Man for Man

Scouting for Dick


We were lucky to have Mr. Elgin as our scoutmaster, if for no other reason than he had a swimming pool, but there were other reasons too. Mr. Elgin just understood boys better than most adults. For instance whenever he'd invite our small troop over to his house to use the pool he wouldn't worry about our language. In fact he could match our fucks and shits right down the line. And he'd not only let us go skinny dipping in the pool but he'd even come in the pool naked with us. He loved to have us all line us and spread our legs wide and swim through them. He'd challenge us to do the same and so we'd take a deep breath, dive down, and grab ankles and legs and pull ourselves through the arch of boy legs. He'd also join us as we rough-housed in the pool. He loved chickenfights and he'd hoist one naked boy after another onto his shoulders and go into battle with two other naked boys.


Then we'd go into his basement and watch R-rated movies that our parents never let us watch at home. We'd all be strewn naked around the TV room watching stuff like "Porky's" or "Basic Instinct." He was a real freak for wanting to remember each of us. While we were out in the pool or watching the movies he would bring in his videocamera "so he'd always have some way of remembering us." My older brother Kurt explained that because Mr. Elgin was single he saw us as his family and that's why he took so many pictures. There were eight of us total in the troop, I was the next to youngest at 13 (almost 14) and my brother was the oldest at 16. Well he was the oldest until Trevor Darden returned from reform school. The judge mandated that as part of his probation he had to get involved with community service like scouts.

For the first weekend of spring break Mr. Elgin took us on a campout. It was still pretty cold out but he told our parents that he'd made allowances for that. At the campsite the sky was totally clear so he said to skip putting up the tents and instead we circled our sleeping bags around the fire. He then paired us off and told us to zip two sleeping bags together. He paired himself with me and put Kurt with Trevor. That was really cool of him because Trevor and Kurt were becoming very close. Before the end of the weekend I'd discover just how good a friend Mr. Elgin was.

As we crawled into the sleeping bags with our partners Mr. Elgin told me to take off my pajamas. "But I'll freeze to death," I complained.

"You'll be warmer with them off I promise you. You see the reason we share the bag is to share body heat. The pj's just stop you from spreading your heat to me or from getting my heat.."

"So how much should I wear?"

"The less the better."

As I was crawling into the bag he stopped me. "Bryce I told you that less was better, here take off these shorts." He peeled off my underwear and I crawled in next to his equally naked body without a stitch on. He wrapped his hard, 40 year old, body around mine and I had to admit that he kept me warm. Most of the guys fell right to sleep (we'd hiked a lot that day.) To help me fall asleep his fingers gently rubbed and kneaded my skin. I loved the feel of his fingers as they rolled up and down the inside of my thighs, lulling me off to sleep.

I couldn't have been asleep for very long when he shook me awake. "Look," he whispered. Across the fire from us Trevor was sucking my brother's penis. I looked around the fire, everyone else was asleep. Kurt looked really happy but I knew he wasn't supposed to be doing that. I was about to yell at him to stop but Mr. Elgin whispered "let 'em be, that's the way teenage boys are supposed to act."

Mr. Elgin's hands started rubbing me harder and my cock responded. I was nervous that he'd notice until I felt his huge, stiff boner pushing against my back assuring me that it was allright to be hard. Then Trevor turned Kurt over and started licking his butthole. Kurt was totally stiff, I'd never seen him so hard. Slowy Trevor inched Kurt up to his knees and knelt behind him. As Trevor pushed his penis between my brother's cheeks I knew that this was going way beyond what my mom would have approved.

"He shouldn't be doing that, I gotta stop him."

"I promise you if your dad was still alive (he died when I was three) he'd agree that what they're doing is perfectly normal for boys their age," Mr. Elgin whispered. "Most women just don't understand men's need to have sex."

By this time it was too late, Trevor's penis was deep inside my brother's butt. Kurt was grimacing and tense but had obviously done this before. As the two boys pursued their lust Mr. Elgin really started working my body. His right hand was pumping my cock while while his left was tearing at my tits. His hard penis was jammed up against my back and rubbing up and down. I almost felt like I was being fucked. After pinching and pinching my tits he clamped his big left paw onto my buttcheeks. All the while Trevor was rocking his meat back and forth into my brother. Before long I couldn't hold back and I shot my load. Mr. Elgin tired to catch as much of it as possible in his hand, probably to keep it from messing up the sleeping bags, and then he licked it off his hand. A second later I felt something warm and wet gush across my back. Trevor tried to stifle the sounds of his cumming, and then Kurt shot onto the ground. "You see kid, no harm done, nobody got hurt, " Mr. Elgin whispered to me.


But there was some harm done. Two of the other boys did wake up and saw Trevor and Kurt fucking, and they both started shooting off their mouths about it the next morning. Trevor just told them all to fuck off but my brother looked really embarrassed. That's when Mr. Elgin really came through for us. "Don't be so fucking quick to judge," he yelled at them. "It could have been any one of you doing the same thing and when we get back to my house this evening I'll prove it."

Once back in his TV room and after a good meal Mr. Elgin got down to business. He made all of us take off our clothes and he locked them in the laundry room. Then he put on a hard-core gay video. On the screen one good looking guy was sucking two other guys cocks while he was getting fucked by a third guy. "I'll bet you that within half an hour every one of you will be as hard as Kurt and Trevor were last night."

Ted Marsh whispered, "I won't be, I'm not going to watch."

