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My Son's Best Friends


The other day my 19 year old son came home with a sad look on his face because his girlfriend broke up with him. My son is a good looking kid 6'1 180 with an a swimmer's build so I told him to not try and think about it find another girl fast. The problem was he was pussy whopped on her and did not want to get with anyone. Every time I came home I would find him laying around in his bed all depressed. I talked to his best friend John and told him to talk to him. His mom and I talked him but he just never listened and claimed we did not understand. His friend John started coming over more and even staying over a lot more but after a couple weeks my son, Richie started to get things together and started going out again. One day his Mom and I told him that we were going on a trip and be gone for about 3 days. I asked him if he would be ok while were gone, he said yeah no problem John would be stay over until we came back. I thought good John will look after him all good right?


When my wife and I drove off on out little trip all was good until the next day. we arrived in San Diego and my wife got a call from her family and her grandmother was sick in Mexico. I drove her straight to the airport and she took off so I decided to drive home. It all happened so quick we never got a chance to call my son and let him know what is going on. I drove and got home about midnight and was a little tired. When I walked in the home I thought I was all alone and figured Richie when out. I went to my bedroom and started to undress to go to bed. As I laid down to go to bed I heard some noises, so when I got up check it out I realized it was coming from my son's room. I crept up real quite and could hear some noises that sounded real familiar, I knew sex was taking place. I was so happy that he finally got over that bitch that broke up with him and finally getting some pussy.

As I was listening I could hear Richie tell her yeah that feels so good, yeah take it. I found myself intrigue being the prev that I am. As I was leaning against his door it opened up I froze at first and thought I was busted but being so caught up in having sex they did not notice.. With the door I was able to look inside the dark room. The only light that was on was a night lamp but I could see everything. I saw the my Son was fucking somebody doggie-style with girls head pushed down in the pillows. The look on Richie's face showed that he was loving every minute of it and the pleasure zone. He was grabbing her ass and would smack it. Man I was hard as a rock and started stroking while I was enjoying the show.

Richie finally said fuck I gonna cum, I gonna cum and was slamming his dick in as hard as he could. At that moment I heard a familiar voice say cum in my ass. Then I heard the voice again and "yeah give it to me harder". I thought I was going crazy cause I could swear that voice belonged to his best friend John. It was then I heard my son say flip over I want to see your face before I cum in your ass. As he turned his bitch over there was no mistaking it, he was fucking a man cause when he flipped over I could see a large cock that looked over 9 inches long. Richie put Johns legs on his shoulders and fucked him for a few more pumps and let a loud scream. It was so loud I thought maybe even the neighbors could hear it.

Richie then collapsed on John kissing him and holding him like I have done a thousand times before. I even heard Richie say "I love you". I heard John tell him the same thing. I then heard John tell my not so straight son, to roll over it is my turn. As soon as he said it Richie rolled over still kissing John. John then was on top on Richie and slowly made his way up and put his big cock at Richie face. John rubbed his monster cock all over my son's face and he was loving it. Finally, John put it in his hungry mouth.

While I watched my son sucking his best friends big cock down his throat I noticed that without even thinking about it I was stroking my cock. I have never seen anything like it but I was hard as rock and enjoyed the show. A million things were going through my mind but at that moment I was in awe. I could see John fucking my son's mouth and he was sucking it like a pro. It was like a porno movie right in front of my eyes in my own home and my son is the star. John's balls were hitting Richie's chin and he was taking it all. In all the years of fucking having multiple girlfriends and my wife of many years nobody could deep throat me and I not by no means bigger the John. I then saw John spin around with his cock still in Richie's mouth and put Richie's cock in his mouth. Richie's cock was impressive as well that shit looked bigger than mine. Fuck without even thinking about it I came all over the wall, door and carpet I could not help it. I came so much watching these two young studs hitting a 69 and pleasuring each other.

