Man for Man

Officer and the Quarterback


Eric Stevens racked his weights and headed to the showers. It was a rainy afternoon in a small Georgia town and an awful day to leave the house. Eric, star quarterback of the local highschool team, was dedicated to his workout though. Weekdays he could use the school gym, but for his Saturday workouts, he would come in town to the YMCA gym.


His dedication was starting to show not only in his prowess on the field but in the body he was developing. At 6'3" he stood above most of the other guys in his senior class, and with almost 200 pounds of young, hard-jock muscle, he was a stunning specimen. Even in a T-shirt, his nipples were clearly visible crowns for the mounds of studly pec muscles and his back was a sheath of power from his lats up to his neck.

Eric stopped to admire his growing physique in the mirror. In the reflection, in the background, he could see a couple of real hunks going through their workouts. Lately, it seems all he could think about was other men. Their bodies, their faces, their cock and balls stuffed into the crotch of their jeans. He never ever would think of coming on to any of the guys he had hots for on his team or at school, so he would sneak off at night to the downtown park, where he heard that "fags" would go and have sex. It took only a few nights before an attractive married man offered his oral services on the young athlete. Since that first blowjob, Eric was hooked. He went to the park whenever he could, eager to get his rocks off.

This afternoon, though, as he watched the more stunning men working out, he had to watch himself. He wasn't wearing any underwear beneath his gym shorts and if he wasn't careful he'd get a noticeable hardon. Along with an amazing body, he possessed a gargantuan dick that was the envy of the lockerroom. Of course the guys on the team had only seen it soft, when it swing thick and low between Eric's massive thighs, but erect it was a sight to be seen and uncontainable by a measly set of gym shorts.

Eric left the gym in the middle of the downpour. His house was on a deserted road a mile from the gym, and as his car was now in the shop, he'd have to walk the whole distance. Already the warm rain soaked through the cotton t-shirt and gymshorts. The fabric clung to his muscles like a second skin and had there been any passers-by, nothing of Eric's fine physique would be left to their imagination. Eric didn't mind the rain too much. It just gave him the occasion to admire his freshly pumped muscles and even give his dick a tug or two through the wet cotton shorts.

Officer Jim Harris was cruising around without his partner Bill that day. Jim was an undeniable stud: massive, muscled body, a rugged face with perpetual stubble, and an oversized prick that was always hard. His partner was no slouch himself, short and bulit like a brick shithouse, with a set of melon- shaped buns that loved to spread for Jim's wet, horny dick. The two men started fucking on the job about two years ago, ever since they were responsible for busting a tea room at a highway reststop. No arrests had been made, but each cop dick got a couple helpings of tight college jock ass before the night was over. Before long, Jim discovered what a bottom cop his ultra- butch partner. Every night they'd pull over the cruiser several times and Jim would mount Bill with his nightstick-sized cock.

But tonight, Jim was alone, horny and in need of relief. For the past 30 minutes, he'd been driving the police car around with his fly unzipped and his cock snugly in his massaging hand. He knew he was so worked up he could jack his load onto the dashboard and steering wheel, but he thought that'd be a waste of the perfectly good hot manseed that was building up in his huge round balls.

Just then he saw a perfect young jock body walking along the deserted street in rain soaked clothes. Jim could make out every sinew of every muscle and was especially impressed by the firm, round butt whose cleft was clearly defined by clinging shorts. He pulled his cruiser alongside the young man, careful to tuck his shaft back into his uniform trousers. He rolled down the window and called out to the stud.

"Hey, son, you shouldn't be walking out in this. Do you need a ride home?"

Eric broke out of his reverie and looked into the police car that had pulled alongside him. Though the window he could make out the face of the police officer, a gorgeous man in his mid to late 30s, he'd guess. The man was Eric's ideal: masculine, built, and 100% pure American beef.


"Sure, officer. That'd be great." The young jock quickly got into the cruiser's front seat. Officer Harris reached over Eric and rolled up the window. Eric noticed that the officer's arm was huge, with knotty triceps, a massive bulge of a bicep and a powerful forearm. He had to hide his stares, though.

The cop turned to him as he pulled the car away. "What are you doing out walking on an afternoon like this?"

"Just at the gym for my lower body workout."

"Looks like your upper body is in great condition as well," said the officer, reaching over and rubbing the young stud's pecs lightly. Jim was getting real horny now. The young man's mounds of chest muscle were covered with the stretched, drenched fabric. It was almost as if a naked boy sat in the front seat with him. A naked boy with a stud-man's body. Jim ran his thick, calloused hand along the muscle and could feel every hair, every goosebump and of course the nipples that poked through the t-shirt.

"How old are you, son?" the older man asked just as his hand reached a stiffening nipple underneath the stretched wet t-shirt.

Eric took in a silent breath, then answered, "Nineteen, sir."

Jim's big dick twitched at the tone of innocence and deep sexiness in his new companion's voice. "Well, you're already getting a man's body, I can tell."

Eric felt slightly uncomfortable yet also proud from the complements the police officer was giving him. He didn't know how to read the conversation or the muscular hand that had circled his nipple before pulling away. Something about policemen usually frightened him. He knew that he was sporting a boner longer and stiffer than he had ever felt, though. This guy was hotter than any man he'd face-fucked in the park.

