Man for Man

Medical Counterpoint


I was running even later than usual on Thursday, but Marianne came in from talking to the nurse and said that there was no problem with my being late. She said that she had to leave as soon as the last appointment was finished, however, because she had an appointment. I agreed and suggested that she put the nurse in my office and tell her I'd see her as soon as I finished. She raised her eyebrows again but said nothing more.


After I'd showed the last patient out, I said goodnight to Marianne and the girls in the office and walked back to my office. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door. I'd been expecting a middle aged woman, or even an older one. Instead I was face to face with an attractive young man. - - - -.

I hate to admit it, but it really knocked me for a loop. I mean, he was gorgeous. As he stood and shook hands, I tried to take in his handsome face and beautiful smile, his thick, wavy light brown hair and stunning grey eyes. He was just about the same height as me. We both sat down, and I started to talk, although I realized very quickly that the shock of his being a man, and an attractive young one at that, had completely disoriented me.

The shock upset my very limited skills at interviewing, and suddenly I realized I was babbling. I stopped talking and tried to calm down.

"Look," I said finally, "I have to admit, you're quite a surprise."

"I thought so," he said, "From the look on your face, I'd guess you were expecting a woman."

"You're right," I said quietly, "I don't know why, I just assumed that being a nurse named Sandy, you'd be.... I'm sorry," I caught myself, "That sounds terrible, and I don't mean it."

"I understand," he said, "That's the problem with nicknames. My first name is really Sandberg, which is pretty tough to take." I smiled as he went on.

"Let's start at the beginning then," he said, "Let me tell you about me." I nodded and sat back in my chair, trying to regain my composure.

He told me he was thirty, had been working as a nurse for almost ten years. He'd started in hospital work, including surgery, intensive care and emergency room, before going to work as a nurse in a large medical practice which had seven physicians, two offices, four other nurses, and an office staff of about fifteen.

He said he had been second in charge of the office staff, as well as assisting two of the doctors. The firm he mentioned was the largest in the city, very successful and a model of efficient operation from everything I'd ever heard. I was surprised when he told me he'd resigned from the firm a few weeks before.

"Why did you leave there?" I asked when he'd finished, "I've heard it's a great place to work."

"Very simple," he said, "Although it's a nice place to work, it's just gotten too big. I've decided I'd rather work in a less hectic environment."

"But this would be such a drastic change," I said, "There's just me and only one office."

"So I understand from Marianne," he said, "It's obvious that she's done an excellent job of organizing things. From what she told me though, she does a lot of things beyond nursing and office work." He allowed himself a slight smile which discomforted me just because he looked even more attractive when he smiled.

"Yeah," I agreed, "Marianne's an incredible person. She's been with me since I've been in practice. That's why it's so difficult to think about replacing her, even for such a short time."

"I understand," he said quietly, "I really do."

"But aren't you looking for a full-time job?" I asked, "You know this is only for three weeks."

"I know it," Sandy said, "I was planning to take some time off before looking for another job, but this will give me a chance to see what it's like to work in a smaller office. I think I'd like to see if that's what I want to do next."

We talked for some time. He was very easy to talk to, friendly and open in manner. I was also struck by how extraordinarily handsome he was, and realized that I was also very attracted to him.

"Look, there's one thing I've got to say," he said finally. "I'll be glad to fill in while Marianne's gone, if you want me to, but I do want you to know upfront that I'm gay. I believe in being honest about that, so if it bothers you, I'd just as soon you said so right off."

"That doesn't bother me," I answered, trying to sound detached. "I mean why should that bother me." He smiled again, but this time it was a serious smile.

"It doesn't affect my work, I can promise you," he said. Then he grinned and added, "And I promise I won't try to seduce you or anything."


I'm sure I jumped, but he just sat there, smiling at me. Then something clicked in my brain and what happened next was totally unplanned. In fact, afterward I realized how much it had surprised even me. I got up, walked around the desk and toward where he sat on the sofa.

"Look, Doctor," he said, "I was just...."

"You won't try to seduce me, huh?" I asked, "What if I move first." I took him in my arms and our lips met. His beautiful, full lips were soft and we kissed with a mounting intensity for a couple of minutes.

"Wow," he said when our lips parted, "What a surprise."

"You surprised me too," I said with a chuckle. "I can't believe I did that either. I'm sorry if I startled you, but I have to say I don't regret it. Do you?"

"Oh no, Doctor," he said, "I find you extremely attractive."

"Please call me 'David.' Care to come to my place and we'll continue?" I asked.

"I'd love to," he said, "but I have an appointment tonight and I can't."

"A lover?" I asked quietly then quickly caught myself. "Oops. I'm sorry, that's really none of my business."

He just smiled. "Believe it or not, it's with an insurance man. I'd cancel the appointment, but I forgot to bring his card with me."

"How about tomorrow night?" I asked.

"Sure," he agreed, "I'll even cook you dinner." We set a time and then he said he had to leave. We kissed briefly again, then I escorted him to the door.

I walked back to my office and sat down at my desk in a state of shock. It wasn't being gay that was a surprise. I'd known that for years, even though I haven't done much about it recently. I keep so busy that I never seem to find time to get out and meet anyone.

