Man for Man

My Paul


"I'm giving myself over to you, Paul. It's all yours. And if you want it than take it."

Today was finally the day that me and Paul would make it official. We had been talking with each other for a couple of years, yes I said years, and today was the day I gave myself to him for acceptance. He was my little thug and I was his rider. The first day we met he took me by the hand and whispered all the things he wanted to do to me in my ear. This kid drives me up a wall nonstop just by tossing his long and curly black hair. Or maybe it's the way he fixes his bright green eyes on my body without blinking, or even the way he seductively licks his thin pink lips whenever I'm looking cute. Or just the way he lets me sit on his lap and run my hands all over his rock hard abs. Paul had a strong passion for getting things he wanted because a few years back he wasn't getting shit but trouble.


It all started my freshmen year of highschool, we're both seniors now, and I was the new kid in town. And that town just so happened to be New York City so I was excited yet scared out of mind about going into a school with well over 1,000 other students. Like seriously check me out a little brown haired, blue eyed, short, and skinny Russian boy who was addicted to all the wrong things. Back in homeland I always hung around the troublemakers and we stole shit, broke into homes, jumped people for cash or other stuff to sell, just doing what was fun at the time. After a 6 month stint in a hardcore juvenile detention center my grandparents shipped me off to live with some couple that decided to adopt me.

The Johnsons, or the Prissmisses as I like to secretly call them, were the people who I hated. They were so uptight, neat, tidy and just flat out good people. I'm a messy, indifferent, rebellious little soul and living with them pissed me off with no end in sight. The only thing I liked about them was the fact that they had craploads of money which always somehow flowed into my pockets. Their son, Jeremy, was so cute and two years my senior but he was so... reserved. He didn't go outside, or to parties, or basically doing anything fun. All he did was listen to some dumbass hard metal music with his everchanging look of sadness and some other weird emotions. I remember I tried talking to him for a good ten minutes and he didn't bother to even look at me. Rude little bastard you don't deserve friends for that.

But anyway. In my first day of school I was walking to my last period class, English AP, and was so incredibly sick of all these people bumping into me. Bending down to tie my shoes I was thinking of all the people who I should've punched but decided not to. "Next bitch to bump into me is getting smacked." I said to myself.

Just a few classes away from my destinantion the hallways began to clear, making me smile a bit. I saw Paul walking the opposite way but he was walking on my path. I wasn't about to move and he wasn't either so we were just gonna bump each other. I made sure to bump extra hard. As we came closer the tension and anger in his eyes was evident, he looked like he was not in the mood for nobody but oh well. He took a step to the side but not a big enough step so I bumped him so hard he hit his head against a locker. "Damn yo what the fuck!" "Next time get out the way! Stupid ass!" "This guy. Come here!"

Did he just tell me to come here? For fucking what? Did he want a fight or something because if so I sure as hell wasn't gonna back down from the challenge. I turned around, looked him up and down, and stayed right where I was standing. If he wanted me he would have to come to me. As he slowly walked towards I tapped my foot impatiently and shot off a bunch of dirty looks. Like come on now I got shit to do. Sticking his hand out for a handshake he flashed his pearly white teeth at me. I of course did the same. "Was good with you? I'm Paul." "Thats nice. I'm Nikita." "Nikita.. thats something cute. Ain't that a girl name?" "Well it could be. But in case you haven't noticed it by now, I'm a dude." "So where you from?" "Eastern Russia. Where you from?" "Dominican Republic you already know!!" "Owz. Cute." "What made you come here Nikita?" "What made you ask me all these damn questions?" "Damn I can't get to know you?" "The only way to get to know me is to be around me. So this game of 21 questions is unfortunately gonna end quickly." "Haha. I see you got a attitude. I like that, and I like you. But I'm going to class so if you don't see me later just hit my jack." "Paul what the hell is a jack?" "My phone."

He quickly wrote his number on a small piece of paper and then reached his arm around to slide it down slowly into my butt pocket. I couldn't help but deeply inhale his strong smell of some exotic bodywash, it was heavenly. I leaned against the locker and let out a quiet sigh of relief as he walked away. His little butt was cute in those gray skinny jeans he wore. I picked myself up and for the next hour all I could think about was Paul. Everytime somebody interrupted my intimate thoughts I simply threw up the middle fingers, reclined in my seat, and went back to Dreamville. In my dream me and Paul were undressing each other, but right before I saw his secret member the fucking bell rang. Talk about pissed off it wasn't even funny how mad that made me.