After a little too long feeling Eric's chest muscles, Jim withdrew his hand and went back to concentrating on driving. "Man, your clothes are all soaked," he said as his hand pulled away. "Why don't we stop at my place and you can dry up. I probably even have some clothes that'll fit you."

"Sure," Eric replied," but any clothes that can fit on a body like yours will be loose on me." Eric stared at the officer's beefy muscles, and his eyes kept wandering back to the straining biceps that bulged in the slightly tight short-sleeve uniform shift. "How big are your arms anyway?"

"Don't know. Go ahead, try to put your hand around it."

Nervously, Eric grasped the cop's right arm. Now was his chance to feel up the man who'd been kind enough to offer him a ride home. The bicep suddenly swelled up to nearly twice its relaxed size. As used as the quarterback's wide hands were to grasping pigskin, he could not begin even to close his hand around the hugeass muscles pulsing in his palm.

By now the young man's hormones were pumping away and he could feel a megaload of football-player cum swirling in his nuts and a large wetspot of precum soak into his already damp shorts. At this point, Eric's eyes looked down at Officer Harris's lap and noticed a firehose-thick prick snake its way down the tightly packed thighs of his uniform. Jesus! the stud is getting as randy as I am by all this, he though. Apparently, the policeman, eyes dutifully on the road, hadn't noticed Eric's crotchward glance, but as the athlete's hand moved up and down his swelled bicep, he said, "Yeah, I have another muscle you can put your hand around."

Eric didn't say enough, he was so nervous. But his prick was doing the thinking for him as he slid his hand down the man's side to his lap. Firmly, he gripped the massive cock in the pants and began squeezing it.

Officer Harris looked over to Eric and saw a look of unfightable lust in his face. "You're a pretty sexy guy, you know that stud?"

Eric blushed but didn't remove his kneading hand from Jim's crotch.

Jim continued talking. "You play sports?"

"Yeah," Eric managed to get out.


"Yes, sir."

"Thought so. You have the body for it. You're pretty nervous, aren't you? Well, you shouldn't be. You're one hot fucker." Jim reached over again to play with Eric's taut muscles.


The athlete gave a short sigh and breathed out, "I--I think you're pretty hot yourself."

"Would you like to suck my dick, hot guy?"

"God, yeah. It feels pretty huge."

Jim wasted no time in pulling the car over the side of the road. The rain was coming down really hard now, and no one would be driving by.

Meanwhile, Eric had worked the zipper down on the policeman's blue uniform and pulled the fat shaft out through the opening. The cock he held was magnificent. It was long and thick and had a flaring cock head that oozed with a clear bead of liquid at the tip. Eric flicked his tongue at the large cockhead, tasting the first hint of spooge stored up in the cop's bull balls.

"Fuck, yes," breathed Jim. This boy may be nervous getting picked up by a guy but he didn't seem nervous once he started sucking on a cop-stud dick. The jock would alternate between licking up and down the side of the massive shaft and swallowing the cop dick as

The beefy police officer was getting into the expert head this smooth-skinned hunk was giving. But he wanted to see more of this sucker's hard body. He pulled Eric's head up off his engorged cock. "Take a break stud, I want to see your sexy body naked." Slowly he peeled off Eric's T-shirt, while the athlete shucked down his wet shorts.

Suddenly Jim was faced with the sight of a horny 19-year-old football jock with a hardon that rivaled his own in steel-hardness and sheer size. Jim reached over and took the twitching cock in his hand. "Man, looks like this dick could do some major damage. Has any one ever given a blow job to this monster?"

"Yeah," Eric shyly admitted, "I usually go to the park at night and some guy is always there eager to suck me off. I guess some have a hard time swallowing it, but I don't care. I'm just horny all the time."

"You and me both, guy. Man, this is a beaut." Jim said more to himself than to Eric. Overcome with a hunger for cock, the officer bent over and started expert-throating the monster shaft. The dick felt great going down the cop's open gullet. He worked further and further down the shaft until Eric's stud nuts slapped him in the chin on each thrust. Jim desperately wanted to lick those balls while sucking the huge cock, but the size of Eric's dick was just too much for him to do anything besides open up his throat and suck like hell.

His fingers did rub down between Eric's athletic legs, feeling the trail of scratchy hair that led from the young man's scrotum to his puckered hole. Jim would alternate between teasing the area of Eric's asshole and rubbing the low-hanging balls. Sometimes he'd stick his fingers along side the shaft as his mouth plunged down the length, getting the digits all wet. He'd then place them at the entrance to Eric's virgin rectum and push in, working the hole a little larger and opening up the cavity to two then three fingers. Eric had never felt anything like that before. The pleasure was intense enough to get him off, but he wanted to wait a while before hosing the cop's throat with his load. This felt too good to end right away.

After a few minutes more of this, Jim spat out Eric's dick. "Say, how would you like to get fucked?"

Jim's fingers poked further up Eric's relaxed asshole. He could feel his dick throb. "Well, I've never....I've never done that. But your finger feels real good up my asshole. And I think I'd like you to do it."

