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Riding Lessons


The advertisement said "Learn to ride. Discover what REAL horsepower is. 555-9164" Needless to say, it had piqued Tim's curiosity. So he called and talked to Sarah ("just like in the Bible"). She explained in what had to have been an exaggerated country accent that horseback lessons were $15 per hour in a group or $25 per hour for one on one. And Tim was in luck, wasn't he, because a new class was starting tomorrow afternoon. She was sweet and very persistent; within five minutes, Tim had agreed to one group class with more to be decided afterwards. So on a June Friday afternoon, Tim left work early, changed into a pair of jeans, old tennis shoes, and a t-shirt, and drove to a nearby farm for his first lesson.


As his Jeep made its way down the gravel drive, he passed several horses of various coloring grazing. None gave him a second glance, though one or two did turn away as he stirred up a cloud of dust. The wooden fences seemed to be in good repair, despite the June sun beating down on them. Up ahead, he saw his destination -- a large grey barn, its doors flung wide. He pulled up beside several luxury sedans, and thought to himself "I see I won't be the only beginner". It wasn't really new to him. His parents had ridden horses years ago but he preferred to spend his time in the gym instead and it showed. Now close to 40, his thick black hair and black beard had no sign of grey. His huge chest and thick legs were covered in soft brown fur. That and the olive complexion were gifts from his father, along with a thick cut cock, which at 7 inches was nothing to be ashamed of.

As he got out, a young man in his early twenties approached him. Cowboy hat slightly cocked to one side, he had a blue denim work shirt on, its sleeves ripped out a long time ago to reveal well tanned muscular arms. The shirt was unbuttoned almost to the navel and tufts of blond hair were sneaking out to be bleached by the sun. His jeans were worn and hugged his thick legs, and put an ample basket on prominent display. His face was broad, his blue eyes sparkled with amusement, and his blond goatee did nothing but frame his grin. He stuck out his hand and grabbed Tim's hand in a vigorous handshake. "Howdy. I'm Terry. You here for the lessons?"

"Yes, I spoke to Sarah yesterday. My name is Tim. I'm afraid I'm a little nervous. I haven't done anything like this before."

Terry laughed, and said with a smile, "Don't worry, there's nothing to worry about. For now." Which did nothing to calm Tim down, though the nervousness he was experiencing now was helping to quell the rather large erection he had started to get when shaking hands with such a stunning creature.

Tim followed Terry through the barn. On the other side were four horses, all saddled and ready to go. Two ladies were already on their horses, and were giggling and talking about the dust and the smells of the barn. To Tim, there was something appealing about being out and the country, something that called to him. Suddenly he realized he had zoned out, and what was calling to him was Terry. "Tim, this is Dusty and he's your horse. He's old, surefooted, and unlikely to do anything rash." Dusty was a medium brown horse with a black mane and tail, and seemed content to stay where he was all day, if not longer.

"Just put your left foot in the stirrup, grab the horse's mane and I'll give you a boost, so you can pull yourself up and throw your other leg over." Tim did as commanded. As he mounted his steed, he felt Terry's hands around his waist, sliding down to cup his buttocks for a split second (or was that wishful thinking) before Tim threw his leg over and put his right foot in the stirrup. Terry then effortlessly climbed onto a white horse with large brown patches and began instructing his group on what to do, how to use the reins to stop the horse, how to turn the horse with the reins, how to hold them. "Is everybody ready?" Nervous giggles and cries of "yes" and they began a very slow walk to the ring.

Fifty minutes later, and the lesson was almost over. Tim was covered with dust, sweat had streaked little trails in the dust on his face, and his leg muscles were beginning to get sore on the insides of his thighs. He watched Terry, helping the ladies down, and noticed the shirt was plastered to his body. A true wet dream. And once again, a voice brought him back to reality.

"Need help getting down? It's just the opposite of how you got on," said Terry as he stuck his hand out once again. Tim swung his right foot over just as the ladies called out "See you next week Terry". Terry turned by reflex, Tim grabbed Dusty's mane in an effort to stop his descent. Fortunately he did manage to slow his tumble but down he went anyway. "Ouch".


Terry flushed with embarrassment and began apologizing profusely. "Are you ok? Are you hurt? Here, let me help you up." And despite Tim's insistence that he could manage on his own, Terry all but yanked him to his feet and began dusting him off. Clouds of red clay rolled in the breeze, and Tim began to cough ever so slightly as Terry patted Tim's shirt and jeans. Once again, those big hands grazed Tim's buttocks and there was no controlling his body's reaction. Damn why hadn't he jacked off before he left?

