Man for Man

Me and Petes Discovery


As I ran my fingers along the inside of his leg I could see and feel his dick come to life. He was standing there, I was sitting there, and we were looking at each other, me confident, and he obviously scared. He had never been this far before, or this close to sex with another person. He would have never believed that the other person would be a guy. Me.


The boy standing with the ever growing dick was Pete, my best pal. He was 16 and was without a doubt a hunk. He was too pretty to be a boy, but had the muscles of a well honed high school athlete. He was just under six foot and weighed about 155. The classic blonde hair, blue eyes of the Greek god he portrayed. And he had a big, big dick that was growing in his pants as I lightly stroked the inside of his leg through his jeans.

I was also 16, but was closer to geek than cool. Tall and skinny. I did not exude the confidence that my bud's body allowed him to. My dick was nothing to be ashamed of, about 8 inches when it was throbbing hard like it was now, but it was nothing like the monster Pete hid in his pants. I had seen him in the showers at school before and knew that it was six or seven inches when it was shriveled up and soft, and it certainly looked very enhanced when you woke it up.

I would have never dreamed in my wildest wet dreams about doing it with Pete, or that I would ever be here. Sitting with my face and eager mouth just inches away from his throbbing dick in his jeans, I continued to stimulate his leg. He had dared me to do something that would be irresistibly sexy, in response to a game of truth or dare we were playing, but I don't think he was expecting this. He had that stunned look on his face, but he was not telling me to stop, and his dick was talking loudly for him as I could feel the heat from it on my face, through his jeans. I was sure he was completely hyped when I saw the small wet spot appear on his jeans where I could see the head of his dick.

I continued to lightly rub my fingernails along the inside of his thigh, carefully staying just below where his balls rested in his shorts. I knew that I was driving him out of his mind. I knew that he had never had sex before with anyone, girl or guy. He knew that I had never had sex before with anyone. But it sure looked like that situation was about to change. It looked like both of us were going to get our first chance at sex whether we wanted it or not.

Don't get me wrong, I wanted it. I had dreamed about having sex with Pete for several years. On the nights that he stayed over at my house and we slept in the same bed in our underwear just inches apart, how many times I did not sleep the entire night because my dick was so hard from being that close to this boy. I had even touched it a couple of times when he was breathing deeply and I knew that he was crashed heavily. The last time I touched it, it twitched and started to grow and scared me to death. I thought for sure that he would wake up, knew somehow that I was responsible for the growth in this underwear and would hate me forever. But, obviously that did not happen. I just laid there holding my breath, afraid to breath, but with my dick throbbing so hard it hurt.

Now I was the one in control. I knew that we were fixing to have sex. I am not sure if Pete knew it yet or not, but I am sure that all of his blood had rushed to his dick and that any thinking he did was going to be done below the waist. As I continued to rub lightly on his leg, I looked up at him and he still had that deer in the headlights look on his face. As I was looking straight into his eyes I asked him if this was irresistibly sexy enough for him. He croaked out that it sure was. I asked him if he wanted me to stop and he could just barely speak loud enough to tell me "hell no man".

I reached up with my other hand and placed it on top of his big dick in his jeans. The heat was so intense it almost burnt my hand as I wrapped it around his huge piece of meat. I could feel his pulse racing through the fabric of the jeans and new that he was mine. I could do anything I wanted to do as long as I did not turn loose of his rock hard dick. I asked him if that felt good and his voice cracked heavily as he told me "man that feels better than anything I have ever felt in my life." "Want more?" I asked as I continued to stare deep into his eyes as he stood over me with his crotch just inches away from my face. "Oh yeah" he responded and pushed his hips hard against my fingers wrapped around his dick.


Pete had given me the go ahead to do what I had wanted to do every since I knew that you could do it. I was going to get to suck his dick. Scared to death? You bet, but we had gone way too far for either of us to stop. Sweat broke out on my forehead as I gripped Pete's dick in his jeans. It was a monster and it was soon to be mine.

I reached up and undid the button on his jeans and grabbed the zipper at the top and started to pull it down. The pressure of his dick did the rest for me as the zipper floated to the bottom and his jeans spread open for me to see the outline of his hot piece of meat in his white jockey briefs. They were tented severely as they tried to contain the raging boy trapped inside of them.