"Sure? It'll hurt a little at first, you know, but it feels great once you get settled into a good fuck."

"Well, coach said we should be able to take pain like a man."

Jim laughed. "Your coach is a smart man."

Jim leaned back up and guided Eric's head back to his prick. "Here, wet my cock back up." Eric needed no further instruction. He was hotter than hell for this specimen of a man and realized if all guys were like this, nothing could tear him away from sucking cock morning, noon and night.

When Jim's fuck stick was sufficiently wet with saliva, Jim pulled Eric up on top of him, both men facing the car window. The position was cramped, but it allowed Eric to control the pace in which Jim busted his cherry ass. In seconds, the officer positioned his flared dickhead at the virgin hole and pressed up as Eric sat down on the invading monster.


At first, the invasion hurt like hell for Eric, but he was determined to take the fucking like a stud and slid more and more of the cockmeat up his chute. Pretty soon, all ten inches were stuffed up that tight quarterback ass. Eric just rested on the man's sex pole, but Jim decided to take charge. Lifting his hips up, then down, pulling the cock back enough to thrust up again. And thrust he did, ramming his horny dick deep up the football-jock's bowels.

Jim couldn't remember a hotter fuck. Here was this nude football player sqatting on his pole and riding his lap. The young man's back rippled with bulging muscles that showed the hours of weight lifting and ball playing in their overwhelming mass and definition. Jim's strong hands gripped Eric's shoulders, then explored down the athlete's front, along the pecs and the firm ab muscles.

These caressed were heaven to Eric, who could feel the slightly-rough polyester fabric of the cop's uniform shirt rubbing against his lats and the exposed bulging bicep trapped under his own arms as Jim reached around to rub Eric's chest and pull the stud. Not to mention almost a foot of hard, dripping stud meat shoving its way in and out of his now loosened ass.

"Fuck me!" the athlete cried out and bucked his taut buttcheeks down hard against Jim's blue-cloth-covered lap. In fact this fuck went beyond Eric's horniest dreams. He loved how used he felt being taken from behind by a fully uniformed police officer ready to show a horny jock his place in the world.

"Yeah," Jim purred, "That's it. Show this cop how a football slut takes his man's dick. "

By now, Eric was jumping up and down to make the manmeat push harder and faster up his no-longer-virgin guts. "Yes, officer, does this ass feel good? You like picking up young jocks to fuck?"

"Yeah, I can tell a guy who likes taking dick. When I saw you on the side of the road in those wet clothes of yours, I knew it wouldn't take long before I was shoving all ten inches of my cock up your horny-stud butt."

"Oh fuck!" Eric cried out. He was drowning in lust. Jim's right hand was jacking his prick off, while his left explored his chest and shoulders. When the officer's hand ran along his cheek, Eric stuck his tongue out and licked at the salty skin on the cop's bulging hair-covered forearm. Jim moaned and threw a meaner fuck while running the length of his arm all along the jock's extended tongue. At last he crammed a couple of fingers into the stud's mouth, which proceded to tongue and suck them with the same passion he'd sucked the officer's dick meat not minutes ago.

"Here it comes, son. Take my fucking load up that sweet ass of yours."

"Awwh, yes. Give it to me, sir. Fuck that load of yours deep up my ass. I want it so bad."

"Yeah, I can tell. I haven't fucked a guy who wanted it so bad. Oh, fuck, I'm shooting right now. Take it!"

At the same moment Eric crossed over the edge of orgasm and spurts of football-jock cream spilled into the police officer's right hand and all over the dash. The combination of his own sperm shots and the cop cum being sprayed all up his was too much for Eric, who let out an orgasmic scream.

Eric recovered in a heartbeat, though and lifted his stretched, sloppy ass off Jim's big-ass cock. As cum leaked down from his hole, the quarterback bent down and started lapping at the still-hard fuckstick poking out of Jim's uniform pants. "Don't want the cum to get your uniform dirty," he said before sucking the shaft down his eager jock mouth.

Sergeant Harris couldn't believe how incredible this football stud was. Sure, he'd fucked young jocks before and had gotten even dozens more to go down on his horse dick. This guy was totally into it, though, and his eagerness only made his jock-next-door looks that much hotter. Jim massaged the thick cords of muscles in Eric's neck as the young stud continued his head job. Soon he was guiding Eric's head down on his still unsatisfied dick and would alternately shove his prick further up the athletes open throat. He offered his right hand to Eric's cocksucking mouth, which took breaks from swallowing dick to lick the cream he'd shot onto the officer's hand.

This blow job was amazing enough, but when the strong quarterback gripped the officer's testicles, the cop cum came torpedoing out of Jim's spermgun into Eric's waiting throat.

Out of breath, the two men lay back in the car seats, staring at the steamed-up windows and occasionally looking over at each other, Eric at the fully uniformed cop with a shrinking cock sticking out, Jim at a totally cute, totally nude jock-stud who really knew how service a horny police officer.

After a minute or so, Eric offered his hand out and shook Jim's. "My name's Eric, by the way."

"Officer Jim Harris, at your service."

The two hunks kissed on their new friendship.

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