Personal Trainer

"Give me two more, come on man, you can do it," his voice insisted. "You're doing good, looking strong."

Who was I to argue? I had a twenty year old buff stud telling me I was looking good and that I was strong. I wasn't about to disappoint him. I pushed myself harder and found the motivation to finish the set. This kid was killing me.

Jake was worth it though. I'd spotted him the moment I joined the gym. A young bodybuilder, Jake Jensen is also a certified personal trainer. He's also smooth and sexy as hell. Even though he's built like a brick shithouse, Jake doesn't look like a big oxe; he's got beautiful features including crystal clear blue eyes and a killer smile. Talk about biceps! His legs are huge, but his ass is so compact. His whole body is one to die for.

For one hour a week Jake was under my thumb, whether it was to seek weightlifting or nutritional advice or just to leer at his ass. I'd picked up a few extra pounds over the last couple of years and needed to burn them off. The nutrition and weightlifting program Jake set me up with were proving to be very effective. I was happy to see my frame firming up.

"Come on, let's do those obliques," he encouraged. "Get rid of the rest of those love handles."

"Love handles," I chuckled. "I'd keep them if I ever got any loving."

"Been dry for you?" he asked, grinning.

"Yeah," I replied. "You turn thirty and the sex stops."

"I don't think so," Jake said. "In fact, you need to show a little more of that chest and your legs. You have a good build. I think a lot of chicks would go for you."

"You can have them," I grunted, twisting my torso in another repetition. "They're not worth the trouble."

"So you aren't into women?" Jake asked. "Are you gay?"

"Mostly," I replied. "It's been years since I slept with a woman. I gave that up a long time ago. I look back and I've sure had some damn good sex since then."

"That's cool," he said. "I could never get off with a guy though. They don't do anything for me."

"Don't say that," I responded. "Almost every guy out there has gotten off with a guy before."

"No way, dude. Only chicks can get me to bust a nut."

"Ya ever spank the monkey?" I asked.

"Yeah, all the time," he grinned. "Ole' Rosy Palm and I are good friends."

"Then a guy HAS gotten you off before," I said. "You were the guy."

"Uhhh.. I guess so. Never thought of it that way before, I guess," he said, looking puzzled.

"You don't have to be attracted to guys to get off with them," I added. "It's just sex. Of course, it is more fun if there's a guy you think is hot. Ya know, I like guys with big biceps and chests. Bodybuilders are pretty hot."

"I get the picture, dude. Give me another set and quit hitting on me or I'll have to hurt ya. Give me ten more pounds."

"UUMPH!" I grunted as I tried to twist my torso. "Your killing me!"

"Yeah, but it feels good. Don't you like the feeling of pushing yourself?"

"I love it," I said. "Can we do the hamstrings now?"

"Yeah. Don't worry about what I said about hurting you," Jake smirked. "I was just kidding and I know you'd probably like it too much anyway. Hey, you're doing a great job. Makes me feel good to see someone working so hard."

I laid down on the leg curl machine and set the weight at eighty pounds. I pulled my legs up, lifting the weight as I felt my hamstrings contract.

"Slower, slower," Jake coached. "You're slamming the weight. Here, put them down."

He pulled the pin and moved it further up the stack. I was embarrassed that it was now only set to sixty pounds.

"We're going to use a little less weight this time and I want you to concentrate. You're using too much weight and slamming the plates. Now try it again, slowly."

I slowly contracted my hamstrings, pulling the stack of weights upward.

"Yeah, that's it," he encouraged. "Just like that."

I felt his fingers grab both of my hanstrings, just below the buttocks.

"Again," he commanded, gripping my legs firmly.

I pulled the weights up again and felt his strong fingers digging into my hamstrings as my legs flexed. My dick twitched at his feel. What I wouldn't do for those meaty fingers in my ass, I thought to myself!

"Again," he instructed, his hands on my legs, squeezing the hamstrings. I complied.

"Nice muscle tone. Feel how your legs are contracting when you do it the right way? Boy, you're nice and firm dude." he said. For a second, he squeezed my legs again. The blood pulsed to my member and I started to pop a wood.

"That's good," he said. "Let's do the next machine."

"No, I need to rest for a second."

"Can't, gotta keep the heart rate up!" he said, pulling me to my feet. I grabbed for my workout towel, but not before Jake saw the full eight and half inch hard-on concealed in my spandex shorts.

"Oh shit," he said. "Better keep that towel there for a second."

"I'm sorry," I said. "This is embarrassing."

"What happened?" he asked.

"When you grabbed my hamstrings, it felt good and I got to thinking about..." I trailed off.

"About what?" he asked. I lowered my voice.

"About you ordering me around and then... ummm... well, you know... doing it in my ass," I said quietly.

"Ummmm. Whatever trips your trigger man. Sorry I got you all wound up. I didn't mean to . well..." His face turned red.

I glanced up and saw a bulge had formed in his baggy nylon shorts.

"It happens," I said. "Like I said, you just have to take things as they happen. Looks like you are having the same problem as me right now."

"Shit!" he exclaimed, covering himself with the clipboard.