I shook my head and quickly reached for the telephone and called Peter. I finally tracked him down at the hospital.

"What are you trying to do," I asked when he answered the phone, "Why didn't you tell me the nurse you recommended was a little queer?"

"What's the big deal about that?" he retorted, "and I wouldn't say he's so little."

"You know what I mean," I said, "What would people say, me having him as my office nurse?"

"Well every doctor in the city would say you're damn lucky," he said, "He's a great nurse. One of the best in town. Besides, Sandy's just what you need. Don't miss your chance."

"What do you mean, he's just what I need?" I asked quickly.

"Just what I said, buddy," he replied, "Look, I've gotta go. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

I puzzled about it all evening, and was eager to get Marianne's opinion on the matter. - - - -.

The next morning, we were extremely busy so that Marianne and I didn't get a chance to really talk until almost two o'clock. I called her into my office.

"Tell me what you thought of Sandy Andrews," I prompted her.

"Well," she answered, "Actually, I've known him a long time. I dealt with him when he worked at the hospital, and from time to time since he's been with the medical group. He's very pleasant, seems to be extremely competent, and from what I've heard, he's also an excellent nurse." She paused which gave me an opening.

"What about his being a man?" I asked and Marianne rather bristled.

"You doctors," she said, almost chastisingly, then caught herself. "I don't see that there would be any problem with you having a man as your office nurse. I think he'd do every bit as a good a job as I do."

"What do you mean?" I asked, "there's nobody as good as you."

"Thanks for the compliment," she said, "But there are sometimes when I could do things easier if I thought like a man does."

She had me backed neatly into a corner and she knew it. There was no arguing with anything she'd said.

I thanked her for her opinion, and quickly ate the sandwich she'd had delivered for me. Then I headed off to the hospital to make afternoon rounds. I was just finishing my rounds at almost five o'clock, when I ran into Peter. I asked him again what he'd meant by his remark of the previous evening

"Simple," he answered, "He's about the best there is, as office nurses go, and he's one of the few nurses who could handle the job as well as Marianne does."


"That's funny, that's what she said too." He just smiled and nodded his head then walked away. - - - -.

I arrived at Sandy's apartment right on time, which is unusual for me. He poured a couple of glasses of wine and we started to walk out onto the deck.

"First thing," I said, "Both Marianne and I agree that if you're willing, we'd like to have you fill in for her while she's gone. I wanted to say that before anything else."

"That's fine, Doctor," he answered, "I'll be glad to, and I think it will be fun."

"Please call me David," I said, then grinned shamelessly, "Of course, you'll have to have a physical."

"Before or after the wine?" he asked with a chuckle, smiling that beautiful smile.

We sat on lounge chairs on the deck and talked. His eyes lit up as we talked about medicine and I discussed my practice. It was clear that he had a deep and genuine interest in the medical field. It was great for me, since few people outside the field can really appreciate or get excited about it.

Dinner was delicious and I talked him into letting me help with the dishes, then we had a glass of cognac and sat in his den. Looking around it, I could identify most of his interests from the books on the shelves. There was a large section of medical books, a good-sized collection of books on classical music and opera, a selection of art and interior decorating books and another section on sailing.

"You have a nice apartment," I said, "I have a pretty big house, but it's only about one-fourth finished. I just don't ever find the time to work on it."

"That's probably because of your Wednesday and Saturday volunteer work at the clinic, huh?" he said.

"How did you know about that?" I asked. I've always kept that a private matter.

"Well, nurses have a damn good grapevine, you know. Just a few phone calls and I found out a lot about you."

"That's enough to scare a guy," I said, smiling at him.

"Well, there were a couple of things nobody told me about you, though," he said. "Nobody warned me how attractive you were, and nobody told me anything that prepared me for what you did last night."

"As I told you, that kinda surprised me too," I said quietly, then waited a few seconds before going on, "Wanna start again?"

He nodded and moved to where I was sitting on the sofa. Our lips met and we embraced, kissing and holding each other. There was a tenderness about our touching that was tremendously satisfying, and we stayed there for a long while, until we were both obviously aroused.

"Come on," Sandy said, drawing me up by the hand, "Let's go into the bedroom." I followed eagerly and we both undressed down to our shorts. I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled him down with me as we kissed and embraced again.

I pulled him as close to me as I could, feeling his firm, velvety skin against mine. The feel of him really excited me, and our kissing grew more passionate. Suddenly I felt his cock throb against my leg.

"Feels like you're trying to tell me something," I said, as I moved down his body. I slid my hands inside the waistband of his shorts and he willingly let me remove them.

"It may not be a proper medical term, but you've got a beautiful cock here," I said as I took his circumcised, very thick, seven-inch cock in one hand and fondled his balls with the other. He moaned as I stroked his cock, then moaned even louder as I sucked it deep into my mouth. I loved the feel and taste of his hot shaft and I sucked it tenderly but eagerly. When he felt me begin to increase the speed and intensity of my sucking, he put his hands on my shoulders and began trying to pull me back up.

"Come here and kiss me," he said, drawing me up on next to him. Feeling his sexy body against mine as we kissed just about drove me wild. We kissed for a long time

"I can't get enough of kissing you, David," he whispered to me.

