulling out his cell phone.

A short time later he was in Mike's car. "How'd it go?" Mike asked.

"Very well," replied Tim. He would rather not talk about the last hour, but then he asked out on impulse. "Did you get fucked by him too?"

"I? Ne. Ehrlich at the cock would split my ass, yes!"

Tim frowned Kraus. "But you sent me into the lion's den!"

Mike gave him a sidelong glance. "Well, I did, can you take what he has."

"Huh, how could you know that?"

Mike looked at him and smirked. "Why is my even bigger than his ..."

"So what? Is all well for you? What has that to do with it?"

"Well, strictly speaking ... you're not a 'virgin' was."

"Huh?" Tim now understood nothing. "Well if you're drunk, you're getting totally spaced out. Eventually I was horny and you were lying on my couch. Your shorts had slid halfway across your ass ... and I've fucked you the first time ..."

Tim gasped. "Uh ... like ... the first time?"

"Since then, almost every time we were on the road together, and you've slept with me drunk. Ehrlich determined already said fifty times or so."

Tim said no more. After a while, Mike asked. "Tim are you okay?"

Tim once drew a deep breath. "And he really thought I was still untouched. He thought I would say that yes tolerated so good. I would be a natural bottom ..."

"Well, frankly, you're always streckst the ass fucking so accommodating. I sometimes thought that maybe you do not sleep and just do not want to talk about it. But you've always slept really well."

"Certainly, but Mike ..."


"Next time you fuck me, when I'm awake. Then you can make me well again in the popping noise wenns looks. What the hell ..."

Mike laughed. Later that evening, Tim felt it the first time when they are awake Mike's big cock up his ass.

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