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Passionate Asian Boy


Allan was Asian-American, a college student, living at home with his very traditional family, and was a very much closeted, and inexperienced, gay boy who, his email stated, was fascinated with the same general fantasy that my stories depicted, featuring himself as the "boy," harboring a deep interest in sexual exploration with a mature man. I had responded to his email, thanking him for commenting so favorably on my literary effort, and we continued the correspondence over several subsequent emails.


It evolved that Allan had been raised in the tradition of the Asian family, wherein the father commands the total respect of the family, and is obeyed without question, both as a matter of respect, and face-saving, both matters of great import in the Asian tradition. As a result of this strict, and somewhat outdated upbringing, Allan was very shy, and somewhat naive to the ways of the real world, possessing very little in the way of a social life, or much in the way of experiences outside of home, and family. He expressed to me his great and abiding love of the realm of interior design, and his great disappointment, when his father forbade his seeking a college degree in the field, insisting instead that Allan earn a degree in Business Administration, a field which the father considered more valuable, and competitive, than interior design. Allan grudgingly deferred to his fathers wishes, abandoning his longtime dreams to both please his father, and to prevent him from "loosing face" with the family, and friends. It was this willingness to forego his own desires out of sheer respect for his father that impressed me, and I told Allan so, adding that I doubted there were a handful of Caucasian offspring that would accept that kind of mandate from their parent without a serious battle.

And so began a fairly frequent exchange of emails between Allan and myself, and before long we had grown quite comfortable with each other, and began to open up more and more, as I became a sort of virtual "outlet" for Allan, an opportunity for him to relax, and put forth his true feelings, and desires, and receive unfettered, and straight from the hip responses from me. Given that my sexual attraction was toward boys his age, and his being Asian only bolstered that attraction for me, and his own was, at least in theory, toward older, mature men, it was inevitable that our electronic discussions would eventually turn down that path, and, they did. The emails became steadily more erotic, and when Allan asked me to graphically describe my vision of how I would like things to play out were he and I actually able to be together, I pulled out all of the stops, and described in glowing detail each of the very sensual things I would like to experience with him, and him, with me. Allan loved it, and indicated that it was a virtual menu of his secret fantasies, and he would love to have the opportunity to act on every item I had suggested. Given that we lived in the same state, albeit some considerable distance apart, I offered to travel to his location, and secure a suitable private place for us to be together, and explore our mutual interests, and pent up desires. Allan readily accepted the proposal, and I made arrangements, to travel to his home city the following weekend.

I had booked a bungalow type room at a good hotel near the beach, thinking that the intimate little cottage would seem less sinister than a basic hotel room, and Allan and I arranged to meet in the hotel restaurant for breakfast the morning after my arrival. I had booked a table the previous evening, and upon checking in with the hostess, I was informed that my breakfast companion was already seated, and that I should follow her to our table. As we rounded a large potted palm tree, I almost stopped dead in my tracks when I first spotted him sitting there at the window side table. He was absolutely, drop-dead cute, so youthful, and innocent looking, as he sat quietly, gazing out the window at the expanse of beach, and the gentle surf beyond. His hair was coal black, and sat comfortably loose atop his head, and his stature was small, petite even, nicely dressed in a bright yellow Polo shirt atop faded blue jeans, and snow white tennis shoes. I paused, letting the initial reaction wash over me, then, moved on to the table, and paused at table side, thanking the departing hostess. Allan turned, and fixed me with his very dark eyes, as a slow, and beautiful smile crawled over his face, showing even rows of perfect white teeth, and the small little dimples that dotted his creamy smooth cheeks. I returned his smile, offering my hand, and he took it, my skin nearly burning from his delicate touch. I sat opposite him, and we launched into a comfortable conversation, much like we had been having morning coffee together forever.


The meal was enjoyed almost automatically, neither of us sparing any attention for the food, but instead, letting ourselves get comfortable together, so that by the time we left the restaurant, we were as old, and close friends. We strolled the beautiful beach for a long while, our verbal exchanges flowing just as easily as our numerous electronic ones, and after a couple of hours, the growing sexual tension between us was nearly palatable. We had wandered to an area of beach not far from my bungalow, and when I quietly suggested that Allan might like to see it, he smiled sweetly, and allowed as how he would love to "see it," and had been thinking of little else, since breakfast. I took his slim, soft hand in mine, and gently guided him along the path that led to my bungalow, and we went inside. I hung the Do Not Disturb sign, and locked the door, then, stepped close to Allan, and slipped my arms around his slender frame, and held him close to me.