"What should we do next?" I asked.

"That was the last set," Jake said.

"But I paid for an hour," I insisted.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise." Jake seemed hurried.

"Go hit the showers," he said. "I'll talk to you in a few minutes. We'll make this time up, I promise."

With that, he walked quickly away. I was sure he was so embarrassed he wouldn't be able to face me again. The one personal trainer who had been able to make a difference and I had to scare him off with my queer assed lusting. Oh well, I thought to myself. It's his problem.

I went and got another towel from the front desk. The shower room is set up with individual stalls. Each stall has a door that closes tightly. There's a small bench for sitting on when you're drying yourself and a few hooks for towels. Further back is a small curtained off portion for the shower itself. I pulled the curtain, turned on the water, and let it warm up.

About the same time, I heard a locker slam. Thirty seconds later I heard the unmistakeable sound of a urinal flushing. I ignored it and started soaping my arms. I closed my eyes as the warm water massaged my body.

Suddenly I heard the door on my stall open. I was about to yell when I heard a voice ask softly "Dude?". It was Jake.

I looked out through the curtain. Jake shut the door. His magnificent body was wrapped in a towel, naked above and below the waist. I didn't say a word.

With one hand Jake ripped the towel off of his torso. I gasped. His cock was as beautiful as the rest of him. He had the face of a boy and all the parts of a man. His dick looked to be about four inches soft and it was a nice thickness. He put a finger to his lips. My cock hardened instantly.

The moment Jake entered the showering area, I hugged him to me. We didn't kiss, but I heard him sigh as our bodies contacted each other. I bent down and kissed and licked one of his brown nipples. Determined to be the aggressor, I sucked his other nipple into my mouth and felt it stiffen. He leaned his head back as I licked from nipple to nipple and then all over his chest. I licked his square pecs and then traced down his stomach over the rippling abdominal muscles.

Jake's cock was hard by now. It hadn't grown much. It was probably only five inches, but to me it was perfect. His gorgeous body was so perfect that I didn't care if he had two inches or a foot long dick. His pubes were completely shaved off. Pausing for only a second, I looked up at him and sucked that beautiful circumsized cock into my mouth.

Jake moaned quietly as I mouthed his prick. His meaty hands held my head as he started pumping his prick in and out. I worked my tongue over his the head of his prick, tickling that sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft. His cock jumped in my mouth. My hands gripped his muscular buttocks. Sometime I knew I was going make a whole meal out of that ass. For now, I could sense his urgency to cum.

I bobbed my head up and down on this young hard cock. This stud loved getting his cock sucked as much as I loved sucking it for him. I could taste small amounts of pre-cum leaking as he became more and more excited. I had to taste his cum. I tried to work a finger into his ass, but the moment he felt what I was trying to do, he squeezed his ass cheeks so tightly I had to pull to get my hand out. He would have no part of butt play.

"Turn around," Jake hissed, pulling his cock out of my hungry mouth. I was disappointed for a moment until I felt his hand on my ass. I turned and faced the wall.

As I did so, I felt a soapy finger start rubbing my ass. Then it roughly penetrated my poop shoot. My ass grabbed the invading finger and tried to stop it but to no avail. The finger was shoved in further. I relaxed and another finger was pressed against my rectum. I closed my eyes and thought about the stud that was about to fuck me and how much I had wanted it.

Then I felt the head of his dick at my back door. He tentatively pressed his cockmeat against my anus. One of his big arms wrapped around me, holding me securely to him. The head of his dick popped into me and I gasped as my ass adjusted to his pole. Convinced that his cock was securely in me, his other arm wrapped around me to keep me from pulling away.

By now his cock was starting to saw in and out of me. My ass squeezed his beautiful prick. Emotion flooded me as he fucked me the way no man has before. Jake's dick felt so good in me as he gripped me tightly. His hand brushed my nipple and I quivered. I guided his fingers to my brown nipple and he squeezed it roughly. I shoved my ass against his groin as his dick met my butt. This guy was no novice. He was good at fucking.

I felt Jake starting to speed up a little. I knew I was going to cum soon just from the fucking. I reached up and grabbed some soap and put it on my prick. Then I took Jake's hand and placed it on my prick. He stroked my slick cock slowly. It was driving me insane. Between his hand and his cock I was rapidly approaching my orgasm. All of a sudden a felt as stabbing on my neck as Jake bit down on the sensitive flesh. I yelped as his dick ripped my ass and his mouth sucked at my neck.

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I let out a load moan as a load of hot cum erupted out of my prick. Simulataneously, my ass tightened on his dick and he grunted and shot in my butt. Grabbing me ever tighter, he shoved his cock further up my rear and I could feel his cum flowing into me. After cumming, we both collapsed against the bench, exhausted. Jake exited first. I waited for a minute and then joined him in the locker room.

"That was fucking awesome," he whispered.

"I agree."

"I had to do that after what you told me. Want to add it to your workout?" he asked.

"Sounds good to me."

"Ya know, I still like chicks," he said.

"I know," I replied. I started that way too, I thought to myself. I couldn't wait to come back for the next workout.

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