"Mmm, me too," I murmured back. Then, suddenly he moved away from me.

"I know a few things about doing physicals too," he said, as he moved down my body, kissing and licking my chest and my nipples. He kissed my navel, gently pulling on the hair which grows there with his lips, and then stopped. He slid my shorts down, and moaned sensuously as he uncovered my genitals.


My cock is about the same size as his, though not quite as thick. He took it in one hand and began stroking it, while the other hand held my balls.

"Now cough," he joked, as he looked up at me and smiled that beautiful smile. I grinned back and watched as he began sucking on my cock, quickly taking the full length into his mouth.

"Oh God yes, that feels so good," I moaned as his hot, wet mouth sucked expertly on my cock. He was very good and the sensations he was providing were really getting me hot. I was sure I'd come too quickly if I didn't do something.

"Come back up here," I said, touching his arm, "I want yours too." He quickly moved into a sixty-nine position, keeping my cock deep in his throat as I sucked his beautiful cock back into my mouth again. We sucked at a fairly slow pace, each of us seeking any especially sensitive places or sucking patterns which aroused the other.

"You're really great," Sandy whispered, then suddenly increased the speed of his sucking. He sucked my cock very deeply and held it down his throat while his mouth and throat muscles worked against it. I mirrored his action on his cock and almost immediately felt him start to tremble.

He released my cock for a moment to whisper, "I'm gonna come soon," and then swallowed the full length of my cock again. I suddenly felt his balls pull up very tightly to his body.

"Oh David! I'm gonna come! Take it!" he cried as I felt the first shot of his hot cum erupt deep in my mouth. He continued to moan as his cock pumped blast after blast. They accumulated in my mouth, but soon I found I had to quickly swallow so I could keep sucking his spasming cock.

His eruption continued for what seemed several minutes, and I held his cock deep in my mouth, nursing the last of his load before I let it slide from my lips.

"My God, David!" Sandy moaned, rolling onto his back. "You're wonderful."

"Thanks. You're very good too," I answered.

He turned around again and we kissed again, his tongue deep in my mouth as my hands roamed the taut velvety touch of him. I felt his cock harden against me again, and I started to reach for it. Instead, he moved to between my legs, taking his cock out of my reach and taking mine in his hand.

"You get me too distracted when you're sucking mine," he said, "Let me enjoy your beautiful cock now." He quickly gulped my hard cock back into his mouth and began sucking it rapidly, swallowing almost the full length of it down his throat at every stroke, while fondling my balls all the time.

I felt my climax building in my balls very soon, and knew that I was getting very close.

"Suck it! You're terrific!" I called to him, "I'm gonna come soon!" He seemed to suck even harder. "Let me suck yours while I'm coming."

He moved back to a sixty-nine position quickly, and I grabbed his sexy ass to pull his cock deep in my mouth again. I sucked wildly, hoping I could bring him to another climax. Despite wanting him so much, I was helpless to stop my own climax and my cock erupted deep in his mouth, wildly shooting a huge load of cum. He stopped sucking for a moment as the juices filled his mouth, then swallowed repeatedly, moaning quietly as he took every drop.

I continued sucking his cock even as I came, the dual sensations getting me more excited than I'd ever been before. In just a few minutes, my effort was rewarded when I felt his whole body quiver, and then his cock spasmed again, and shot a smaller but equally delicious blast of cum deep in my mouth.

I sucked his cock until it softened, then finally let it slip from my mouth.

"Unbelievable," he said, "You are wonderful, David. I can't remember when I've met anyone who excites me like you do."

"Good," I said, "That's just what I want to do." I gathered him up in my arms again and we cuddled together, kissing and holding each other for a long time. It was a time for silliness, whispering and giggling, between which we kissed tenderly and gently. - - - -.

When he asked me later to spend the night, I agreed willingly. He fell asleep fairly quickly, his head on my chest, and I laid there thinking about him, and about myself.


I knew that there was a big void in my life where personal emotions should be, and it was mostly that I've allowed my love of my work, as well as my schedule, to keep me from pursuing an active personal life. I felt the pangs of that right then, as I held this sexy guy in my arms. I knew what I was missing and determined right then to just let things take their course.

"Don't rush it," I told myself, "but don't drop the ball either."

I woke up several times during the night, being unused to sleeping with someone else, but delighted in the sensation of cuddling or holding Sandy each time. When I woke up the next morning, I was alone but continued lying there, thinking about what had happened the night before.

Sandy brought me a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of coffee, and sat on the edge of the bed as I drank them.

"I didn't know what time you had to get up," he said quietly, "But I didn't want you to be late."

I explained that I had to make rounds at the hospital then had office hours from ten until one o'clock. After that I went to the clinic and saw patients for a couple of hours, which usually went until almost five o'clock.

"If you don't mind," he said, "I think I'll drop in at the office and go over a few things with Marianne. I've got a lot to learn before she leaves, and that's only a week away."

I agreed that was a good idea, and he said he was going to get dressed. He started to the bathroom but I called him back, finally pulling him down on the bed with me.

