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When I was 16, I started cruising webcam sites after school, watching guys jerk off online, and I would jerk off watching them. Sometimes I'd chat with them while I stroked and watched them. One of my favorite guys to watch was an asian guy who was smooth with a thick black bush and a big thick cock. He never showed his face, but i recognized his body every day. He used to wear a ring on his finger, so I knew it was the same guy. One day in class at school, I noticed an Asian guy with the same ring. I knew he was my jerk off friend.


When I got home from school, I went to my room and got online. A moment later, he signed on and did his strip tease before starting to stroke. I asked him if he ever hooked up with another guy. He typed back that he never did but wanted to. I told him I thought he had a hot looking cock and that I'd love to suck him. He said lots of guys online say that. I asked what kind of guy he wanted to be with. He said someone his age. I said he looked like he was my age, and told him what town I lived in. He said he lived there too. I stroked my cock as I watched him, and asked him what he thought about doing with another guy. He said lots of older guys said they wanted to fuck him and more said they wanted him to fuck them. He said he wanted a guy to suck his cock and let him fuck them. I told him I thought that would be hot to try. He shot his load and signed off.

The next day, I saw him in school, but didn't say anything. When I got home, I went online, and he was there, taking off his clothes. I recognized what he was wearing as what he wore in school. I started chatting with him and told him how much I wanted to suck his cock. He typed back and asked if he let me suck it, would I swallow his cum? I said I would. He asked how old i was and I told him I was 16. He said he was too. He asked me if I had a cam, but I said I didn't. He asked me to describe my body, so I told him I'm white, kinda smooth and chubby, with a 5 inch cock. He asked what else I would do if he let me suck his cock. I said I'd do anything he wanted. He said, "So you would be willing to be my sex slave?" I thought about it, and typed back that I would. His cock looked like it was about to explode. He typed back that he might want me to lick his ass hole and sweaty pits. I told him I was hard and stroking thinking about it. He asked if I had big tits and I said I did. He said he would want to suck them and play with them, and fuck me like I was a girl. I said I'd really like that.

He started stroking his cock again. He typed back and said he wished I was there now because he really wanted to try fucking me. I told him I could come over if he wanted to try it. He stopped stroking and asked how I could do that. I said I go to the same school as him and am in some of his classes. He was silent, and asked who I was. I gave him my initials, and he guessed. When I said it was me, he asked if I was serious about giving myself to him and then typed that if we hooked up, I'd have to let him do anything he wanted to me, and if he didn't like it, we would never do it or talk about it again, I'd have to be his sex slave. I said I'd like that, so he told me to meet him in a park in 20 minutes.

I threw on a tee shirt and sweat pants and rushed to the park, and sat at a picnic table. A few minutes later, he showed up and told me to follow him into the woods. He asked how I knew it was him online, and I told him about the ring. When we were deep enough in the woods so no one could see us, he told me to take off my clothes. I took off everything but my tennis shoes while he watched me. I asked if he was going to take off his clothes, but he said not now, he just wanted to check me out. He squeezed my tits and started sucking them. It felt like electricity from my tits directly to my cock, which was standing at attention. He slid a hand between my legs and started feeling my balls and stroking my cock. He told me to bend over so I did, and he parted my cheeks and felt my hole. He pressed his finger against my hole and slid it inside me. He said it felt tight and asked if I really wanted his cock in there. I told him I never had a guy inside me but he was so hot, I'd love to feel him inside me.

He told me to get dressed and we walked to his house. When we got there, he told me to take off my clothes. After I got undressed, I stood there naked and he told me to undress him. I slowly undid his belt and took off his pants and then briefs. He took off his shirt and lay on the bed. He put his hands behind his head and told me to lick his pits. I straddled his hips and licked his hairy pits. My cock was hard and started leaking. He asked if I liked his pits and I said I did. He said he liked how it felt and to keep doing it. When I was done, he turned over and got on all fours. He told me to lick his asshole. I spread his cheeks and licked the length of his crack. I hesitated when I got to his puckered hole, but he said I should lick it, so I did, and he moaned, so I did it again. I liked making him feel good, and licked it hard and even slid my tongue in his hole. He moaned loudly as I rimmed his ass. I asked if he had many guys do this to him before and he said he had never been with another guy. He wanted to see what the guys online said they would do to him would feel like. I moved down licking the area between his ass and his balls. It had a strong musky smell that excited me, and he moaned wildly as I got intimate with his most private area. I lay on my back and he squatted over my face so I could lick his crotch, and then started sucking his balls. He groaned in pleasure and said he was going to like having me as his slave.


