Man for Man



He is beautiful, he is about 20 now, I have known him since he was 16, but at 18 he started to appear in my fantasies. He worked for me and he always managed to get my blood pumping. From my perspective he had the perfect body. He was about 5ft 8in tall, a fair bit shorter than me. He is slim, perfectly so. His ass round and firm that just needs squeezing! He has an "emo" look, but hates that label, but he has jet black hair, with a long fringe on one side of his face that goes down to his cheek. It's perfectly straight. His face is beautiful, angular cheekbones, brown eyes, have I mentioned his ass yet? So anyway, we used to talk loads, he would tell me his problems, I would try to help him, sometimes by not saying anything and just listening. I'd drop in hints about how good looking he was and other things.


So on with the story. I'll leave it up to you to decide what is fact, and what is fantasy.

I'm not sure how to begin. But let's start like this. We were working and chatting as we normally did. About half way through the day I was walking past two of the female employees who were talking when Matt walked past and one said,

"Matt have you got a six-pac?"

His response was to pull up his t-shirt and showed his flawless smooth stomach with the faint hint of a six-pac.

I looked as the girls did and smiled at him. He blushed as I smiled.

So the day went by, the image in my memory of Matts sexy body in my mind all day.

The day ends and i go home.

I made dinner and sit down in front of my computer and fired it up. I logged onto Facebook and caught up with some friends. Then Matt logged onto Facebook chat. I thought for a few seconds, then just typed:

me: Thanks for the show earlier :)

There were a few seconds then I got a reply.

him: What show?

me : Flashing you six-pac

him: Oh, yeah :p guess you enjoyed it? :p

me: I did indeed, feel free to flash yourself anytime I am around!

him: I'll keep that in mind.

There was a pause.

him: You liked what you saw then?

me: Obviously. I always wondered what was under your t-shirt! :)

him: well now you know.

me: Shame it was so brief! ;)

him: You'd like a longer look then?

me: of course! You're a sexy young man, what self-respecting gay man wouldn't want to see you with as little on as possible - or less :p

him: Hmmm You think I am sexy?

me: Yes, totally hot. All the girls that have had a play with you are very lucky, I'm very jealous of them! ;)

him: LOL, there haven't been that many girls.

me: Well poor you then! I would imagine that they would queue around the corner to have an evening with you!

him: Really?

me: Yes and even more guys would want a play with you!

There was silence for a while, about 10 minutes passed

him: Are you one of those guys?

I think my heart stopped and went into my mouth.

me: Yes.

him: hmmm.

Again a pause for about 5 mins.

him: I have been thinking of trying it with a guy ;)

me: I think they would worship your body

him: Mmm, makes me so horny thinking about it.

me: Well hold that thought, tell me your address and I'll come around, pick you up and bring you back here for tonight :p

him: Oh god, please don't be joking!

me: I was, but, you really want this ?

him: I don't know! But I'm as hard as a rock and my heart is racing.

me: Give me your address. I'll come and get you.

him: 19 Taverstock Road.

me: 10 mins, I'm on my way around.

I jumped off my chair and grabbed my car keys and jumped into my car and drove off. I couldn't believe my luck! I had the chance to get Matt naked! Please don't let him back out now! Even if I only get his shirt off and to touch his skin.

I drove to his road and waited outside his house. After about 2 minutes he appeared at his door. He walked over to my car, looked in the window and then opened the door and got in the passenger seat.

He was wearing a black hoody - with the hood up covering his profile from me, faded black jeans that were very tight, and black converse trainers.

"Hey," I said.

"Hey you," Matt replied I started my car moving and driving towards my home.

"Look." Matt said. "I'm not sure what I'm doing here."

"I know," I said. "Why don't you come back to mine, have a drink and see what happens."


We drove back to mine, got out and locked the car. We walked into my home, Matt shut the door behind him and locked it. Guess he didn't want anyone disturbing us!

"Come in, make yourself at home in the lounge, next left."

I went into the kitchen, grabbed two glasses, put an inch of Jack Daniels and topped it up with coke. I walked back into the lounge, he had taken off his shoes, and curled up on the sofa on the end. He'd turned the TV on and was listening to a music channel. I handed him his drink.

"Thanks, " he took it and smiled, a million dollar smile. His teeth were white, his face was perfect, brown eyes, eyebrows that were quite thick, a small nose, nice neat mouth with lips that were the right amount of thickness, fullness and colour.


"You can take your hoodie off now if you like," I smiled then sat down. He unzipped his top and took it odd, he laid it on the arm of the sofa. He was wearing a black (getting a theme here?) All Time Low t-shirt that fitted him perfectly.