"Sandy," I said, as I held him, "Is everything alright? You seem so quiet this morning."

"I don't know," he said, "It's nothing really."

"I hope you're not upset about last night," I said, "I really like you, and I want last night to be just the beginning, Sandy."

I felt his body tense, but his words encouraged me.

"I like you too, but I'm a very cautious guy. Let's just take it slowly," he said.

"Okay," I said, "But how about dinner tonight? Is that too soon?"

"I can't," he said, "I'm going to the theater with a friend tonight."

"How about tomorrow?"

"Sure," he said. We left it that I was to call him the next morning and we'd make plans. I suddenly realized the time and I hurried to get dressed and leave.

When I arrived at the office about quarter to ten, I felt a wave of pleasure as I walked in. Marianne and Sandy were sitting together at her desk and though I like Marianne a great deal, it was the pleasure at seeing Sandy that I felt most.

With both of them there, the morning was a model of efficiency, and I noticed that Sandy was well into the swing of things. Things went so well that I actually finished a little early, and he and I walked to the parking lot together.

"How about lunch?" I asked. He agreed so we stopped at a nearby restaurant and ate, talking mostly about office matters. As we walked from the restaurant, he suggested that I meet he and his friend after the theater that night for a drink. He named a place and time and I agreed.

The place was a very nice gay bar that I've been to very occasionally. I arrived early and sat having a drink while I waited. A couple of guys cruised me, which was flattering, although they lost interest when I said I was meeting someone.

Sandy arrived just when he said he would, but he was alone. When I asked, he said his friend had decided to go somewhere else.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I didn't mean to mess up your evening."

"You didn't," he said, "He's just a friend, as I told you, and I'd rather be with you anyway."

He insisted on buying his first and my second drink and we moved away from the bar, finally sitting down at a table next to the dance floor. Sandy told me about the play he'd seen, as I sat thinking of how long it had been since I'd been to the theater or even out socially like this for an evening. A slow song came on the juke box and Sandy touched my hand.

"Come on, David," he said, "Let's dance."

"I can't dance," I protested, but reluctantly let him lead me onto the floor. I really can't dance very well, but he let me lead, and we danced very close and without a lot of movement. It was so nice feeling his body against mine again that we stayed on the floor for a second dance, giving up only when a very fast number came on next.


"I'm afraid I'm kind of out of touch," I admitted when we'd sat down again, "You'll have to help me become more sociable." He just laughed.

When we left the bar, I suggested that he come to my house, which was actually closer than his apartment. As we walked to the parking lot, he spoke very quietly.

"David," he said, "It may sound silly to ask your intentions, but I could get very serious about you. I need to know how you feel about this."

"I don't really know," I said, "You see, I've never really had what you'd call a relationship with another guy."

"Do you want to?" he asked.

"I think so," I said quietly, "But I'm very inexperienced. I don't know how."

"That's fair," he said, "But promise me this. If you ever want to stop seeing me that way, tell me. Don't try to be coy or evasive. Just tell me. Okay?"

I promised, then repeated my invitation just as we got to the parking lot.

"I really want to be with you," I said, touching his arm.

"I want that too," he said, nodding his head and agreeing to follow me.

As I drove to my house, I could actually feel myself trembling with anticipation, a feeling I've never known to such an extent before.

- - - -.

"Now remember," I said as I unlocked the front door, "I told you my house isn't fixed up yet."

"I'll keep my eyes closed," Sandy said smiling.

"It's not as bad as that," I countered, "There's just not much furniture."

Actually, it's ridiculous. The house has four bedrooms, though only two of them have furniture in them, and the living room and dining room are only about half furnished. The only rooms which are really done are the large family room and my bedroom. I always meant to get the rest done, but I didn't find time.

I guided Sandy straight through to the family room, then took him in my arms and our lips met in a very sensual kiss. He excited me tremendously and I was delighted that he was so responsive to my kisses.

"Wow," I said when our lips parted a number of minutes later, "You're fantastic."

"No, it's you," he murmured quietly, "You're very sexy."

One thing quickly led to another and we were soon in bed, kissing and feeling each other as we embraced. I felt his cock throb against my leg suddenly. I took it in my hand and squeezed gently.

"Oh yeah," I murmured, "I want your beautiful cock again."

I moved down his body, kissing his nipples and all around his chest until my lips found his cock and I licked up and down the shaft before taking it in my mouth. He reached down for my cock and I shifted that way too, while devoting my full attentions to his cock in my mouth. I managed to take most of it in my mouth, and sucked his cock with delight.

"Let me suck yours," he moaned and I finally turned to move us into a sixty-nine position.

"Speaking of beautiful," he said as he engulfed my cock with his mouth and began sucking it rapidly, while taking it very deeply into his mouth.

We fit together perfectly and, I was filled with a burning passion to satisfy this man. I sucked like a guy possessed, loving the taste and feel of his cock as it filled my mouth and throat, and the feel of his balls as I fondled them.

"Oh, my God, David" he cried after several minutes, letting my cock slip quickly from his mouth. "Suck it like that! I'm so close to coming, so close!