"Ted that just proves you're scared to take a chance. If you were really sure about yourself then you'd have no worries about watching," Mr. Elgin chided. All nine of us stared at the muscular guys on the screen as they fucked and sucked their little hearts out. In less than five minutes there wasn't a soft dick in the room. "Now if you were all honest then every one of you would admit that you'd love to be doing exactly what they were doing last night." He slipped out of the room and we all started beating off. Mr. Elgin came back a minute later with his video camera. "Just in case any of you start becoming judgmental again I'll be able to prove to you that you're not so different." He did a close-up on each boys hard cock and their hands beating up and down on their meat. I was real impressed with all that Mr. Elgin had done. Earlier they had all been calling my brother queer and fag, and now they all realized that they had similar drives.

Kurt and I were about to go home when Mr. Elgin informed us that he'd called our mom and told her that we were spending the night, he then winked at Kurt and told him that Trevor was also spending the night. After the other guys left it was pretty late and Mr. Elgin took me up to his bedroom where he said he was going to show me something. He then turned on his bedroom TV. On the screen were Trevor and Kurt sucking each others' cocks. "I've got the guest room wired with a camera, what'd you say we get naked and watch them play."

I got hard instantly as I watched my own brother salivating all over his friend's thick dick. Mr. Elgin wasn't watching the video but was watching me and feeling me up. I liked the sensation of his flesh gripping and pawing me. "Your brother loves that cock doesn't he?"

"Yeah. I had no idea."

"Oh I did. I saw the electricity betwen those two as soon as Trevor joined this troop. I'm the one who first got them into bed together." Mr. Elgin started lightly tugging on my balls. "Look at him work on that boys big fucking cock. You know Trevor got laid a lot at reform school but he told me that your brother is the best fuck he's had." Kurt's hands were pinching Trevor's fingers were loosening up my brother's hole. "If they fuck I'm gonna suck your cock, " Mr. Elgin warned. A second later Kurt was on all fours and Trevor was doing the dirty to him. Mr. Elgin licked down towards my meat. "No," I insisted.

"C'mon, you see how much fun it is, and it doesn't hurt anything."

"But my mom..."

"Then don't tell her." He swallowed everything I had.

"No stop, really."

"Shh, just watch your brother get his butt filled by that huge fucking cock." He pushed back my hands and again gulped down my prick. This time I did exactly as I was told and watched my brother take it up the ass. God the warm, wet feeling around my prick was fantastic. Mr. Elgin's tongue was moving constantly up and down my pole. In no time at all I was filling his mouth with jism. As soon as I blew my load I started feeling the thing I feel every time I blow my load--guilt. Mr. Elgin took care of that. He immediately began crawling all over my body and licking my mouth. I could taste my own cum on his tongue as he licked over my tongue. His huge penis was pressing against my stomach and then was rubbing over my lips. "Suck that big boner pretty boy," he growled. I sucked in as much of the monster as I could but couldn't get that much in. Mr. Elgin grabbed the back of my head and held it as he pushed more cock into my mouth. "Suck it pretty boy, eat that fucker." As he jabbed my mouth he changed. Instead of being nice old Mr. Elgin he started going ballistic on me. Suddenly he was pushing hard against the back of my throat until, all of a sudden it broke down into my windpipe. Just that second I felt a gush of thick liquid gush down my throat. I gagged and his cock came out but the cream went down. Then another spurt filled my mouth, then another. The first two I swallowed, the next ones I spit out. Mr. Elgin then pulled me onto the bed and cuddled me on top of his muscular body--"my little fucktoy."

In the middle of the night I suddenly got grabbed and hauled to the floor, standing over me was Trevor, naked and very hard. "Welcome to the Fuck Scouts cadet, time for initiation." Then Mr. Elgin grabbed me and pulled me back onto the bed where I was lying on my stomach. Kurt started smearing Crisco into my asshole--"Kurt don't."

"Kid I wouldn't but it's like Trevor told me, you're going to do it eventually anyway so why not now."

"But...don't..." Trevor put his big cock into my mouth to shut me up and then Kurt put his cock against my shortening slicked hole.

"First classman Kurt, give our new cadet here the official Fuck Scout welcome."

Kurt leaned down and whispered in my ear "it hurts a lot more if I do it a little bit at a time so I'm gonna give it all to you in one quick shove." Kurt, Mr. Elgin, and Trevor all gave the scout salute and then..."aaarghh." I couldn't say anything because Trevor's big cock was blocking my mouth but goddamn that pole was big. Kurt immediately started to withdraw after driving it in and then jammed it home again.

Mr. Elgin leaned down and whispered "just relax and think about what you're doing, you're being fucked. That's your big brothers fucking cock going in your hole. Relax and enjoy."

I tried to relax but that goddamn freight train going in and out of my butt was sure big. Mr. Elgin's fingers bagan to move across my back. The feel of his fingernails making figure 8's over my skin helped some. Trevor began to rub my ears some as he plowed my mouth. They were trying to make this as easy on me as possible, but damn that plug in my butt was huge.

"So damn good, " Kurt moaned as he pumped me.

"Which is better, that he's a virgin or that he's your brother?'

"I don't know, actually yes I do. I'm so fuckin' turned on that anytime I gat horny from now on all I'll have to do is walk down the hall to his room and there will be a tight, cute hole to fuck."

I pushed Trevor's cock out of my mouth so I could talk. "What makes you so sure it will always be available if you want it?"

Trevor answered: "Because you're a fucking guy and your brother's a fucking stud. I guarantee you kid you've just walked through a door and you're never gonna want to go back now that you've tasted how good it can be." I had to confess that it was starting to feel good. As my stud brother sodomized my tail I got more and more turned on. Then as Trevor also pounded my backdoor I enjoyed it. By the time that Mr. Elgin had finished me off I was worn out but feeling strangely satisfied.

I never did get much further than a Tenderfoot in the Boy Scouts but in the Fuck Scouts I went way past my Eagle as I kept earning sex merit badge after merit badge.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.