I took a swig of my drink.

"So how is Uni going?" I asked "it's OK," he replied.

We spoke about uni and stuff, music; we spoke about his ex-girlfriends. He was very open about his past relationships. For eighteen he was very grown up about his past. Including the fact he had a daughter, who was two years old. I was surprised at that, even more now that he was sat on my sofa.

"So," I said after about an hour of him being here. "How are you feeling?"

"Well the Jack helps!" Matt said.

"I bet, but you didn't answer my question."

"You noticed that huh."

"I did."

I got up and picked up his glass, went back out to the kitchen and refilled the glasses, with a lot less Jack in them this time. I walked back into the lounge handed him his drink and sat next to him this time.

He took a swig, "this is a lot weaker that the last one." Matt said.

"I know, I didn't want you to sleep with me just because you are drunk!"

"Who said I would sleep with you?" He said smiling.

"Well, how else are you going to get home other than by me taking you home?" I said. "And I only have the one bed in my room."

"Hmm, I could just sleep on the sofa."

"But the bed is warm and comfortable, plus there are extra's." I said.

"Like what?" He asked with a grin.

I leant into his ear and whispered, "a lot of things, mostly what a girl cannot give you."

I kept my mouth next to his ear, he turned towards me and our lips were millimeters away from each other. There was a huge tension between that space, that tiny space between us. I stayed still, knowing that if he moved towards me, the night was sealed.

He leaned forward for the tiny distance between us.

Our lips touched, so, so, gently, our lips touched. We just held there for what seemed like minutes, but what was only seconds.

His lips were so soft, so perfect, and so tasty. I pulled back after a few seconds and looked him in the eyes. His eyes were closed and he licked his lips gingerly. I moved back in and kissed more passionately, he opened his mouth slightly and I took the initiative and probed through the gap, his lips parted and I got through and our tongues touched.

There was a small whimper as our tongues met. I wasn't sure if it was him or me! Our tongues slipped over each other's, I couldn't believe I was kissing him. I put my hand on his thigh and stroked lightly another small whimper. I moved my hand up onto his chest and pushed lightly, he was so warm, the heat radiating off him was so comforting. He leaned back slowly and I moved on top of him and our bodies came into contact, our lips didn't break contact as he slipped onto his back. I could feel him shaking under me as we made out. I wanted to touch his skin so I moved my hand under his t-shirt, as my hand touched him he pulled in air, I gently glided my fingers across his stomach and he gasped.

His skin was so soft, so smooth; I could feel the muscles under his on moving against my fingers. I pushed his t-shirt up higher, I took my lips off his and went to his navel, I licked up and Matt groaned. I explored his bare skin with my lips and tongue, tasting the hairless, taught skin was amazing. He was wriggling and moaning at my tongue danced over the skin. I pushed his t-shirt up higher and moved up his ribs, licking between them. His hands were running through my hair. I pushed the t-shirt over his nipples and up to his chin, he moved his hands away from my head, leant forward a little and removed his t-shirt and threw it on the floor, then leaned back down again. I took a second to admire his body.

His chest was ever so slightly defined with dark brown 5p sized nipples that were erect. His sternum was solid and his stomach flat with a six-pac clearly but subtly defined.

I leaned back to him and we kissed again He put his hands either side of my face and we tongue battled for a minute or so. I moved off of his mouth and started licking, nibbling and kissing his neck.


He elicited cute little noises and groans as I explored his sensitive neck and ears. I kissed his lips and then moved down to his nipple.

"Oh fuck," Matt moaned as I licked and bit at it. He thrust his hips into me, I could feel his rock hard cock grinding into me. The whole thing was rather surreal to me. But I was enjoying myself way too much to stop! I licked down his body, the beautiful smooth, taught tanned skin. I made my way further down, I ran my tongue over the ridges of his abs and deftly undid the top button of his jeans. I moved down the buttons, each time I pushed in to undo a button I felt the hardness of his cock and his hips rise to meet my pushes and a groan from the contact. I finally got all the buttons undone and slid the jeans down his legs and threw them on the floor. As I looked back up, I was amazed at what I saw, I think I even gasped. In front of me was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

He was perched at we corner of the sofa, leaning into the corner, one arm behind his head showing the dark hair under his arms, which is a major tum on! His hair covering one eye. His beautiful body on display. Now he was only in his boxers, they were black, tight, unbranded, then his lovely legs. Dark hairs sprouted from his shapely legs. He looked like he was modeling.

I grabbed my phone, and snapped a picture.