I felt his body tremble, and I continued sucking his cock deep and fast until his cock spasmed and erupted. Quickly, he filled my mouth to overflowing with his hot, salty cum. I swallowed to capture every drop but a few drops dribbled down my chin.

"Mmm, that was great," I said, as I turned around and took him back into my arms, over his protests about wanting to finish sucking mine.

Instead, we cuddled and held each other, sharing long passionate kisses. I looked into his eyes and saw a yearning that matched mine, and filled me with the desire to hold him even closer and tighter. We kissed and held each other, whispering to each other for about a quarter of an hour until he spoke clearly again.

"Please make love to me, David," he said, "I want to feel you inside me."


My cock throbbed, still hard from the first minute we'd been in bed.

"Oh God, yes," I murmured, "I'd love that."

I went to the bathroom for some KY and a towel, then came back to the bed. Sandy took the things from me and proceeded to apply a generous amount of the KY to my stiff cock and to his ass. Wiping his hand on the towel, he laid down next to me again.

"I'm ready," he said, as he moved close to me and we embraced again.

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked. I was wild to fuck him, but didn't want him to feel obligated to let me.

"Very sure," he whispered and smiled that beautiful smile of his.

I moved between his legs and lifted them to my shoulders. I moved my cock against the cleft of his ass, and he guided the head to his opening. When he nodded to me, I pushed just slightly, and my cock entered him. The warmth of his body surrounding my cock was incredible.

"Go slow, David," he whispered, "It's been a very long time."

I slowed my penetration, but continued feeding my cock into his hot, tight ass as he relaxed.

"That's so good," he moaned as my cock passed his sphincter and stretched his opening. He held tightly to me, his eyes never wavering from mine until my cock touched his prostate.

"Oh yes, David," he cried, "Let me feel it all inside me."

Slowly I moved forward, until my cock was fully inside his body, when I stopped. I had to relax to keep from coming right away. I wanted so desperately to please him, and his ass felt so incredibly hot.

"Oh, yes, that's fantastic! Fuck me now, David" he said, as our eyes met.

"God you're beautiful," I whispered as I leaned forward and our lips met. We kissed intensely for several minutes, then I began a slow, steady rhythm of fucking, making sure to stimulate his prostate at every thrust. He moaned appreciatively and I felt the tingle of sensations my cock was enjoying throughout my body.

"Oh, yes, Sandy. What a hot, tight ass! Nothing's ever felt as good as this!" I cried.

"Fuck me forever, David! I love it with you!" he called out in response.

I reached for his dick and began stroking it in rhythm with my fucking action. His beautiful cock was almost fully hard again from the stimulation of my fucking.

Stopping often to lean forward and kiss him, we continued in this position for over twenty minutes.

"I'm very near coming again," he whispered and I quickened the pace of my fucking. I drove my cock deep into him with every stroke, soon reaching my own climax.

"Oh, God, yes. I'm gonna come too! Here it comes," I cried out as I pistoned my cock in and out of his ass. With a final thrust, I drove my cock into him to its fullest and exploded.

Talk about your bells and whistles. I'd never felt such fireworks having sex. Never.

"Oh yes, I can feel it!" he shouted, "Give it to me! Oh yes, in me!" his voice trailed off.

His ass started to spasm around my cock, and I bent forward, just getting the head of his cock into my mouth in time to receive another hot, sweet eruption from his cock. His spasms continued through his orgasm and I held him in my arms tightly until he was calm again.

"God that was wonderful," he said, "Nobody ever made love to me that well before. I actually came again with you fucking me."

"You bring out the best in me," I mumbled to him, as I looked happily into his smiling eyes. "You're damn good too."

We held each other for some time until my softening cock slipped from him.

"I want it back there again very soon," he whispered.

"We'll do that and a lot more," I promised.

When we'd both returned from the bathroom, we cuddled against each other and rather quickly fell sound asleep. My last recollection was of his soft, tender lips kissing my neck. - - - -.

The rest of the week-end and the next week passed as if in a wonderful dream. We ate breakfast and read the paper on Sunday morning, then Sandy accompanied me to the hospital and we did my rounds together. I had no really serious cases at the time, so I suggested that we go for a drive in the country. It was a beautiful day, and I felt happy with everything. We stopped at an antique shop and I found a couple of chairs for the living room. Sandy encouraged me to buy them, which I did.


"I'll tell you what," he said, "After Marianne comes back, I'll help you finish decorating your house, if you want me to."

"That would be great," I answered, "You obviously have good taste." We both laughed at what had been an unintentional pun.

We ended up having dinner at a beautiful country inn, then spent the night at Sandy's apartment again. We had a very satisfying evening.

We saw each other several evenings during the next week, and everything seemed to be going well. Then on Saturday, Sandy made a startling announcement.

"I don't think we should see each other socially while I'm working for you," he said. "It will be too difficult for both of us."

"What?" I asked, panicking at the thought of not being able to see him. "That's crazy. I want to see you all the time." I set out to present every argument I could think of why we shouldn't do what he said.

He remained quite adamant about it, but finally agreed that we could at least get together on the week-ends. I held the private hope that he'd change his mind, but he did seem pretty definite, and there was nothing I could do about it.