I was instantly erect in my slacks, and I could feel his own rock harness pressed against me, as we stood there holding each other tightly. I dipped my face into the crease of his neck, and inhaled deeply, savoring the fresh aroma of him, and his shampoo and soap, and a hint of nice cologne. I shuddered slightly, and mumbled his name, and he pulled back slightly, turning his handsome, boyish face up to gaze at me. I looked at his lush, soft lips, and slowly bent my head, so that my own mouth brushed his lightly, then, more forcefully, until we were kissing passionately, and I probed at his lush lips with my tongue. He moaned softly, and parted his lips, allowing my tongue to enter his mouth, where he sucked at it gently. Our mutual passion quickly grew, as did both our cocks, and I moved my hands to tug loose the tucked-in tail of his shirt, then, slipped my hands under it, and caressed the smooth, warm skin of his back as our hungry kisses continued. Allan's slight built frame melted into me, and I worked the shirt off him, and pulled back slightly to savor his slender, and smooth- as- glass torso. His olive toned skin was peaches and cream, and totally hairless, and my mouth watered as I gazed at his dark little nipples. He smiled shyly up at me, and I told him he was beautiful, perfect, and so much more than I had dared hope. I ran my fingers over his satin smooth skin, and teased the small nubbins to stiffness, then, lowered my head, and sucked each firm nipple, moving between them, as his delicate fingers threaded into my hair.

Moving to the sofa, I sat down, and had Allan stand in front of me, as I kissed, and licked the creamy skin of his soft tummy, and worked the fly of his jeans with trembling fingers. I got them open, and tugged the jeans down his toned, and hairless legs, and he stepped out of them. I sat back slightly, letting my eyes roam over his beauty, and I shook my head in wonder of him. His very petite body was perfect, smooth and hairless, and his pulsing boyhood poked sexily at the front of the small bikini style brief he wore under the jeans. I reached out, and lightly ran my finger over his rigid penis, and felt it throbbing under my touch, and I smiled, at seeing a good sized wet spot near the head of his penis. Allan had told me that he generated an excess of pecum when excited, and, if the wetness I saw was evidence, then he was clearly excited.

Reaching up with both hands, I ran them over his smooth chest, again taunting his pretty nipples in the process, then, ran my palms over his soft tummy, and lower, passing my palm over the straining bulge of his erection, then, paused to cup the lump of his scrotum briefly. He moaned softly, and I moved on, passing my hand down his thigh, and calve, before crossing to his other smooth leg, and moving upward. I ran my fingers up the inside of his thigh, and again poked at his tight ball sac, then, gripped his boyhood in my fingers. His cock was rock hard, and, I guessed, not more than the five inches he had told me he had. It was thin as well, maybe an inch across, and I fingered the smooth, circumcised head, reveling in the wetness I found there. Moving my face to his crotch, I inhaled the fresh scent of him, then, pressed my open mouth to his rigid penis, exhaling my warm breath onto the pulsing organ from outside the small briefs. My hands slipped around his slender body, and cupped the firm globes of his tiny bubble butt, and I kneaded the succulent melons, as I continued to mouth his small cock, and tongue his tight balls through the damp material of the bikinis. His fingers played through my hair, and his little ass rocked back and forth in my hands, as he moaned softly above me.


I needed to see him now, to make him naked, and feast my eyes on his petite beauty. I gripped the waist band of the tiny brief, and tugged it down his smooth legs, letting it puddle at his feet, where he stepped free of it. His cock jutted straight out from his very dark, and sparse pubic hairs, petite like the rest of him, but so very pretty, almost sculpted in its smoothness. The narrow shaft was an olive tone, and smooth as glass, tapering slightly just below the head, and the head itself was perfect, nicely cut, and a smooth mushroom shape. The head was shiny with his leaking precum, and his balls were tight to his crotch, and bulging nicely in a taut, and hairless scrotum that was a slightly darker tone than his penis. My mouth watered as I gazed at him, and I once more ran my hands over his satin smooth torso before wrapping my fingers around his pretty cock. Allan groaned again, as I stroked the rigid shaft of his boyhood, and his slender body tensed, the taut muscles of his abdomen flexing, as I rubbed the slick head of his cock with my thumb. I brought my free hand up, and gently cupped his small, tight scrotum, prodding the tender orbs with my fingers. I looked up at him, and smiled, telling him how absolutely beautiful, and sexy he was, and he gave me a sheepish, very boyish little grin in return.

