Man for Man

Rural Road


Mac had a long drive ahead of him. He had left one town and had an 80 mile drive before he could flop on a too hard or too soft motel bed and relax. But he had business there. He only hoped the place had a motel.


He dialed his cell phone to find out, but there was no service. The idea of swimming laps to help his body calm down then he would rest better. Mac thought about food too, but with his luck even the local McDonald's, if there was one, would be closed.

He liked McDonalds in these rural town, cause he could be friendly with the local teenagers without arousing suspicions. Mac would knew he was flirting but the kids usually didn't. And in fact they usually welcomed the attention after hours of boring overweight mothers ordering big macs for their numerous and often loud kids.

Once in a long while, one of these presumed innicents were not innocent at all. And he'd get a knock on the door. That happened more then once, since he always mentioned the motel he where he was staying.

One kid only a week ago showed up with bags of food and asked about the pool. So he and the teen ended up swimming, laughing, eating and having sex. Fortunately he was in a state where 17 was legal age for consenting to sex.

Mac was always careful and had been known to turn down a normally welcomed night of intimacy because the boy was underage. He wouldn't take a chance though he lay awake for hours thinking about the kids body in his speedos he had used to swim earlier.

At least the air conditioning worked on his rental car and even though he had the top down, the cool air kept him comfortable enough and the sun would back his shirtless shoulders and chest. Mac had done drives like this often enough that sun block was part of his travel supplies.

The highway ahead of hims seemed endless. The heat radiated making the wavy view near hypnotic. So the sight of a stick figure along side of the road many miles ahead wasn't presumed to be anything other then a tree or sign or some other discarded object.

Mac chuckled thinking of the number of couches and other furniture he passed by on these otherwise vacant highways, Who would drive into the middle of nowhere to get rid of such trash? Or perhaps they flew off the roof or trailer beds of people too lazy to stop and go back to recover their precious possessions.

He maintained his speed. It was above speed limit of course and Mac never worried about some plane flying over head that might be tracking his speed. It cost the states more money to go after isolated speeders like him then it was worth.

The indistinct figure began to get larger as he drove on. The top half seemed reddis and the bottom half black of blue. Mac wondered if in the middle of this god forsaken stretch of asphalt there was actually a hitchhiker.

Hitchhikers had diminished over the years. He wasn't sure it was due to laws or the many murders that had gotten publisized. Missing kid's whos pictures emblasoned the milk cartons were often traced to having hitchhiked and then disappeared. Their remains found in the deserts or beside otherwise abandoned highways like this one.

It was definately a male. The to half was a bare torso and the bottom half trousers. There was a knapsack of somekind on the ground next to him. And since there was no brush nearby, no hidden additional passengers anywhere.

Mac's imagination always bloomed scenarios as he took these long drives. Perhaps the guy would ride with him and get him to stop somewhere where others would be waiting.

There were no plance overhead. No traffic ahead or behind.

The hitchiker had long hair, which reflected the sun.

"A blonde" Mac said.

He had picked up blondes before. They would be stoners, or nice innocent hitchers, runaways now and then, even women would sometimes be there. At least he got some conversation and company for the miled he had to drive.

If they looked dubious, rough, or otherwise threatening, he passed them by relunctantly muttering "better to be safe then sorry" to himself but feeling guilty for leaving them on the usually empty roads. But some trucker would probably come along and they's be rescued.

"Lucky truckers" he thought. He knew more then one that relished in talkintg bout the sex they had with hitchhikers, females and male.


"Shit" Mac muttered.

The hitchhiker was a kid..or at least a young man. There was a skateboard sticking out of his knapsack. His jeans were so low on his hips that Mac swore he could see the boys pubic hair line.

The sun bounced off the metal that was on or in his left nipple. Mac had slowed down automatically to see if he wanted to stop. His cock was already hardening.

"Where you goin?" Mac felt stupid asking. He knew the answer was "anywhere" before the kid uttered it.

"Shit man you're burning up. Want some sun block stuff?" Mac offered as the kid got in.

The kid thanked him and asked him to smooth some on his back.

Mac was in heaven sitting in his convertible on this empty road. The kid turned away and pulled his jeans down further so Mac could spread the lotion as low as possible. The kid didn't say anything as Mac's fingers went across the top of his buttock cleavage.

"Want me to do your front too?" Mac asked knowing the kid might call him a name and get out.

"Naw I can do it" he said Mac nodded daring not to offer what he wanted to offer.

"But you can watch" the kid smiled. Mac laughed knowing the kid was saying it was ok.

He did watch as the kid spread the lotion all over his reddened chest and told him how a trucker had given him a ride and then kicked him out when he wouldn't let the man fuck him.

He talked matter of factly, not to shock Mac but really recounting incident. So Mac knew it was real.

"Want me to jack off for you?" the kid asked. He had opened his jeans and was spreading loation on his lower stomach and on his cock and balls.