When we parted Sunday night, after a very enjoyable week-end and a really beautiful sex session that evening, I got tremendously depressed at the prospect of not being with him except at work. I couldn't get to sleep thinking about him and when I did sleep, I spent most of the night dreaming stupid dreams about him.

When I arrived at the office on Monday, though, he was fully in control of the office operations and work went just as smoothly as ever. He was polite and deferential to me in the office, and totally professional in his dealings with the office staff and the patients. All in all, I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

By Wednesday, though, I was feeling horny and lonely as hell, and when the office closed at noon, I pleaded with Sandy to at least have lunch with me. After some hesitation, he finally agreed and we went to a nice, local restaurant for lunch.

"You're really doing a great job," I said, "Though if I'd known what it was gonna cost in losing your company at night, I might have changed my mind."

"I miss you too," he said, "But it's giving us a chance to think about it from a distance. That may not be bad."

His company was as pleasant as ever and we had a great time at lunch. I was sorry that I had to go to the clinic, because I hated leaving him, but that was my commitment. I worked there all afternoon, then went to the hospital and did some medical reading all evening just to keep busy.

By Saturday, I was really miserable. I'd tried calling him on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings and there was no answer. The mind being a dangerous thing, I was convinced that he was seeing someone else and I was jealous as hell. At work, he remained the model of efficiency and pleasantness, which just made it worse.

When we finished office hours on Saturday, he walked into my office and closed the door.

"Everyone's gone now," he said, walking toward my desk, "How are you doing, David?" He walked over and sat in the chair opposite me and talked cheerfully about how much he had enjoyed working there that week.

Suddenly he was the same, wonderful guy who'd been my companion, friend and sex partner a week ago.

"Oh God," I said, moving toward him and taking him in my arms, "I've missed you so much. I can't stand it, Sandy." We kissed passionately, and suddenly the world seemed right again.

I worked at the clinic that afternoon, then hurried to meet Sandy. We went out to dinner, then back to my house where we started to watch a movie on tape.

The movie was only about half over when we gave it up and had sex passionately on the floor, each of us sucking the other to climax.

"You must be dynamite at a drive-in movie," he joked when we moved back up to the couch again, "You sure can charm a guy out of his clothes fast."

"It's gotta be you," I said, "Nobody else ever brought out that level of charm from me."

The rest of the week-end was just as pleasant, but when I broached the subject on Sunday, Sandy remained adamant about keeping our distance during the week. I pleaded and tried every argument I could think of, but it was no use.


"By the way," I started, "Where have you been spending all your time? I tried to call you almost every evening last week and you were never home."

"Just doing things," he said, "You know I'm taking a class in sailing on Thursday nights. Wednesday I had dinner with a friend and Friday I went to a party for awhile. What are you doing, checking up on me?"

"I get lonely," I pouted, "I'd rather be with you." He smiled that beautiful smile but remained unmoved to my pleas that he reconsider seeing each other during the week. - - - -.

The work week began on Monday and it was a repeat of the prior week. Sandy was almost perfect in everything he did at work, pleasant but deferential, and I felt more alone than I ever have in my life. We had lunch on Wednesday, but that was cut short by me having to go to work at the clinic.

Thursday afternoon I was at the hospital and ran into Peter.

"How's it going with Sandy?" he asked. The question almost caught me off guard, but I quickly realized that he meant at the office.

"You were absolutely right," I admitted, "He's doing a terrific job."

"I told you," Peter went on, "He's just what you need."

I looked quizzically at him, but he just turned and walked away.

I must admit the second week was easier to bear than the first, but by Friday night I was feeling so miserable and lonely that I decided to go out to the gay bar where I'd met Sandy that night. I drove there, thinking privately that I hoped I run into him.

I sat at the bar and had a drink, looking around. There was no sign of him, and I silently cursed my luck.

Several guys cruised me again but I wasn't particularly interested in them. I did talk with one guy for a long time. He admitted he was just there for company, and told me that he had a lover who was out of town. I questioned him about his relationship, trying not to sound too stupid, and he was very forthcoming about it, telling me that they lived together and did almost everything but work together.

He concluded with the simple statement, 'Hell, I love the guy. I don't want anybody else." I nodded, admiring the logic of his simple statement.

I was just coming back from the restroom when I saw Peter standing at the bar. I was surprised first to see him and then aware of the obvious deduction that he was gay. I panicked at having him see me there, and I headed for the door and quickly drove home. I thought about Peter being gay, but realized I really didn't care. My mind was too occupied with my own life and particularly with Sandy.

Saturday's office hours were extremely hectic, but through it all, Sandy remained in quiet control, handling the general patient flow as well as a bunch of inoculations, which he did himself. Finally it was over, and as I finished the paperwork on that morning's patients he walked into my office.

"Everyone's gone now," he said, walking toward my desk, "How are you doing, David?" He walked over and sat in the chair opposite me.

"Good," I said, "Let's get out of here. I'm off all afternoon today because I canceled today at the clinic when I was there Wednesday."

"That's great," he said, "Let's go over to my place so I can change out of this uniform. Then I'll fix us some lunch."