I continued to stroke his leaking cock, and work his firm little balls with my fingers, and I watched the copious precum continue to ooze from the tiny slit, amazed at the volume of his production of the slippery stuff. He had told me he was a heavy precummer, but this, was truly amazing. As each tear drop of the stuff appeared, I swiped my fingers through it, wetting them with the lubricating fluid, then, slid them back and forth over the sensitive head of his pretty cock, making him shudder, and go a bit wobbly in the knees. Unable to resist any longer, I gripped the base of his little nail in my fingers, and slid the rigid little instrument into my hungry mouth, taking it all in one go, until my nose was buried in his silky pubes. He grunted, his fingers tugging at my hair, as I moved my drooling mouth over his hardness, my fingers still toying with his balls. He rocked his slim hips, gently moving his tasty cock in and out of my mouth, and I let go of his balls, to move my hands back to his firm little ass. I kneaded the tight globes, barely more than twin hands full, and worked my finger into his warm little cleft. Continuing to work my mouth over his drooling boyhood, my finger located his tiny pucker, and probed it gently. He groaned as I pressed my fingertip against the tight oval, and stroked back and forth over it, sensing its tightness. I was sorely tempted to penetrate him, but the firm resistance that I encountered when I poked at his tiny hole told me that lube was going to be essential in order to prevent pain for the boy.

Allan's hip bucking had become more urgent, and I wasn't anywhere near ready for him to cum, so I backed off my oral assault on his throbbing boyhood, and stood, scooping his petite hundred and ten pounds up in my arms. I carried him to the bedroom, and lay him on the huge king sized bed, and quickly got out of my clothes. Naked, I turned toward him, and saw his oval eyes go wide, as he focused on my rampant erection. Now, my cock isn't about to set any new records, being just at seven inches when fully erect as I was, and maybe two inches thick, but by comparison to Allan's barely five inches of thin Asian meat, I suppose it looked pretty impressive to him, plus, he knew full well that my fucking him was what all this was really about, so I'm sure it gave him brief pause at first look. I slid onto the bed beside him, and pulled him into my arms, holding his small little body against me, as I once more kissed his soft mouth. We swapped tongues, each of us invading the others mouth, and sucking the slippery organs, as I ran my hands over his smooth back, and his tight little ass cheeks. Our leaking cocks slid together between us, and I felt the copious wetness of his amazing precum slime my erection, and wet my scrotum, as we writhed around on the bed, our naked bodies pressed tightly together.


Breaking the fervent kiss, I pushed him onto his back, and licked my way down his thin body, tonguing his smooth flesh everywhere, until I reached his bouncing erection, and once more slid it into my mouth. I sucked him a while, running my fingers over his soft inner thighs, and alternately probing his cute little balls, and finally withdrew, as I flipped him over onto his tummy. His tight little ass was pure perfection, so round, and firm, very nearly girlish in its global shape, two sweet mounds of creamy flesh divided perfectly by a neat little crease. I cupped the mounds in my hands, and kneaded the firm flesh, then leaned in to kiss, and lick the globes all over, as my finger once more probed his tight little wrinkle. He was groaning into a pillow, and his knees slid slightly forward and under him, so that his pretty little ass lifted slightly, and presented itself for my further attention. I gripped the taut globes again, and parted them, releasing a soft groan of my own, as his pink little pussy came into view. Like the rest of him, the tiny oval was beautiful, a small, dark pink little wrinkle of flesh, made up of several tight little ridges of tissue that surrounded the tiny slit that was his entrance to heaven. I ran my fingertip over it several times, and pressed into it just enough to cause him to flinch slightly, as the tiny office flexed in a small wink, and I gave in to the flood of desire that washed over me, pressing my face into his warm crease, and swabbing his pucker with my extended tongue. Allan groaned loudly, and sucked in a huge breath of air, as I flicked my tongue, washing over his tasty little pussy repeatedly, before rolling my tongue, and pressing it firmly into his core. He groaned again, and I pressed harder, feeling my tongue penetrate the tight ring, and move inside him an inch or so. He let out a deep growl, and I sensed him pushing back at my tongue, and another inch slipped up inside him, as I reached between his open thighs, and gripped his hanging ball sac. I began moving my tongue in and out of his tight grip, and he worked his anal muscles in sync with my tonguing him, as I tugged on his tight balls at the same time. He was making grunting noises as I drilled into him, and his taut body jerked each time I pulled his balls down tightly in the small pouch.