"Why did you take a picture?" He asked.

"So I never forget how gorgeous you are." Was my reply.

He just looked at me. I got back on top of him and slip my lips down his body.

Time for things to get serious!

I moved down his chest again and onto his stomach. My chin was resting against his cock, which was trying to rip out of his boxers. I moved my face to over his cock. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of his boxers and pulled it over his dick and put it behind his balls.

There he was, the main part of my fantasies was laying on my sofa, naked bar his boxers and his cock pointing northwards. Now, he was breathtaking, the head of his cock was slick with pre-cum and partially covered by his foreskin. It was about six and half inches long and about an inch across, a beautiful cock. The pubic hair above was trimmed down and was neat and tidy. He had low hanging, decently sized balls in a smooth sack.

I licked up the shaft, pulled on the loose skin to make the shaft move up and swallowed his cock.

"Fuuuuuck," he moaned as I took him right down to the base. His pre-cum tasted so sweet, I bobbed up and down on him, swiping my tongue across the head every pass. He was groaning, running his fingers through my hair. His hips were bucking as I ran my hand up and down his torso, pinching and caressing a nipple when I found one.

He was loving being sucked, I was loving sucking him.

But all good things come to an end. He started heaving, thrusting, gripping my head tighter, then a moan and my tongue was coated with his spunk. It was sweet, sour, salty, tasty, thick and slimy. But it was all in my mouth and it tasted great.

His smooth chest was heaving up and down. His breath ragged and uncontrolled.

After a minute or so he calmed a little.

"That was amazing!" He said smiling.

"Tonight isn't over yet," I said.

Holding my hand out and pulled him up. He stood up, his cock hanging over the top of the waist band of his boxers. It amused me to lead him up the stairs of my home with his cock pointing out of his boxers.

We got to my room, I closed the door behind him. I looked him in the eyes, took hold of his shoulders, turned him around so he was facing the wall. I nudged him forward and automatically his hands came out to cushion his fall against the wall. So he was leaning forward his tight ass now in position for me to play with. I took off my t-shirt and jeans so I was just in my boxers with him. I slid my hands over his ass. It was perfect, it was firm, round and as I slid my fingers between the cheeks he moaned. I pushed my fingers into his waistband and slipped them down his legs. Now he was naked, his ass covered by wisps of dark hair that were so soft.


"Just when I thought you couldn't get any more perfect," I whispered into his ear as I gripped the soft cheeks of his ass I brought my lips to his neck, kissing, licking and nibbling my way down his back. The skin was soft, smooth and the bones and muscles of his back were prominent and needs to be licked, so I did, feeling him squirm as I moved over the nerves in his back, slight moans and groans were coming from him. I got down onto my knees, his ass right in front of me. I licked up his right cheek and down his left. I parted his cheeks; his hole was there to see with a few hairs sprouting out of it. I dove in a started licking his hole.

"Oh god," Matt said as I licked over his hole, licking all around it. He was moaning as I pushed my tongue against the outside of the hole. He started pushing his ass back against my face. I was in heaven. The sexiest boy I know naked, up against the all of my bedroom, his sexy round ass in my face and my tongue against his hole and he was pushing back wanting more! I stood back up and dived into his neck, I pushed a finger against his hole and wiggled it about the entrance. As I licked his neck and touched his hole, he moaned out loud. I pulled him away from the wall, turned him around, kissed him on the lips, then pushed him down onto my bed. As he fell back I dropped to my knees, removing my boxers as I went down. He laid back, I raise his legs into the air again and lick his hole, Matt moans again as I attack his hole. As he pushed back I raise my hand and push my finger against his hole. Again he

Just moans and pushes his ass back towards me. I was getting more excited, was he going to let me penetrate his ass with my finger? I coated his ass and my finger with saliva and pushed it through the entrance to his insides. As I penetrated his hole I heard and felt him gasp. As it went in I saw his cock pulse, his ass clamped and then relaxed, I inched it up inside him. He was so warm, so tight. I got all the way inside, and the pulled it all the way out. As it exited he moaned.

I reached into my top drawer and reached for my lube. I coated my finger and pushed it back in.

I coated another finger and slid it into him. He winced as the second finger entered him, but he let it slip in. I moved my thumb to between his hole and his balls and pushed against his perineum I found his prostate and rubbed it as I pushed against him with my thumb

"Oh, god," he moaned. "Please."

"Please what?"

"Don't stop."

I smiled, and over the next 5 minutes I worked in a third finger.

I kept up the pressure on his prostate and his perineum. Gripping between my thumb and the three fingers inside him. He was moaning and pushing against me.