Once we got to his place, we were soon back in each others arms. We kissed and held each other and talked for a long time, each of us savoring the reunion. Sandy fixed lunch which we ate out on the deck, and then relaxed in lounge chairs afterward, soaking up the sun.

Sandy had changed into rather snug-fitting shorts and I was getting hornier by the minute, but something made me hesitate to make the first move. I didn't want him to think that I only wanted to be with him for sex, because I didn't. I just wanted to be with him, talk to him, listen to him. Everything with him.

He stood up and yawned.

"I think I'm going to take a nap," he said, "Wanna join me?"

"You bet," I said, following him back into the apartment, "But do I have to sleep? I've got a better idea." He looked at me over his shoulder and smiled that beautiful smile.


"What've you got in mind?" he asked as he led me to the bedroom.

"You'll see. Just take off your clothes," I said, starting to do the same.

Once we were undressed, we laid down and began kissing very tenderly.

We held each other, kissed and made love for ten or fifteen minutes. I felt Sandy's cock growing very hard against my leg, and reached to take it in my hand as I pulled away from his sexy mouth.

"I want you to fuck me," I said quietly.

"Are you sure?" asked Sandy, rather startled, "You don't have to...."

"Yes," I answered, "It's been a very long time, but that's what I want." In truth it had probably been seven or eight years since I'd been fucked, but at that moment I didn't care.

"As long as you're sure," he said.

"It's gonna be great doing it with you," I answered, "I want you."

Sandy's cock throbbed in anticipation. He was eager, but skeptical.

"I never thought you'd want this," Sandy said.

I knew where he kept it from prior visits, so I walked to the bathroom and returned with some lubricant. I sucked on Sandy's cock for several minutes, then coated it with the lubricant, some of which I also applied to my own asshole.

I had Sandy lie down on his back, then I moved to a sitting position above him.

I put my arms around him and we kissed again for awhile.

"Okay, now," I said, guiding Sandy's cock against my hole.

"Here we go," I said, as I pushed down slightly. The head and the first inch or so of Sandy's very hard cock entered me, and I gasped slightly at the pain.

Sandy moaned as he felt the warmth of my body surround his cock.

"Slowly," I told myself, "Slowly."

I moved up and then down again, feeling my hole stretch to accommodate the length and thickness of Sandy's cock. There was some pain, but I was determined to take it all, and concentrated on Sandy's beautiful face to help myself relax.

"Oh yes, that's great," Sandy moaned as he fed more and more of his cock into me. I moaned as Sandy's cock stretched my opening.

"Oh," I couldn't help saying as this thick shaft passed my sphincter and headed deep inside. Sandy's eyes held my gaze the whole time.

"You okay?" Sandy asked.

"I'm fine," I whispered, "What you're doing feels better with each moment."

Suddenly his cock touched a special place deep inside me, and I moaned loudly. Then it felt good and all the pain disappeared.

"Oh yes," I cried, "It feels good now."

I moved up and down again several more times, until his cock was in me fully.

"Oh God, that feels good," Sandy cried, "Your ass is so hot and tight."

"It feels good to me now too" I said, "I love having you inside me."

After several minutes of moving up and down on his cock, I suggested that we change positions. Very carefully, I moved onto my back with Sandy between my legs as they rested on his shoulders.

"Now fuck me," I whispered hoarsely, "I want you so bad."

Sandy took charge of the action now. He began a slow, steady rhythm of fucking, closely watching my eyes to note any motion that seemed to heighten my pleasure. It felt incredibly good to me now, and I urged him to fuck me as hard and fast as he wanted. He moaned in delight with almost every stroke, so I knew it was feeling good to him too.

"Oh God," I said, my voice rising in volume, "That feels great!"

"Oh yeah," Sandy said, "It's fantastic. Your ass is so tight. So hot."

"Fuck me as hard as you want!" I urged him.

Sandy quickened the pace of his fucking, driving his cock deep into me with every stroke, and sending sparks of wild sensation throughout my body.

After several minutes, Sandy leaned forward and we kissed deeply as he continued fucking in that position for about five minutes.

"I'm very close," Sandy whispered, leaning back and fucking harder and faster. His passion took over as he raced now to his climax.

"Oh yes, give it to me," I groaned, "I want you to come in me. Please!" I grabbed my cock and started beating my cock in rhythm with his fucking.

"Oh, God yes, I'm gonna come! Here it comes!" Sandy cried out as he plunged his cock deep inside me. With a final thrust, he drove his cock inside to its fullest length and it exploded, pumping his big load of hot cum wildly, deep within me.


"Oh yes, I can feel it!" I shouted, "I feel you coming in me!" My voice trailed off, then rose again as I felt my own climax starting.

"Oh Sandy," I shouted, "I'm gonna come too. I'm gonna come!"

Sandy held me firmly in his arms, leaning forward to kiss me deeply as my cock erupted volcanically onto my chest and stomach, some of it shooting up to hit him. It was an incredible orgasm, the big cock in my ass accentuating the feelings. As the spasms subsided, Sandy continued to hold me as our body's relaxed completely. Suddenly, I was aware of his now-softening cock slipping unavoidably from my ass.