I kept at him until my jaw threatened to lock in that position, and I had to back off. Pausing, I dug into the drawer of the nightstand, and retrieved the bottle of lube I had stashed there, and flipped off the cap. I squirted a large puddle of the slick stuff into my hand, and dredged my fingers through it, then, smeared a good serving over his still flexing pucker. I centered my middle finger with his tiny opening, and pressed into it, firmly and steadily submerging the entire length of my finger into his tight, warm tunnel. He groaned loudly, and wiggled his pretty ass, seemingly boring himself onto my finger, and I slowly withdrew it until only the tip remained inside him. I paused, squirting more lube onto my finger, then, slid it back into him. He was so incredibly tight, I wasn't sure I'd get my finger back, but I tugged it anyway, and slipped most of the way back out, and paused again. He clamped his muscles onto my finger, and I could feel his rectum sucking me back into him, so I pressed again, and slid completely back into him once more. In and out I went, finding his rigid little prostate in the process, and I began massaging it on each pass. I slipped my free hand around him, and gripped his drooling little cock with my well lubed hand, and stroked it, as I continued a rhythmatic fingering of his snug little boy pussy, and several passes later, as I paused to finger his hard little gland, I felt his small cock jerk in my fist, and erupt in a series of strong spasms that jetted his thick cream over the bed in long, white ropes. He all but screamed, his orgasm hitting him like a Mac truck, and I continued to tickle his prostate steadily as his small balls drained of their juices.


He shuddered, and made gurgling noises into the pillow under his sweating face, and I withdrew my finger from his stretched hole. I quickly coated my throbbing cock with the lube, and rose up on my knees behind him, centered the leaking head of my cock on his open pussy, and plunged into him in one, long stroke. He did yell this time, loudly, and long, as my seven inches slid fully inside him. My balls slapped the backs of his thighs, and I stopped, gritting my teeth to ward off the intense desire to shoot my own load, so tight, and hot was his gripping pussy on my aching cock. I slid a hand under him, and moved it to his chest, my fingers pinching and pulling his stiff little nipples, as I withdrew most of my cock, paused, then drove it back into him. Over and over, I fucked him, my thick cock punishing his hard little nut each time I passed over it, and I could feel my balls beginning to boil. His pretty little ass was rolling under me as if it were bearing mounted, and he flexed and relaxed his ass muscles against my invading cock like a pro, and I began to wonder about his being a virgin. If this truly was his first fuck, then he was a natural, as he was giving me the ride of my life. All too soon my nuts jumped in their bag, and my cock swelled even thicker, and I felt the whole world explode, as I spewed about a gallon of scalding cum into his smooth bowels in rapid jets, until I thought maybe my testes themselves had ejected into him.

Spent, and exhausted, the sweat running off my flushed face onto his smooth back, I slid my wilting cock out of his now gaping hole, and pressed my palm against the small of his back, holding him there, as I watched a small river of my thick cum ooze from his battered pussy, and drizzle down over his hanging balls. Damn, I thought, that looks so fucking nasty, all that hot cum flooding his thighs, and drooling onto the bed. I slapped his upturned little ass lightly, and wiped the slime from my cock against one smooth cheek, then, sank onto the bed beside him, pulling his panting body into my arms. I held him tightly, and kissed his pretty face, as he snuggled his small body into me, and sobbed softly. We lay there quietly for a time, then, walked into the bathroom, and showered, tenderly washing each others body with soap, and a huge wash cloth. Dry, we returned to the rumpled, cum soaked bed, and stripped off the very soiled top sheet, then, lay down together on the fresh, clean bottom sheet, kissing, and lightly touching all over. I decided that a generous gratuity would be in order for the housekeeper when I departed, given the rather soggy condition of the bed spread, and top sheet.

It didn't take long, kissing, and touching that way, before both of us were hard once more, and our gentle cuddling rapidly escalated into round two. We maneuvered into a slightly awkward, but stunning, sixty-nine, given our size difference, and I discovered that my little Asian boy was very adept at sucking cock in addition to his other skill sets. I got the not to subtle hint of where Allan wanted us to go, when he deftly applied a ton of lube to my renewed erection, so I rolled onto my back, and hoisted the petite boy on top of me. He giggled sweetly, as he maneuvered his slender body above me, and lined my rampant cock up with his freshly fucked little pussy, and settled himself on to it, until there was no more to give him. He rode me, his eyes closed, and his head rolling from side to side, as I worked his tight little nipples, and stroked his small, very erect boyhood. It took longer this time, but not by much, each of us being totally turned on by the other, and in much too soon a time, he was spraying my torso with yet another copious load of sweet boy cream, while I again emptied my aching balls into his slippery little pussy.

All of that necessitated another shared shower, and then a short nap, before we dressed, and went in search of some much needed nourishment. After dinner, I walked with Allan to his car, where we shared one last, passionate kiss, and parted, he back to his traditional Asian home life, and me back to all the realities of my own life, both of us much richer for our brief time together.

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