Man for Man

Rear Ended



So I was driving my hot red Acura RSX on this stretch of winding road along the lake. I love driving there `cause it's like in the James Bond or Mission: Impossible movies, lots of curves hugging steep hills, cliffs on one side and a long drop on the other. With Linkin Park turned up loud and the windows open, I resolved to spend the entire day just cruising around, hopefully finding some cute boys to race, and maybe more (hey, it happens a lot more often than you think; trust me, I'm a complete gearhead and half the other car guys I've met are just as into guys as I am. It's kinda funny really, when you pull over in a parking lot with some guy to check out his sick ride, and then he ends up hitting on you.)


I kept passing people, most of whom were going about 30 miles an hour in the 45 zone (and I was usually somewhere between 60 and 70), but one car kept right up with me. It was a white Pontiac Trans Am, not something I'd personally drive, but the driver kept it in good condition. As he sped up, closing the distance between us, I looked in my rearview mirror and thought I recognized him as a guy I went to high school with. Judging by the blonde bimbo in the passenger's seat, he was still with the same girl that he dated in high school, too.

I knew there was a stop sign coming up, so I let my speed drop. For a minute he stayed right on my ass, then he dropped back too. When I reached the stop, where a higher road swung down to meet the one we were on, there was a string of traffic coming so I came to a complete stop. So did the white Trans Am behind me.

I noticed a Maserati coming down the higher road. It passed right in front of where we were stopped. I like cars but I'm not really into the ultra-expensive ones; I don't care how rich you are, spending $300,000 on an automobile is ridiculous in my book. Personally I'd rather take that $300,000 and buy a whole fleet of middle-priced vehicles.

But the guy in the Trans Am behind me was apparently drooling over the Maserati, because he forgot to keep his foot on the brake. His car rolled forward, and though there were only about six or seven feet between his car and mine, because of the incline he got enough momentum to smash into the back end of my RSX. I made a show of adjusting my rearview mirror to look more closely at him, and since he and his girlfriend were practically in my backseat, I raised my eyebrow at them.

The traffic passed, and we pulled over on the side of the road. By some miracle of fate, I was planning on having a new bumper kit put on my RSX the next week, and the only area of my car that was damaged was the part that was going to be removed and repainted, anyway. But he did manage to make us swap some paint; there was a pretty wide strip of my red paint now decorating the front of his shiny white Trans Am.

He got out of his car and I saw that it was indeed Allen, a guy I knew from high school. He was little, no more than 5'5", but I knew from the locker room after soccer practice that one particular part of him wasn't little at all. He had one of the biggest cocks of any of the guys in my high school, and trust me, I made it a point to check them all out, especially in the locker room. Allen would always saunter to the showers completely naked. Even soft, he was huge, and he knew it. I think that self-satisfied smirk that was always on his face was because he knew he was so well-endowed.

As he walked toward me, I saw that unlike some of the other guys from high school, Allen had kept his lean, muscled body in perfect condition. Still tanned with very short dark blond hair that was always hidden under a white baseball cap, and of course the ever-present "I've got a huge cock" smirk on his face.

His girlfriend got out of the car too, slamming her door and wincing when she saw our cars. "Oh my God," she gushed, "we're so sorry, I'm always telling him not to be such an ass, driving so close like that..."

I wanted to tell her that instead of an ass he was definitely more of a cock, but decided that might not go over too well. And while thinking that, I suddenly had the best idea ever.

"Shit," Allen said as he knelt down and hesitantly touched the rear bumper of my Acura. "I'm really sorry man, I was scoping out that Maserati and I just...damn it..."

He stood up, looked at the front of his car, which had definitely gotten the worst of it, and shook his head. Then he just looked at me, waiting to see what I would say.

I felt high. I was in total control of this situation, because he'd rear-ended me. It was my call, what happened from here on in. I bet he could see his insurance premiums skyrocketing already, and they're bad enough for guys our age, especially when we drive too fast all the time.


"I won't get the cops and insurance and all that involved," I started to say, and their shoulders sagged with relief.

"Oh, thank you so much, you're awesome," the girlfriend said. Thinking I was going to let them go that easy, she turned and headed for the car.

"IF," I added, and waited to see the effect. She froze in her tracks and slowly turned back around. Allen just continued to look at me, as if he'd known there would be a catch.

I looked from Allen to his girlfriend and back again. Everyone knew I liked guys anyway, and I was still high on being in control of the situation. "Allen, I'll forget it all, if you fuck me."

"WHAT?" the girlfriend exploded. I wanted to burst out laughing at the look on her face. Allen's expression didn't change, he just continued to look at me.

His girlfriend shook her head and took a threatening step towards me. "No. No way, buddy. You're out of your fucking mind."

Allen cleared his throat and licked his lips. He spoke hesitantly, with his eyes on the ground. It's the first time I ever saw him act humble. "Um, Rachel, the alternative is..."

She rounded on him. "What? Do you mean you are actually CONSIDERING this? Oh my God. What the hell do you think I..."

Allen held up a hand in my direction and said, "Just give me a second, OK?"

I nodded and leaned back against the side of my Acura, arms crossed. Allen tried to take his girlfriend's arm and she wrenched it away, but they both walked back to the rear of his car and argued in low voices. She came back around the car first, eyes rolled, muttering under her breath, shaking her head to herself, and above all refusing to look at me. She got in the car, slammed the door as hard as she could, then opened it and slammed it again, just for good measure.