"Nothing broken? You seem to be ok. More than ok, I think," said Terry, his eyes darting towards Tim's very obvious erection snaking down his pants leg. "If you give me a hand with the horses, I'll give you a hand with that, if you'd like." Silly question. No sooner had they stabled and watered the horses than Terry pushed Tim up against the wall of the tack room, his mouth firmly planted on Tim's.

They were men possessed. Tim practically ripped Terry's shirt open, his tongue circling each nipple while he ran his fingers through the man's chest hair. Terry could only moan, and struggled to loosen his belt and jeans, his own painfully hard member straining for release. Tim gasped as Terry's cock sprang forth from a bush of blond pubic hair. It had to be a good 8 inches and was oozing precum. He dove on it, taking it all the way down his throat at one go. Terry's ample scrotum rested on his chin as he relaxed his throat muscles. Slowly he began to move up and down on it until he was withdrawing all the way to the head, before slowly burying his nose in the musky pubes of Terry's crotch. It wasn't long before he felt Terry's balls begin to draw up and he quickly pulled off of the man. There was no way he was letting Terry get off that easily, pun intended.

"Now it's my turn" said Terry as he slid his hat back and sank to his knees. He put his mouth on Tim's denim-covered crotch and began to massage it while he ran his fingers up under Tim's shirt, through the dense patch of fur on Tim's belly, to tweak the prominent nipples as Tim groaned his approval. Four hands clawed at the buttons on Tim's 501's to reveal a cock leaking like a faucet. Kicking his jeans off, Tim leaned against the wall, fully naked, as this blond country boy lapped at his precum, ran his tongue around the head before engulfing Tim's manhood in a warm wet fantasy come true. At the same time, Tim felt those hands cupping his hairy ass again, teasing the sweaty crack, before probing his depths with an almost desperate sense of urgency.

Suddenly a finger broke through his barrier, and he grimaced with the initial shock, before it brushed over his prostate. Still, those lips never stopped worshipping his cock, and Tim's big bull balls began slapping the boy's chin, even as a second, and then a third finger made its way into his moist chute. Each finger brushed lightly over his prostate, making him moan even louder and thrust even further into Terry's face, brown pubic hair becoming intertwined with the strawberry blond goatee.

"Take me. NOW" The words were hardly out of Tim's mouth before Terry has lost his own jeans and had bent Tim over, his cock making its own lube. He spit once into his hand to grease up Tim's hole, and slid slowly but firmly into his new lover. Tim grunted; the boy, or should he say, the man was big. He had had bigger but that was years ago. It seemed an eternity until he felt Terry's balls brush against his beefy ass, and he sighed his relief.

Only a moment, and then he felt Terry withdraw, almost to the head, and then with a great thrust of his hips, it rammed back into him. This time Tim could not help but yell his pleasure. Terry was hitting his prostate with every thrust. No one he had ever been with had been able to make him feel like this. His head felt as if it was expanding, like there was some energy rush to his brain. He longed to take a hold of his own member, now pouring cocksnot like crazy, but his hands kept him braced against the wall. As it was, his cock and ball would bounce up to touch his belly, leaving trails of precum with each thrust of Terry's hips. An eternity passed; Tim had never known such pleasure and was sure he would pass out at any moment.

All of a sudden, Terry pulled completely out. Grabbing a blanket from the wall, one obviously made for horses, he threw it down on the floor before easing Tim onto his back. "I want to see your eyes" was all he said before easing back in. Tim hooked his legs around the man's waist and pulled him in deep, as deep as he could go. They both groaned their pleasure as Terry resumed his passionate fucking. First up one side of Tim's rectum, then down the other. The things Terry could do with his hips was truly amazing and Tim reached up to find Terry's nipples, now hard nubs, buried in a mass of blond fur.

The tack room began to reek of sweat and testosterone, and Tim was in agony. His balls ached for release. Terry's face was contorted in a superhuman effort not to climax, and Tim didn't know how much more either of them could take. He grabbed Terry and pulled him in for a passionate kiss and began stroking his own cock.

That was all it took. Terry shouted, his voice muffled by Tim's mouth, and his cock erupted with volley after volley of scorching hot cum deep inside Tim. That was all Tim needed. Three more strokes and he was coating their furry bellies with his own man juice. Terry collapsed onto Tim, panting heavily, his cock still oozing one or two drops into Tim's ass. For several minutes, the heavy breathing of both men was all that could be heard. Finally, Terry raised himself up on his elbows, a twinkle in his eye, as he readjusted his hat.

"So, how was your riding lesson?"

"That's one stallion I want to ride again."

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