I laid there with his head in the crook of my arm, feeling his soft but strong body next to mine, and looked at the ceiling. My mind raced from thought to thought until suddenly, almost like a kaleidoscope, the physical and the emotional feelings crashed together somewhere up in my brain. Slowly they settled into a series of images I could finally understand.

"Sandy," I said quietly, "I love you."

In the silence the words sounded so much smaller than I'd meant them that it startled me. Sandy quietly raised himself up on his elbow and as our eyes met, I saw that his were filling with tears.

"Thank God," he said, equally quietly, "I love you too, and I've been so scared that you didn't feel that way." His body started to tremble as the tears streamed down his face.

"Hey, it's okay," I whispered, holding him even tighter and kissing away the tears. "Everything's gonna be fine." A wave of emotions flooded over me and my mind raced.

"You mean it?" I asked when he'd calmed down again, "You really love me?"

"Oh yes, David," he whispered, "And I hoped you'd love me too."

We lay like that for a very long time, and I'd never felt happier or more contented in my life.

"Hey?" I asked suddenly, "Does this mean we're lovers?"

"It does if you want it to," Sandy said quietly.

"Oh yes," I said, "That's just what I want."

"Good," he agreed, "Me too."

As my mind raced, quick thoughts flashed across it and suddenly I sat up again.

"You're not gonna make me be alone all next week, are you? I couldn't bear it."

"No, lover," Sandy said, "We'll make it work. You know, I was pretty miserable during those weeks too, but I needed to get things sorted out in my head. It was last week-end that I knew for sure how I felt, but I couldn't say anything. You had to reach that point alone."

"It doesn't matter," I said, "As long as we both got there." - - - -.

Much later we finally got up again. We'd kissed and held each other, very tenderly. He'd slept briefly and I'd laid very still, holding him in my arms, not wanting to be even an inch away from him.

We both showered and got dressed again. I noted the time as I put my watch back on and was surprised to see that it was after six o'clock. Sandy was just hanging up the phone when I walked back into the kitchen, then offered me a glass of wine.

"Who were you calling?" I asked, "If you don't mind me asking."

"A friend of mine," he said, "I invited him to stop over for a drink because I want you guys to meet."

"Oh," I said, rather surprised. I'm afraid a concerned look crossed my face.

"David," he said, "One of the things you need to learn is that you're not an island. You need friends as well as a lover." He smiled that beautiful smile again and I was easily won over.

"Right," I said, "I told you that you need to make me more sociable. I'll do whatever you say."

He walked over and kissed me tenderly, "Don't say that too often or I'll take you up on it."

"Anytime," I answered, kissing him back as I put my arms around him, "God, you make me feel so good."

We took our wine out into the den and sat very close together on the sofa. We talked and talked, and suddenly I realized I was telling him things I'd never told anyone, and doing so with no doubts or questions. It surprised me, but then I knew it was the final sign of just how I felt.

I asked Sandy to tell me more about himself. He looked me straight in the eyes and nodded.

"I'll tell you whatever you want to know," he said, and described his life and experiences. He told me of his family, and how circumstances had brought him to this city. When he told me he'd had a love affair which had lasted four years until his lover was killed in a car crash. I thought my heart would break just for caring about him. I held him tightly as we kissed repeatedly, until the peal of the doorbell jarred us back to the present.


Sandy headed for the door, while I ducked into the powder room to comb my hair. As I walked back into the den, Peter stood there.

"David, this is Peter," Sandy said, "And vice versa, of course. Peter's an old friend of mine."

Peter and I both smiled at each other.

"Peter and I have known each other a long time, Sandy," I said, "In fact...."

I didn't get to finish because Peter interrupted, holding up his hand.

"I plead guilty," he said quietly, "I was playing Cupid to both of you."

It took several minutes for the whole story to come out, but soon we were all laughing about it.

"Now I get to tell you the rest of it," Peter said, still grinning, "Marianne's going to retire. The reason she took this vacation was to go up north and close on the house she's bought and get it ready. She's only gonna come back for a couple of weeks to clear things up."

Sandy and I looked at each other, with questions in our eyes.

"You're both innocent," Peter said, "Marianne and I planned this scheme together. I knew what Sandy needed and Marianne and I both guessed at what you needed, David. All we did was find a way to bring you together."

"So that's why you refused to go with me when I was meeting David last week-end," Sandy said and Peter nodded. Sandy turned to me.

"He told me he didn't want to meet the guy I was seeing until we'd said we loved each other," Sandy said, "That's why I called him tonight."

"So many things now seem a lot clearer," I said, "But I'm so surprised at Marianne's role in this. How did she know I was gay?"

"She only suspected, as did I," Peter said, "but it was sure worth a chance." He was quiet for awhile then asked quietly, "You guys mad at me?"

"Hell no," I said and Sandy agreed, "You did me the best favor of my life." I pulled Sandy to me and kissed him gently.

So that's how it happened. That's how I found my lover, who's brought me joy over these almost twelve years. Our home got fully furnished in short order thanks to Sandy's talents. Some time later, Peter and I merged our practices, which has been very successful economically, with Sandy in charge of all the office operations. Needless to say, he now runs every part of my life perfectly now.

In short, that's when my life became complete and completely happy.

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