Allen came back up to me. Was it my imagination, or was his smirk just a little wider than normal? "There's a pull-off up the road a little ways. Should be secluded enough."

I grinned. "Lead the way."

He got in his car, pulled alongside mine, and made sure to stop at the stop sign this time. His girlfriend flipped me off as they headed up the road. Wasting no time, I got in my car and followed them, already getting hard.

The pull-off was a dirt road that led a little ways up a hill into some woods. It wasn't a park or anything, so most tourists passed it right by, and most locals weren't interested in it. I pulled my Acura back as far under some trees as I could, and Allen parked his Trans Am in front of it, blocking it from view. I watched him as he got out of his car, shut the door, and stuck the keys in his pocket. He reached down to adjust himself as he came back to my Acura and opened the passenger's door. He was so calm about it, as if I hadn't asked anything out of the ordinary. "Where do you wanna do it?" he asked matter-of-factly, sending a chill through my stomach.

"The backseat," I said as I got out of the driver's seat and hit the lever to move the front seat up. He did the same on his side. We got in, closed the doors, and sat down.

My backseat is perfect for this, just the right incline. Allen sat next to me and looked over at me, one eyebrow raised. "So, what's first?"

I reached over and lifted up his shirt to expose his hard, flat stomach. It was smooth except for his dark happy trail, which I ran my fingers over, causing him to draw his breath in sharply. I looked him in the eye and said, "Leave that to me."

I unbuckled his belt and slid his jeans down. His huge cock was outlined completely against his plaid boxers. I bent over and gently bit his cock through the fabric. He took a deep breath and clamped one hand down on my shoulder. I nipped at him again, and he reached down to pull his boxers off. "You gonna suck it?"

"For a second," I told him. "But you have to fuck me, remember? That's the deal."

"Uh-huhhhh," he moaned as I sucked his cock. It was so big I couldn't fit it all in my mouth, but he seemed determined to make it fit anyway, hunching upward and making me gag, like he was trying to shove it all the way down my throat. When he did that I could feel my own cock getting wet. Totally hot.


I was half-surprised, but then again not really, when I felt him go for my belt. He unbuckled it, tugged at my jeans, then at my boxers, and squeezed my cock in his hand. Squeezed again, really tight. Then he completely surprised me by running a finger along the head of my cock, and when it was wet with my precum, sticking it in his mouth. I stopped sucking him and looked up, grinning.

"Tastes good," he conceded. "Kinda like mine, only a little saltier maybe."

I laughed and got some lube out of one of the compartments in the backseat. Hey, it pays to always be prepared for stuff like this. Believe me.

By the time I'd lubed us both up, he was panting. He pulled me toward him as he leaned back in the seat. I straddled him, so I was facing him. It was harder to line things up that way, but when the head of his huge cock (which felt as hard as steel, by the way) probed at my ass, it was definitely worth the extra work.

He slammed his cock into me, really fast, all the way, and I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt, but he didn't stop, and I didn't want him to. He let out his breath in this long moan and fixed his green eyes on me. He thrust his hips up, burying his cock to the hilt. His smirk definitely got bigger then.

"Fuck me," I whispered in his ear. In response, he took hold of the back of my neck and bent my head sideways so he could bite my ear. At the same time, he drew his cock almost all the way out of me, until just the head was still inside, and then he slammed it all home again. And again.

The Acura was definitely shaking from all this action. He kept his eyes on me the whole time, those green eyes like a tiger's, feeling like they were boring holes in me. I locked eyes with him the whole time too, and the smirk never left his face. Finally he said, "You planning on cumming too?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Then you better get going, man, 'cause I'm gonna shoot...soon..."

I reached between us, grabbed my cock, and started jerking. Each time he slammed all the way into me, filling me up, brought me that much closer to the edge. I could feel the cum as it raced through my cock, and I even had the consideration to angle it so I shot into my hand and didn't get any on his shirt.

As I shot for the last time, his expression finally changed. His smirk turned into a smile, with his teeth bared. He threw his head back and clamped his eyes shut. "Oh yeah," he panted, as he held me down onto his cock. His hips thrust even faster as he filled me up with his cum. Every time I thought that'd be it, he'd grab me tighter and go "oh yeah" and shoot again.

Finally he looked at me again, differently this time. He looked down at my hand, where I'd managed to catch most of my cum. He brought my fingers to his mouth and licked them. He pulled out of me, but he was still rock hard as he pulled up his boxers and jeans from around his ankles.

We both practically fell out of the car when we tried getting out of the backseat. I felt like I'd just been on one of those amusement park rides that spins you in a circle and sideways at the same time. I leaned on my open door as he adjusted himself again, gave me a final look, and smirked again. "See ya `round, Sean."

"Yeah," I said, watching him go. He got into his Trans Am. His girlfriend faced the passenger's window, refusing to look at him. He rolled down his window and motioned for me to go first. I pulled my car around him and drove down to the bottom of the path, where I waited for traffic to clear before I pulled out.

Just before I did, I happened to look in my rearview mirror. Allen was right behind me, and right before I would've drive off, he gunned his Trans Am and hit my rear-bumper again. We both slammed to a stop. He got out, and sauntered back up to the car.

I rolled down my window and let him do the talking this time. Hands in his pockets, he smiled again. "Yeah wanna take care of it the same way this time?"

"I'll meet you back up there," I said with a smirk of my own, and turned the Acura around.

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