"Stop!" He suddenly. "Oh, please, stop stop stop!"

I didn't stop. I kept pushing and he screamed as his cock exploded over his chest and stomach. He was heaving having cum without his cock being touched.

My fingers were still embedded inside him. He was still reveling in his orgasm. I decided to take the last step. I lubed up my cock, seven and a half inches that was reasonably thick. I removed my fingers and instantly inserted the red head of my cock into his hole. He instantly stopped and looked straight at me. It wasn't a look of pain, or pleasure. It was a look of trust. I pushed in more and he arched his back as I entered his ass. So warm, so tight. After a few minutes I was all the way inside him. Matts face was contorted and his mouth wide open, I leaned into him mouth and kissed him. Matt moaned into my mouth. I started slipping in and out of him; it was everything I imagined and so much more. I couldn't have imagined the feeling of his skin against mine. Feeling his ass gripping my cock in the tight velvet grip it held me in now. It was amazing that he had let me get away with as much as I had. But I guess I was inside his ass and had to take advantage of that! So I slid in and out of him, his reactions started coming, pushing back against me. Moaning, groaning, then I got the one word I was waiting for.


"Harder," Matt said. "Please, more."

That was it. I started moving faster and harder. His eyes rolled back into his head as I started pounding him. My bedroom was filled with moans - as I hit his prostate.

Groans as I pulled out of him, the odd scream of pleasure pain - I wasn't sure which! I was nearing my limit of pleasure. I grabbed hold of his cock, which was rock hard and had been leaking pre-cum since I started fucking him. I wanked him slowly, he started bucking and losing control. He heaved and shot his third load of the night and I started shooting my first load into his incredibly sexy body. It was the most intense orgasm I had experienced as I spilled my seed into the most amazingly sexy teen I could imagine fucking.

"Did .......... you ..... just cum .... in me?" Matt panted.


"God I am so gay."

"We'll see."

I was still inside Matt. Still hard. He was still pulsing around me.

I leaned over him as whispered into his ear .

"That was amazing, you are amazing, I want you again."

"I think I have another load in me." Matt said with a smile.

I grinned back at him and started moving inside him again. He threw his head back and started moaning as I slid in and out of his ass, my cock creating friction between us. Our mouths interlocked licking at each other. I pulled out of him, lube, cum and ass juice following, leaking out of him.

I flipped him onto his front and re-entered him.

"Fuck," he moaned. "Keep going."

So I did. I fucked him slowly and softly, which made him moan and groan. I fucked him hard and fast, which I think he preferred as he went silent and his mouth just hung open as he just pushed back towards me, the whole experience of fucking Matt was indescribable. The straight boy that I had fancied for the last two years was now doggy style on my bed, moaning, taking my cock inside him and liking it! I liked it as well! Sliding in and out, so tight and my cock, the warm insides massaging and squeezing me.

So very tight His smooth body pushing against me. his perfectly formed ass slipping backward and forwards with my pole in between his cheeks


So it went on for a while, we swapped positions a few times. Eventually I was on my back and he was riding me. The sight was breathtaking. His beautiful face, eyes close, swinging from side to side. His perfect chest, nicely defined, brown nipples, erect, wanting to be licked. My eyes moved down to his stomach. His smooth, six-pac stomach moving as he breathed and tensed as he rode up and down me. His trimmed pubes leading to his beautiful cock I grasped it in my fist and started pumping him.

Moans escaped him as he rode me and I wanked his cock.

Eventually we both climaxed, me inside him again and he dribbled over my stomach. His fourth load of the evening was nothing like the first or second load I guessed I had completely drained him. He fell and impacted on my chest. My cock popped out of him and he groaned. He snuggled into my neck, heavily breathing into me.

I wondered what to do next, I wrapped my arms around him I rolled him slightly and he slid off. I turned again and spooned up behind him. He hummed as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Can," he started. "I stay here tonight?"

"Of course." I replied as I pulled the covers over us.

He hummed as I completely embraced him.

A few minutes later his breathing slowed and he had fallen asleep. Poor lad I had drained him of four loads in one evening, probably more than any girl had made him cum in one night. I watched as he slept, so peaceful, so relaxed and at home.

I kissed him on the cheek, really snuggled into him, held him tight. This was the most perfect end of any night. In my mind, holding him, snuggling up to him was the best part. Obviously sucking, licking and fucking him were amazing. But now, now this was perfect. This was what I really wanted. The closeness and the touching made me feel amazing. I snuggled up next to Matt and I fell asleep.

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