I was walking home and couldn't help but notice this dude across the street completly showboating everything he had in possesion. There was some girls around him and they were eating up all the bullshit he was serving. I stood there watching him toss $20 bills on the floor and something about him screamed thrill. Since I didn't have any books I ran across the street and punched him dead in the chest. He bent down in pain and I threw him down to cold ground face up. My fists were just flying across his face and the blood was quickly pouring. I ran into his pockets for his money, a cool $300, and ran down the streets laughing my ass off. Wooo this was just a first day yet it was so fun! "You're a bad boy Niki."

I spun myself around to see Paul sitting against a tree twirling his long hair between his fingers. He was patting down on the grass next to him, I guess signaling me to sit by him. "So that's the type of person you are?" "Funny. I've been in this country for like three months and you just met me today and you think you know what kind of person I am? Fuck outta here." "I didn't say that's who you are all I did was ask a question." "You don't like what I just did?" "Nah. I use to be like you Niki but I'm telling you that's not a good way to live." "Yeah whatever." "You can ignore it all you want but I'm 'bout to spit some real shit at you. Robbing people and all that over stuff you did in Russia is time to stop. You in a new country and you should be trying to better yourself. I robbed people, shot people, jumped people, basically anything you did I did, with a little extra on the side." "What you mean a little extra on the side?" "Thats a conversation best saved for later Niki." "Ok then. Well what made you stop?" "My two strikes. The judge told me even though I was a minor if I got arrested one more time I was gonna do some serious jail time. I went to the jail and saw how the people was living and I was just like wow. That ain't what I want in life." "Oh."

Not really caring about what he said I turned to face him and ran my fingers through his soft hair. His striking green eyes were drifting all over my body and his hands rested on my kneecaps. My lips were feeling a bit chapped so I seductively licked them and he pulled my face within kissing range of his. He looked deep into my eyes and rubbed his lips against mine. It was a moment I still remember to this day. And that's all, well most, that had happened when me and Paul first met. "You mean it this time Niki? Cause you know I hate it when you be playing with me and shit. I be wanting to hurt ya little ass!" "Yeah I really mean it. Do whatever you want with me."

And he wasted no time in doing whatever he wanted to do. We were both ass naked standing up facing each other and I had not an idea on what to do. Yep, I'm a bad boy high school senior and never even did the nasty. I dropped to my knees and crawled toward his rock hard ten inch slab of thick man meat jutting at my face. I slid my tongue all around the head to get it as wet as possible why slowly jerking the shaft. Damn thing was so thick I couldn't even get my entire hand around it. After taking a deep breath in I opened my mouth to try to deepthroat the entire thing but when I saw a good 6 inches still out in the prarie. He ran his fingers through my flowing hair and pushed down slightly on the back of my head so I could fit in some more of his monster cock. "Ahh yea go 'head Niki."

His luxurious moaning became a bit more rampant as I bobbed my head up and down while jerking his cock with a passion. I opened my mouth to throw out globs of spit and then twirled my tongue all around his entire shaft and juggled his balls at the same. Thinking it would please him I gently bit down on his dick head, he let out a long moan and curled his toes, so it must have felt good. So I did it again, but instead of biting on the head I pushed my head down to his pubes and slid my teeth down the entire shaft. "Hooly fuck!"

Paul took his cock out my mouth and slapped it down hard on my face. His cock was so huge it traveled from the bottom of my chin all the way up to the top of my forehead. Using just two fingers he parted my lips, pushed my head back and slammed his dick down my throat. I felt his big hanging balls slapping against my chin as he would stand on his tippy toes then drop his entire cock deep in my throat. He plugged my nose with two fingers and gave me the most brutal face fucking of a lifetime. At this point his cock was covered in spit and my face was incredibly red but I'd be dammed if I stopped because this was quite an experience.

I felt a rumbling in his cock and it unbelieveably grew a bit thicker making it harder for me to suck. He pulled out to allow me to just suck on the head and jerk the shaft because he was close to a sexual climax. "Yesss Niki! Jerk it!"

I took one more deep breath and deepthroated the entire cock. He let out one last loud moan of pleasure and shot ropes of warm thick cum down my throat. I immediately spit it out because the taste was well.. salty and not very delicious. Thinking it was over I smiled and got bombarded with even more cum! He was shaking uncontrollably as his cock was gushing with the sperm. By the time it was all said and down I looked down to see my chest and stomach splattered with Paul's sperm. He was leaned against the wall taking deep breaths in and out and I collasped to the floor and watched all the cum drip down off my body. "Damn Paul where did all that come from?" "I ain't been getting no play in a long time baby. That was just built up pleasure." "Me likey." "Follow me to the bathroom, let me wash you off."

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.