He moved up and had me suck his cock which was dripping precum. As I sucked him he started stroking my cock and playing with my balls. He got up and lay on top of me, grinding his crotch into mine as he squeezed and sucked my tits. He spread my legs wide and slid a finger up my ass. I moaned as he moved his finger in and out of me, asked if I wanted his cock in me. I said I did and he spit on his hand and slid a second finger inside me. He said my ass was his, and he was going to enjoy taking my virginity. He slid a third finger in me and started pressing them against the walls of my ass to stretch them. I asked how he knew what to do and he said an older guy online told him how to do it. He opened a jar of Vaseline and worked a gob of it into my hole. He spread some on his cock and pulled my legs up on my chest. I watched him get close between my legs and press his hard cock against my hole. It hurt but I didn't say anything. I felt his cock sliding inside me as he moved in and out of me. It was hot watching his thick bush moving in and out between my legs. As the pain subsided, I started moaning loudly. He smiled and said I had a nice ass. He squeezed and sucked my tits as he fucked me hard and fast. He asked if I liked him fucking me.. I moaned and said I loved it. He said he was going to fuck me anytime he wanted. I moaned as he kept pounding me. He started thrusting harder and plowed his crotch into me as his thick cum shot deep inside me. When he got off me, he had me suck his cock clean then had me lay back as he massaged my cock and balls with his feet. The coolness of his feet felt incredible on my cock and he stroked my cock with his feet and made me cum.

The next day in school, he acted like he didn't know me, but as school let out, he walked home with me and told me to meet him in the woods. When I got to the woods, he told me to take off my clothes. No one else was around so I took off my clothes and he had me lean against a tree. He unzipped his pants and slid his cock up my ass, fucking me hard. I stroked my cock as he fucked me and I moaned as he pounded my ass harder and faster. A moment later, I felt him shooting his cum in my ass. He told me to get dressed and meet him at his house. A half hour later, I got to his house. He told me to get undressed again, and I did what he wanted and stood there naked. He sucked my tits and stroked my cock. He asked if I wanted him to fuck me again. He told me to take off his clothes so I undressed him. He had me suck his cock and eat his ass. He said he liked how I took care of his needs. I lay on the bed and he got on top of me and slid his cock up my ass as he sucked my tits. As he slid in and out of me, he asked if I liked being his girlfriend. I told him he was hot and i loved it. He asked if I wanted other guys to fuck me. I told him I was happy with him. He asked if I wanted other guys to watch him fuck me. I said I'd do whatever he wanted. He said he had the video camera on and people were watching him fuck me now. He thrust harder and I felt him cum inside me.

He turned on the computer screen and we read all the comments from guys who watched us. Guys thought it was hot watching me get fucked. They were saying they wanted to see me cum so my friend stroked my cock on camera and they cheered when my cock exploded. For the next few weeks, men were able to watch me get fucked on a daily basis. They could see my face, but I figured they lived far away.

One day I was walking home from school. I was alone and my friend was busy. I went into a convenience store to get a coke, and young black guy came over to me and asked if I was doing my show with the asian guy today. I blushed and said he was busy today. We walked out of the store and he asked if wanted a different cock in me. I said most guys weren't offering. He said I was hot and would love to fuck me sometime. I looked him over. He had very dark black skin and was pretty thin. I asked if he had a place to do it, and he said no one would be home at his place for the next two hours.


I went with him to his place, and let him undress me. He had a very sensuous touch and loved standing there as he explored my body. He got on his knees and sucked my cock. As he sucked me he fingered my ass and I moaned. He got up and took off his clothes. He was coal black and his cock was about 9 inches and very thick. I got on my knees and sucked him, taking as much of his cock as I could. He had me lay on his bed and he pulled my legs up while he rimmed my ass. I couldn't believe how good he made me feel. He lay on top of me with his crotch grinding into mine and kissed me tenderly and passionately as he caressed my breasts. He positioned himself between my legs and pressed his cock against my hole. I moaned as he slowly slid in and out of me until I could feel his pubes agaisnt me. I groaned as he slowly fucked me and caressed me. He had a mirror positioned so I could watch his black cock sliding in and out of my chubby white ass. I groaned louder as he sensuously possessed my inner parts. He thrust harder and faster into me and moaned loudly as I felt a huge amount of thick warm cum fill me. He tongue kissed me for a long time and said I was a hotter fuck than he imagined. I wrapped my legs around him to keep him inside me longer.

He asked if I had to go home now and I said I could stay longer if he wanted to fuck some more. I stayed another hour and he fucked me doggie style. We exchanged cell numbers so we could hook up when either of us was in the mood. He asked how old I was, and I told him 16. He said he hoped I didn't mind that he was older. I asked how old he was and he said he was 24. I told him I thought that was hot.

