Man for Man

My Dream


It's early morning. I'm lying in bed, half asleep, and slowly being awakened by the birds? songs. I hear the sound of a waterfall near this wood cabin in the lush, green, tropical forest. The big, wooden doors are open and welcome the early morning smell's of the forest. A tropical breeze pulses the soft, white curtains of the windows.


I slowly lift my head and look next to me. I see his dark (Asian) skin, silky and smooth as he reposes in his sleep. My eyes travel over his dark hair to his not-fat, not-thin body. Then I slowly pull down the soft sheet that covers only the bottom half of his body, to reveal the prince of my dreams, the darkness of his manhood, soft and full. Turning on my side, I place my hand on his upper leg and slowly, very softly, so as not to awaken him, grasp his manhood. He is still soft, a hand full, and I thought to myself, that's mine and only mine.

Slowly I lift myself over his dusky body to place me above him, not touching him, but looking down on the love of my life. My head lowers and I kiss his closed eyelids, first the one and then the other. Easily, softly, I lower my body down on him, barely a skin's touch. Then I kiss him on the lips - a soft, silky kiss. His eyelids slowly open and a pair of dark eyes look back at me. But something is strange, something between my legs is moving past my butt, and it's not me. I am looking down into his deep, dark eyes. His own eyes narrow and there is a hint of a smile on his face. The look he returns to me is like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar.

He puts his hand on my back and pulls me tight against him. Pulling me up to his dusky face he kisses me the same way I did him. His manhood, hard as a rock, is pushing and pulsating up against my soft bottom, looking for a way in. He stares at me with his cookie-boy look and, without saying it, just moving his lips, he forms the words, I love you.

Slowly, satin soft he enters me; me sucking him up like lust - love lust. My eyes close and we become one. Two bodies in love meld into one, become one. He slowly makes love to me but there isn't much room to move with me on top of him. I help him by raising my body up. I kiss him on the forehead and then down over his eyes, down to his neck. His eyes are closed, his mouth slightly open and his breath is soft. Something inside me is warming up, I do not know what, but a dry sweat of man musk bursts from me. Lowering my lips to his, not kissing, just veiling our lips together, I feel the air escape past his lips.

There is a hard muscle poking into his and my belly - it is me, getting harder. I open my eyes and look at the love in his face. He turns his head sideways. The muscles of his neck pull and make him appear sexier than ever. I feel him getting bigger and harder, and then his burst of love, filling me - bursting out, not to stop. He hadn't breathed but, after he fills me with his love, he gasps for air. I put my face in his neck and feel his neck wanes, pulsing hard and strong, slowly returning to normal. His eyes still closed he whispers in my ear, I love you?.

My lover slowly rises, me still coupled to him. He puts his arms around me, supporting me and keeping us from separating. I put my legs around him and tighten my tender bum, not to let him loose. Cradling me, he walks to the open door and, with the wind blowing the silk curtain over us, he takes me outside. He shows Mother Nature that I am his, that we are one - one love.

Still connected, he takes the path to the pool where the waterfall splashes and stops, stops to find its way from the pool to flow again to the sea. He walks slowly into the water with me still cradled in his arms, kissing me lightly. Carrying me, hip-deep, into the water, he holds me with one hand at my back. Using his other hand he lowers me downwards. I feel the cold water on my back as he sets me floating. Still holding me with one hand, he loosens my legs from around his waist with the other. Placing his hands on my upper legs he gently floats me away from him and we uncouple. I feel the cold water rush in where his love had been cradled, deep inside of me. I squeeze myself closed to prevent his seed from flowing away to the sea. It is mine, the love he gave to me.

Mother Nature and the birds in the trees sing love songs for us. There is no need to talk, nature provides the music. His deep, dark eyes never leave me for a second. Float- pushing me to the side of the pond, I feel the soft green pool moss on my back. He slides his dusky body over my white one. Me - still hard, him - kissing me gently, not penetrating my mouth. And, slowly kissing down my milky body, a contrast of skin colours, he gets to my love muscle, still erect, still full of lust and love. He puts his hands on my two white, soft buttocks, cradling them softly. His tongue explores my sacks, taking them in one by one, sucking them deeply. His silky, warm tongue pushing away the coolness of the water as he takes my manhood deep into him. He milks the love out of me - he wants it. He gave his seed to me now he receives mine in return. Without spoken words, he looks deep into my eyes and I read his thoughts -,you're mine, you're my love.

Lifting me up he places his body against mine, dark against light. Only then did his lips pass mine, a deep, penetrating kiss. We walk hand-in-hand out of a pool that glitters, not from the water, but from love. The birds and Mother Nature welcome us back and sing a love song, guiding us back to the cabin - our Cupid?s nest. Lying on the bed, listening to the love song of nature coming through the door, the wind blows the satin curtains over us like a bridal veil.

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