I slowly pulled his jeans down and stared at the tender hairless legs they exposed as they slid towards his feet. I had seen Pete in his underwear hundreds of times and had seen him naked a bunch, but suddenly the silky smooth skin I was seeing was like the first time I had ever laid my eyes on it. It was different with his rock hard dick straining at the waistband of his underwear. My dick was so hard I thought it was going to burst right through my jeans.

I looked up at Pete's face and the evil little smile that was on his face stunned me. He was really enjoying this and proved it as he took my head and pulled it hard against his dick. He slowly rubbed his hips against my face as he held me tight against him. All my fears were now gone, he was into it and that made me even hotter. I wrapped my hands around the back of him and grabbed both of his muscled ass cheeks. He took the hint and started to grind his dick even harder into my face.

I didn't want to take a chance on him getting off without me sucking his dick so I pulled back, grabbed his underwear and yanked it down. His dick flopped out and slapped me across the face. I was right about the size of the monster; it was every bit of ten inches long and was thick and big around. It was huge! It was also perfect and beautiful. The head was perfectly shaped, just slightly bigger than the shaft, with a cute crop of curly hair right above the shaft.

I loved it and I wasted no time in taking as much of it in my mouth as I could. Pete sighed deeply as I swallowed the first third of his dick and tasted the pre cum that was dripping freely from the slit in his dick. He not only looked sweet, he tasted sweet. "Oh God that fucking feels Soooooo Good!" Pete cried out. I moaned in response and tried to suck even more of his dick in as I grabbed his balls with both hands. They were not huge like his dick, just normal size, but they were hot in my hands as I fondled them.

I was in heaven, sucking on my bud's big ass dick as he moaned and encouraged me to keep sucking it. I was only too glad to comply, and stuffed even more of his massive piece of meat in my mouth. His dick was getting harder and harder and I could feel his balls pull tight against his body. I had jacked off enough (five or six times a day since I figured out that I could) to know that he was about to blow his load in my mouth. I thought for a minute if I wanted to pull off, just as Pete told me "man you better pull off, I'm gonna cum", his voice warbling as he said the last part of the sentence.

I had thought about it and I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted to taste Pete shoot his stuff deep into my throat. And I didn't have to wait long, because he started to blast his jiz deep down the back of my throat. It came out with a force that was surprising. It also came out like a fire hydrant.

I swallowed and swallowed Pete's sweet cum as I felt his dick throb with his orgasm. I knew that it was the first time he had gotten off with another person, we had talked about this day often, but neither of us ever thinking it would be the two of us together with me sucking his dick until he got off the first time in my mouth. Wow, this was awesome.

He just kept cumming and cumming in my mouth for what seemed like hours. His knees were buckling as I held him up to keep his dick in my mouth. I did not want to take a chance on losing a drop of the nectar I was sucking out of the tip of his dick. I knew that it was probably only seconds, but I could have argued that I drank gallons of his cum in the hours he had been dumping his load into me. Finally there was no more and I could feel his hard dick sliding in my mouth as the cum subsided and the head of his dick started to get tender as he held my head to stop me from sucking any more on his spent tool. I held his dick in my mouth, afraid to stop and have to face the next few minutes. I could feel his dick, hot and sexy, lying still in my mouth across my tongue. His legs were shaking as I pulled my mouth off of his dick and looked up at him with his cum dripping out of both sides of my mouth.

He burst out laughing when he saw that and told me "that was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life. If I had known you could do that we would have been doing this every day." "You never asked" I replied and he just laughed some more. "Come here you fag" as he pulled me up to my feet and planted his lips on mine and started to kiss me deeply. All I could think of was WOW!

We kissed for a while as he explored my body and removed my clothes until I only had on my underwear. To my surprise he sunk to his knees and pulled my shorts down to look at my completely inadequate eight incher. "Cute", he said as he slurped it into his mouth. I was already on the edge and started to shoot as soon as he started to suck. He was taken by surprise, but he gripped my dick tightly with his lips and swallowed all of my cum. He also knew that this was my first orgasm with another person, and he was going to drink my virgin fluid all down.

As I stopped cumming he pulled off and looked up at me and said, "Why don't you spend the night tonight. I think we can find something to do, even if we do go to bed early", he said, again with that evil smile. I just smiled back and said "you got it, big guy." I knew that the rest of the year was going to be a whole lot more fun.

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In fictional stories it is fine to have sex without condoms, but in reality you should always use a rubber, regardless if you use Prep or not. Prep only protects for HIV, thats why other diaseases spread among Prep users that practice bareback sex.