I went home and got a call from my Asian friend. He asked if I could come by and i said my mom was home and I had work to do. The next day, in school, he pulled me into the mens room and had me suck his cock in a stall. After school, we went to his house and he fucked me. He managed to keep his face off camera, and have mine on camera when I was sucking him and eating his ass before the grand finale of him fucking me. For the next few days he fucked me in different positions as men from all over the internet watched.

I had to go shopping one day after school and noticed a man at the mall smiling at me. He was an older guy, in his 40s and when I smiled back he came over and started talking with me. He said he had seen me on the webcam and wished he had a friend like me. I blushed and said thanks. He said if I ever wanted to try it with an older guy, he would love to try and please me. I looked him over and he was pretty hot. He was thin and hairy, and had dark hair. I told him I was free if he wanted to play. He had me follow him out to his car and we drove to his apartment. When we got inside, he took off his shirt, so I took off mine. He had a hairy chest, armpits and stomach. He ran his fingers over my chest and started sucking my tits. As he sucked them, he unzipped my pants and slid his hand under my briefs, feeling my my cock and balls. He said I was much hotter in person and wanted to be with me for a long time. He got on his knees and started sucking my cock as he massaged my inner thighs and slid his hand between my legs and fingered my ass. He asked how many times I could cum and I said the most I ever cummed was 8 times in a day. He sucked me harder and faster, and I moaned and grunted as I shot my load in his mouth. He swallowed it and stood up and kissed me. I undid his pants and slid them down. I felt his dark hairy legs and the huge bulge in his briefs. He let me slide them off him, revealing his thick long cock, surrounded by a dark bush. I got on my knees and sucked his cock as I felt his hairy ass. He moaned as I deep throated him. I enjoyed his musky scent, as well as the idea that soon his big hairy cock would be inside me. He had me get on the bed in a doggie position and spread my cheeks as he licked my ass. He turned me on my back and spread my legs, getting between them and pressing his big cock against my hole. I pushed out as his cock slid inside me, causing us both to moan loudly. He sucked my tits as he slowly moved his big cock in and out of my hole. I thought it was so hot to have a total stranger's cock buried inside me. He said my ass felt incredible and he loved fucking me. I told him he was hot and loved feeling him in me. I wrapped my legs around him as he fucked me harder and faster, kissing me and playing with my tits. It felt like his hairy body was caressing me as he moved on me. He thrust harder and faster and I moaned with each thrust, squeezing my ass around his hard cock. He thrust harder and faster until I felt him shooting his warm load inside me. When he pulled out, he ate his cum dripping out of my ass and I sucked his cock clean. We kissed as he lay on top of me. He thanked me for sharing myself with him and I asked if he could fuck me again. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on top of him, riding his cock. I could feel his pubes against my smooth ass as he thrust up inside me. He stroked my cock as he fucked me, and I shot my load on his chest. We got dressed and he dropped me off at the mall and said he hoped we could do it again. I gave him my cell number and said I'd love to be with him again. We met several times and enjoyed each other.


The next day at school, my Asian friend told me to be at his house after school. When I got there, he had a friend with him. It was an older Hispanic guy from school. He was average looking but had hairy legs and a big thick cock. They stood side by side on camera, only showing their crotches while I went back and forth sucking them. They had me lie on my back and the Hispanic guy fucked me while the Asian guy fed me his cock. People watching online could only see from their stomachs to their legs while they could see my full naked body and my face. It was hot feeling this guy from school's massive cock in me. I lay there enjoying these guys pleasuring themselves with my body. The Hispanic guy thrust harder and faster and shot his load deep inside me. When he pulled out of me, they switched places and my Asian friend slid his cock in my cum filled ass. The Hispanic guy had me suck him clean. After he cummed, the Asian guy said we should do it like this more often because fucking me with someone else's cum in me was hot. He stroked my cock with his feet, and i shot my load.

Spring break came,and my Asian friend went on a trip with his parents. I was home alone and horny. I called the black guy I was with but there was no answer. I went to the mall, and sat by myself in the food court watching people go by. A sales clerk on break kept watching me, then would turn away when i looked back at him. I was wearing short pants and rubbed my thigh. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him watching. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and turned away. He came over and sat at the table next to mine. I asked how it was going. He asked if I was the guy on the webcam. I said I was. He said he watches me all the time. I looked him over. He had a bad case of acne and was pretty skinny. I asked if he likes what he sees online. He said he's shot a gallon of cum watching me. I said I wished I was there to enjoy it. He got excited at the suggestion that I'd want to be with him. He said he got off from work at 3 and maybe we could get together then. I said that would work, so I stayed in the food court until he got off work.