"Shit man it feels good..need a shower I guess" he said.

Mac wanted to watch but he wanted to get driving too.

"Uh prefer to do that for you if you want" Mac offered.

"Can we get to where we're going first?" the kid, who had identified himself as Jason, asked.

He probaby wanted to make sure Mac was going to take him where he wanted to go Mac thought.

"Sure" Mac said and started the car to continue the journey. Knowing that at some point he might be able to wrap his hands around the youths hard cock certainly made the miles fly by. Yet he knew once they got into the next twon, the boy was apt to jump out and take off without fulfilling his promise.

Jason had graduated. His father kicked him out.

"for what?" Mac asked.

"oh you know" Jason said and talked on. He had two sisters, one pregnant and unmarried and the other too young to kow what was going on. His mother drank and had run away once but returned despite his father's abuse. It was not a unique story. Mac had heard it before from his hitchhiking or occasional friends since he first began this sales route.

"What about you?" Jason asked. That astounded Mac. Usually these kids never asked about him. Mac began his story making sure he included somet higns he hoped would interest Jason.

"Surfed for awhile, tried to do that professionally" Mac integrated fantasy with truth as he talked "Had to make a living and took this sales gig. Takes me all over, but still live in California"

Jason seemed interested in California asking details about how close to the ocean he lived, whether he lived alone or not. Mac expected him to add the usual "I've always wanted to go to California" but Jason didn't.

"Hey only fifty miles, god I can't wait. I hope the place has a pool" Mac honestly said hoping to get a reaction out of Jason.

"Me too" he said and nothing more.

Mac wondered if his weekend was going to include his new friend or not.

"UH where are you going after we hit the town?" Mac asked.

"Shit man I don't know, just keep goin I guess" Jason said "Mind if I take off these jeans, I got shorts on" Jason didn't wait for permission. He was moving his jeans down his legs as Mac looked over to repsond.

He wore boxer shorts with smiley faces all over them.

"Cute shorts" Mac said smiling.

"Belonged to the guy that , that my Dad found" Jason stammered.

Visions of some bear like man, carring a beer bottle going into his sons bedroom in some trailer emerged in Mac's head. Seeing the boy having sex with another guy wearing those smiley face covered boxers. Hearing the father cursing and threatening, maybe even hitting the guy. Seeing Jason stuffing his things into a backpack as his father stood there contuing to yell and telling him to get out, call him names like queer bastard and otehrs filled Mac's fertile imagination.

"Did he abuse you?" Mac asked expressing genuine care in the boys difficult background.

"You mean hit me or fuck me?" Jason asked, "both" he didn't wait for a reply.

"So how can he call you queer?" Mac began to feel outrage at the man's behavior the man he didn't really know but knew about from plenty of similar stories.

"He never did that, he just didn't want me fucking around with other men" Jason said.

Mac tought this was a new wrinkle in the story he hadn't heard.

"Before you ask the answer is 13. He started messin with me then. I'm 17 now" Jason said with a sigh. He had told this story before and seemed tired of it.

"Oh I'm sorry. Didnt' mean to pry. It's just..well I've known guys who were kicked out by their fathers for all sorts of ...." Mac was apologizing.

"It's cool. I guess he knew I was gay..somehow. Most people can't tell, could you?" Jason looked at him. Mac glanced from his driving to see the innocent, smooth face, green eyes and young expression of wanting to hear what he wanted to hear.

"No" Mac answered honestly. The kid was as masculine as any 17 year old he knew. And that excited him.

"Well we're here" the sign saying "Welcome to Barttleston" reinforced his statement.

Mac knew that he next question would tell him what the weekend would be like. "Want to crash with or are you moving on?"

Jason was pullin on his jeans. So Mac was ready for the answer he didnt' want to hear.

"Uh I don't have any money for dinner or anything..well not too much money. I got to save as much as I can" Jason was asking a question that Mac gladly answered.

"Don't worry, I have an expense account. We can eat big, no sweat. And if you don't have swimshorts I'm sure we can find some somewhere" Mac knew his spare pair of speedos in boys size he kept for such emergencies would come in handy.

"I got some in my pack" Jason said "love to swim. Besides you owe me a hand job".

Mac laughed. The weekend would go by too fast. He and his young weekend ward would swim, share a shower, probably manipulate each other to orgasm more then once, if the kid welecomed him, kissing, massage, cuddling and other variations of sex would interupt whatever time they would spend swmming and eating.

It was ten o'clock on Sunday when Jason rested his head on Mac's hairy chest. He had admried the grey hairs there before and now he fingered them.

"Where are you going after tomorrow?" Jason asked before Mac approached the future plans the boy might have.

"Got a few days here doing sales stuff, then if all goes well, I get to go home"

"To California?" Jason asked as he kissed Mac's belly and his half hard penis.

"Yea" there was silend before Mac added "wanna come along?"

Jason couldn't answer, his mouth was full.

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