John then pulled out grabbed Richie's legs put him on his shoulder's and started eating out his ass. Man no matter what was happening this shit it hot cause even thought I just came I was already as hard as a rock. Richie kept telling John fuck that feels so good and at the same time Richie was stroking himself and loving every minute of it, no every second. Richie then started yelling out to John to "fuck me". Richie said this over and over again. John finally looked up and said who's pussy is this. Richie yelled out it's yours. John said tell me what you want and Richie yelled out "please fuck me". John then pulled Richie's legs up higher and you tell he placed his cock at Richie's hole. Richie said please stick it in but John had him like a bitch in heat. John said that tell me what you want and Richie said I want you inside me please. John then started to push and I could see Richie's face and mouth open as his ass was being invaded. Richie realizing that his ass was getting invaded suddenly told John to go slow. John pulled Richie's legs higher and leaned in and started to kiss him like to lover's made for each other. John told Richie I love you and he returned the same tender comment I love you too.


John continued to push forward until he was balls deep inside my son. After about 10 minutes John slow strokes suddenly start to pick up the pace. You could tell Richie loved it and was saying yeah "harder" and with that John went to town. John was long dick my boy and he was loving every minute of it. After a few minutes of this John face told the whole story he was about to blow. Richie was meeting every thrust that John had to offer and a few seconds later John was screaming "FUCK" and he was dumping his load inside of Richie. Richie also blew his load all over his chest and it hit his face and bed board. John pulled out of Richie and he was still cumming and shot a load on Richie face and chest, it was the hottest thing I ever seen. I blew my load again and knew that I would never be the same. I went back to my bedroom closed the door, took a shower and jacked off again thinking about what I had just seen. I finally went to bed exhausted and passed out.

In the morning I woke up walked out to the kitchen and as I passed my son's room I noticed the door was still open slightly and John and Richie were passed out naked just laying about. I slowly closed the door as for it to appear as though it was never opened. I then suddenly realized that my cum was all over the place outside Richie's room. So I cleaned up as quietly and quickly as possible. I then went to the kitchen and made some breakfast.

A little while later I heard a stir and a door open, they were awake. Richie walked out to the kitchen buck naked, when suddenly he realized I was home. He stood there like a deer in headlights. He says "What are you doing here?!"

I told him I came home last night and gave him the details why. I then pointed out that maybe he should put some clothes on he looked down and took off back to his room. I could hear Richie trying to quietly tell John to put some clothes on cause I was home. I walked over the Richie's door and knocked. The motion went to complete quiet and then Richie opened the door. He said what's up. I said he John but when I said that I could not help but look down at this cock but to my disappointment he already put clothes on. I told them to get something to eat. Richie said I need to shower first. Richie later jumped in the shower and then John came out to the kitchen and started to eat.

John then stopped for a minute and said "well" and I said "what". He repeated himself and "well", I said "well what?" well did you like what you saw last night?

I just froze and realized that somehow John busted me. I said what are you talking about. John said I saw you standing there last night. I tried to deny it but John said hey don't worry I did not tell Richie. John said you liked it, didn't you. I sat there and said no I did not like. John said hey it is ok, that is exactly what Richie said but as you can see he now loves it. John then stood up and pulled down his pants and exposed his half hard monster. John grabbed it and started stroking it at me. I could not take my eyes off it and my mouth even opened a little. As John said hey man it just one guy helping out another guy, I mean it just sex. John said come on just suck and try it. John reached over and pulled on my head. I was starring at his cock as it went to full hard on. His cock was even bigger than I thought. I bent over and he put the head of his cock at my mouth. Like a cock whore I opened up my mouth and let it slid pass my lips and it tasted tangy. I then got on my knees like so many girls and have done before except I am the one standing. I started getting into it and was able to push about half of his cock in my mouth. I was in lust and jacking off while I was sucking on him. After a few minutes John grabbed my head and held it as he blasted a load down my throat and for the first time in my life I was swallowing my son's best friend a.k.a lover's load. I like the taste and I came while I was on my knees. In the distance I heard the shower go off and jumped off my knees quickly. John had a look of satisfaction on his face. He said that was pretty good but I will keep this between us. I agreed and told John that we could never do this again. John laughed and said of course we will. John don't worry I would never hurt Richie I love him but I am still a man and have my needs so I will let you know. I asked him how it all started with Richie and he told me that after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend he was hurting and as he started crying on my shoulder I started to hold Richie and one thing led to another and now we are closer than ever.

Well from that moment on I have been sucking on my son's best friend four to five time a week and we keep it on the down low of course. I just never would have ever imagined my give head let alone sharing my son's lover's big cock. More things and drama have taking place since then including losing my virginity but that the next story....

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