When he got out of work, he met me by the food court and he told me he was glad I didn't change my mind. I asked if he had a place to play, and he said he mom didn't get home from work until 7pm. We walked to his apartment, and stood there awkwardly. I reached over and rubbed his crotch through his pants. He took off his shirt and pants as he was sweaty from work, and let me gently run my hands along his body. He was smooth and thin, and had hairy armpits and a trail of hair going down from his navel into his briefs. I told him I liked his body and he blushed. I took off my tee shirt, shorts and briefs, and stood there as he looked me over. His hard cock pressed against his briefs and he took them off. I stopped being shy in sexual situations since I started showing myself on the internet. I stood there as he ran his fingers all over my body, and held my cock and balls. I ran my hands over his chest, and told him he was hot. He said he didnt think he was hot because of his acne. I got on my knees and licked the head of his big bulging cock as I played with his heavy low hanging balls. I told him if he wasn't hot, I wouldn't be looking forward to him fucking me. We got in his bed and he lay next to me, sucking my tits as he slid his hand between my legs, fingering my hole. He lay on his back and I licked his hairy pits which he liked. I had him get on all fours and I caressed his hairy muscular ass cheeks and parted them, licking his crack from top to bottom. He moaned loudly as I licked his hole while I caressed his balls as they hung there. He said if I didn't stop he would cum. I told him I wanted to take his first load in my mouth. He stood on his knees in front of me as I lay on the bed and took his cock in my mouth, deep throating him while I played with his pubes. He thrust his hard cock in and out of my mouth and I held his hips and sucked him fast and hard. He moaned loudly as his cum shot in my mouth. It was a big load but I was able to swallow it all. When he was done, he lay on his back and I told him I really liked the taste of his cum.

I mentioned to him that it seemed like he hadn't had sex with many guys. He blushed and said this was actually the first time he was with anyone. He said he was just copying what he watched me do with the Asian guy on the webcam. I asked how old he was, and he said he just turned 16 two weeks ago. I was just about to turn 17, and he told me he went to the other high school in town, which is why I never saw him around.

He rolled on top of me and I spread my legs so he could lay between them. I asked if he wanted to have sex or make love. He smiled and said he wanted us to make love. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips to his, exploring his mouth with my tongue. He pressed his tongue in my mouth as he started grinding his crotch into mine. I told him he was the hottest guy I had been with, and couldn't wait to have him inside me. He said he loved my body and couldn't believe he was actually able to be with me. I lifted my legs closer to my chest and he positioned his hard cock against my hole. His cock head popped inside me and we both moaned as he moved his cock in and out of me, ever deeper, until he was completely inside. He said how good it felt, and slowly moved in and out of me as he caressed my nipples and kissed me. His perspiration mixed with mine and I wrapped my legs around his, pulling him into me closer. We moaned together, totally enjoying our mutual feelings. Our passion lasted ten minutes before he exploded inside me. He tongue kissed me hard as his cum was shooting in me. When he pulled out of me, he scooped up the cum and fed it to me. before I sucked his cock clean. He slid down on me and started sucking my cock. It didn't take long for me to cum, and he swallowed my load. It felt good but I told him he didn't have to do it. He said he never saw the Asian guy suck me and he wanted to show me how much he loved being with me.

We lay in bed for a while, holding and feeling each other. He moved down and started sucking my cock again. He said he really loved the size of my cock because he could suck it easily. I lay back enjoying the blow job. He said that he'd love me to fuck him some time. I told him I never fucked anyone before. He said that was good, because we were giving each other our virginity, kind of. I told him I thought my cock was too small, but he got on top of me and parted his cheeks over my cock. I felt my cock against his hole and warned him it might hurt him, but he said he had fingered himself sometimes, so it should be OK. I felt my cock slide into his hole, and we both moaned as he rode my cock. I started to buck as he rode me harder, and I stroked his big cock. I grunted as he rode me and I shot my load up his ass. A moment later, his cock exploded on my chest and face. I scooped up his cum and ate it. He got off me and kissed me.

He said he wished we could be boyfriends. I said I'd love to be his boyfriend. He asked about the Asian guy, and I said if we could be boyfriends, I'd break up with the Asian guy. I explained he wasn't my boyfriend, we just got together for sex. He asked if we were boyfriends would I still be having sex with other guys. I told him if we are Boyfriends, I would only have sex with him, but we would have to have sex a lot. He smiled and said all the time.

For the remainder of spring break, we got together every day after he finished work. When break was over, I told my Asian friend I had a boyfriend, and he said OK, so we parted friends.

After we graduated High School, we moved in together, and have enjoyed a most loving relationship; and his acne cleared up.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.